Dragon Ball Super Episode 49 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 49 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 49. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 49 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 49. Episode 49 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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263 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 49 Subbed”

  1. Lol, Future Trunks has been slapped!

    Vegeta regained his cold attitude, it seems.
    I excepted him being more outgoing toward F.Trunks.

  2. I can tell that even SSG Goku cant beat Goku Black, Goku will gain another transformation, he will became Ultimate Super Sayian God.

      • He doesnt have power of i sayian cause he is not sayian like goku.
        He is something alse something like Kaioshima.
        That ring he have is ring of the Kaioshima and only kaioshima can use it. And Goku Black find out how to use that power.

  3. Trunks need to be careful looking at young Mai as an adult. You looking like a pedophile right about now dog.

      • In this case, my brother once explained – (I was complaining about Edward Cullen, at the age of 107 keeping to fall in love with 17 years old girls) – that a healtly person falls in love with people that are around his physical age. Edward never aged, he is forever 17 and he will forever be interested in girls around 17.
        Same is for Mai. When she went back to childhood, her physical age changed, so even her interests in boys changed according to her new age.

        Instead we can complain about F.Trunks. Unless he didn’t looked at Mai just out of curiosity. (Trunks’s nature is curious, don’t forget that, and F.Trunks is just the adult version of kid Trunks)

    • he doesn’t make a good impression, indeed. Unless he was just curious, he may have though ‘so she’s Mai when she was a child!’

    • Or perhaps you’re all just sick in the head? Why wouldn’t Trunks look at younger Mai in shock after shes just died moments ago in the future. It would be completely dumb reaction to have him just stare blankly and go “whatever”.

        • He Went 17 Years Back In Time Therefore Mai Is Youger And Smaller Because 17 Years In The Future She Was Probably In Her 20s And Therefore That Explains How LIttle Trunks Grew Up With Her And Knows Her In The Future Time Line! Wow If Only A Cave Man Can Do That We Wouldn’t Be So Dumb Know!

      • I don’t get how Mai is Trunks’ age in his timeline when there aren’t even any dragonballs left to turn her young again in the first place.

        • There is no definitive time where Pilaf had used the dragonballs to turn everyone young again so it could have been before the android saga allowing her to be young.

          • well there “kind of” was, in the start of DBGT, but that all got retconned, even though they still kept Gohans daughter as pan. They kind of kept bits and pieces of the beginning of GT in Super

          • i thought pan was already born by the time they did the post majin boo grand tournament thingie at the end of z

          • You sir are correct, I had my timelines a little off. It has been a while since I watched DBZ, though I am rewatching Kai

    • Actually, Mai is the pedophile. She’s around Bulma’s age, possibly older; yet she’s messing with little Trunks. lol

      • Actually Mai in the present is around the same age as present Trunks which means in the future they will be around the same age. Legal. No pedo.

        • She is around Trunk’s age physically but in mind Mai is actually about Bulma’s age right now. In fact she was probably the oldest character there if you exclude the gods.

          • you forget that Mai was a grown adult during original dragonball when Goku was 12, so she has to at least be 10 yrs older than Goku…js

    • Yeah, don’t forget that Mai and the rest of the idiot crew got turned into children. She is an adult in a child’s body right now. So its really creepy that she has a crush on Kid Trunks.

  4. am i the only one that thinks that trunks will become a full time character, since there is no future left for him to return to, even IF, and when black is defeated

    • I think so. But propably they’re still going to use the super dragon balls to repair the future. In every case, I think Future Trunks will gain a better possibility to travel in times, so he will be able to visit the past whenever he wants, without worring anymore about the energy of the time machine etc…

        • Yeah, the time machine probably will be destroyed to make us think he’s gonna be sticking in this present time, but he’ll get that ring and go back, all the while with Whis saying that time travel is not allowed, with this being the last time he will allow it.

    • I would have loved to see a spin off where in future trunks reality he gathered all the people he could and trained them to become a superpowered army, and the tech from the androids is used to arm up less powered or non powered people, since all the z fighters are dead and can’t come back.

  5. Man, future Trunks gets things done. Didn’t even let Buu come to be. Stiill though, it’s kinda weird that Dabura and Babidi arrived so late.


      If you watched the preview of ep 50, then u saw that goku is fighting as a ssj against base form black (Goku is losing). So remember, while black in his base form is as strong as goku in ssj 3, then when black goes ssj he will be strong af. Btw black has white hair when he goes ssj

      • dude no. did you see blacks aura? its purple like Beerus when powering up. have we seen beerus transform? no. not everyone has a transformation. when do people get that?

  6. Goku Black is a Supreme Kai from Universe 6 in a Alternative Timeline where Goku won the tournament of Universe 6 and 7. We might asume that one of the Green Supreme Kai (who was spectator at the tournament)became envious on the Sayajin and decided to steal Goku’s body in the other timeline and destroy all sayajins.

      • So?
        Trunks said that Black appeared on Earth one day out of the blue and he has that Ring of Time thing on his finger, so he could be from pretty much anywhere in time and space.
        However, I really doubt that he is a Surpreme Kai that has taken over Gokus body.
        We don’t even know if universe 6 has/had their own Goku.

        I know we had a Frieza wannabe in uni 6 but Black could be from anywhere.

        I guess we just have to wait and see instead of arguing about it.

  7. Why fighting Black in SSJ2 form? just skip to SSJ God or SSJ Blue and cut the shounen drag it out crap. Trunks already said that black is probably stronger than SSJ3 (and he will obviously be)

    • That would be suicide. 1) ss god/blue uses lots of stamina and power, so he wont be able to hold it for too long. 2) Goku doesnt know how black fights yet – so going ssg and finding out that black knows how to counter all the attacks thrown at him will just be a waste. 3) Goku in ssj3 is as strong as Black in BASE FORM. So therefore, Black ssj forms are much stronger than goku, and MAYBE just a bit stronger than Goku in ssg form, but still strong enough to kill goku. And also, fighting black in ssj2 will tire him out a bit so it’s easier for goku to fight him later on.

      • What are you talking about ^^ Everything already changed. Without transforming he already was beyond SSJ3. Transforming into SS Blue is more or less like the SSJ1 from DBZ which is no problem whatsoever. Something is wrong here. Another timeline without the god powers or Toriyama fucked up!

      • no. 1) he wont be able to hold it for too long? we have seen Goku fight in Blue for quite a while. he can easily maintain that state.
        2) i think thats just the way goku likes to fight. He likes to have a challenge. finishing the opponent off in a split second was never his thing
        3) Black in Base form. who says he has another form? i doubt black can transform. like beerus he can raise his KI but no transformation.

        • id say black CAN def transform LOL, if that’s goku somehow in the fusion with some KAI, like ssj1-2-3 is def possible and with kai knowledge – def easier.

          • we’ll see. i doubt it. mostly because of his purple KI and also because he is called goku black. i mean if he goes super saiyan he wont be black anymore. he kinda has to stay the same color to make the name work.
            but you know. as always. pure spekulation 😀

        • I have a feeling Black will have a SSj White transformation.

          Toriyama was originally gonna make SSj Blue white instead but said one of the upcoming villains has a form with white hair, so he didn’t want to confuse people.

  8. F. Trunx lied, he said to Mai that his mother didn’t tell him how will he able to get back to the future again. Now he says he told him.

  9. How is this June 18, 2016 by MajinPOO, 18th june, really? Added today, 26th june. Thanks for the subs though, good work.

  10. All hail “Trolyama”, the Omniking of inconsistencies , after this episode, we know that future trunks is probably only a little stronger than kid gohan ssj2 ( against cell ),and we see goku having to go ssj 2 to fight him, although now in his normal state ( after absorbing the god ki) he is about as strong as he was in his ssj3 form before absorbing the god ki, he should have been able to hold his own against trunks even in his normal state. And to make the audience think the enemy is so much stronger makes goku worry about it because Trunks said he is probably stronger than a ssj3 ( even though he has another transformation that is about 10 times stronger than a ssj3 , not to mention the boost from Kaio-ken ), again , All hail ” Trolyama “

      • When he unlocked God his base power went up, so that means his ss2 should reflect that. Just use this as an example. Goku before God ki unlocked has 50 power level and his ss2 would make it 5000, now lets say that after God ki it went up to 100 his ss2 would then be 10000. What this guy is asking is how can Trunks’ ss2 be so high when compared to Goku’s ss2 when he doesn’t even have God mode unlocked. Yes Goku could of held back , but you’re talking about holding back a crap ton and wouldn’t even have had to go ss3 if that was the case.

        • No seems like u have missed it ,when Goku achieved God form and ki his base form got stronger even when not using God ki so he has his regular super Sayans in his basic ki (which has some part of God ki)and Ssb in God ki also God ki base Goku is even more powerful than a regular ssj3 and in his basic ki ssj2 he was more powerful than trunks but he powered up further cause trunks told him that black Goku powered up every time they fought so Goku turned into ssj3 just to try and remind trunks his anger towards black Goku

          • Thats Very True And It Makes Sense Because That’s Gokus Good Sportsmanship In Action He Always Tries To Fight His Opponent At There Best And Unlock Something In Them That They Never Knew They Had!😉

        • i think his base form is not stronger he just has purer fighting knowledge. the form is more maximized with the whole ‘fighting without thinking’ and all his God training

    • Mhhh yeah that was incredibly weird. So he just went back to his SSJ2/SSJ3 state without the god powers or what was that? Why did he do that? But the way they were talking…..as if this SSJ3 was the strongest Goku could do, maybe its another timeline again to make us all crazy? A timeline where Goku didnt have his god powers yet? Would be pretty crazy if Goku fought that Black guy in his regular SSJ3 state…..

    • Trunks could have powered up his base form a whole lot, making his SSJ and SSJ2 stronger than normal. Maybe that’s why Goku was impressed at how strong Trunks got on his own even though SSJ2 is pretty weak now.

    • 95% of the people misunderstand the new concept of God ki goku and vegeta use. Super saiyan god(red hair) said goku accepted the power and evolved. You should just see this as a dramatic natural power level boost nothing more. They then learned about the exsistence of ‘god ki.’

      If they charge god ki instead of their inner ki which they learned by themselves. THEN turn super saiyan they transform to Super Saiyan Blue 1.

      The ‘normal’ super saiyan transformation don’t use the god ki. So their power isn’t amplified by the god ki.

  11. hold up.. trunks achieved the super saiyan 2 form? fucked up babidi and dabura before they could unleash majin buu? this literally makes me so happy that didnt give trunks the gohan treatment and it further confirms that future trunks is the most efficient and badass character of all time, although I would have liked to have seen him achieve the ssj 3 form like in that cutscene for that dragon ball game but damn man this arc is LIT!!!!!!

  12. Mai is way older than trunks, even if future trunks put his swag on the little thing, she still has almost 40 years on him

  13. The art work’s so crappy! So basically ssj2 is ssj with sparkles? What happened to the hair becoming spikier and wilder along with the flowing bio-electricity? Even ssj trunks’ hair looks rubbish.

    • yea, there is definitley something wrong with ssj2 in the super series.
      It looks just like Gohans mystic version of super saiyan. Same hair but some sparks in the aura.

      SS2 used to be super muscular and the hair even more spiky. Hence lots of power but really slow. No one ever wanted to fight in that form.

  14. In da next episode goku will get beat up and trunks will think hes losing and at the end goku will show god form and kill the bastard 2nd theory:Goku will get beat up and beccause he wants to show off his god form he will die before turning into a god

  15. No buu in the future huh? So f.trunks didnt learn SS3 or fusion dance and patora never came up…cuz buu is wat pushed those developments…

    And why is Goku, vegeta, trunks, goten, gohan, pan, ect. Not in the altered future? Goku was revived in the past and during buu fight, vegeta too so why are they not 17 years in the future?

    • because when trunks helped them in past it did not change his future it was stated during android saga when he warned them of androids and came back he realized all he did was create a alternate path for future and his was still the same,

      • aka trunks is in time line A, he went back in time line A and warned them, moment he warned them A future from then on ran along parallel to future trunks but became it

        when trunks returned to fuiture he expected them all alive they were not

        • Ok i follow you. I wonder why that happened like that? If the past doesnt change the future, then trunks should stay in his own time…i mean if going back the first time didnt change his future, how will going back now help his future? It wont if wat you say is true right? He will only be stronger from fighting/training in the past

          • “a”First future trunks/Cell gohan kills
            “B”Current time line that we see now (with goten beerus ext)
            “C” current future trunks
            Now that created another fracture because 1 year later future trunks arrives to warn them and the fracture is this…

            TIME line “A” future trunks goes back to warn them past A fractures into future B moment trunks returns home

            Trunks from “A” realises his future is same and after some time beats his androids he plans to go back in time to exactly 3 years after he warned them the androids would appear to aid them in destroying them.. Cell appears and kills trunks becomes small and takes his time machine and return 1 year before trunks “FIRST” went back intime to warn goku and friends Time line A future is over…

            Due to trunks needs to return to warn them the time line fractures to create a C a future trunks that dose not find away to beat the androids because cell pressence being in B before trunks.

            Time line “B” fight androids and trunks from the new time line “C” assist in fight
            they descover cell and trunks krillian kill Cell of “B”

            And gohan kills Cell from time line”A” trunks from “C” goes home and beats androids and Cell from time line “C” and he beats dabura and babidi and gets owned by black goku

            Black goku who identity is unkown still same with what time line he originaly comes from arrives in “C” trunks returns to presant line B and ask for help Black follows him there for killing black in any time line will save future trunks unless black goku exsists in multible lines then they would have a endless fight

          • I follow you here as well. But my question is this, “if going back in time the first time didnt change the outcome of the future, why was he sent back by bulma anyway if their future wouldnt change even if he changed the past? It would only create another “alternate” right?

          • Because there are strong people in this timeline that could be brought to Trunks’ timeline to fight Black. If Black didn’t show up, they would have went to Trunks’ time to go get him. Also, there’s nothing else they could do…

          • Its not about changing their own life. because bulma is not selfish like that. She hates her own timeline and wants other timelines to have a different run in things.

    • This is the same future trunks from the Cell saga not an alternate trunks or future present trunks. Everyone died in future trunks timeline hence why no goku, vegeta, goten, gohan, pan etc.

  16. So future Trunks is returning after 17 years and he met present Trunks when the latter was a baby..??? Shouldn’t present Trunks be over 17..?? I am lost..

    • DBS started just after the majin buu time period, so 7 years, plus the 1 year of Frieza’s resurrection arc and Universe 6 tournament arc, 8 years after the events of cells fight, Future trunks was 21 during the cell fight, so he’s 29 here in DBS, Present trunks is 9 years old.

      • I’m having a similar problem with Mai. Apparently Present Trunks was born in Age 766, and she and Pilaf and the dog used the dragon balls to wish for youth in Age 767, which made them children. If you agree that the Pilaf gang became about 7 years old – physically speaking – at the time of the wish, then she’s 8 years older than Present Trunks. So if Present Trunks is currently 9 years old then she has to be 17. Obviously that’s a huge age gap at that age, and she doesn’t look like a teenager yet. I used to think that the Pilaf Gang’s childlike physical state was permanent, but as we now know, she grows into an adult again in the future, so she should have already started growing in the past 8 years.

  17. I still don’t think goku black is stronger than kakarot, He may have some special techniques to suprise goku and defeat him, just like he got shot by a laser gun.

    • I do think black is stronger than goku up untl goku goes SSB. Cause trunks already stated Black > SSG3 Goku

      So yea. Hopefully Black has a transformation that overpowers SSB and Gohan comes back with a new transformation

    • Did you not see black using Instant Transmission to try and locate Trunks’ energy signal? Goten never learned IT, nor would anyone be alive to tell him his dad knew it.

  18. Man that was dissapointing. I was hoping it would take black a little longer to go back in time. Now he has a time manipulation ring to go back. How lame. I love Dragonball Super, but this episode didnt do it for me like the last one did. I hope they pick it up. I dont mind waiting another week. Love this website tho 🙂 Keep it up guys! Your amazing 😀

  19. This is like dating a hot pious religious girl who doesn’t want to do it and just teases you with kisses and previews. Though I don’t mind the build-up, we will need to wait more than a month before they reveal how Black Goku came to be.

  20. So we need to wait till episode 53 to find ot what black really is. Yeah waiting. Also Gohan and future trunks fusion possibility.

  21. wtf if Trunks went 17 years in the past he would just be fighting the androids again. The future never changed for Trunks he just got stronger. Second if this is the Trunks that was born after Future Trunks how does he have memories of super vegeta fighting cell?

    • this is trunks that was fighting during the cell saga, and trained with vegeta/ and went super trunks/died by cell and revived- then left back to his future, AND now came back a 2nd time

  22. def interesting, future trunks learned SSJ 2 by himself without gohan or goku/vegeta – and did a better job at majiin buu than present goku timeline

    also think future trunks could learn ssj3 or maybe god blue unless you need to be a full saiyan and not / half human/saiyan – un-answered questions still hmmm

    possible god blue goku/vegeta fusion/ or potara would interesting or even goku/trunks – vegeta/trunks, since black goku id say can go SSJ or further

      • yea, but that means old KAI is still sealed in the z sword in the future, which means there’s no potential F trunks, a half human/sayian could learn mystic there, but COULD learn mystic in this timeline hmmmm , this could get interesting

  23. My guess is that this entire arc resembles the Dragonball Xenoverse story. In that story, Trunks was also told by a Supreme Kai that it wasn’t allowed to time travel, and they then had to correct time itself.
    My guess (and this is purely a guess) is that time travelling really isn’t allowed, and so whenever someone does time travel (and thus creates 2 timelines), an evil villain is created out of the blue to destroy the old timeline, or otherwise there will be too many timelines (or maybe it’s just plain punishment). Notice how Black Goku has been destroying other planets before arriving at Future Trunks’ Earth, and is also wearing a ring that detects time travelling. I don’t think this Black Goku is a mortal like Goku is, but more like a God. It’s a similar situation to Beerus who was created for the purpose of destroying random planets, in order to keep balance in the universe. Of course then there’s the question “But who created Gods like Beerus and Whis and the Kais and the Omni-King, etc.?”, but I don’t think Toriyama will ever give us an answer on that one.

    Xenoverse 2 comes out this fall, BTW.

    • There is an answer and there has been an answer for as long ass time. The creator of everything is called Toribot, he is literally in everything Toriyama has made and Toriyama has said that the Toribot represents himself inside his works. Meaning that in the universe Toriyama has created with his manga Toribot is him and he is Toribot.

  24. It’s amazing how you got this far on your own? Trunks was ss2 in the cell saga already. how did he get really far?
    is it only me or does ss2 in this series look like a powered up ss? it used to be its own form: more muscles more hair. you know? ss and ss3 are the same as in dragonball z but ss2 is hardly different from regular ss.

      • but gohan did not turn ss2. he used the ascended super saiyan. because ss2 proved to be useless against cell. (look at future trunks against cell fight when vegeta is knocked out, before the cell games) ss2 is more powerfull than cell but way to slow. so Super Saiyan was the only form you could fight cell in. Goku tries. and then steps aside for Gohan who has to get angry to go into his mystic or ascended (whatever you want to call it) super saiyan form.

        • uhh gohan was ssj2 at the end of cell saga lol , which overpowered cell completely , trunks used ascended but failed after vegeta was knocked out , think your confused a bit idk lol

          • hm. i was gonna say this is definitley the other way around but i think its a translation error :O
            i’m german. we dont have super saiyan, super saiyan II or super saiyan III we call them super sayajin, ultra sayajin and mega sayajin.

            if you look for ultra sayajin on google you get trunks in the scene we talked about. if you look for super saiyan II you get gohan in the cell saga.

          • the manga can different from anime yea, also even more different in japanesse to english , alot of cannon if you add GT to it lol

          • now that i started watching this in english and assumed ultra sayajin would be the same as ssII which apparently it isnt. i might have to get back into the manga then. because i cannot remember what they called gohans form in german 😀

  25. they really fucked up the animation on this one…is it gonna be a better version? or is this the final result?
    beacuse the details are pretty poor. if you have any info about this please respond 1

  26. It would have been so cool if at the end after Goku says “So, you’re black” and then Black says “Please, call me _____” and then he reveals his real name!!!

  27. New theory of mine for Goku Black, might be close to the truth, as it’s the only thing I can think of which actually makes “sense” in DB terms that is. Despite Trunks significantly changing history for the current timeline, his world when going back remained the same. (Goku, Gohan etc still Dead). So time travel in DB, simply creates alternative timelines. It’s a paradox I guess. Both events happened one just earlier and the other went into another direction.

    In my theory God King Zamasu (likely an evil green supreme kai/Makaiōshin) used the time-ring to kidnap baby Goku at some point pre him falling on his head on earth and becoming “pure” after seeing his insane potential during a later saga. Knowing that there was no way to change his purehearted good character in any other way, he travelled back in time with the time-ring and took him under his wing.

    Then he basically trained him in Darkness and unleashed all his dark potential. Making him eventually reach God mode Black (I believe he will have his own SSJG transformation). In contrast to mystic Gohan (good) transformation the elderly supreme Kai did to Gohan during the Buu saga.

    I’m sure it’s Goku though, from the same universe 7. Just a different/alternative timeline altogether, training and upbringing. Much like Trunks is future Trunks, just from an alternative timeline, Black Goku thus created by time-travel by this evil green supreme Kai.
    Black Goku thus has a totally different character and is basically how Goku would have been and worse (extra unscrupulously evil/black intensified training) and all powerful, had he not landed on earth and hit his head.

    He doesn’t feel as a Saiyan as he was raised by a God and simply/practically became one through sheer power eventually as well. His base black form looks a lot like the standard SSJ God mode as well, just without the red hair.

  28. Btw Vegeta has a bad memory or is a total hypocrite – probably both. He tried to run away from Freeza, hell, he even cried against Freeza as he died. Lol.
    Trunks on the other hand did everything he could against Black pre seeking help/traveling back in time. He even naively risked his life numerous times.

  29. Just kill off pilaf and that dog. they’re never entertaining, they have no purpose and just eats up screen time. This show only runs for only 20 minutes. I did not wait 7 days just to watch those two irrelevant fuck boys waste screen time. This whole episode I was just screaming “for fucking sakes just shut the fuck up and let trunks Speak!”

  30. All these stupid fuckin pedophile comments you idiots are all comin up with. For someone to think so fuckin stupidly n say a fuckin bullshit thing like that over a cartoon program…Its a wonder why you fuckers would even comment something like that..Maybe you cunts thinkin n saying stupid shit like this are the pedophiles aye.. Think about that you fuckwits!

    • Exactly It’s Good To Hear Someone Put Them In Their Place. It’s An Anime That Doesn’t Even Think Of Pedaphile Or Any Illustrations Of That Kind Of Sexual State Of Mind, Even Master Roshi The Most Perverted Character In The Franchise Does Not Look At Little Kids Not Even Gohan Not Even Trunks As A Kid. Roshi Is Only Attracted To Woman In Their 20s And Even Though People Say He’s Old At least Hes Interested In Woman Who In The U.S. Are Above Consent Age. And He Never Realy Crossess That Boundary Of A Supposed Sex Offender. And I Can’t Even Explain How Stupid And Ignorant You Guys Sound. Who Knows You Guys Who Post Shit Like This Might Be 7-16 Years Of Age And Therefore Are Excused For Your Menace In This Comment Section!🤔

  31. Im having an issue grasping what’s actually going on here. I noticed that Whis said it’s a serious crime to manipulate time or travel back and forth through time because it could adversely effect the future. That being said, when Trunks traveled back the first time and went back to his own timeline nothing had changed. So here’s my question: is “Future” Trunks really from the future or is he possibly from the future of a different universe. Another thing that is making me question my questions is that fact that Blacks “Time ring” (terrible name) reacted to Trunks “jump” through time.

    • Different timelines of the same universe, essentially all trunks going back in time did was change the current timeline and separated his own, otherwise everything would have been completely different when he returned. Its an offshoot.

        • Ryan Davis: Yea Me Either That’s A Very Vague Explanation Because If There Is Multiple Timelines How Do You Explain How Trunks Went To The Same Time Line Twice Instead Of A Different Timeline, And Also Hes Talking About Two Universes Not Two Timelines Of The Same Universe So If Your So Smart Explain That Rather Something We Already Know, We Know That There Is A Possibility Even In Real Life That There Could Be Multiple Time Lines That We Haven’t Discovered Yet. And We Know For A Fact In The Fantasy World Of Dragon Ball Super That This Has Already Been Discovered Thanks To The Kai’s And The Gods And The Omni King And Bulma As Well!

    • I Was Shocked Out Of All The Content That Happened This Episode, Realy Mai! You Got To Be Kidding Me! I Feel Like People Are Taking This To Realistic Like Out Of Our Own Earth And What We Know When We Should Be In Fantasy Land, But Instead Were Making Comments That Make Dragon Ball Super Follow The Same Logic And Science As Us Real Unanimated Humans On Earth! Think? When This Reality And Dragon Ball Supers Reality Doesn’t Make Sense If You Use What Make Sense In Our World To Explain Dragon Ball Supers World! You Can’t Use Logic On Fiction You’ll Just Get Lost In Thought!😉

  32. Can’t wait for Goku to go SSGSS and just whoop blacks ass or I hope
    black has a higher form as well that would be sick! I have a question though especially after this episode is Black def from the future timeline or is he from Champas Earth or another Universe’s Earth and who’s the green guy he fused with a god from a different dimension ugh so many questions forgive me I just got back in to
    all the series and finally caught up with DBSuper

  33. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m fucken hyped!!!!!!!!!! The hard sparring was awesome!!!! I can’t wait for the next episode.

  34. Wait, Black specifically said “I will annihilate the EARTHLINGS”, does this mean something?Probably not, I’m just reading too far into it

  35. You know i’m really curious to see Black wreak havoc in the presence of Whis and Beerus. Whoever he is , whether a puppet of zamasu , or zamasu himself impersonating goku , he will without a doubt recognise a god of destruction and his attendant.

    I just feel that he can’t possibly be more powerful than them and when it comes to tricks , techniques and magic , whis is more than capable of countering them.

    • I’m thinking the Goku from that universe is evil with the same potential… remember goku was supposed to be evil at first?

      • Can’t agree with you there. In the F.Trunk’s timeline all the z warriors were wiped out by 17 and 18 , plus goku had died of a heart virus , this was the same Goku who had come back to earth after the Namek Saga hence he is GOOD. The timelines became different only when F.Trunks decided to travel back in time to warn the z warriors of the androids BEFOREHAND.

  36. can any body tell me that where are the future goku,beerus and whis?where is the beerus when some one else trying to destroy a planet he loved (food of the planet) in the future there may be a possibility that goku black is more powerful than beerus and whis and defeated them along his way of destroying planets and may be he is the new god of destruction and also trunks did not remember beerus while he had seen him in the past as the present trunks know beerus very well.

    • The timeline split back around cell, totally different things, anything after that is different experiences.
      Any experiences after he returned to present time the first time around is completely irrelevant.


    • he learned ss2 when he was training in the hyperbolic time chamber with his dad. he’s just perfected it now.

  38. I’m bummed we haven’t seen Gohan for a few episodes now. Like what happened to him training to become stronger again? Did that just toally get given up on?

    • Yeah dude plus every time Goten makes makes an appearance Chi-Chi’s pops in to make him ‘study’ which is becoming annoying as hell. Hope Gohan becomes relevant again.

  39. Notice how Black claimed to get justice by killing the Earthlings in the previous episode? Plus the way he referred to Trunks as ‘saiyan’ was somewhat similar to the way Freeza used to call them , you know , with lots of dislike. What do you guys feel he’s claiming justice for?

  40. So many talks about mai. But really who would have taught mai will be a main character and paired to trunks wherein she was just a mere underlings of pillaf. But still you cannot deny she is pretty way back then at Dragon Ball episodes. And the little mai, she is also cute as well as the dog. After watching a few episodes of GT, i really thought trunks will be paired with pan. I wonder if they will end up still since mai died in the future. While goten, i think she will be paired to either trunks younger sister or maron. Anyway, back to the episode i feel this goku black is really a god coz he has the power to time travel although as mentioned by beerus it is prohibited for them to use it.

  41. Wow I’m in shocked after knowing that this is the same trucks from the cell ark so it has been 17 years yet trucks looks the same …but what’s even worse is that the kid trucks is 17 years old I can’t wait to keep watching maybe this ark will be good

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