Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 Subbed

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You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 50. Episode 50 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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223 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 Subbed”

  1. Yamcha = Vegeta what’s my power level
    Vegeta = Look at Sky and count stars , that much is your power level
    Yamcha = but it’s a morning
    Vegeta = Exactly

  2. Regarding ep 50: To all those who were adamant about the death of a certain character how does that ending feel!? xD

    • So, since you ask, I take it that you haven’t watched the Andriod, Cell and Cell Games Saga?

      Well, in Future Trunks timeline/reality (Before Black), the andriods showed up and the Goku of that reality died of a heart attack before they even got to fight them and since nobody was strong enough to fight them off, they were pretty much all killed.
      Only Bulma, Gohan and Trunks survived – If you haven’t watched the movie: History of Trunks, go watch it. It will explain a lot.

      • logicly if someone fixed the past it should also fix the future if goku is not dead when he should be then in the future he should be alive

        • Nope.
          Future Trunks is the same Trunks as “our” Trunks, well up untill a certain point.
          We all know that there are 12 universes in the DB series by now but there are also multiverses – You know, different versions of the same reality.
          In Future Trunks case, Goku dies before Trunks grows up and so does most of the Z fighters.
          Our Goku surives because plot reasons, not willing to give Vegeta the spotlight and maybe some medicin from future Bulma.
          Anyhow – Goku is dead in Trunks reality.

        • I thought so too but apparently Trunks going back in time created 3-4 different realities. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but is that time machine from the timeline where cell kills future trunks and goes back to the past?

  3. There where to way’s to get the time machine back. The first one is that Whis manipulate the time for 3 minutes. The second one is: call the dragon with the dragonballs back and ask to repair the time machine.

    • Trunks – “Dragon! Take me Back to the Future!”
      Dragon – “Your wish is Granted!”
      *A video of Back to the Future falls on Trunks head*
      Trunks – “I’m so glad we get 2 wishes….”

  4. Current Bulma isn’t on the same level of knowledge as future Bulma due to scientific discovers found in the future. I will say that current Bulma is pretty sharp. I totally forgot about that capsule.

  5. UGH! Why don’t this Pilaf Gang just go and bury themselves in a hole? Like just fuck off you fuckers. ARGH!! And, future Mai too.

    • I know! I HATE HATE HATE the Trunks/Mai shipping with a burning, fiery passion. Not just because she’s a boring, useless human chick with no powers, but because of the -older-than-his-parents-and-started-showing-interest-in-him-while-he-was-still-a-child-pedophile- aspect too. It’s like using the dragon balls to wish Mr. Satan into a kid and then shipping him with Android 18’s daughter. Toriyama could have easily created a new female character we haven’t already seen before in Dragon Ball who’s age-appropriate and not some powerless old broad and shipped her with Trunks- one of the new female saiyans from Cabba’s planet, for example. (Who of us wouldn’t want to see a female saiyan Z fighter?) But instead, decides to go the lazy, perverted shotacon/lolicon route by shipping Future Trunks and Kid Trunks with some recycled, powerless, boring, dirty old lady and having her groom and make goo-goo eyes at a child, (and in future Trunks’ case, having him as an adult look longingly at Mai while she’s in a child’s body after he first saw her in the main timeline. That was so creepy). The pilaf gang in general is useless. But we know there will be fans who only care about the fact that Mai is one of the prettiest female characters and support the perverted basic bitch shipping because of it. Way to ruin a good character’s story. If Mai was going to be shipped with anybody, it should have been Android 17, because at least that’s age appropriate and we’d also see 17 again. I hope Mai either dies permanently, turns evil, or her and Trunks break up. It would suck if they ended up married with kids.

      • What also doesn’t make sense is that she transformed into a kid when Trunks was 1 year old. Her physical age was never mentioned, but if she became around 8 years old then, then she should be 7 years older than Trunks. Present Trunks is 14 years old here, so present Mai should be about 21! Needless to say, she doesn’t look 21. And if Future Trunks is 34 then future Mai should be 41. Don’t know how many women are left in the future, but not many 34 year old men are willing to date 41 year old women. Toriyama did not only ignore Mai’s mental age, but her new physical age as well!

        • Actually kid Trunks is presently between the ages of 10 and 12, and since Future Trunks is coming from 17 years after the current timeline, that means he’s somewhere between the ages of 27 and 29. If Toriyama is going to go the boring, lazy route and put Trunks with Mai permanently, I hope he at least changed her backstory in that timeline so that she’s actually around Trunks’ age instead of making it a “41 year old wishes to be in a child’s body, becomes attracted to and grooms a 10-year-old-boy, they start dating, and eventually marry and have kids” story. Maybe make it so that she eventually gets some type of power too. Otherwise, I hope they break-up and she turns evil. Ugh.

          • But in the first Dragon Ball Goku was some where around 10-13 years old while she was 17-21

          • I think the point of Mai is that she represents the real life girls who fancied trunks 25 years ago, and who are now “too old” to really fancy him. this makes it ok ;D

          • why are you all so hung up on age,if you like someone and they like you back wel have fun,you guys put unnessasery limits on youre possability’s.

          • Age is an important factor but It’s not the number that matters but the state of mind that number represents. Simply put Mai has the wisdom and experiences of someone about 40 but the body of 10 year old. Trunks on the other hand has both the body and mind of a 10 year old. He has no concept about sex, intimate love, or knowledge about social exceptions/norms.

            An adult would not normally find the immature and sexually ignorant mind of a child romantic in anyway. Essentially, if Mai wanted to she could “raise” Trunks and steer his sexuality and kinks to fit her own needs which shouldn’t be done in my book. That’s close to incest in a way.

            If Trunks met Mai when they were both mentally and physically adults I’d have no problem here but we’ve already seen Trunks has a crush on Mai in the main timeline. Any normal adult would be like “na that’s ok little boy a woman needs a man” but she’s totally going along with it. What does she plan to do wait like 4-8 years till he is at least able to have a sexual relationship? She’d still need to teach him everything and that’s just iffy ground honestly. She has no right to be interested in someone like Trunks right now.

          • simple. as an older person you have a different influence on younger people. you, because older and more experienced in life, will be in more of a teaching position. the younger part of the pair will look up to the older person. you will have more say in critical decisions. very importantly it is harder for someone who thinks he is less experienced than his partner no say “no” to something. all of these are not necessarily bad things but if only directed one way and not both will result in an unbalanced relationship where both parties are not equal. one will hold power over their partner and even as the older part there is nothing you can do to decrease that power. that combination is increadibly dangerous.
            it does not have to end that way but this is how rape happens when the guy says: damn what? i didnt even know she didnt want to have sex. she never said no. still rape.

      • I can’t see Trunks with anyone. I agree with you. Also, Mai is nowhere near pretty. Android 18, Bulma ( especially in Super) and Chi-Chi in western are bomb.

      • i like the tunks mai thing,and the age thing dont matter they both look the same age so whats the problem,you are so hung up on shit that dont matter,what matters is if youre happy with the situation dont let oppinions and public programming hold you back be open and adapt for a more fun life with more possability’s remove the tunnel vission that has been put on you 🙂

      • Uhm…Mai is older than Goku…shes probably even a little older than Bulma. So id say anywhere between 41 and 45. Trunks is 37…whats 5 years when you have people marrying 10+ years apart? stop complaining! its not even a big deal. Youre talking about Toriyama here. The guy who changed Trunks hair from blue to purple to red in his USSJ form to Purple and again and back to blue FOR NO REASON. They guy is old, and you cant even begin to comprehend true Japanese culture because you dont live it like they do, its not a part of you. these things are normal for them. This anime isnt about love stories, its about a boy on an adventure, becoming a man, finding friends along the way and aiming to be the strongest he can be. Everything in between is fodder and meant to be a joke for the japanese kids.

        im not saying youre wrong…just be aware that just because something doesnt make sense to you, doesnt mean it doesnt make sense to others.

        oh and side note, we dont know how old 17 and 18 are but 18 is younger than chichi and Bulma is older than Goku so…if Bulma was 16 in dragonball, Krillin was 13 and Goku was 12. assuming Goku and Chichi are the same age or close to it (According to Ox King) lets assume 18 would be 4 years younger than Krillin because it would be silly to assume she was 18 years old (although possible) Bulma is 40, Krillin is 37, Goku is 35 or 36, Future Mai is 41 or older and Android 17 would be around 32 33 years older (the same as 18)

        • Future Trunks traveled back 17 years to where he is currently between the ages of 10 and 12. So if 17 years ago he’s between the ages of 10 and 12, it’s impossible for him to be older than 27-29, unless you count the two years added by his two trips in the HTC, which would make him between 29 and 31. Main timeline Mai who is grooming kid Trunks is 41, But Future Mai is even older than that- since she’s three years older than Bulma, and in that timeline Future Bulma is 56 or 57. So Future Mai with Future Trunks is 59 or 60. But still, I don’t think a middle aged woman being attracted to a 10-12-year-old boy (which is what’s going on between ‘kid’ Mai and Trunks in the main timeline) is a NORMAL part of Japanese culture, (unless you’re talking about that controversial lolicon/shotacon perverted stuff where children are the objects of much older teenagers’ and adults’ attraction) or even that people dating or marrying people older than their parents are a normal part of the culture either. I still just think it’s a gross, lazy waste of a shipping. But I guess if people want to go the lazy gross-out shock value route in their work, that’s on them. It works for Miley Cyrus, after all.

    • This happens all the time.I often don’t like it when they make straight characters gay for no reason at all but just look past it and enjoy the series.

  6. Seems pretty obious that Black is just some Kaioshin (probably the one in the intro) that took over the body of goku

      • Kai’s inhabit the afterlife (or at least can freely travel there). So grabbing dead Goku’s… spirit.. body? Then coming back to… life… somehow, isn’t that outside the box for Dragonball. Weather or not they bother to explain it is another question. (such as how they seem to be glossing over the Future Trunk timeline being basically impossible due to the events after the Cell Saga, so it must be some kind of splinter timeline. So the ‘time machine’ doesn’t really travel through time, it jumps between dimensions. In fact I half expect Black is some kind of cosmic clean up god, who’s job it is to ‘fix’ these orphan timelines due to time travel. But that sounds way more complex of an idea then this show will present)

          • In the spirit world goku could instant transmission himself there in back sooo uhh goku’s immortal?

          • He easily can tp to kami’s
            And with dragonball super’s dead may as well be just apart of the universe soo he probably would just stay allive any way?

  7. Enjoyed the episode, but there is no way in hell Mai would be alive. she is a normal human with zero ki knowledge.

    • They actually weaved that in pretty well considering bulma did take Cells time machine in the end of the Android saga/early Cell saga when Gohan and Trunks found it

  8. I have a feeling from all of the theories out there, that black is in fact Son Goku from the future. Think about it, Goku punched and kicked Black in the gut, he took it like some sort of sexual deviant with pleasure something out of 50 Shades of Black. Trunks also states in episode 49 that Black refers to himself as Son Goku and Black was the name given to him by Bulma. When returning to the future Black grasped the LEFT side of his chest in agony. To me this confirms this is Future Son Goku’s dead body resurrected, with his heart virus taken along with his body. Looks like Zamassu (That green Kaioshin) achieved this through the earring and ring to keep the body under control and to keep it from dying with the ring. Overall I absolutely love the pacing so far and this is my crazy theory. I’d like to hear what you guys think? Especially with Black referring to himself with ‘this body’…

    • yeah but the heart virus was during the cell saga, so goku died long before even future trunks fought babidi THEN black appeared hmmm

    • Great theory. Hadn’t thought of something like this at all!
      To contribute to the theories: Mine is that Zamassu is indeed Goku Black. But only as a result of Goku being the sole reason for the manipulation of time travel. With Whis and Beerus talking so much about how time travel is a serious offense, I feel Zamassu, who if I’m not mistaken is the Supreme Kai of time, has a reaction take place. In his pictures during the opening, he looks as if he’s shocked, as if something massive has happened and they foreshadow this by showing him “falling.” Violations of time travel have officially taken its toll, causing Zamassu to transform in the person ultimately responsible for abusing time travel. Now Goku Black has to kill everyone who should be dead. Ex: Killing the civilians stating he was doing it for justice. Anyway, that’s my theory. Thanks for reading!

      • From Wiki, “Zamasu (ザマス) is an individual wearing the outfit of a Supreme Kai, who is set to appear and play an important role in Dragon Ball Super, specifically in the Future Trunks Saga.”

    • Could Black be goten? I don’t know any specifics to back this up, just proposing it to be thought about, really all I’m waiting for is for him to say dad referring to Goku. Plus, trunks hasn’t said a word about goten or chi chi. Maybe chi chi was pregnant before goku died, and then was distraught after he did, and goten was raised very poorly, just a thought.

      • If there has been a Goten in the future, he is a regular weak man. Chichi surely didn’t allowed him to train, and would made him grow like a regular earthling child. And Gohan, to protect his brother, would haven’t let him to fight, agreeing with Chichi. Plus. both Chichi and Goten may have been killed either by cyborgs or by Kuroki.

        • in that future there is no chi chi to hold him back if chi chi stil lives there then she would encurage training because school seems to be the least of the important things in that future timeline,i would think with the treats in the future all existing sayans would be training there asses of to meet the challanges they face.

      • I dont see how it could be Goten because Goku died in the future before he could get chi chi pregnant with Goten.Goten would have been around when future trunks and future gohan were fighting the androids.

  9. does anybody know where i can find the music playing, behind when pilaf and those other two cunts are putting out the fire?????

  10. I think that the only way they’ll be able to beat black is for Goku and Vegeta to fuse either with the fusion dance or potara. I don’t care…Black may be stronger than Hit.

    • I except a triple fusion with Potara: Goku/Vegeta/Future Trunks, that will learn how to become a Super Saiyan Blue aswell.

  11. it looks like black is weak, he gets stronger after fighting strong opponents, maybe this is how this kaioshin use goku body to get more and more powerfull…

  12. I already know Exactly how black came to be.

    The kaoisin of trunks time zemasu Wanted more power and used a different type of potaru earrings that allowed him to not fuse with the goku of trunks’s time but take his power.(this was obvious because the final form of the two beings “black goku” has only one earring which shows that one person is in control not both like with a regular potaru fusion hense vegito.) also with these earrings the people involved swap bodies which would explain how the kaoshin can be seen failing as if attacked by a blast. that blast coming from himself in his new black goku form as an attempt to get rid of goku in his old body.

    But how did Zemasu get goku if he was dead in trunks’s timeline? thats how. its because he WAS dead. and the kais have been seen interacting with dead souls since Dragon ball Z. heck even king kai is dead but goku can still interact with him when he goes to king kais planet.
    So the reason why goku black looks skinny is because its because the goku of trunk’s timeline died during the android saga. so goku was not as strong both in strength and overall bodyshape.

    So, black goku was created by a different type of potaru earrings, one that swaps bodies and after swapping the kaoshin killed goku who now existed in his original body and took over as this new goku. Goku black.

    • Great theory but I think Zamazu is still alive, cause in the intro (pause at 00:55) he stands inside a building holding some kind of sphere/magic ball in his hands like he is controlling Blacks body from a far distance or he split the good and evil part of himself and the evil part occupied ‘black’ gokus body.
      Zamazu is also wearing 2 orange earrings.

    • i like the theory. also to make the theory a little bit more likely: its all good if goku is dead. when the potara earrings where introduced during the buu saga it is said that you can fuse with a dead person.

      “The Potara can be used on a being who’s dead and one who’s alive. In which case, the resulting being will be alive.”

  13. Good Vegeta said Gokus power is stronger by far. Good to know. So he can really lower his power extremely and go back to that SSJ2/3 stage just for show. Good to know 🙂 But that Black guy has to raise his power level a lot if he wants to win. Looked like he became stronger after he got hit maybe? That would mean hurting him only makes him stronger like that Super Android 17 in DBGT (just as a comparison ^^).

    • I don’t think so, he is probably talking about the Zenkai boost and he was not at full potential as our Goku mentioned it at the end.
      Black was definitely holding back like present Goku did.
      What’s weird is that everytime black raised his powel level the “timegap” reacted to it so there might be someone else controlling black but maybe it’s just a coincidence.

      • He said Goku is a lot stronger than what he showed Trunks and he himself as well. That SSJ2/3 stuff is just for fun apparently without the god powers so we can have a little DBZ vibe? ^^. No idea why we see that just now in episodes 49/50 but its fine. Thought its only regular state and SS Blue from now on…

  14. Black is not goku at all they have different hair styles. Look at the spikes in the back of their heads. Just a body created similar to look like goku by a kaioshin.

  15. fuck meeee anybody stop to think that maybe the story line behind mai and trunks is more just about that bond born out of despair , connections made whilst living out that common fear and dread together ,,,, hey here’s an idea maybe toryiama just wants to play on that post apocalyptic emotional shit , honestly I worry about the people who link this shit to peadophilia CHILL THE FUCK OUT GUYS it’s dragon ball super for fuck sake , it’s about the good and the brave overcoming evil against all the odds and all that other type of epic hero shit !!! Enough with the peado shit or I will kame hame haaaa your asses out of here…. shit !! I grew up on this show and I watch it with my kid and I Gotta hide comments like that …rant over !

    • I hope you’re right. But they need to stop having older-than-Bulma-and-Vegeta Mai in a kid’s body acting romantically interested in Kid Trunks. And that scene in last weeks episode where future Trunks stares longingly at Mai-in-a-kid’s-body was kinda creepy. Also, next week’s episode is called ‘feelings that transcend time’ and something about missing Mai. I just hope this doesn’t end up being Trunk’s wife and the mother of Bulma and Vegeta’s grandchildren.

      • While I can completely understand the sentiment behind where you are coming from in terms of it being creepy (and I say this being someone who gets really REALLY ticked off whenever an older woman is let off the hook for laying hands on a 10 year old kid), this circumstance is, for all intents and purposes, really screwed up to begin with.

        My feelings on this issue is that yes, Pilaf and the gang were changed back into children, but I am willing to argue that they have the mindset of children, but retained all the memories they had of being adults.

        Mai, Pilaf, and erm…the dog…all act extremely immature for what their mental capabilities should be. Mai is not even a cold/calculating woman in this series…she is actually really bordering on happy-go-lucky.

        I’m willing to believe that when they were changed back into children their actual developmental minds reverted back to that as well. Sure, Pilaf still attains for riches and world domination, but he is going about it like a 10 year old would. Granted there were some rather messed up things done by Mai involving a gun, I think, but even then she did not have the discipline a hardened soldier’s mentality would with that weapon. She remembered the training, remembered how to use it, but she seemed VERY inexperienced with it and that led to trouble.

        So all in all I am willing to believe that Mai, Pilaf, and dog ninja are literally 10 year old children with 10 year old minds. Not 50 year olds trans-aged into young children.

  16. Solution : Whis can return time 3 minutes then god goku , god vegeta, ssj2 trunks and piccolo kill black like they did to freeza.
    by the way that ending song is awful.

  17. Black goku is from the current timeline, he traveled to trunks timeline with the ring of time.
    goku somehow dies in the current timeline and black, which is presumably the kiaoshin animated his body to take on his sayian characteristics, Ex. powering up and getting stronger after serious injuries.
    The fact that the ring of time can only be used to travel to the future is already mentioned.
    black will continue to get stronger and understand the sayian powers.
    My first theory is that kid trunks somehow beats the kiaoshin in the near future timeline,
    so he uses the time ring to go to the future and escape with his life and seek his revenge. Also be the strongest person in the future.

  18. I have so much feeling in my prediction right now. I believe (this might not be true) that Black Goku is really Zamasu. In episode 50, when Goku was fighting Black Goku, Black Goku said, “I am so glad I am fighting you in this body.” Boom guys. My belief is that Zamasu is disguising himself as Black Goku. Notice that Black Goku’s power keeps increasing with every blow he takes. His body mass is almost exactly like Zamasu. If you look at the picture of Zamasu and Black Goku, they are wearing the same white boots. I have been saying this same thing from last week on youtube under dragonball youtubers channel.

    • But the potaras have different colours (Zamasu/orange, Kuroki/green) and Kuroki seems to partially ignore how the ring of time works. If he was truly a kjaioshin, he should know better how the ring work and should not be surprised about being sucked by the future. Also he recognize Vegeta, even if he never meet him. Surely he isn’t Goku, but for some reason, he has a lot of Goku’s memories, and also his knowledges, even if many of them are distorted. I believe he is some spiritual entity based on Goku’s traces on Earth (he was buried, but the Earth keept his memories), probably under the orders of somebody (as Dragon Ball taught us, the first enemy they meet hides a greater menace that nobody can imagine/except, like an excalation, see Red/Black (red ribbon), Cyborgs/Cell, Kaioshin (wrongly excepted as enemy)/Majin bu. And from majin bu, we already have in order of being dangerous, Fat bu/Zen Bu/Kid Bu.

      Kuroki also has only one potara. It has a purpose.

  19. Has anyone thought about the possibility that Black could be Son Goku from Universe 6? Beerus did wish for the Earth in Universe 6 to be restored so maybe there was an evil Son Goku who first caused havoc in Universe 6 and then went into Universe 7. Just throwing this out there.

    • The 2 universes are not twins. They are kind of alike but they are different. its not like Universe 6 is another dimension of Universe 7. Theres no copies of people. Trunks’ timeline is a different dimenion where as obviously where Cabba and Champa etc are is another universe. It has nothing to do with Universe 6’s earth getting revived/

  20. That black goku is keeping his hand on his heart… maybe he have the same sickness that goku had during the android saga (then cured by a drug thanks to future trunks?).

    • I thought the same but it could be just a injury that hurts from that kick he got in the fight against our Goku.

  21. man i seriously need to get my hands on soundtrack list of dragon ball super, some of those creepy “mystery” ambience music that occasionally plays is fu****** amazing

  22. Not sure who black is, but he obviously absorbs power by being injured by his opponent. This ability could prove interesting.

    • Black is not in his true/original body = Talks about that saiyans have the ability to get even stronger after a serious injury / near death situation, also called zenkai boost.

  23. Oh thank god. Future Mai’s not actually dead. I was sort of assuming it, what with her being pretty dominant in the OP and not being disintegrated, but its great to have that confirmed for sure. Because that sure would have been a waste.

  24. The true identity of black:

    He is a kaioshin because beerus said that only kaioshin has that ring
    and Also black said that he is wanted to fight in that body
    I dont think so that guy is Goku its 17 yrs from the present time maybe a kaioshin in the opening video is the one who entered goku’s body and he is wearing a thing in his ears and same like the kaioshin in the opening video
    And also Black dont know about goku, in this video he said that “So You are Son Goku”its make a Sense.So maybe the kaioshin in opening video is the one who entered goku’s body
    But i dont think so that he is an enemy

    Its only my theory

  25. Just saying, black said “so this is the power of super Saiyan son goku, i was able to embed his fighting style into myself. It will make my powers even more perfect.” That makes it seem like he can sync up his power with the actual goku and that’s why black didn’t power up first. Either that or he is like captain ginyu

    • thats what i thought during the fight too. it seemed he just copied goku.

      some asshole kaioshin has taken into gokus body. or worked his magic to somehow reform his body and take it on as his own. now in that state he cannot improve the body unless he gets to see how the improved body works 😀

  26. Black Goku is Zamasu (new character).He has gray hair and Toriyama said that the next enemy will have gray hair.The mystery is solved.

  27. The outro has cool visuals, but the song is absolutely horrendous, starts to give me a headache. I just mute it and enjoy the visuals until the sneak peak pops up.

    • Well anything is possible. But he’s most likely not, seeing as Goten couldnt have been born in Trunks’ time, plus Black hates Saiyans and humans, and the way he speaks about them doesn’t sound like a saiyan

  28. the beam animations looks terrible…i never thought id see LAZY art from DBZ…literally the last anime i would expected to be this low budget and lazy. this is worse then GT in everyway

  29. every single shot of super should look better then the
    Goku n Vegeta VS Janemba movie (best looking DBZ animation)
    but for some reason…this looks worse then the OVAs and anything DBZ has ever produced.
    thats sad af considering DBZ came out in the 80s.
    step your game up super. real dbz fans are pissed

    • you know they dont read this right? this aint no official fan page where you can complain. send them a letter or something.
      why should a series look better than a movie?
      compared to dragon ball z where you couldnt even make out shit in the distance you can actually see characters that are far away in the background. why? no HD in dragon ball z.
      i agree that sometimes less is more. in this case, just dont show vegeta in the background of the fight if he is gonna look like a turtle with black hair.
      but in general no real dbz fans are not pissed. we dont care if some animations are off. we just happy we get to enjoy this again.

  30. so in the future goku died. some kaioshin(or someone evil who knocked out the kaioshin) with the ring of time fuses with goku via potara earrings. (in the buu saga it is said that the Potara can be used on a being who’s dead and one who’s alive. In which case, the resulting being will be alive.)
    what i dont get is: the stronger being will define looks and spirit. or in case of same strength it will be a mix.
    But i dont see goku’s spirit in black but we all see his looks.
    maybe thats a side effect of fusing with a dead person.

    i tend towards the unknown not being a kaioshin. mostly because blacks KI looks like beerus KI.

  31. At least few theories about goku black has lessened. We can now be sure that black goku is a kaoshin and is just using goku’s body. He is not goku from the other universe and not the future goku. He is a different being pretending to be goku. Anyway, mai seems to be alive. I am beginning to like her character. I feel she is not that bad and was just used by pillaf. She is not as strong as chi chi, 18, videl. She is just a normal gurl who holds a shot gun.

  32. So why couldn’t Vegeta just gather all the dragon balls to wish the time machine that Trunks came by this time around, back to it’s functioning, working state?

  33. I hope Bulma should realize that the time machine will only return to the timeline it originally was.

    The time machine that Cell used will only return to the timeline where Truck disabled the androids and Truck is killed by Cell. But, at least, Truck will have his mom back and still can meet Mai in that timeline.

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