Dragon Ball Super Episode 52 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 52 Subbed

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  1. For those of you who are wondering how is that that Future Mai is around the same age as Future Trunks, well my guess is that the future FTrunks and FMai live in , is a mixed future from both Trunks’ timeline (since he was seen fighting Cell in a flashback) and the current timeline (in which Trunks and Mai are the same age). Perhaps the future was altered by Cell and Trunks’ jump to the past, as Whis explains, if you alter something in the past, the future will be affected as a result.

    As for the whole Zamasu and Black conspiracies, my guess is that they are the same person, because the two share a similar Ki. Only question is what would a Kaioshin from Universe 10 want from the future of Universe 7?

    • That’s nearly impossible because they already stated before that they are different timelines. If something changed from there, it creates a new timeline than change the same one you came from.

  2. Why tf is everyone worried about Trunks and Future Mai? Get off his dick! Y y’all worried about his sex life? Pervert mufuckas😑😒😤

  3. no the future is not affected of something you change in the past you just creat another future but your own futured still keeps itself

    • I feel like godly time travel does however create the butterfly effect. I also feel like that’s the illegal version they keep talking about. Bet at the end Whis and or Beerus will go “well okay you weren’t time traveling like we do where it rewrites history so just don’t use your way again” kinda thing.

  4. They should have played the time lines better, being that trunks already went back in time to fix what was going on in the future they should have had a different story for what’s going in the future now instead of everyone already being dead because of what happen before which trunks already went back in time and fixed lol totally doesn’t make sense. They should be worrying about finding out who black goku is in the present to try to stop him before he even destroys anything, that way everyone is alive in the future lol that’s how time travel works I don’t know why dragon ball super did not take that approach or that theory.

    • It’s a multiverse theory; if you watched dragonball at all its explained in Dbz. basically it doesn’t change the times that’s already made with dragonball time travel it just creates more multiverses. Basically if future trunks uses present universe 7 earth/normal/super dragonballs they can fix his time. If anything can as well use his times namek dragonballs as well. That makes 9 wishes to fix his time. Be patient & stop rushing a good suspenseful storyline unfold. Please don’t make toriama give up on dragonball, like the creator of our childhood Pokemon did & he left it as a cliff hanger cause that guy got lazy. So if you want rushed watch Pokemon!

    • Chaz already kind of covered this, but you’ve missed a lot of points on the theory of time travel to which Dragon Ball prescribes. First off, there is no “how time travel works”, every interpretation will differ and it doesn’t actually exist so there’s no way of saying which may be correct. This is closer to Doctor Who’s, wherein every time Trunks goes back in time, that creates a split in the timeline, or a multiverse. Thereon, it’s more like Trunks is going to a universe succinct from his own, but in the past.

      This is why, in the original Dragon Ball Z, coming back in time to kill Cell and the androids did not rid his own future of them. He still had to go into his own universe, and kill them over again, only those were the ones who had actually terrorized the planet. This is also why killing the androids in the past, restoring Goku in the past, and etc. had no bearing on Future Trunks’ world. It’s also worth noting that the individual we knew as “Cell”, who would go on to reach Perfect and Super Perfect, is actually Future Cell as that timeline’s Cell had already been killed (Krillin and Trunks go into the bunker and destroy the backup lab, if you remember). Honestly, how you got this far into Dragon Ball (since it’s clear you’ve watched it) without realizing this is how they’re working time travel is kind of phenomenal considering how much of a bearing it held over the series (given that Future Trunks was the one who killed Frieza in the first place). Multiverse theory also works to remove the presence of paradoxes, ie. if Future Trunks went into the past to save his future, then his future would never need to be saved, thereon, he never had to come back in time, and so it would relapse to the original timeline. This way, altercations are sustained, and we just end up with a lot more universes. This is also why, in some timelines, Bardock most likely achieved Super Saiyan, and in others, he did not.

      In this instance, we may actually be dealing with an entirely different Future Trunks to the one we saw in DBZ, but one from a similar multiverse where he came back in time and asked for help. This could explain why he differs from the Future Trunks we met originally in a number of places, since we can’t be certain this is the same Trunks. Additionally, I’m pretty sure Goku Black is the corpse of Future Goku, the one who had died to the heart condition given how his current host constantly refers to it as “this body”, and the entire point of “embedding that fighting style and power”, ie. absorbing knowledge of the original Goku to gain better control over his corpse. Thereby, you can’t actually rid the future of Goku Black because he would be the result of Goku’s death.

  5. Till now all my guessing regardless Black Goku came to be true 😀
    I wonder if I’m right also about his creation
    – The one that created Black Goku (most likely a kaioshin, yes) got inspired by Goku’s strenght and purity while observing humanities from divine world/underworld for ages, so he gave Goku’s look to his creation.
    – He took Goku’s memory from Earth soil. I think Earth must have absorbed Goku’s memories, purity etc when Goku was buried. And used those information to create Black Goku. I don’t know why but I feel that Goku’s purity played a big role for Black’s creation.

    • For someone that claims to have been right so often I’m surprised your common sense didn’t tell you that this is dumb and he wasn’t created in that body he said so himself . He’s a renegade kai in disguise ,probably Zamasu

      • Tell this to me only after this happens.
        I don’t think he is samasu because

        – colour of potara are different
        – Black didn’t know very well function of the ring of time. A kayoshin should know better how the ring works
        – Black=Zamasu is too trivial and too overused concept.

        I think mostly he’s just an entity and Zamasu (or whoever is behind this) gave him a body based on Goku’s.
        Also how can youy tell for sure about zamasu if he didn’t appeared yet in cartoon? We don’t know anything about Zamasu yet, except how he looks.

        • I counter your point and argue it is Future Goku’s corpse from the original timeline where he died of a heart condition, and that is why experiencing Goku’s fighting style and power has rapidly increased his abilities. This would also make sense as to why the entity currently in control constantly refers to it as “this body” instead of “my body”, indicating that this is actually a separate physical form from their original self, and also explains why they are constantly surprised at it’s capabilities.

          • You are definitely wrong, Nordlys, I think the most probable explanation here is Denithan’s.

          • Depends on at what point they took it, as well as us assuming that it can’t be pretty easily restored. This is Dragon Ball, it’s not uncommon for them to restore corpses even without the Dragon Balls, and Goku’s body isn’t anything special. It’d also then make sense as to why the body temporarily retains Goku’s original color when Black is testing out Goku’s fighting style.

      • Hes not zamasu and youll know that after watching next weeks episode. Zamasu is an individual character who I assume is good.

  6. Boring!! Why cant this be like One punch MAn?! Badass fighting every episode! Too much nonsense. I hope there’s a nice big fight coming up. SOmething similar to the Frieza fight would be awesome. 30 episodes of a desperate battle to survive!! Or the super long Buu saga. Give me that!!

    • so go watch one punch man or play with some action figures making explosion noises with your mouth or some other juvenile shit there doesn’t have to be a fight every damn episode.

        • So you watched an anime.
          And you HATE it.
          Why would you HATE an anime? You can be bored by it and dislike it, but to HATE it means that it’s done something against you. Has OPM ruined your life or something?

    • The protagonist is too broken for any villain right now, unless he gets nerfed it would look like OPM all over again, and OPM is overrated and boring.

    • Isn’t the one punch man fights like a minute long with him just getting punched a lot then/or he just punch them then there dead or going to die

        • Well I found out boros is a limit breaker just like saitama and he is star level by blowing himself up and saitama needed to go serious against him but he didn’t go full out so yea if frieza has that power than I would at best put saitama on semi perfect cell level. It’s impressive but still. Proof that the limit breaker is just for show it just opened him up to new limits

      • You obviously haven’t watched OPM.
        Honestly, it’s kinda obvious if criticizers haven’t watched OPM.
        They just point out how boring the fights are.

        • I didn’t say they were boring I’m just pointing out that there to quick and not to different and I saw most of the episodes and fights I don’t see how missing a few makes a d

        • I saw it and seen the guide that case out apparently boros is a limit breaker just like saitama and his ultimate attack was able to destroy a star didn’t say the size but most likely a small one. But that only proves saitama isn’t infinite and he has a amount that can push him

        • Also frieza has that power in his pinky so that isn’t even a big deal so I would put saitama on semi perfect cell level at best sense he didn’t go full out. I’m surprised by saitama’s power but still he isn’t much of a threat to the db verse

    • I fell asleep watching OPM on Toonami last night. lol It’s boring and predictable. DBS has more substance and I enjoy it more. Only casual fans like you want constant fighting.

      • Lol but DB is the most predictable and plain anime ever. You can still enjoy it, nothing wrong with that, but please don’t go around telling it’s “complex” or “deep” or “has more substance”

        • but OPM is boring
          He kills the villains in one punch and everione likes saitama because hes so OP if he wasnt like that no one would like him besides 100 push ups PLEASE goku does over 1000 on 100 times earths gravity

          • … Seriously?

            >besides 100 push ups PLEASE goku does over 1000 on 100 times earths gravity

            Dragonball’s power levels are higher than those of OPM. Soooo…. what? Is that supposed to be an advantage DB has?

            >He kills the villains in one punch and everione likes saitama because hes so OP if he wasnt like that no one would like him

            OPM isn’t a battle shounen, like dragon ball. It’s a comedy.
            You probably don’t even catch the multiple references, so of course it doesn’t make you laugh and therefore you don’t appreciate it. And again, nothing wrong with it… but I wouldn’t say OPM is boring, especially when you like DB 🙂

          • Saitama is stronger than super man. and beat him in a mock battle. Superman defeated goku twice in 2 different mock battles. just saying. and OPM is an action/fighting comedy. so one cant completely compare the 2

        • Yet no one expected a calm episode. Just to say, One Punch Man is a comedy, DB is a comedy too, DBZ is a battle shounen, and DBS so far seems to be a mix.

    • It can’t be like One Punch Man, because guess what, it’s Dragon Ball. If you wan’t to see suffering, wait until the whole saga is over, then maybe you’ll get a few episodes of despair.

  7. *correct me if i am wrong*
    on seeing gohan trunks thought that sacrifice for the family is not bad thing , first i thought that gohan made himself a complete ass by giving up his training but on seeing him with his family , i realized that there should be someone to see to future saiyan breed i mean if they keep fighting like this they will vanish completely from this world .
    *future gohan with one hand* lol :p

  8. You’ve got to be #%^*ing kidding me. Gohan is either going to train again or he isn’t, what the hell is it?! Gohan is so disappointing, we never know which way he is going to go and then we get thrown a bone, only to have that taken out from unde us. Enough is #%^*ing enough.

    • Umm no it’s not “he is or he isn’t”, the ENTIRE point of his while development is that he’s learning to balance both – not being forced to fight and get strong only when he’s needed, actually now having a solid staying reason to get strong and stay strong, but also not having to give up his dream of being a scholar. We already saw him train with piccolo so he’s already started.
      Plus this is the freakin beginning of probably a long arc, we have time and there will probably be more afterwards. The point is he’s literally doing both, not “is or isn’t” and they are building up to this. This episode was about trunks, not gohan, gohan was an accessory to trunks development not the other way around, it’s not time for gohan to shine yet.

      • Gohan could at least state that he is going to balance both, it would end this stupid shit. I don’t mind him doing that.

        • Exactly what ‘Myself’ said (that’s weird to try and say as a username lol), you have to pay attention to what’s happening and ‘saying’ is just too blatant and way less impactful than watching him commit to training but still having his family duties. Like Gohan literally had an entire speech with Piccolo about how he now has a reason to not only get strong, but to get stronger and stronger, because he wants to protect his family and that was exactly the reason he asked to train with Piccolo. THAT was enough stating right there.

          We’ve watched him train with Piccolo and we’re seeing him still try to be a good father and follow his dream while at the same time fully knowing that he wants to keep getting stronger like his father as he himself said. It’s starting to get ridiculous how people asking for more than that when you really think how much they’ve given on the idea of training.

          What it is is that people are hoping he just says he’ll train and then they want to see all training all the time and that really is a lame idea. This character development makes Gohan so much more of an amazing character by the timeskip at the end of Z. We’re gonna see it to fruition, it just requires buildup to not be blatant and stiff of a plot point. And no, before anyone says it, DBZ was not a blatant 2D fight fest that was all action all the time, that was the movies and GT, what Super is doing is true to Toriyama’s style, it’s true to what DBZ and DB really are.

        • True it would, I just don’t want him to sink any lower to the point where we no longer have any hope for him. Most of this is just a little fear that the character many of us first saw and grow up with us is fading to nothing.

        • It’s only episode 52. Seriously you can’t just go by episode count, you have to go by the arc. This isn’t gohans arc. He’s building up and it’s gonna pay off in the end and when it does, we now know that he’ll be a consistent badass and will stay that way.

          • he’s building up? We saw him ask Piccolo to train him again, and then seemed to say “why bother” after one day… It shouldn’t count if he gets another convenient potential unlock either, he’s got that twice already after all…

          • We saw him ask Piccolo to train, and then we actually saw him training with Piccolo, and then it’s been like a couple days max. We didn’t see him say “why bother” or anything like it, all we saw was like a day or two of him not training, it’s just plain silly to think he’s not training just because he’s not shown training every second of his life.

            In fact you know what we saw? As in what we actually saw, not assumptions made based on nothing more than him not training every second? We saw Gohan training, wanting to fight for sport, still taking responsibility in life and turning it down for stuff he had to do, but STILL actually WANTING to fight despite that. That’s what we saw, that’s what was on screen shown directly to us.

          • yet remember that scene where he said he’d go to the multiversial tournament? He decided not to almost straight away, and that’s also the LAST TIME we got to see him train with Piccolo.

          • That’s literally what I just said: “We saw Gohan training, wanting to fight for sport, still taking responsibility in life and turning it down for stuff he had to do, but STILL actually WANTING to fight despite that”.

            And it was the last time we got to see Gohan train, which was like a few days ago in series time. It’s absolutely silly to jump to the conclusion that it’s simply never gonna happen for him. Plus we’re probably not going to see all of his training, he’s not getting anything new yet, he’s just getting his power back. Chances are he’s already trained more and we just haven’t seen it, but again it’s only been a matter of days, it’s just a huge leap in logic to assume he just wont get strong again after only a few days passing in the story.

          • You need to learn what I like to call the One Piece Patience… Eiichiro Oda REALLY knows how to make you wait for a character. I’m not gonna spoil anything, but it’s over 700 episodes and he still hasn’t shown the full power of an important character that appeared in the first episode.

            He does this with every character in the series and to be honest, when they do shine you enjoy it more because you waited.

          • Oh I’m fully caught up with OP and I know exactly what you mean. That’s something I’ve said on other posts here too. When Gohan busts out with his epic trained power, it’s going to mean so much more because of this character development with him.

          • Damn, I’m caught up with OP too but I’m having trouble with who you mean. Is it Shanks? Zoro? TBH, I don’t really recall the details of episode 1.

    • It’s kind of obvious, Gohan realizes he DOES NOT need to be the strongest there is, just strong enough to be able to protect his family, maybe the earth if for somereason Goku AND Vegeta are gone… Think GT in GT Goku was stronger than when he was mystic, but he still didn’t join Goku on any of the adventures he only helped fight when needed in the Super 17 Arc and against Omega Shenron.

      • He can protect his family??? Boo is a better fighter than him and i bet gohan can’t even land a punch on piccolo now.

        • Yeah, but then again, he can stop bullets with his finger and tank shells with his face. He’s still a lot more protected than everyone else on earth, apart from 5 or so other people. Gotta’ count for something. Kind of like how Roshi is basically superhuman to the plebs, but useless among the elites… or how Krillin is a super-powered cop, and any of them could play any pro sport with ease, except golf.

          Saiyans are f**king terrible at golf.

          • that’s a shitty excuse. Fucking kid Goku, BEFORE he had training was IMPENETRABLE to bullets, could probably blow shells up in his face as well. Heck, I bet a saiyan baby would still have a chance of surviving that… Saying, ‘at least they’re stronger then everyone else’ is pointless, because Goku just being an alien has basically always made him stronger than 99% of the people on earth, since he was a tiny kid

          • Lead to nothing? Jeez man what, he’s just gonna train with Piccolo for a couple days and be strongest ever and beat everyone? Get real. Yes, a couple days, I know it’s hard for people to look passed episode or arc number sometimes but that tournament took like a day and there has been no indication that any major time has passed since. Gohan has been training for like… Days, minimum, with Piccolo of all people, what do you expect?

            C’mon, this is getting absolutely asinine. The entire point of his conversation was that something was going to happen. The entire point of showing him training with Piccolo was to show that he is in fact training. The entire point of Gohan still doing life stuff is that he is now balancing both. Gohan has always entirely been forced to just get strong for the goal of beating the villain, wanting to live in peace, this character development is fixing that. The whole point is to show Gohan now actually WANTS to be strong so that when he gets back up there he’ll stay that way, showing that he isn’t giving up family life is part of that. More importantly the plot is not about him yet, it’s about Trunks and Trunks needed to see that for the development of his resolve. Gohan WILL get stronger, he WILL do epic stuff, and when he does it’s going to be that much more impactful after actually seeing him have to give up a tournament for a conference, seeing him have his family and be happy, the moment that makes him stand up and fight is actually going to mean something.

            These expectations are getting stupid, you literally can NOT say ‘it lead to nothing’ when nothing has happened yet. The series isn’t freaking over yet, c’mon now. Gohan needs this character development and him getting strong needs to take more than a couple days. Seriously, not looking at episode number (in a series that is not near done yet) or that an arc has passed (it’s only been one arc and a relatively small one at that), your point literally boils down to “Gohan has not become the strongest ever in the course of a couple of days so clearly it’s not going to happen” which is just flat out ridiculous.

          • I said it before, many of us may just fear Gohan fading to a character that’s just around for Cameo appearances. Others fear that showing him train a little may be just a way to vent out some anger people have been having about the subject, so they can get back to Vegeta and Goku.
            Like you said we have to see what happens, however until something does and settles the argument, the arguments like this will still stand and continue going on.

          • Yes but that fear is irrational. That fear has no basis, it’s the ol’ “the producers are out to get us” because if you look at things logically, look past the fear and just look at what’s going on, logically that fear is bullcrap. So far Super has done incredible things. Yes there has been a lot of focus on Goku and Vegeta, the ARE the main characters after all, but Super has gone out of the way to give other characters their moments. When looking at the series there’s no reason to look at what Gohan has been set up to do and say “it probably means nothing”, the only reason to say that is if one is being cynical and just assuming they are gonna do wrong by the fans which so far they haven’t.

      • Honestly against humans, Videl and Hercule could dispatch them just as well against any ordinary Earthlings lol.

    • When I heard The title for this ep, Had some high hopes that Gohan would fight again. (even thought he might fuse whit trunks at some point…But sadly it seems like it wont happen at this rate

      • At this rate? Really? You mean the rate of being at the very beginning of the arc in a series that at minimum is only half over? Impatient much.

    • you have to understand who gohan truly is. he has ALWAYS hated fighting. he was forced into it because of piccolo in order to fight the sayians and was forced into it even more for the fight with cell. in his fight with cell he made it clear that he HATES fighting. the kid did not even want to touch cell until he had no other choice unless he wanted his friends and family to be killed by the cell jrs.

      this is who gohan truly is. he does not fight nor does he want to fight unless he is forced to do so, and in super he is no longer the strongest so he no longer is forced to fight.

      the ONLY way he will return to what he use to be is unless pan and videl is in danger or something. that is the only way he can awake the power he once had. its still there, its just dormant again like it usually is with him. on the bright side tho it looks like pan has more potential than gohan has and she seems to like fighting alot more.

      • Sorry, I was kind of ranty on my frustrations with Gohan haha

        Sounds like an ordinary martial artists philosophy, the idea of training so that when you absolutely have to, you’re able to defend yourself and others who cannot. And if nothing else, increasing the quality and longevity of your life by being healthy.

        Honestly, during that whole Gohan being the Earths final defense, and falling apart against Frieza should have made him realize how much of a mistake he was making by undervaluing his training, and being lazy. That’s what it is, not a family man/businessman lifestyle choice, it’s laziness to not train even a few minutes here and there.

        Honestly for being a scholar, he hasn’t put alot of thought into “What happens when Goku and Vegeta aren’t there to save my ass”. What does he think, is Tien or Piccolo going to step up to the plate? Lol.

        • I agree with you though. Yes he doesn’t like fighting but you would think that the way frieza made an example of literally kicking his ass with one finger should have hit a nerve on him? What would have happened if Vegeta and Goku couldn’t be contacted for just another hour? Pan and Videl did die in front of him when the planet was blown up, but freiza would have made sure that Gohan was kept alive and killed both of them in front of him if Goku and Vegeta didn’t show up yet.
          Lets go back a few years. Remember the beginning of the cell ark? Remember when Goku came back and suddenly had a heart condition? Look where the future trunks came from? Gohan should have thought a bout that when he saw Trunks again Since he only comes back for one reason. Gohan isn’t the last defense, since he no longer is a real defense, he barley ranks higher than piccolo right now.
          I understand that Gohan isn’t as liked as Goku I get it. But Goku has turned into a figure like Superman which I hate. All powerful compared to the others and the only one who can get anything done. Is Vegeta just as strong? I’d like to think so however we will never find out since only Goku will be the only one who fights the battles.
          They need to bring Gohan back up a couple notches. I understand that he will never go super saiyan god form, but at least don’t make him pathetic character that we have all become disappointed in.

    • IIRC he was meant to replace Goku at the end of cell Saga as the main hero, when toriyama decided to end it at the buu saga he doubled back. Gohan and Trunks are only half Saiyan, they don’t live to fight. In super we see the planet destroyed because both Saiyans played with Frieza instead of finishing him when they could have so the world was destroyed. Before the Buu saga we see the Saiyans fail to prevent Buu’s revival but in Trunks timeline he doesn’t take any risks just because he likes fighting, the same reason he killed Frieza right when he landed. Gohan’s fight with Cell was as climactic as it gets but his hang up wasn’t having fun, he was reluctant to fight because he hadn’t had to be THE ONE before, but when it came down to it he finished Cell as a Human with Saiyan blood and not a Saiyan with human blood. That his power (later said to be the greatest innate power among the z-fighters) is drawn out by his HUMAN emotions acting on his SAIYAN powers was even shown when he attacked Raditz which is when we first learn he has powers at all. First and foremost Gohan is a young family man with a wife and baby daughter at home, if the earth or his family isn’t in danger he won’t be stepping up again and if it is then history could repeat with Gohan having to do more than be a power beacon to rush Goku and Vegeta to the scene.

      • I’m fairly sure ultimate gohan is a result of chichi’s bloodline rather than goku’s. I really hope that pan goes the same way. We have seen enough saiyan power ups. Time to show that humanity is strong and doesn’t always need aliens to come save us. I know he’s a halfbreed but i think it’s the closest we will get.

        • Personally I have always loved Goku, but I can’t stand how much I get the feeling of that he’s slowly becoming like Superman now. The only person who could do the job and the only hero. I would like to see Humanity side to pick up the pace and catch up to all the aliens BS.

      • Actually the reason Toriyama didn’t go through with making Gohan the lead protagonist was because the japanese fans didn’t like the idea. And so he was forced to scrap the idea.

    • what if its like the Buu Saga when they started out Gohan weak, but as the arc went along Gohan got stronger, and now they do the same thing again with him, and make him stronger

    • scholar or not scholar he is musch stronger than goku ss3, we all saw him training with piccolo,if he become a god he would be stronger than goku so when the time to fight will come you will know true powe

      • he almost died from powering up to hard as a super saiyan, and barely kept up with Frieza’s new army. Yeah sure, he’s just as strong as ss3…

  9. Multiverse is a false theory. There are only 12 Universes and trunks travels from universe 10 to universe 7, and not travelling back in time. Therefore when trunk went back previously to his ‘timeline’, his world remained same.

  10. Vegetas training in the beginning was the best animated fighting scene in a of super so far. Also I bet they only use ss2 so often recently, so that it becomes relevant again. .

  11. So am I the only one sad Gohan has been benched since episode like 36 and by that I mean he has had a major role

    • He wants to be a father to his child and at the same time be someone who he finally has to rest on to. Stop whining about him returning as a warrior.

      • But that sounds super foolish. Look at Goku and Vegeta, they are both fathers, older than Gohan but still being the best fighters.
        They have made Gohan as a replacement for the already stupid Satan.

        • well yes they are farther’s but they are not the best farther’s goten was raised with out one for 7 years and gohan became more of farther figure to him. piccolo was more of a farther figure in his life then goku was and same gose for how grandpa gohan was one for goku.. and future gohan was like a farther figure for trunks..

          you can bioligcly be a farther but dose not beam you can farther a child properly when you look at it this way vegeta is trunks farther but never gave a crap till buu saga at most.

          so in away trunks had a dad who didnt show affection

          gohan major growth and farther figure in his life was piccolo, and goten had gohan.

          besides gohan brains create a book called ground breaking science where he explains how ki works and how it can even cut kachine to the entire world spering fighters and martial artist to take up learning Ki allowing earth to have warriors long after the z fighters die of old age… he basicly evolves humans..

          so sad to say gohan is the better warrior and goku not being proper farther had no part in it its all thanks to piccolo and chi-chi

          • That is so dumb. Piccolo taught him how to fight as a young man, but he gets his will and determination from Goku. He also inherited Goku’s genes – remember, Goku’s dad was the head of the Frieza rebellion and most brave of the rebels (they show this in one of the Z episodes). Goku has great bloodlines, and that has also been passed down to Gohan. He gets his inner rage/power from BOTH Goku and Chi-Chi.

            Everybody likes to say “Gohan is the better warrior…” only to forget that Goku is the most skilled FIGHTER in the entire series. Goku’s also the most determined and brave character in the entire sereis. The dude fought Vegeta in the Z series and BEAT Vegeta even though, by all accounts, Vegeta had the greater Ki (at the time).

            If Gohan and Goku fought to max power – that’ll never happen because fathers love their sons, and Goku is no different (Gohan worships his hero dad) – Goku would pull out the same move he used against the Hitman. His fighting technique is as impeccable even though Gohan has the most innate power of all the Z fighters – Goku is STILL the best fighter and has shown it by being the one character that beats fighters even with greater Ki than him.

        • I think Gohan needs a brake…Remember, he has been fighting against his will since he was a young child. At least let him relax a little as an adult.

          • Thank you for pointing that out. Not only has gohan never wanted to fight but he also only trained when he needed to, the whole point is he now wants to and will balance his life with training instead of having to give up one or the other. That is such awesome development for him and is much better than just ending him off having had to fight his last time.

          • You’re just rationalizing the miserable job they’ve done with him. He’s not balancing shit. Much like the writers aren’t balancing their character cast. They’ve made him less than a one-track character. He literally contributes nothing to the series… which would be no worse off from omitting him completely at this juncture. He’s one of THREE potential defenders of the planet from the new standard of power that has been set. But nah, he’d just rather bank on Vegeta and Goku to do what he won’t… even though he’s learned REPEATEDLY that he NEEDS to train and become as powerful as he can, or risk losing literally EVERYTHING.
            It’s shitty writing… but through fanboy goggles, anything looks rose-colored.

          • Oh what not contributing just because he’s not punching everything right now? Sure okay.

            Seriously, they’ve shown him training, they had the development of him finally actually WANTING to be strong. That’s already happened, already been shown, it’s already inevitable and people are whining because it’s not happening fast enough for them at the BEGINNING of the freakin arc. No it’s entirely unreasonable to be upset about this, at the beginning of the arc, in a series still only about half over minimum.

            This salt over gohan is nothing but completely misplaced impatience. There are other characters and each are getting their moments like vegeta and piccolo already had (yes it was one fight but it was amazing seeing piccolo relevant and getting better and enhancing his techniques and outsmarting his opponent and would have won), things are about trunks right now and gohan will get his, they literally already set it in motion, it’s been on screen, it’s going to happen. Everyone needs to just stop being so impatient and let things build up so that these moments are ACTUALLY impactful and not just baseless fights over and over. That’s what the movies do, that’s what these impatient fans are wanting, but that’s not dbz.

          • LMAO! That’s what you call DEVELOPMENT!? Saying something and then not doing shit about it? Them fanboy standards are miserably low.
            He doesn’t contribute shit to the show because the show wouldn’t be any worse off (not that it could be much worse) for Gohan not even being shown.
            I feel bad for you, having to rationalize this garbage in your head. But at the same time, I find it hilarious that you can say this shit with a straight face.

      • Especially when he actually is going to return as a warrior. Learning to balance his life with his desire to get stronger to protect said family is literally the entire point of his character development in super.

      • That is fine sure I might want him to fight but that is not my point see Gohan has shown up in what like 10 episodes 3 or 4 of which he has no dialogue or he is background what I want is not necessarily him to fight but to be more than im here for an episode or 2 and I dont show up again in this arc again you get me

    • I wish you were. I’m excited that they are gonna build him up to badass and are doing so with character development. Really everyone should be, but no clearly because they aren’t saying and showing it 500 times an episode everyone thinks it wont happen despite the setup already having happened.

  12. Yo dbz is getting real good and I don’t even understand this language. I can predict that the reason the future was bad and how it started was because goku went to universe 10 and coped his swag

    • Pan is an idiotic character. Love the good old DBZ days when there where no pansies but only hardcore fighters.

      • Even though the original Dragon Ball’s main character is a “Idiotic character”. It’s called having a story, where fights are only majority of it, not all of it. You might not know this, but Dragon Ball is not a serious anime.

        • Well…excluding the part about flying and being able to beat up grown men that is. Destroying the house though is legit.

      • Super is more like the original DB, it wasn’t only fight after fight, it actually had some sort of plot and was more “fun”. DBZ had so many fights I couldn’t keep track of them.

  13. Future Trunks really needs some Happy time..!! The poor guy’s been through hell for so long..I wish they give his character some respite from fighting ( Secretly wishing he kicks Black’s Butt though ) Damn..I am as confused as Gohan..!! Lolzzz..

    • I hope (and it would be shocking) either Future Trunks. Vegeta, or Gohan will be the first saiyan to reach super saiyan white. It will probably predictably be Goku, but it would be more interesting if it was one of those guys.

  14. as always nothing is happening in this fucking show. seriously fuck this show and fuck akira toryiama too. he introduces black in exactly 2 episodes and then fucks off with these fillers.

        • Yes it is. Shonen is for kids. Just because we’re 20 something year olds and we like it doesn’t mean it’s not made for children.

          • shonen is for boys from age 12 to 15 or 16
            and the only reason dragon ball super is that DB Super is airing on saturday morning and thats why its not that bloody because in saturday morning more younger kids are watching
            so yeah

          • Well considering vegeta said “shit” at the beginning i doubt that this is for kids, unless japanese people are that relaxed about curse words but somehow i doubt that.

        • Of course it is. It’s one of the simplest and straight-forward anime in existence. Why do you think it’s a “mature” anime?

  15. Black is the corpse of future goku (dead from heart virus) given life by a Kioshin,…He is destroying everyone that used timetravel as Black, in his own way, is good and is fighting for justice of which timetravel is outlawed… like Jaco, whis, and beerus have said time again. Black comes to destroy trunks and all other future/past traveling beings. Which is why he destroyed the timemachine, which is why his ring fixes time warps. Idk, I’m high right now watching and this is just a high-theory 😁

    • He is destroying everybody because they mess with nature (in fact, in Trunk’s era nature is still healthly), not because of the time machine. Otherwhise he would only only have destroyed Trunks and Bulma

  16. I really feel like punching Gohan so bad. Ever since Videl came into the picture, this is what she turned him into. A sissypants, Fuck her and her dad. And, this annoying and idiotic kid they bred. She is so fucking annoying.

    • Gohan to me seem like he in a good place, he fulfilling his dream of being a scholar, also it have stated so many times that this timeline Gohan is not a fighter unlike the one Trunks come from.

    • did you miss the point of this episode? Trunks wasn’t sure what to think about gohan at first, but he relaized by the end that Gohan is happy and that’s what matters, and thats what he wants for himself. Whats the point spending your whole life training and blowing shit up, when you have a family and the life you want right there, that is the whole point of gohan’s character, he never wanted to fight, he only did out of necessity, now he has what he always wanted so all the ‘fans’ need to stop riding his dick and realize that this is the best path for his character to take, like Trunks did in this episode.

    • Actually I think chi-chi was the one who did this to him saying “My sons learning is way more important the the universe”

  17. Is anyone having trouble watching this episode it wont load for me and before anyone asks yes iv refreshed the page i keep doing it

  18. I felt sorry for Trunks when he cried thinking about how his life could have been. Hopefully they end up reviving his world with the super dragon balls.

  19. Am I the only one who thinks Gohan should be killed by someone for being a useless piece of shit and Chichi for raising him as a piece of shit?

  20. worst episode ever…i dont get it, doesn’t the writers get how most of their audience are people who’ve watched dbz has kids, and are NOT kids anymore? the stupidity and immaturity of the show are so annoying!

    • It seems you don’t even remember Dragonball Z.

      Just go back and watch the episodes. There aren’t 294 episodes of “darkness and brooding.”

      Seriously, if you think “dark and brooding” is “intellectual and mature,” then you have a lot of learning and growing up to do.

      News flash: you might think you’re “not a kid,” but you probably are.

    • I first started watching DBZ in the Great Saiyaman saga so I can appreciate a slow pace. Your bias selective memory is fooling you into thinking most of DBZ was serious. It has a healthy blend of action and story telling.

      • This is…surprisingly unnecessarily true. I am pretty sure all anime is if not 99.9%. But you know I kind of like that in an anime – nothing like battles and comedy to pass the time I always say! And I actually also like the slice of life episodes – I always wondered what it’d be like if future trunks met adult gohan. Now I know. I like these types of episodes that are more about the explaining than the fighting. Sure the fighting is great but you definitely do need a balance of them both in my honest opinion! This is where Super exceeds! And the Dragon Ball franchise MOSTLY as a whole, as well! One of the things that makes it so great in my opinion! 😛

    • Actually, they clearly can do dark and serious stuff, and when they do it’s awesome. These next few episodes are supposed to be calm, because obviously there’s no fighting going on. I love the comedy and moments of peace, they are fun.

  21. I know people want Gohan to go back to being the badass he was i DBZ but I’m actually happy to see him where he is. If he became stronger again that would be cool but I’m not upset about the change.

  22. This has to have been one of the best episodes so far, and most character depth by far, the little scene with Vegeta gave me chills, for him to give a shit about his family to this extent, Gohan and Trunks meeting was perfect, and pilaf gang actually having a place to fit in now instead of just being annoying was a great touch

  23. As much as I’m happy for Gohan, I can’t watch this.
    Yes, he should to an extent be like this, but what they do with him is just… ugh.
    I would legitimately be happier if that part of this episode wasn’t here.
    I just absolutely hate how they make it out to be like him starting to train again under Piccolo, but then he does it for a few days and then stops completely. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing him happy like this, but I feel like he should at least be a respectable character now. I viewed the Great Saiyaman as being a goofy teenager, but now he’s an adult. He was more mature as kid Gohan.

    • as a kid he had to be, and a Saiyaman is his personification of ginyu force, he has been harshly fucked up by them in the childhood, so he has some illness now 😛

  24. What’s with all the hate? I thought it was an alright episode. I suppose it comes down to personal opinions on these things, but I enjoy the episodes similar to these. Only thing I really don’t like too well is waiting a week to watch an episode, but I completely understand it and I look forward to it every Saturday/Sunday. (Depends on whether I wanna watch raw/sub)

  25. Okay look everyone. Frieza saga despite its themes was somehow not dark and edgy and still contained adventure and comedy moments between with bulma krillin and gohan, it was still a lot like db just a big epic final arc of it. Buu saga is the truest thing to toriyamas writing ever and was filled with silly along with the epic. Even cell saga had its funny moments. Trunks is the only edgy thing about dbz and the dub tried to make the whole series edgier and grittier than it really is. Time to take off the nostalgia glasses now and realize this is a lot like dbz content before the big epic fights. This is the beginning of the freaking arc, only halfway through toei’s hoped MINIMUM episode number, calm the hell down and realize that this is what toriyama has always and will always write. It’s not that different from the starting nonsense of arcs. Only difference being the character development is BETTER.

    Also, Jesus you guys, gohan is going to fight again, they said it, showed him training, his development is literally being based around him now wanting to be strong and stay that way for a good reason and balancing that with life instead of just gohan ending up always having had to be forced to train. This is actually going to make him a better character so just pay attention for once and enjoy for all the things this series has done right.

  26. (Posting again because not gonna wait to be approved so if ya see this twice that’s why)

    Okay look everyone. Frieza saga despite its themes was somehow not dark and edgy and still contained adventure and comedy moments between with bulma krillin and gohan, it was still a lot like db just a big epic final arc of it. Buu saga is the truest thing to toriyamas writing ever and was filled with silly along with the epic. Even cell saga had its funny moments. Trunks is the only edgy thing about dbz and the dub tried to make the whole series edgier and grittier than it really is. Time to take off the nostalgia glasses now and realize this is a lot like dbz content before the big epic fights. This is the beginning of the freaking arc, only halfway through toei’s hoped MINIMUM episode number, calm the hell down and realize that this is what toriyama has always and will always write. It’s not that different from the starting nonsense of arcs. Only difference being the character development is BETTER.

    Also, jeez you guys, gohan is going to fight again, they said it, showed him training, his development is literally being based around him now wanting to be strong and stay that way for a good reason and balancing that with life instead of just gohan ending up always having had to be forced to train. This is actually going to make him a better character so just pay attention for once and enjoy for all the things this series has done right.

  27. Im starting to thing toriama (don’t get mad at me for spelling his name wrong) is starting to mess with us about the whole trunks hair situation.

  28. this pacing is seriously annoying. 2 – 3 episode has gone by and nothing happens. last weeks preview said they will finally introduce blacks true identity, but turns out it was just an teaser to the introduction. there are wayyy too many useless episodes in this show.

  29. Sorry, but this felt like a filler episode. And I think there’s no new episode next week, so we have to wait until the 30-31st to see what happens next. Lame!

  30. So why does Future Trunks want to go back to his future? Couldn’t they let him stay in the past that he created? After all, he has NO family left, no love life, with androids AND Black Goku how much of the future population of earth can their be anyway? As well as the fact that Trunks will probably be homeless, with no one to rehabilitate him, unless if you call a pile of rubble a house.

    • He has a time machine, so he can set it right at the time he left and defeat Black with his current skills he will learn by being around Goku and Vegeta. There might be a few hundred people still alive scattered through the world yet. Trunks and Mai seem to be small parts to a much bigger network.

      • Fair story but he does bring up a point. He has lost everybody, and sides’, Black can’t go back to his time period anyways. Not until Black appears in the main timeline, IF he does, which he should considering it happened after Majin Buu but probably won’t, but by then ALL the Z-Fighters would be alive with Goku and Vegeta being even more powerful so he wouldn’t stand a chance. In the main timeline he has everybody and everything he could ever want again, a chance to live a good happy life. Honestly if I was him i’d stay in the past. I mean the Earth already is pretty much doomed anyways, and there probably are only about a few hundred humans left anyways. Perhaps it is a personal vendetta but if I was him I would learnt to relax and let it go. Just stay in the past and live a normal life. Heck he has Mai, his mom, his father, and Gohan back to boot! Why not right? Maybe it is a saiyan thing – never to turn your back on a place you call home or something. I may never understand his mindset but perhaps that is what makes future trunks such a cool and mysterious character! Hmm. Who knows?

    • Mai has been hinted to be alive first off. Secondly that’s LITERALLY what this episode was about, Trunks being reminded why he’s fighting in the first place. There was a LOT of the population left after the androids as proven when we see Black first show up, and there’s certainly enough people that Trunks reasonably doesn’t want to just let them on their own to die.

      Plus revenge against Black is a factor, obviously.

      • Since when has Mai hinted to have been alive? She fucking died in the explosion, otherwise she’d still be breathing or something. Trunks may as well only be guarding the population of the Vatican City, after the androids and black Goku though. So, as tough as it sounds, who cares about the rest? Future Trunks deserves a good life after the shit he’s been through, he’s probably been through the worst then anyone else in human history anyway.

        Revenge against Black is the only thing that makes sense, but after that, he should stay with his prime counterparts. Even in the worst case scenario, if someone else invaded the future again, Trunks would just get overpowered again and the pissy few humans left on earth would almost certainly get annihilated. Right now, if Future Trunks kills Black ASAP, he’d basically only have ‘Adam and Eve to work with’ utterly pointless.

  31. It is increasingly evident that, if anyone is going to become the third SSJ Blue, it will be Future Trunks. Gohan has, in effect, become the next Yamcha. “I don’t know what this Gohan is, but it sounds disappointing.” Future Trunks, unlike Goku, would kill Black immediately if he had the ability to go SSJ Blue. He would not dick around with testing Black to see how powerful he was.

  32. um…. you all seem to be missing the point of this whole episode. I enjoyed it. It’s showing how Trunks is dealing with his hellish future, and we get to see Gohan raising Pan and just generally enjoying the moment like his father did with him. Then, Trunks figures out why he’s going to fight. I had thought he was going to ask Vegeta to train him, which I’m sure he would.

  33. great episode, I laughed and learned some things. it was nice to see how trunks got to see what true happiness looks like again. like he said he knows exactly what he is fighting for. the only thing I am disappointed in is the amount of people that are so unhappy. not one of you ungrateful little shits seems to understand that none of this was done for you. you are the benefiter of other people creations brought to life so to speak, assuming the obvious not one of you paid to watch this episode or any if all so who the fuck are you to complain and try to dictate something you contribute nothing to. I have always loved dragon ball since I was a child and still is my favorite cartoon ever. even when I don’t understand the creators choices who am I to bitch and complain let alone call them nasty shit. where the fuck do you get off with this ridiculous belief of such self entitlement. go make a cartoon that could stand par with the dragon ball series and then you have the right. until then just relax and enjoy someone else’s dream .

    • Art and entertainment made for the consumption of the public will be criticized by the public. That’s true with anime, games, movies, music, TV, and anything else. People have the right to express their positive and negative opinions about these works. People have the right to say twilight is shit after reading it, people have the right to say dragon ball z is awesome, people have the right to say Ariana Grande’s latest album was a disappointment in some ways, people have the right to say Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber is overrated, and people have the right to criticize things about Dragon Ball super that aren’t good, that don’t make sense, or that are a waste of potential. It’s not entitlement, it’s the public expressing opinions about what’s being marketed to them. It is what it is.

  34. Gohan hates hurting others not fighting per say and he likes sparring atleast as a kid he does like studying but you see having studying built into as kid and nothing else you likely like something your good at for gohan that was studying so he became a scholar if chi chi didnt do what she did things might have been different not to blame chi chi she is just a stereotypical asian mother

  35. KNEW IT. The green guy (every attempt to spell it on my phone is autocorrected.) is a Kai. Soon to be Kai, anyway.

    As in, NOT evil.

  36. The writing is soooooooooooo bad… they seriously just don’t care about anyone other than Goku and Vegeta. They don’t even try to make it look like they do.
    How many times is Gohan going to have to learn that he NEEDS to train, for the sake of his fucking family and planet? He learned it during the Cell Saga, the Buu Saga, again when Freeza came back… and now he’s just quit again. Wonderful. Trunks shows up and he doesn’t even bother to ask why? As if he just swung by.
    I don’t know of any other fictional character that had been built up so well and thrown away so hard.

  37. Amazing job done by the guys of this website! I do think Dragonball Super has lost is appeal once the fight between Beerus’s team and Champa’s team was done. The fact that they are pretty much saying that this new Kai is going to be in goku’s body someday just ruined the whole arc. We will see how this progresses, but the hype is gone for me now. The Flash kept us going and wanting more in season 2, but Dragonball Super is slowly killing the Dragonball Franchise. I don’t like the pedophilia stuff going on between Mai and Trunks. I don’t see this coming to the U.S. in english because of this. Japan has different guidelines, but pedophilia is just wrong in anyway possible. That is one of the many things wrong with Dragonball Super.

    • 1st off, the Flash is a great show. With that said, you can’t really compare The Flash to Super. Maybe compare Super to another anime, but not to something made by a different country. Secondly, are you saying that this arc’s hype is gone for you based off of people’s theories? Also pedophilia? How so? Child Mai has a crush on Trunks, not the other way around. And Future Trunks, who’s an adult, like Future Mai, who’s also an adult. No pedophilia. And I remember seeing Goku’s dick as a child, on tv, cause they didn’t censor Dragon Ball like that. They’re not gonna ban the show for “pedophila” especially when it isn’t there.

    • 1st off, the Flash is a great show. With that said, you can’t really compare The Flash to Super. Maybe compare Super to another anime, but not to something made by a different country. Secondly, are you saying that this arc’s hype is gone for you based off of people’s theories? Also pedophilia? How so? Child Mai has a crush on Trunks, not the other way around. And Future Trunks, who’s an adult, like Future Mai, who’s also an adult. No pedophilia. And I remember seeing Goku’s dicck as a child, on tv, cause they didn’t censor Dragon Ball like that. They’re not gonna ban the show for “pedophila” especially when it isn’t there.

      • And if you think about it, even child Mai in the past is technically still older than Future Trunks by quite a few years. If you remember they wished for youth with the Dragonballs when Mai was a full grown woman, so she still has all the memories, experiences and intelligence of fully grown Mai.
        Sooo in a weird way its TECHNICALLY not pedophilia. 😛

      • Mai is not a child. She and the Pilaf Gang wished for younger bodies, but they’re still adults and it’s still a 10-year-old character being thrown into a shipping with some lady older than his parents.

        • *14 year old character.
          And if the magical dragon makes you a child, you’re technically a child.

          • He’s not 14. It said that he’s between the ages of 10 and 12. And since the Pilaf gang still remembers all of their life experiences as adults, they’re not children, they just have the bodies. It would be like Mr. Satan wishing for a kid’s body (but still having the life experience and memories of his adulthood) and then Toriyama deciding to ship him with Krillin and 18’s daughter. Yuck.

          • Trunks was born in age 766. Pan was born in age 779. Data book says that the u6 arc happens in age 780. Do the math, he’s 14.
            And seeing as they’re going to school and acting like children, along with the fact that a magical dragon turned them into children, by all cases they’re children. Regardless of your memories. If Mr. Satan got turned into a kid and had to grow up again, then yeah he could date Krillin’s daughter if he wanted to. What would you rather Mai chase after adults? In a kids body? Thats sick.

          • He should be 14, based on the year Toriyama originally stated the characters were born, but for Dragon Ball super he’s kind of messed up the character’s ages by a few years and made them younger than they should be. (It may have just been a matter of forgetting). Hence why Bulma is mentioned as only being 38 during the Battle of Gods saga of super which would put her at 40 or 41 during the current saga, even though the fact that she was born in 733 means she’s supposed to be 47 if it’s actually age 780 in super), Mai was mentioned as 41 when she would really be 50 now, and why in last weeks episode of Dragon Ball super the 13-or-14-year-old Trunks who was shown in that scene with Gohan being killed looks drastically different from the main timeline’s kid Trunks. There’s no way they could be the same age.

          • Ever think that the animators just fucked up present Trunks’ design? They also made Future Trunks’ hair blue, so them not having present Trunks be any taller doesn’t change his age. He’s 14.


            Krillin says, Between you and me, just how old are you today? Is it a “big” birthday?
            and Bulma replies: Like I tell you. Never ask a woman that.

            So she’s clearly lying about her age, given the fact that she’s supposed to be in her 40s. No one was de-aged.

          • Future Trunk’s hair was originally blue it got mixed up and was turned pink in the DBZ anime.

          • Ever think that the Super designers just didn’t want to redesign present Trunks and Goten to look older? These are the same people that made Future Trunks’ hair blue. Also, in the same movie you’re talking about, Bulma refuses to tell Krillin her age and says never ask a woman her age. She was obviously lying when she said she was 38. She was born in 733, and BoG took place in 778. So yeah she’s 47, and Trunks is 14.

          • So Mai was also lying about her age too? Because when Bulma said she was 38, Mai said she was 41. (She’s 3 years older than Bulma, so if Toriyama was still going by the characters’ established canon birth dates from Dragonball and Dragon Ball Z, Mai (the one in the kid’s body, not the future Mai) would really be 50 now. And in this episode of super they already showed us what 14-year-old Trunks looks like in that flashback, so I don’t think it’s a matter of them not wanting to show what he would actually look like at 14, I just believe that they randomly changed the character’s ages for this show (just like they made a whole bunch of other random changes and how Toriyama even forgot a character). It wouldn’t make sense for main timeline Trunks and Goten to have different aging processes than Gohan (remember what he looked like at 12?) and future Trunks (how’s he going to look 14 at 14 in one timeline, but look like a little kid at 14 in another timeline?) . Also, if Trunks was 14 and Goten was 13, that would make Marron 11, yet she still gets carried around by her parents and talks and acts like a small child, not a middle-schooler.

          • Either Mai lied about her age or the script writers forgot how old she was. These are still the same people that forgot about Bulla. Bulma is definitely in her late 40’s, regardless. They won’t de-age characters just for the sake of a joke. It’s not that they didn’t want to show what he would actually look like at 14, it’s just that they didn’t feel like redesigning Trunks. Gohan also spent a year training in the hyperbolic time chamber. And he trained a lot as a child, while Goten and Trunks hadn’t. Which is why was taller and more muscular than the two. Plus last I checked, not every child grows the same. And Marror isn’t 11. She was born in 771, which is 5 years before Bulma’s birthday party. She is still a small child.

          • So if you have memories of your past experience as an adult you’re NOT a child? Then explain how in some fictional works (and in some rare irl cases) kids remember being an adult in a past life.

    • but that doesn’t explain his empty promises about getting back to training for his loved ones.. i bet hes going to at some point

      • He more then likely will and yes his character development virtually disappeared, he went from a main character to a background after Z finished but you guys have to remember that he was never intended to be as important as goku or Vegeta, he will get some more lime light soon but I wouldn’t hold my breath for a gohan heavy arc, we might seem him in the universe tournament though, i think thats a strong possibility

  38. LOL at trunks transformation…..why would you reduce that scene just to draw it worse and make it way less dramatic and epic….oh and if this is the same trunks from dbz..how the hell does he know mai???????????????????

  39. The “Scholar Limiter” they put on him is very impressive!!!! He looks very bitch made now!! HAHAHA makes me laugh!

  40. 14:50 Future Trunks in total disbelief about Gohan. FT’s reaction just radiates what all of us think of Gohan too….

    • Future Trunks will never turn SSGSS because he hasent felt the combined Ki of five Saiyans. And I really dont see everybody holding hands in a circle again just to make Future Trunks a God too.
      But thats still a funny thought none the less haha

      • SSGSS (Blue) not SSG (Red) you don’t need five saiyans for SSGSS (Blue), you need it for SSG (Red). Trunks can turn into a SSGSS (Blue) on his own (with Whis’ help).

  41. 😩😩 the producers need to think about “character” like seriously come tf on. When future trunks said most of the population had died, goku didn’t give a dead fly about who may have died. But who and how strong the guy is. Like come on!!!! He didnt even ask what happened to chi chi,gohan, or tht other kid. Actually Im glad they made vegeta see the reality. He’s the only serious about this black goku. ( including future trunk)

    • Goku always been like that. He’s the only one who loves to fight despite who dies. He thinks about things later. Well anyone except his family that is (which is the whole z-fighters).

  42. Waited a week for this crap?? Good god, they keep making Gohan even more of a disappointment with every scene he pops up in! I truly do miss when he was a kid. Him fighting and defeating Cell was one of the best memorable moments in Dragon Ball Z, but now he’s so pathetic that it isn’t even funny! I will always hate ChiChi for ruining Gohan and now she’s trying to do the same to Pan.

    It’s sad really. Seems like the only people increasing in power are Vegeta and Goku. Hell even Piccolo gets a lot more accomplished with his meditation. For the love of Christ, please make Gohan epic again! How can one reduce an excellent steak to just a dried chicken bone with flies on it?

  43. That shit had me feeling real bad for trunks. Hope there is a way to bring back everyone with the dragonballs from his time zone. If they could figure it out.. even though I want gohan to return, I don’t think I want him to fight after seeing that. His heart and mind is in the right place. His power is still there, its just gonna take some pain to unlock it again.

  44. Vegeta always pulls out a new form when he steps out of a hardcore training sesh. Now you have a GOKU clone killing Vegeta’s family??? Vegeta is about to get all up in that ass.

    • Yes. I hope it’s either him or Future Trunks who gets that so-called super saiyan white transformation first and beats Black Goku. It would make more sense. But Toriyama will probably go the predictable route and have it be Goku who does both. (Just like he went the random basic bitch route in choosing a mate for future Trunks.)

  45. Alright guys I think we all need to chill out a little bit, I’m pretty damn confident Gohan is going to start fighting seriously in Super eventually. All that needs to happen is Videl and Pan’s lives being threatend (maybe even by Goku Black?), Goku and Vegeta either getting killed or being unable to fight for some reason (Also by Goku Black?) and there you go.
    Also he already has access to unlock God Ki, PLUS he had his hidden potential released by Elder Kai. Even where Gohan is at now, if he had a real reason I’m confident he can surpass Goku and Vegeta in a shockingly short amount of time.

  46. I might not have the popular opinion but i love this episode. I was extremely disappointed, like most people, with how gohan turned out. This episode changed that. Gohan has a great marriage, a job he enjoys and a happy baby girl he can’t help but dote on. He has the happy ending that everyone is looking for and he achieved it in a world full of destruction and despair and absolute chaos. He is not training for the fun of it or for himself like goku and vegeta. His training has a basis in the future of everything he holds dear and he has seen the reality of it almost being ripped from him. He now has a very human drive and a relatable story and i think that drive will make him more powerful in the long run. Also can i say they made pan a very cute and happy baby and i love every episode she is in just because she is a happy baby. Ultimate Pan is the future.

  47. I heard mention of a new transformation for the Half saiyans though super saiyan white or something like that, perhaps we will see trunks obtain it before gohan, I’m kinda peeved about Trunk’s appearence however…he looked older and more physically matured during the cell saga….he looks like a teen again in this.

  48. what the hell hapened to future goku and future vegeta when half the population got wiped out in trunks future world ?

  49. What a fucking load of filler sitcom shit, some stupid adult bitch making the noises of pan making me feel sick, damn it DEEBS!
    also it wasnt his fucking dream to be a scholar it was the cuntface bitch hoe chi-chi who is now somehow spoiling my fun!

  50. “When I look at her face, I get soft.”

    Damn dude, you got some pretty high standards ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  51. Idk why people on here are talking about a Super Saiyan White form. Last I heard Toriyama said that the white hair was originally planned instead of the Blue in ssb, but they changed it cause it’d clash with an upcoming villain. We’re not getting a new form

  52. Well there will be a twist in Gohan’s role… its always such that ppl who are shown weak would turn up to be the most important and depended ones… So lets all wait and watch… 🙂


    …I swear if Goten turns out like Gohan I’m flipping all the tables

  54. I think the new gohan is cool and he shouldn’t be a fighter coz then goku will be farming instead…i mean gohan thinks his dad’s alive to protect everyone from evil but future gohan was different coz his dad was dead of the heart virus and teen gohan was traumatized by that which caused him to change from our present gohan!

  55. Fuck this. Fuck this old training routine that vegeta has got. It has been already used, Fucking get something fuckin new. Dont repeat the same old shit. Innovate motherfuckers.

  56. Future Gohan, aka Mr. Fister, is probably the most we’ll get to having a badass Gohan.

    Future Gohan is like a grown up version of Namek Gohan. Angry, serious, deffo not a pacifist – he was more than willing to kill. Try comparing him to Trunks or Goten or any other kid in dragonball. Namek Gohan was a warrior. He’s was quiet, nice kid who would help in any way he could if you were in trouble — or rip off your arms and beat you to death with them if you hurt those he cared about. Then Trunks came, and this is where that Gohan died. It’s truly a shame.

    That being said, this episode isn’t about Gohan — it’s about trunks. This is some good character development for Trunks before Goku rushes in and solves everybody’s problems while everybody else stands helpless behind him. Yey.

  57. Gohan kills cell and Goku kills every other enemy, isn’t it time for Vegetas side of the family to do shit…

  58. black goku is my favourite villain for now, for he finally actually killed someone permanently in front of our eyes lol.. bulma. I made a fan art, of him , this is it! 🙂

  59. Did y’all notice how Gohan forgot to ask why f.Trunks was in the present? I bet when he does find out he’s like “Oh shit I gotta train!”

    On the other hand if Gohan never fights again I think I’m ok with that. It’s cool with me for the show to just let him go have a normal life. That can be his reward for beating Cell.

    It’d be nice if there was one female character in DBZ who was actually an important, good fighter. 18 never does anything, Videl never got to a serious level. Maybe after a couple more time jumps we’ll get to see Pan kick some ass.

    • “It’d be nice if there was one female character in DBZ who was actually an important, good fighter. 18 never does anything, Videl never got to a serious level.”
      Toriyama COULD have killed two birds with one stone by putting Trunks with a female saiyan from Cabba’s planet. But instead of creating a new, useful female character who could have filled both those interesting roles (female saiyan Z fighter + mate who can actually be helpful to Future Trunks whenever a villain more powerful than Chichi shows up, as there are no other powerful heroes besides Trunks in that timeline) he decides to recycle some old woman and put her in a role where she really doesn’t belong. What a waste.

      • And how the HELL would that work pairing Future Trunks (a Universe 7 resident) with a Universe 6 Saiyaness, Mrs. Einstien?

  60. Chi chi made gohan hate fighting and she’s going to do the same with goten and gohan character is very disappointing. He is by the strongest sayian and goten should be along with kid trunks.. It’s Chi Chi who is doing that to them

  61. Gohan is still my favourite character in all of DB. Just wait until all his training – that he IS doing, just because it isn’t shown – is finally revealed and all of you haters (wow, that’s an ugly word) jump on the Gohan bandwagon. Just you wait!

  62. I think Gohan may go back into training, remember what he said when he checked up on his family after the whole Frieza battle. It was all like I must protect what I care deeply about, then he went to Piccolo asking him to train. And Piccolo said it would take awhile to re-train his soft body….I think that Gohan will train…

  63. i wonder why so many people are disappointed and hates gohan so much. Grow up guys. Who are you to dictate what gohan wants to do in his life. As trunks said way back in the future, gohan wants to be somebody else and trunks was so happy coz he already achieved that after he visited them. So who are you to meddle in gohan’s happiness? you eagerly wants him to be a fighter but he prefers to be a family man. I wonder what you will feel if you are being force to do something you do not like in the first place.

  64. Well I guess it will take a few more ark to see Gohan fightband as for pan I honestly hope she doesn’t become super saiYan because that will make less sense that kid trucks be 17 I mean pan is not even half saiyan so hope she just becomes the pan from dragon Ball gt

  65. Jesus you’re one salty dude. I mean, Saitama’s character was created to be op so it’s true…
    I still don’t think you understand what hate means

  66. Tf does “difference” mean.
    Go ahead and binge watch it, trust me, at the very least you’ll find it mildly entertaining.

  67. gohan showed his first showed his hidden strength when goku let go of his stroller and it rolled down a mountain and he collied with a tree and put a hole in that tree.

  68. ok only episode 52 in dbz the predecessor gohan by episode 52 had already fought nappa vegeta and probably recoome depending on he version you are watching gohan has done more in one episode of z than the entire rof arc or beerus arc of super which are the two of three arcs he actually is fighting if you call him and piccolo sparring fighting you see the problem mainly is not that he is weaker because honestly he could be weaker than hercule and i couldn’t give a two shit flying fuck as long as he was relevant that is the problem in z he could be called the Pseudo Protagonist if you will their hardly ever were any episodes without him and he was a focus for most of the series but here piccolo & krillin have likely gotten more screen time than him jaco too and that is stupid you cant just make one of main protagonists become a recurring character like that then tease he will be relevant than go back on that idea

    • See that’s the problem, everyone’s assuming they just ‘went back on that idea’. That point is moot until the series is over and it’s proven they ‘went back on it’. Taking a long time to do it isn’t going back on it.

      People assumed that Trunks’ time travel and not being able to change the future was all some big inconsistency just because they didn’t explain it right the hell then but low and behold all the way up to like next episode (or next weeks) is going to explain it. It just needs time.

      The problem is that by episode 52 of Z, MUCH more time had passed. It’s seriously only been a short time since Gohan even asked Piccolo to train it would be impossible for him to be relevant. Like days have passed, they don’t have the time chamber (yet) Gohan can’t just be strong now. As for relevance he’s had a hell of a lot of screen time and character development – and just because it’s not fighting doesn’t make it unimportant. He needs time to get strong and no matter the episode count, it’s not been enough in story time.

    • See that’s the problem, everyone’s assuming they just ‘went back on that idea’. That point is moot until the series is over and it’s proven they ‘went back on it’. Taking a long time to do it isn’t going back on it.

      People assumed that Trunks’ time travel and not being able to change the future was all some big inconsistency just because they didn’t explain it right then but low and behold all the way up to like next episode (or next weeks) is going to explain it. It just needs time.

      The problem is that by episode 52 of Z, MUCH more time had passed. It’s seriously only been a short time since Gohan even asked Piccolo to train it would be impossible for him to be relevant. Like days have passed, they don’t have the time chamber (yet) Gohan can’t just be strong now. As for relevance he’s had a lot of screen time and character development – and just because it’s not fighting doesn’t make it unimportant. He needs time to get strong and no matter the episode count, it’s not been enough in story time.

  69. but see dbz/s and one piece are different i like op but it is not dbz with it’s fights so when i wanna see gohan do something i dont wanna see it once every 50 episodes if i wanted to see something like that then i would watch op and yes i dont watch op as much anymore for this reason op is too slow and other characters hardly have any impact sometimes they just deal with fodder characters all the time and luffy to the rescue sort of like dbs is now everyone but goku has little impact and goku has to fix the problem there was only one time this was not true and im not gonna spoil it

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