Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 Subbed

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262 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 Subbed”

  1. I think black Goku could be a makaioshin who wants to be the best fighter and uses Gokus body.. remember he says i too want to fight with this body.. it’s most likely he doesn’t kno how to use his body cause Gokus transformation to super Saiyan is when he is good at heart like how ginyu tried.. Even the energy beams that he uses are almost similar to actual Gokus beams.. anyways waiting for 31st July to kno about black Goku.

  2. Did anybody notice that Kuroki spared the nature and destroyed only humans and their products?
    I noticed it since the first episode, but today it was too obvious to everybody!

    • “In the name of Justice”

      Black Goku is doing this in the name of Justice, despite how twisted his justice is, destroying humans might be a form of justice if you considered the shit we’ve done (destroyed the planet’s ecosystem, nuked Japan, hunted to extinction a few races, polluted the planet, etc).

        • I actually saw in a few scenes in DBS that the Earth in their world is the same Earth as ours.

          Besides, there’s no proof confirming or disproving Japan’s existence in the Dragon Ball universe.

          • Yeah that makes sense, with all the dinosaurs, floating cars, and walking,talking animals. Sure sounds like our world. Plus in this episode alone it shows Black wiping out humanity, then shows the population disappearing from the entire world, and the continents don’t look like ours. Sorry you’re way wrong on this one.

          • Ah. Lemme find one of the scenes. I swear to god i saw it…

            Or it was in Resurrection of F, i dunno.

      • i got the feeling it was their punishment for playing around with time travel when its banned. now they all get destroyed.
        probably wrong but so far it fits everything thats happened.

        • What about the Room of Spirit and Time in the first Dragon Ball? Goku went into the past with that didn’t he?

          • i think those were simulations. he doesn’t actually go back in time. same as tien and that didn’t actually go to a planet destroyed by saiyans. its just a training device.

        • You’re using electricity and drive cars right? It may not be you directly, but you still had some hand in ruining it. But I’m not going to get into the philosophical debate over whether or not we should eat meat or not. I’m just here to watch Dragon Ball.

  3. I wonder if Goku knows that the blue one is Pilaf, 😛 the same one that tried to kill him several times in Dragon Ball.

    • No, Vegeta is furious about the murder of Future Bulma. Don’t be fooled by The Pronoun Game. He is pissed with Black not Son!

      • Oh I missed this, I also thought “Why is he so mad at Goku all of a sudden?”, I didn’t know that he was mad at Black Goku!

      • Ah, I watched it without subtitles and I missed the word “fearful” in the raw. I thought he said something else about Vegeta. That’s the problem with only understanding 95% of the anime without using subtitles. Yeah, it indeed seems he’s mad at black.

  4. Where are alll the Z fighters. Like Goku , Vegeta. In future. ? I mean they must be there but they must be there… in future. To ..there r just gohan and trunks

  5. Nope to the Trunks and Mai romance scenes. Toriyama could have done better in coming up with a mate for Trunks than “Let’s drag this bland recycled human woman from Dragon Ball who’s older than Trunks’ parents, ship her with him, and fill the story with awkward child x adult romance scenes. It’s something that you’d expect out of a crappy fan fiction or fan art made by some 15-year-old instead of something that belongs in the cannon. This Mai thing takes away from his story instead of enhancing it.

  6. Bit creepy from future Trunks, but Goku is getting me hyped ! I love the suspense. Also, haven’t read up much, but could Black Goku be from planet earth of universe 6 when Beerus wished the huge dragon balls to restore earth for his brother ? Idk just a thought …

  7. for anyone wondering, Mai is around 51 years old here. They wished for youth during the wait before the androids arrived, which means mai CAN be that young in the future timeline, but if she ages and grows normally again, it doesnt explain how she remained a kid during the years between cell and buu, she should be a teen by now….oh well. Either way, she’s a 51 or so old woman going for kid trunks XD yea, this thing is really damn creepy and I’m sure the shipping thing is happening just because Trunks has no idea how old she actually is. It’s only surprising bulma or goku dont recognize her and tell trunks about it…idk, maybe it’ll be a comdic revelation in the future and this creepy pedo shit will finally end xD

      • At some point before May 12th, Age 767,Mai and the other Pilaf Gang members managed to use the Dragon Balls to wish for youth.
        ^from daizhenshuu
        battle of gods occured in age 777, so there’s a 10 year difference, not exactly “just before”

    • As a child, your brain isn’t fully developed. Since they wished for youth, they may have experience since they have grown up, but now they’re dealing with a brain that’s not fully developed anymore, so they’re prone to acting like any child acts and whatnot. This also goes for having a crush on Trunks, and in the last episode (or maybe the one before it, I forget) where Trunks grabs her hand and Pilaf is shocked by his forward mannerism, his reaction pretty much proves that. It does make sense. It may seem weird, but she’s still thinking and acting like a kid again.

    • I don’t see why people make a big deal over the mental age. Like, she’s obviously not mentally mature regardless of what her age actually is, so why is everybody making a big deal out of it? Especially given that she magically was given youth, and is literally not old – just has more memories.

      I mean, the age issue seems like a weird issue when dealing with literal magic, if you care about what is appropriate.

    • Yeah, I was thinking the same about when did they wished for youth. It had to be before androids invasion because Picolo was killed in that timeline after the invasion. So they should have turned to 0-2 years old at most when they wished for youth for their bodies to make sense today (unless they don’t age normally which I doubt). Also being turned to 0-2 years old seems difficult for them to keep alive by themselves with no help from adults

        • Then again he wasn’t “hitting” on her per se, hell, nothing suggested that him and Future Mai were more than just really good friends either.

          Also we do not forbid romantic advances towards children for biological reasons. We do so because they are not mature enough to realize the social implications of such actions and feelings which Mai as a 50+ year old woman in child’s body is well beyond capable of doing. Her biological appearance makes very little difference, even Bulma remarked in this episode how mature she’s acting for a kid.

          • Which is why she shouldn’t be with kid Trunks. Future Trunks wasn’t actually hitting on her though based on the subbed dialogue in today’s episode, but when you see the scene without subtitles for context, it does look creepy.

          • its not CREEPY, u r creepy for focusin on this part of the show u deluded ape, this is a fighting anime u sad nerd

          • r u retarded? the show would only last like 3 episodes if its fighting only monkey queen, u r obv a pedo cuz only pedo thoughts would bring “childxadult” bla bla

          • Calm your moobs, weabo-chan. I’m not calling for your fave show to be banned anywhere or anything like that- just criticizing a dumb, unnecessary, wasteful, creepy-looking relationship in the anime. I’m calling it what it is. What else would you call a 41-year-old being attracted to and dating a 10-year-old, especially without the kid or the kid’s parents even knowing that it’s a 41-year-old? Should Mr. Satan be shipped with Marron next? or Tights with Goten? And no, I didn’t say Dragonball should only be about fights or that there should be no couples in it- just no couples that involve some prepubescent kid becoming the bae of someone over 4 times his age and older than his parents.

          • Daaaamn, you’re an insane fanboy! So butthurt over a fan criticizing a shipping you like that you’re willing to stereotype yourself and your entire sex as pedophiles in solidarity with Mai and her old, dried out, useless 40-to-60-something-year-old pussy. Bet you wish you were Trunks- kid or future! If this is how you’d react to MaixTrunks being criticized, you’d probably blow yourself up Majin Vegeta-style if someone dare criticized Goku being with Chichi…

          • All men are pedophiles and rapists. They should be castrated, chained up, and be made to do manual labor until all of their kind die. Any young malekind which cannot do as they are required will be minced into feed for the adult malekind until there are none of them left.

  8. lol @ the faces the Pilaf gang makes when Bulma says “You’re talking like a grown up woman” to Mai. I think they’re going to get exposed in this arc.

  9. So wait did the andiods attack the whole world in trunk’s timelne or did they only stay in west city, did they wish back the people of the future did the bringing back everyone who was killed by the andriods work in the future if so then were is vegeta, krillin and everyone else who was killed by the andriods in the future?

    • in future trunks timeline Picolo was killed who was already fused with kami and thus the dragon balls were rendered inert, making them unable to wish for everyone back, Nothing has been said about the Namek Dragon Balls though.

      • But after cell has been defeated didn’t they get dende to make new dragon balls and so they wished bac everyone who was killed by the andriods would that wish have worked in the future as well, I think some continuity errors might be coming up.

        • They got dende to become the guardian of earth in the current timeline, not the future one that trunks came from, it seems trunks and bulma from the future just forgot about namek and its inhabitants.

          • I don’t think Bulma ever learned to create entire spaceships. It was her father who reverse engineered the saiyan space pod to create a spaceship for Goku. Before that there was no space travel for earth and it’s likely he only ever made the one Vegeta uses after Goku’s is destroyed.

    • no ones stoped to acknoledge the fact the android future is not the same as the current future trunks, hence why trunks was shocked a time machine exsisted and that he already came back and didnt know about it.

      Future goku isnt dead, Black is in Goku’s body, no idea what happened to vegeta…

      so to put it correctly the timeline with the androids going nuts and killing everyone still exsists and happened but because time changed the current timeline does not experience that alternate future (multiverse).

      current timeline in theory shouldn’t happen now that trunks has gone to the past unless black can travel back in time to meet goku before time altering events which would stop black occur, but if goku goes to the future then black shouldn’t have goku’s body because he vanished from the timeline in the future he goes too… its all very complicated shit, intresting how the manga handles it without making time travel logic in this show stupid… currently they have it handled pretty well.

      • This is the same timeline. If you rewatch the past episodes he shows recognition of when he came the first time. He was just surprised that she still had it/forgot that she had it. After all ~7? years past and that memory was a drop in the basin compared to all the other shit he went through then. (The real excuse is that the animators/script writers are idiots and don’t follow the time logic well. Like you said.)

    • Pilaf and shu are quite useless I do hope they are shoved to the sidelines.The “comic relief” is getting quite obnoxious especially when you already Goku and Beerus who lighten the mood much more subtly

    • It probably all ties into the multi-verse tournament they setup before the Future Trunks/Black storyarc started

  10. next time on dbs future trunks meets with gohan who is surprised to see that he is no longer a complete badass that surpassed everyone as an 11 year old boy but rather a pussy who can barely turn SS. Trunks tells gohan the stories of him being a badass in the future and gohan goes wow thats cool, id love to help you save your timeline but I have a kid sooo…. and then disappears for another 20 episodes the end.

    • lol gohan: well ill come to the future to help but Id really like to be back by 7pm to put the baby down and catch an NCIS rerun. Alright?
      Trunks: uh no i think well just bring krillen instead. Im sure he’ll be fine

  11. I really hate this Trunks/ Mai thing, be it future or present. Like hit on someone your own age ,you fucking whore. Man, this shouldn’t have been happening. Why did this old hag come in the story anyway? Not at all relevant. The entire gang is a scum.

    • Exactly. There are amateurs and fanboys who could have come up with a better love interest for Trunks. But on the dialogue in this episode, it seems like future Trunks and future Mai’s relationship is more of a close friendship based on them trying to save their world and her giving him encouragement. I hope that’s the case, and Mai-as-Bulma-and-Vegeta’s-daughter-in-law-and-mother-of-Trunks’-kids doesn’t become a thing. The dialogue here doesn’t imply that they’re actually lovers or married, so that’s good. Maybe Toriyama won’t disappoint us and will actually give Trunks an acceptable, interesting choice for a mate at some point instead of super. Still don’t like the kid Trunks/ present timeline Mai stuff though.

    • In the future though Trunks is 32 and is far above legal age.The present Trunks thing is a bit weird but what many do not understand is that at FT’s age it really doesn’t matter how much older your mate is.

      • Mai is 51 present time that’s like 20 years older than Future Trunks.
        And Mai old or not she is just some character that nobody cares about.
        The whole Pilaf gang is useless.
        If Trunks is going to date someone, it just can’t be Mai.

  12. Maybe Black saw how U6 Earth was destroyed by humanity and decided to wipe out the humans in Universe 7 so it doesnt happen again

    • True, he’s such an un appealing character it’s redicioulos….always have been in my opinion, which is why Toriama brought Goku back after Cell.

          • yup…prefer Goku than Gohan…Goku, is way funnier, pure, kind hearted and not polluted by anything except for good

        • nope buu saga was the end of the manga and done by akira toriyama but at the end of volume 42 toriyama said that he actually wanted to end the manga after the cell saga but was basically forced to continue it and was happy to finally have put it to an end…

      • I agree, Gohan has always been a poorly developed character. He should be a silent and sullen man after what he saw and endured since he was a small child, instead he is just the smart version of Goku.

  13. I think it happened in the first episode of the future trunks arc too, sorry for my low english skills^^ anyway i search this melody i like this desolate sad and yet hopeful charme.

  14. I feel like they made Goku gradually more stupid. I mean he didn’t seem nearly as dumb as Dragon Ball Z. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me

    • You’re absolutly right, but its not just Goku, the whole show is more dumb and kid-like…which is too bad because it has desplayed some nice content so far..

    • Goku is naive, sure, but I agree that his intelligence has become worse. It’s not a good point for Toriyama and Co.

    • He and Goku were so close in power for a bit there too. Now Goku just seems to be casually taking the lead and Vegeta’s power/presence in dialogue is falling off.

    • Blame Toei not Toriyama. He has very little control over what is going on right now. He’s even expressed his disappointment with what has been happening and keeps writing scripts that they “consider” but don’t fully use. Even back with Dragon Ball and Z, they would change a lot of things he had written for it. He wants Vegeta to get his spotlight and to be the hero, he even wrote it so that he would be the one to kill Frieza in the movie. Toei doesn’t want it to happen.

  15. kind of sad to see how this series is going. episode 51 was a major let down. Basically a huge flashback episode. I am interested in seeing what happens in universe 10. I was hoping they would go more into different universes. Dragonball Super was good up until this arc. This arc had too much hype and now we are finding out it is the time god who took over goku’s body. Man I thought there was actually an evil goku. Great work on the subs guys! Keep up the good work 😀

    • I’ve pretty much expected this ever since I saw the potara earring, it just seemed too obvious to me right there and then. Granted, we are guaranteed to see more of the other universes, not only 10, along with the multi-universe tournament at some point happening, so just hang in there bud, it’ll get better ^_^

    • It cannot be the Time God, because in this episode Black said himself that he is destroying humanity because he saw that humans were the only fail of the gods. He then said that they would not admit it, so he is doing the work for them.

  16. So annoyed with what’s become of Piccolo….the coolest guy in db universe in my opinion has been systematicaly reduced to an unrelevant side character basically ever since his battle with android 17. And now he’s taking orders from Bulma?? Krillin is one thing, he’s always been a bitch, but Piccolo?:((

    • Totally agree. It’s such a waste. He basically got replaced as the evil redeemed villain by Vegeta but not done as well. I feel like they wasted a lot of what they originally set up – Gohan, Piccolo, and even Vegeta becoming heroes and actually accomplishing things. Instead it’s a bunch of dopes watching Goku act goofy and occasionally punch someone.

    • Honestly, I want to see Krillin get his fighting chance. I miss him actually being semi-competent during the first two arcs of DBZ.

    • yeah i agree. I mean he was killed in an earlier episode and they were just like eh we will wish him back.I mean they always wish the people back and they know they are going to but they usually show some grief in the person dying first. Then piccolo was back 2 minutes later and they didnt even mention it. And dont get me started on him going through his baby craze with pan. Hes always babysitting and wont even leave goku alone with her lol. They are about to write him a girlfriend and a pregnancy just watch

    • Not to mention they forgot that Namekians don’t eat food and only drink water for sustenance. Completely threw that out the window when they wrote in Bulma telling Piccolo he has to help because he eats their food.

  17. Can anyone explain to me how Mai is a tall, young, but fully grown adult in Dragonball but she’s short and potentially much younger in Super?

    • The Pilaf gang wished for youth in Age 767, a year after Trunks was born. It’s weird because her mental age here should be around 55 if not older, and her new physical age should be like 7 years or so above Present Trunks, who is 14 here, so she should look like 21 or so. But for some reason her body never grew in the past 14 years, and yet we now know, based on the Alternate Future timeline, that her youthful body is not stagnant but will turn into an adult again. Basically Toriyama is just messing with her just to make her compatible with Trunks, sigh….

      • Wow. Great answer. Thanks. And even if these facts don’t make the scenario work perfectly, it’s a lot more reasonable than I thought.

      • I love how Trunks and Goten are both teenagers now but they still look like their 8 year old Majin Buu saga designs. They haven’t aged even a little bit. In the Future Trunks special he was about 14 years old and that is what kid trunks should look like right now.

  18. And again…..wtf? He didnt go SSJ3 against Black he also didnt use his god powers but…he desperately needs to train for Black? What the hell this series really goes back and forth over and over again no idea what to expect here.

    • Goku has this thing where he wants to beat strong people in as weak a form as possible. He finds transformations to be a crutch.

      Unlike Vegeta, who when given a chance he’ll just go full out at the start.

  19. Feels almost like a filler episode. We already could have inferred that Bulma retrieved Trunks/Cell’s old time machine, and the backstory of adult Mai fighting Black Goku was useless. This episode didn’t really bring anything new to light.

    • I don’t know, I love any chance to see regular humans fighting ki users. Not quite as cool as the army vs Nappa, but I’ll take it.

  20. Toei and Toriyama are so dead-set on insisting that Trunk’s hair has always been blue that they only show flashback footage in black and white.

    That pisses me off a lot more than it should.

    • and yet there would be a very good explanation using reallife science to explain why f. trunks’ hair color changedXD

  21. …Question…Who is THIS Mai? Pilaf wished to be younger to kick Goku’s butt earlier in the Super series, BUT…Goku isn’t alive at the time of super in future Trunk’s Timeline…..so really..Mai should be a Grandma or dead at this point right? or at least waaay older than Trunks. Soooo….how????

    • ok soo here is what happen, even tho the the shot mai, pilaf and the dog was from the GT series and super is after the buu saga ( kinda like GT) they kept a few things: 1- the short mai pilaf and the dog for humor sake, some people saying they wished for youth durning the the wait before the androids arraived but i remember GT so there. 2- Torriyama wants to make it cannon so enough said. just like in GT, we have pan, in super we have pan 😀

      • Pilaf and the dog and Mai originated/introduced from Dragonball. Not from GT. GT is NON CANON. Which means Toriyama did not have sole involvement in it. It is not accepted, even by Toriyama, that it is included in the DB/Z/SUPER STORYLINE. So Pan is a Dragonball Character and stuck through the canon series. My question is in reference to why is she young in the future timeline.

        • Dude, in GT idk if its non cannon or not, the very begging of GT was from fucking Toriyama, then he let it go to who ever, and GT is GT…. That being said in the BEGGING of GT you see fucking Mai, Pilaf and the Dog, which yes they are from dragon ball, you see them in GT old because they were what in their 20s in Dragon ball (idk) and alot of time has past since then, and they get the black dragon balls, wish for youth and they fucked up on the wish and they kids, Goku laughs and out of anger Pilaf blurts out a wish that Goku turns into a kid agian, and boom thats where everyone hates GT. Now, why they are soo young you say??? FUCKING GT Reference but Because Toriyama can do what he wants if he wants to take Pilaf, Mai, and the Dog as young as you see them (which is in GT)then fine he can do that for the sake of creating a new story line base as we know after Buu Saga, using Battle of Gods as a point of origin. Even in the movie you see them there young why?? Because Toriyama can do what he wants and make whatever he wants cannon…. also as a story telling perspective he has use for them in there young state ( which is GT)… Ill give you this Pan was in the last episode from DBZ. Thats all you got in term of correcting me.

          • They never wished for youth in GT. Pilaf said “I wish Goku was a kid again so I could kick his ass” on accident because he was pissed off, and the dragon made it happen starting the entire black star dragon ball saga. They never became children in GT

          • Whoa dude relax. GT has nothing to do with super. That’s what I was saying I reference to that. I’m asking why Mai is around the same age as Trunks in his timeline when the wish happened in Supers timeline. It only happened because pilaf screwed up in the super timeline which is different because Goku is dead and partially responsible for the wish that made him younger. Nothing against GT, I actually enjoyed the series. I said Pan for some reason and that was a mistake I totally meant Mai. I just can’t grasp any legitimate reason why she is young in Trunks timeline when the wish was made in Golu’s timeline. Didn’t mean to tick you off bro. I was just trying to point out an inconsistency I found.

      • What? What what what, and what? Pan is from DBZ, Super takes place between the death of Buu and the very last 2 episodes of DBZ, which has everyone grown up taking part in a World Tournament, Pan is there as a small child fighting.There is no way to make a wish in DBZ canon even if Toriyama wanted to he can’t go back in time and rewrite it, he excluded Pilaf and his gang completely from DBZ. To change it now would be to throw the entire story out the window because none of it would matter anymore if he can just go back and change anything he wants from something that ended 20 years ago. Them being children in Super really just seems to be an attempt to further separate GT from being part of the story since they are very very old in the first episode of GT, which they can’t be now if they are currently children.

        • yea Toriyama can make what ever he wants cannon, just know that why pilaf, mai and the Dog is young was from a bad wish in GT, but again Toriyama for the sake of story telling can do whats. I forgot pan was in the last episode from DBZ, ty for the reminder.

          • In GT Pilaf Mai and Shu are all very old. Like wrinkly gray old. in GT they never had made the wish to become young again. Which is why they made them kids in the Battle of Gods movie so that GT would no longer be able to exist.

  22. I have a feeling Trunks is actually from Universe 6 or something like that… And that the “Time Machine” is just a machine that jumps through Universes. And since Earth was destroyed in Universe 6…

    • that would be a technicially correct theory since ppl dunno how timelines work, if u want to go back to the past or future, u r going to a universe with a different timeline, u r not changing time itself

    • That would make sense since when Whis goes back in time he ACTUALLY changes what happens but when Trunks does it it’s in a “different timeline” so either he’s actually jumping to different timelines or he’s jumping to different universes but either way he’s not actually going back in time.

    • That can be it.Although, when they presented the Earth of Universe 6 they said the humanity was destroyed because of a stupid war between themselves.

        • I wouldn’t think about it too hard. Toei has no idea what they’re doing with timelines. They just seem to write whatever is convenient at the time and if something contradicts a past event they just ignore it. We’re just supposed to believe that Trunks’ hair was always this color because the characters said it always has been. We’re supposed to believe that Mai exists in the future even though it contradicts so many events that canonically happened and leaves the assumption that these events somehow miraculously did happen. It’s just a big mess right now and they probably won’t tie everything together. This show air on Sunday morning in Japan, aimed at young kids. Like 8+ kids. It will never be the DBZ any of us remember and will continue to go on this path of kid-friendly, no excessive violence no blood no swearing everyone is happy happy happy all the time. Even after Bulma and Mai died they all were joking around and enjoying phallic sausages and just having a good time instead of focusing on the VERY important issue of ya know, BLACK GOKU.

  23. When Whis goes back in time he ACTUALLY changes what happens but when Trunks does it it’s in a “different timeline” so either he’s actually jumping to different timelines or he’s jumping to different universes but either way he’s not actually going back in time.

  24. It’s funny how Future Trunks from the past looks older than this Future Trunks who just came to the present.

        • but db super f. trunks has the same haircolor as bulma while the dbz f. trunks has the same one as kid trunks, sometimes (in reallife) it happens that someone’s hair changes it’s natural color when that person gets a bit older (usually into a darker color/ i’m not talking about getting grey hair when you are very old)

          • How can a saiyan get old so fast that his hair change color? And to add that not much time has passed since Cell.Beerus vs Goku, Frieza, Tournament(1 day) all happened for a short period if we count days inside the DBS from the beginning.
            I think it’s just bad drawing again, just like in the beginning where Goku and Vegeta seemed like a thin piece of wood compared to their bodies in DBZ.

  25. Black says he will annihilate the entire human race.
    But the Saiyan God is also human. You guys can say he is a saiyan, but not human, but still he falls under the category of being a human.

    • What kind of ass backwards logic is that? A human is a Homo Sapien, a Saiyan is an alien race from across the galaxy. no way are they one and the same. It’s just plot convenience that they can reproduce together. I’ll just pretend you were trying reeeeally hard to be a troll on purpose.

    • He said ghumans because he is talking with a heartling. Goku Black destroyed all intelligent life forms even on other planets. I think he also destroyed Namecc.

    • No. Pan is older than Bra and Marron was already born. After this Future Trunks arc Bra will be born. Vegeta’s daughter Bra is the youngest of all the girls. Also Goku doesn’t have a daughter.

  26. In my opinion Goku Black is Zamasu fused with a dead Goku using the fusion earings. They can be used to fuse with dead people . Mystery solved

  27. People shipping the pedo thing gotta understand, he just saw his girlfriend get murdered, and now he’s gone back in time and found her alive again.

    I think it’s good they’re actually showing emotions as opposed to blowing over the subject, it’s heavy.

  28. I hope Gohan starts doing something useful after this upcoming episode. I wanna see him fight Black. It’d be interesting as Black is taking on Gokus fighting style so it’ll be like watching Father fight Son in the ultimate battle

  29. It’s starting to get good now! This Dragon Ball is much more fast paced than Z, I think that’s because it’s supposed to continue from the shortened Kai version though but I kind of miss the fights that last hours like Gohan vs Cell, I really hate the way Gohan is in this Dragon ball as well but maybe this will change in the coming episodes, I just don’t know where they can really take it from here though, Super Saiyan God, I think it’s a bit much, considering Beerus and Gokus clash nearly destroyed the universe it isn’t logical that they can get any stronger and not destroy the universe with their power! What I’d like to see if Vegeta turn into Super Saiyan 3, but they jumped straight to god just like GT did with SSJ4. You can’t really go beyond a god! If I was to continue writing this series I think the only way they could get stronger now is having a super saiyan 2 god mode and super saiyan 3 god mode etc where they are able to combined the powers together I think this would be pretty cool, and make it so Vegeta catches up with Super Saiyan 3 (Some people say that Goku reached SSJ3 when he was dead though where power is infinite which is the “explanation” why Vegeta can’t do it but that doesn’t explain Gotenks! So I think that theory is void) So Hopefully they bring the SSJ3 back, Goku showed it to Future Trunks so it would be cool if Trunks learns how to do it with Vegeta and Gohan.

    I would like to see the half saiyans catch up now too, especially since they seemed to all progress much faster than Goku and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z. The Future Trunks Saga seems to have a more of an oldschool DBZ feel to it so I have high hopes for the upcoming episodes. Maybe they can somehow tie it in to Dragon Ball GT come the end to make everything make sense, I’d like to see the Saiyans get their tails back, maybe Bulma can create some sort of contact lense so they don’t turn into an Oozara (Saiyan Apes) when they see the full moon or they could learn to use these ape powers at will. Hire me DragonBall I got all the Ideas!

  30. At least Piccolo should be able to recognize Pilaf since Piccolo is smart and keeps memories from Piccolo Dai mao and Kami sama

  31. To those saying pedo related things. When mai was brought back as a child, it really means she is a child so bear with it. Remember the episode when mai wish for an ice cream? So you can say, she thinks and act as a child so forget about the age. Mai is now a child whether you like it or not. And with her feeling infatuated to future trunks, that is normal to a girl. I just wonder how old is she but definitely an age where girls have crushes. Even the dog and pillaf, they also act the same. They just feel they are still adults but they do not realise they are acting like a child so stop this pedo things thought. Anyway, i really like the progression of mai’s character. It says you need not to be strong as 18, chi chi, goku, et. tal to make a difference. As what satan did, although funny and idiot he is a game changer and is a vital part in bu saga. Besides, mai holding a shot gun she looks bad ass isn’t it?

  32. They should have just use a different time line and not the same trucks from the cell ark because this is confuse af I mean kid trucks is 17 yearsold then?

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