Dragon Ball Super Episode 53 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 53 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 53. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 53 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 53. Episode 53 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.




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266 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 53 Subbed”

      • lmao but that’s what is about to happen you fool. Of course they are gonna make Trunks a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, why wouldn’t they? That’s the whole point of Vegeta training him and it will definitely sell more products.

          • there wouldn’t be a difference in his hair though and to be honest even if he is ssjb he won’t be nearly as powerful as goku or vegeta

          • He cant become Super Sayain God Super sayain. Goku and Vageta were both exposed to God Ki, goku more than vageta due to his First god transformation. Trunks cant even go SS3, let alone Super sayain blue. I think he is just trying to teach trunks how to better his fighting and to make him stronger, but trunks isnt strong enough to become a SSG, not even close..

          • Thought Vegeta tranformed to Super Saiyan Blue by fully powering up his ki while containing it all within him. They obtain the power during resurrection of Frieza.

          • All you need is 5 other saiyans to become Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan….
            Literally ANY saiyan could do that much.

          • Vegeta only trained with Whis because he wanted to become stronger and get the power without having to ask Goku for help. Since he knows how to do it, he could easily train Trunks to do it. You have to look at this show and think “what would make Toei more money?” and that is what will happen in the show.

          • Vegeta trained with Whis though. Whis obviously did something to introduce him to god ki, or he absorbed it from the surrounding area, like from inside Whis’ staff. Pretty sure he can’t just give Trunks god ki.

          • I keep getting notifications I’ll keep coming back and commenting. It brings me great joy to see crybabies get butthurt on the internet just because I have an opinion.

  1. Awesome episode, cant wait till next week. ^_^
    But it doesnt explain how he looks like Goku. Only his Ki is the same as Black !!!

    • they are not the same person right? I thought their Ki are similar but different people. Zamasu doesn’t recognize Goku like Black does as soon as he sees him.

      • because black is creation of zamasu based on zamasu own characteristics and his mindset and what he remembers. He creates black based on gokus look and body type to match his strenght and destroy humans

  2. After seeing Gohan in his Great Saiyaman costume and seeing Krillin’s wife (Android 18), Future Trunks is like “Gohan in a weird costume and now Krillin marrying my former enemy. wtf did they smoke!?”

        • That’s a stupid comment. are we not allowed,as fans thats been watching the show for over 20 years now, to express our views of the the current show that is given to us? of course we do! we are the audiance! DB Super doesn’t get near as good as DBZ was, that’s a fact.

          • That overgeneralizing the fanbase to the ones that share YOUR opinion. What about the fans that are actually enjoying the series? And your last sentence is an opinion…

          • Uhhhh maybe because the majority is not always right. If they enjoy eating garbage, that doesn’t mean we have to shut up and eat garbage with them. Maybe they’d enjoy eating real food too? There’s absolutely no harm in making something BETTER. Stupid mouthbreather.

          • You’re saying that because DBZ aired when YOU were an 8 year old. Now that we all have grown past that, it’s bound to appear childish to us. If it distressed you, please GTFO

          • No. You’re actually just a retard. DBZ was targetted at 10-14 year olds, this show is for significantly younger kids.

            Stop being retarded.

          • Seriously? did u watch Nappa slaughter almost every Z fighther(back when being a Z fighter still ment something) in front of Gohan and Krillin, or Freeza and his men commit genocide on Namek? give me a break….this show is retarted in comparison.

          • bro……Db series itself is for 8 year olds and up….
            Its a shonen based anime overall so thats a no brainer

          • Yeah, dbz was a show for 8-year-olds. Now the original dragonball was very adult…and that is a fact!

          • Crying like a baby repeatedly, when you could just go on down the road and watch something else.Stop acting like a B*tch and you won’t be treated like a B*tch , plain and simple.

          • Fan? Did you support them with any money, cause I see, you’re using free streaming site… hypocritical people are worst

      • Here’s a thought… STOP watching this anime and go somewhere else! They said it before once its on blueray, it will be fixed. You wishing this series to get cancelled is quite selfish IMHO, other people watch this and are quite happy because its back.

        • When did they say that? I think you’re just making it up tbh. The first 2 seasons are on Blu-Ray, and as far as I’m aware, they’ve only really made significant changes to episode 5, and one episode in the RoF arc (it wasn’t episode 24.) Everyone keeps saying “it’ll be fixed on Blu-Ray” when in reality they rarely fix anything. Why do people keep saying this?

          Even the changes they do make aren’t that significant (most of the time.)

      • People like you wishing for a FREE service with great story and quality of characters to be cancelled are the type of people who are a cancer to society.

        Go fucking cry somewhere else you entitled peice of shit.

          • if it sucks why the fuck you even here complaining and crying like a little girl? we’re hearing this shit for months now, pls gtfo you people aren’t intresting anymore

          • @themodfather:disqus Sooooo no true! There is so much more to the animation itself! Seeing how the ratings are they don’t seem to be that butthurt like you are! Same to you, don’t like it? Then don’t freaking watch it!

          • Thankfully you are the vocal minority, the silent majority are sitting back too interested to care 🙂

            P.S. The ratings that DBS is getting in japan (the primary source of revenue to toei animation) are skyrocketing so this series is not going away anytime soon.

      • Timmy then don’t freaking watch it! We don’t need people like you to watch Dragonball Super if you can’t show a little respect! Then just get lost and don’t watch it!

        • I had stopped but because Toei listened to the fans and fixed that sailor moon show I had the tiniest shred of hope that after the last week off they would fix Super as well. But they didn’t.

          DB/Z/GT meant so much to me growing up and still does. Even though I know the entire series sucks, and I’ll be the first one to call it a really shitty anime. It’s still my favorite anime of all time and I still to this day collect posters, figures, manga, VHS/DVDs, clothing, and video games.

          Seeing what they are doing to something I care so much about really hurts and feels like a slap in the face to anyone who actually cares about Dragon Ball. It seems like most people don’t care what it is so long as Goku and Vegeta are in it and will accept whatever they are handed.

          • Heres your problem. U still think GT is part of DB/Z/S series and its not. Go watch that sorry sh!t gt and get off this site. Loser. GT was never DB ever not even before S came out jack off

  3. The people bashing the animation should never watch dragon ball super again. If you can’t accept what is given to you from Japan, then you shouldn’t watch this at all if all you do is bash on their animation. So fucking what is the animation is slightly off, doesn’t bother me none. None at all.
    It seems to me the people who dog on the DBS art, are spoiled brats. That’s real. You are a spoiled piece of shit if you can’t accept what is given to you. Accept it and shut the fuck up, or don’t watch this at all.
    A true anime fan.

  4. Zamasu got inspired by fighting against Goku and he is looking at rings of time. He will create black Goku, send him in the future with the order to destroy all humanities. But at this point Goku Black becomes part of the future.
    or he will go in the future, and will create Black Goku, maybe from a fruit (do you know the core people, see dragon ball wikia) using all information he took from the fight against Goku and shaping him like Goku, giving him life with part of his ki (here’s why Zamasu and Black Goku have the same ki).
    Previoulsy I though he took remembrance of Goku from future earth, but now I think Black Goku is based directly on OUR Goku.

    -I’m still against the theory of using directly Goku’s dead body from the future because is too trivial, and because Goku’s body right now should be rotten or already turned into dust.

      • Well from dbz almost everything was goku’s fault.
        almost every villain came for him or wanted revenge…
        androids, cell, garlif jr., vegeta, freeza, bojack, broly, piccolo etc.

        • Sorry, no. If you kill off Goku as kid… say his pod crashed and he died. King Piccolo would’ve returned anyway and he would’ve taken over Earth. Raditz would have arrived looking for Goku and probably would have taken over the planet himself. With years of Piccolo creating monsters, together, they *might* have been able to beat Raditz (highly doubtful) but even then, Vegeta and Nappa would have came and obliterated them to claim the planet for Frieza and whoever it was Frieza was going to sell the planet to or, most likely, Raditz would have done it himself. Frieza would have gone on to Namek and secured his immortality (if he didn’t accidentally kill the Elder Namekian before learning he had to speak a “password” in Namekian). Slight chance Vegeta could have swindled the wish from Frieza. Unlikely though. The androids would have came about and, maybe the new occupants could fend them off, maybe not. It’s not particularly relevant. Babidi would have eventually came along and released Buu (whether with the androids power or some other slower means). Cell wouldn’t exist, at least not as we know him because neither Frieza nor (again, most likely) Vegeta would have came to Earth. No Frieza no space travel for Cell (if he even existed) so unlikely that he would blow up the Earth which means it would still be there for Babidi and Buu. Buu would have destroyed everything short of an immortal Frieza. Though it may be possible that Buu could absorb Immortal Frieza, who knows. But then, maybe, an Immortal Frieza might have been able to beat Buu. End result, Buu and/or Immortal Frieza destroys/enslaves everything. That is until Beerus eventually wakes up (without the help of a dream ’cause no Super Saiyan battle prophecy dream thing) finds everything is either destroyed or enslaved (slaves probably don’t make good food) gets pissy and destroys Buu/Immortal Frieza (… could he, he is immortal?) and goes back to sleep. Either way, humanity would have been wiped out by King PIccolo so, who cares.

          • Actually Piccolo wouldn’t come back because Pilaf wouldn’t have a motivation to release him as Oolong would not have been able to steal the wish due to the fact Goku wouldn’t have made the hole in the wall and Yamcha wasn’t powerful enough to do that. Then Raditz comes to earth and takes it over to give/sell to Frieza, but he wouldn’t learn abut the dragon balls so there would be no Namek arc because neither Frieza nor Vegeta would go to Namek. Gero would build all his androids normally except 19 and 20 (he only built them for revenge on Goku) then 17 and 18 woud do what they did in future Trunks’ timeline. Babidi probably wouldn’t come to earth because he needed spirit energy and the androids didn’t have any so he would’ve gone to Frieza to try and revive Buu.

          • “Actually Piccolo wouldn’t come back because Pilaf wouldn’t have a motivation to release him as Oolong would not have been able to steal the wish”

            OOOO…. I forgot about that!

            17 – 20 wouldn’t exist. The RR Army probably would have taken over the world by then. Which means no androids 17 and 18 to feed to cell who wouldn’t exist and 19 and 20 wouldn’t exist, at least not as is, because there would have been no need to design androids that could absorb ki or to build androids as strong as Super Saiyans, because, no Super Saiyans. So, Raditz would have definitely taken over, killed humanity, & sold the planet. Thought Frieza might have still gone to Namek because Namek’s dragonballs were still known about (though, believed to be rumor) but that didn’t stop Frieza from sending Bardock to that psychic planet. Anyway, Babidi would still have came to Earth because that’s where Buu was laying dormant. It’s likely he would have absorbed the energy out of who/what ever was there to feed to Buu to bring him closer to awakening. And then Buu would have destroyed everything at the whim of Babidi (or not, he might have still rebelled). Until Beerus.

          • so assuming piccolo was able to beat raditz, Vegeta and Nappa still never would have come because the only reason they came was because Raditz told them about the dragonballs over the scouter. So Namek would never have attracted Frieza’s attention either.

            Really most of the main story arcs of DBZ up to the Buu Saga probably wouldn’t have happened at all, although Babidi would still have shown up to release Buu most likely.

          • Raditz showed up to claim Earth and collect Goku for Frieza and who ever he was selling it to (That’s what Frieza and his goons did, remember) if Raditz had failed they would have had to send somebody else to collect Earth. Vegeta, being Frieza’s favorite and having Saiyan pride at stake, would be the most likely candidate.

        • Garlic Jr. Wanted to secure the Guardian of the Earth position for himself, and so wanted revenge on Kami then anyone else. Evil Piccolo was again more interested in securing the Guardian of the Earth position, like his father, King Piccolo. Although this EVENTUALLY meant trying to mill Goku, but he was a means to an end, not his main motive. Frieza was largely not interested in Goku, nor did he know who he was until they start fighting, he just wanted to take over Namek and secure his wish, Goku ended up foiling his plan however and largely came FOR HIM, not the other way around. Broly was more or less insane however, and always had extreme violent tendencies, even scarring his fathers eye, yes the mere sight of Goku tipped him over the edge, but he was insane (not in-Saiyan lol) anyway, so hardly counts.

          The rest makes sense, but lol, how does someone trying to kill you make it your fault? Sure, sometimes it is, but Goku never did anything against Gero or his creations, in fact he sparred him. More like “from dbz almost everything was trying to kill Goku.”

    • I think that his potaru earrings can create a person, and zamasu will create a person strong enough to kill humans, and that is goku who he fought and wants his creation to be his entire replica with zamasu characteristics.

      • think? like there is any doubt.. since it’s not the same as fusion i wonder if they will ever get seperated again.. goku reached his limit to get wished back i thought, but then again super is before gt.. so super saiyan 4 is stronger then a god??? god this super does not make sense at all

        • Dragon Ball GT isn’t canon(in other words, GT isn’t real). Think of Super Saiyan Blue as the new SSJ4 as of right now.

        • But Goku isn’t alive at Trunk’s timeline, hasn’t been alive since Android saga. Only explanation for that theory would be that Trunk’s timeline is actually a seprate universe….

        • Super is not before GT. GT is not canon as it was not created by AT. So no, SSJ4 isn’t stronger than SSJGod, it doesn’t even exist.

    • This isnt possible because future trunks and gokus realities are two different things. If Zamasu sent Goku Black into the future, it would be Goku’s future: the one where he and the other z fighters are still alive.

    • Zamasu didn’t create anything. He actually took over Real Goku’s body. I believe you were not paying attention to the details.

    • well the story its a bit farfetched cuz its impossible that a kai to be that strong for it to crate a figure like black goku

  5. i enjoyed this episode alot more then the last 2, i saw one scene with shakey animation and i dont gives a rats ass about that.Its all about the content and the simple fact that its new dragonball for me.I do not think zamatsu is bad its the yellow kai i dont trust. I got the feeling after this arc ends zamatsu will be our universe 10 friend much like hit is our universe 6 friend/ally

      • This is my theory, black was doing this and zamatsu started to. when they power up, it seems like their absorbing ki or matching their opponents ki in a way. I think black was somekind of side effect of this ability,and was not created on purpose.

      • Go back and rewatch the episode,but pay attention to the yellow kais facial expressions. He is training zamatsu and weve yet to see his power. Itd bet he powers up the same way black and zamatsu do. That would explain why the ki is similar but not exactly the same. at the end after zamatsu loses, he says something along the lines of ”remember this” ”this is what GROWTH is all about”. we’ll see tho when the yellow kai brews some tea lol

    • Maybe its kinda like the whole Piccolo/Kami thing. Zamasu is supposed to be pure hearted for his position but hes harboring hate. Maybe he purges the hate from himself somehow and that becomes black Goku? idk a few varibles wouldnt make sense, though. idk

    • i read something about dragonball super will be cancelled because of the art. i hope this is not true.

      • i sure hope they do for the sake of dragon ball…once they find better animators it sure will come back

      • Sorry to tell ya but that is one bullsh*t rumor. The ratings Super is getting over in Japan are spectacular, there’s no way in hell Toei would cancel such a hit show.Not to mention Super has had it’s budget increased significantly at the start of the future Trunks arc after Toriyama’s remarks about it’s past quality, which is why it looks so good now.

  6. After watching this episodes, it proves Zamasu and Black aren’t the same person as everyone thought would be but sharing the same similar KI, also Zamasu doesn’t know about Saiyan but didn’t know about Goku like Black has acknowledge about the other, Saiyans and know who goku is as well Vegeta

  7. Remember when Black said that.s a honor for him to fight with Goku in that body,I think Zamazu has changed his appearance to look like a dark version of him,I saw that he has a problem with Saiyans.And do you think that a normal guy can have the time ring.Cheers!

  8. Zamas hates humans and thinks they are “not worth protecting.” So, he thinks they don’t deserve to live. The reason is because they just love violence and destruction. Then Goku showed up and he confirmed his opinions when he met Goku, even though the elder told him “don’t discriminate. Even though they fight a lot, it’s a Kai’s duty to protect them.” Then Goku wanted to fight a lot and he says at the end “as I thought: human’s are too dangerous to be left alive.” Slowly we see his rage get bigger and Goku felt Black’s Ki Energy when fighting him too. Beerus and Whis also noticed his similar Ki Energy.
    Zamas is going to steal the ring of time, go to the future and either 1) transform into Goku’s body, or 2) become Goku (take over his body) and kill the human race. But the problem is, where does everyone else go? And how does Zamas cross dimensions?

    • Yeah the only weird part is why did he go to a different timeline. I think he was going to do it anyway but Goku will probaly just speed up the process in our universe. So maybe there will be 2 black Goku’s?

    • But then again to disprove my theory right away. why would he take the form of Goku if he hadnt met him. So i guess he just for some reason travels to another timeline.

    • they keep calling Goku a “human” When it was established at the first meeting that he is a saiyan…

      • I think they call “humans” everyone who’s not god. Tbh why is god of destruction translated but Kaioshin is not (god of creation)

        • That’s complete made up bs. It’s just a bad translation issue. Ningen can simply mean man or loosely translate to mortal.

      • Bad translation. It’s the same in the next episode when they also call a species similar to dinosaurs “human”. Anyways, it’s always hilarious when Beerus beats up Goku and Vegeta after they do stupid things^^

  9. I thought the animations were much better than the beginning of the show. Besides, I think people who genuinely enjoying watching this show watch it not for the animation but for the story plot and the nostalgic feeling and fandom of previous dragon ball generations. To be honest I don’t care about the animations, because I’m just glad they’re continuing on with the story and showing us life after Dbz. And also animations from dbz and db weren’t all that good if you watch it again.
    tl;dr, don’t complain about a show you choose to watch.

    • This isn’t “life after DBZ” this all takes place before DBZ ended in the official timeline. We’re supposed to believe that all of this is happening before Goku leaves with Uub to train him. The constantly changing body proportions, the eyes out of place, Zamasu’s ears magically changing sizes. But yeah you go ahead and keep your nostalgia goggles on like everyone else who thinks this show is any good.

        • Not all new stuff is good, you fuckin retarded pleb. If it was NEW and GOOD, nobody would complain. But it’s NEW and RETARDED like DORA THE EXPLORER. A SHOW FOR BABIES.

      • You seem to have forgotten that akira toriyama has NEVER been consistent. One episode goku breathes in space, one episode he is faster than light (as a kid) another episode he is almost drown in water (Freeza) Isn’t faster than light (snake way) Trunks’ hair color has also been inconsistent if you really research it. As well as bulma! Also he forgot saiyans had tails and that launch was a character and MANY MANY more!

    • Again, a stupid thing to say – we’re allowed to watch and complain at the same time, a show should be open to critisism, and we, as fans of the series for over 25 years now, are allowed to pointed out how lame this new show is compared to the old one, AND watch it at the same time, because we love Dragon Ball.

      • Seems about right, physically, they’re the same, they look and talk the same, they eat the same, they just dont age as quickly as humans do, they keep their youth for fighting. Sayains are pretty much a humanoid fighting race created strictly on the soul purpose to fight and die.

    • Because they don’t use the world human meaning ‘earthlings’, they use the term humans to refer to intelligent/evoluted lifeforms. in universe 10 in fact there should not be any earthings, but surely there are intelligent lifeforms.

    • Humans aka homo sapiens are present all throughout the universes apparently (you can actually see this in a filler episode in dragon ball Z before Bulma, Krillin and Gohan arrive at Namek), the Kaioshins are actually the gods of creation, they are literally the gods, deities and the omnipotent beings etc.

      And lets face it, Saiyans aren’t really too different compared to humans with the exception of being far more advanced in the use of psychic abilities aka Ki and they can successfully mix with humans and their offspring aren’t sterile.

  10. vegeta going god vs future trunks, but with that kind of power he should be able to k.o. trunks with just a hit on the neck….

    • Vageta is probably trying to get Trunks stronger, for we all know Trunks only has the power of super sayajin 2. Vageta is probably trying to help him grow stronger. Vageta has to train other sayains, its in his blood, he is the King of all sayains you know, even tho he calls himself prince.

  11. Am I the only one to think the 2 kais merge that’s why the ki is different. The young kai has orange earnings and the old ki is green. Blacks earings is green. The ki is similar to young kai but not exactly the same. I think people are overlooking this fact

  12. From the fight between Zamasu and Goku, its good to see some “martial art” involved rather than just power power and more power! Hope we can see more real “kong fu”!!

  13. You are idiots they both have different earrings black has green zemasu has a bronze they are different but same kid I do t get that part

  14. That Zamasu should have a talk with Vegeta about the difference of Saiyans and humans and how the sayains are now on earth and their behavior. Vegeta may seem arrogant and proud but he is at this point the only one who has the brains and the knowledge to clear things up to Zamasu. plus im sure he has nothing to fear because he also is stronger then Zamasu i guess.

    • In universe 10 there are no humans=eartlings. as humans, Zamasu refers to lifeforms that have a evoluted intellect and can create and destroys, and that can form societies.
      Beings like Earthlings, Saiyans, Namekians, Changelling (Freezer’s race) etc…

  15. No doubt about it Black is Zamasu!his ki will become more like blacks the stronger he gets that’s why I believe Goku said it wasn’t exactly the same.

  16. I rewatched history of Trunks and mai how the times have changed compared to this animation.get it Mai anyways I can’t wait to see how Zamasu fused with Goku’s dead body.I know when Goku died he gets to keep his body form in spiritual form.but I’m sure his physical body remained on earth

    • There’s nothing that says Zamasu fused with Goku’s dead body, so you’re probably gonna have to keep waiting.

  17. This fight while short and on ground was great. Two superb martial artists with their own techniques fighting each other while having insane Ki’s. The anime was subpar in this episode at times though at least.

    Goku’s character development is mweh as well. He was always excited to fight, but this is over the top, he was acting like a child constantly there. I get after getting the essential info pushing for a sparring match, but this was plain stupid.

    I think Zamuso somehow created Goku Black with his dna and Goku’s at his core with Goku’s phenotype and thus the blood of a Saiyan Kai. Imagine Black going some sort of Super Saiyan God Kai mode. Would be epic.
    Also even Beerus is worry of Black’s insane potential, I think Black can transform (or will eventually in above God mode) and he will be a treat to even him and the other Gods, while having insane Zenkai ability of a Kai and Saiyan.

  18. To the name-calling lovers : do you see it now it’s out?? DO YOU????? Maybe you will soon if you don’t yet MOUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Well Trunks is gonna get beat up badly by Vegeta next episode. But at least we get to see him actually do something. I mean, him meeting Gohan and 18 was nice and all, but the whole thing with him and younger Mai got old fast.

  20. I wish they would use SSJ3 more often. Not sure why they keep going straight to SSJ2. SSJ3 imo would be displaying Goku’s “full power” while not overkilling it with SSJB and still holding back his trump card.

    • Well he was raised as a human, and he decided to stay and live on earth, maybe like a “dual nationality” thing

  21. Goku was never supposed to be a very intellectual character but his character’s been really dumbed down in Super to the point of it being really annoying.

    • Goku is so strong now no one is really a threat to him. There are beings stronger than him like Beerus, but they’re not his enemies. In DBZ Goku had to be more serious because he was fighting for his life, as well as his friends/family, and the earth. In Super, times are more calm for him so his personality is more laid back.

    • Thats because youre used to watching dubbed anime goku has always been a numbskull watch the original dbz subbed not dubbed or kai and you’ll see our hero is as dumb as a bag of rocks but we love him

  22. So everyones ignoring the fact that bulmas space time gyroscope looks like the flux capacitor from Back to the Future?!

    • Can you please shut up? You don’t have to watch it if it hurts your eyes. We like it and watch it. All the people like you are just like people that has cancer but still smokes tons of cigarettes.

      • That has to be the most absured, stupid, out of context, analogy i ever heared..not even sure it counts as one…

        • Well to be honest, I thought about it while writing it too, lol, but seriously though, you can watch other animes, or you can read the manga if you dont like the animation here.

  23. I really like the fights. Good atmosphere. But BY FAR too short. Man this will take years until we see a real fight between Black and Goku….if it will even happen! This is the problem of DB Super too much potential goes to waste here.

  24. You people baffle me. Every anime, animated movie has its issues things disproportionate, color changes, animation issues. This is a good show. A wonderful recovery and back step from the tragedy that was GT that does not exist. its a cartoon with a lot of details to remember and some times small things get lost. As for having an opinion being a loyal fan for so many years. Yeah I might give you that if you were not watching it on a free site and not actually supporting its release to help pay for it to get better in any way. I will be buying the DvD’s. If you dont like it and are that deeply disturbed over it. There is a simple solution hit the X button and go away. Or stay and enjoy the free show you were just provided. With that being said have a nice day.

  25. Zamasu got inspired by fighting against Goku Now he will divide the potara ring and make black goku of the present of course he will also give him the ring and part of his ki.
    no dont get Confused about making black goku and send him to the furture to destory Humans… because you forgot that black goku in the future already exist. good night.

  26. OH now I understand. so remember how they saw the rings and all of them were there and there was only one silver one. then he fought goku and saw how a human is dangerous. so zamasu is going to kill his master i believe by putting poising on his tea and gets the silver ring and i believe since he remembers goku he is going to look like goku for some reason. But any way it really makes since now. I didnt put enough explanation but you all can understand right? But really its basically goku’s fault because he fought zamasu because now zamazu think that all humans are dangerous and all of them should be destroyed.

  27. The irony in all of this… Their curiosity to visit Zamasu is the reason there’s a problem in the first place.

  28. Remember vegito? One earring was destroyed, one wasn’t. Check buy saga. Oh wait nvm goku crunched his when vegita did….or did he?

  29. Zamasu IS black Goku, just in the future. And the reason Goku said his Ki didn’t feel exactly the same is because he hadn’t fought anyone like that before, so he is yet to inbed other fighters techniques, and improve to get his KI to the level of Black. I’m still stuck as to how he ends up looking like Goku, but I’m sure of the fact they’re one in the same being. Peace x

  30. Is there plans for Uub to make an appearence? He was introduced at the end of Z so his existence should be canon. As a matter of fact, didn’t goku take him as a student in the last episode of Z?

    • When Goku fought Uub it was 10 years after the buu saga. So uub is still a babby like pan and videl Goku even mentioned him durring tournament against universe 6 but i think. Vegeta or piccolo said he was just a baby

  31. The bit with Krillin and 18. I have been waiting for that moment for over 10 years. Hah.

    Oh, and the Mai and Trunks thing was cute at first because it called back to something that was ‘lost’, but now they’re just overplaying it. If they keep cashing in on things the masses cry for then I guess Gohan is going to become relevant eventually. No, seriously. Just kill Videl. It’s not like death means anything in DB.

  32. What if Universe 10 was the Universe of Future Trunks? Meaning the Zamasu they visited exists in Future Trunks’ Universe? When Goku and Co. came to Universe 10, it would still be in our “time” as they only jumped dimensions – not time.
    From what we’ve already seen, Zamasu does not particularily like humans, and was further convinced they are dangerous after his little run-in with Goku.

    So here is what I propose;
    Somehow Zamasu is related to Black, but it took a long time for Black to emerge (hence he emerged in Universe 10 future).
    Zamasu is not very strong yet, so it would make sense for him to need to train before he could take on Goku.
    Besides he said in the end that he won’t forget Goku, with a determined look on his face.

    So the mystery here is:
    Zamasu’s and Black’s KI, why are they similar?
    Why does Black have a Ring of Time? He must have nicked it off the Kaioshins somehow.
    Why does Black have ONE GREEN Potara earring? Zamasu has orange earrings, but his master has green ones.

  33. Wow so i was right Zamasu is black somehow or created black. Really dissapointing. I dont know how this arc will play out, but I am not as hyped as I was before. Each week I used to wait for dragonball super, but i may stop waiting each sunday. The hype since the tournament is over is gone completely. Sad day for Dragonball Super. This is turning out to be the cell saga all over again. 🙁

  34. Zamasu continues to train until he does what Goku foreshadowed, becomes powerful enough to rival a god of destruction (but only one from universe 10, not beerus level) he then takes on the duties of a god of destruction and follows what his old mentor said, a kaioshin cannot destroy, but a god of destruction can.

    After becoming the new god of destruction in universe 10 his ki changes, much like how Beerus’ ki is dark purple. Zamasu’s already purpleish ki will turn black or very dark purple since his ki will be fueled by hate. Giving off the same ki energy as black while Zamasu does not.

  35. Have anybody noticed that Zamasu or black is not fucking with Goku. Think about Goku didn’t even have to go super saiyan 3

  36. I have been watching this and have some questions. Because I think that there is a bigger plot at hand.
    1. Why is Whis and Beerus keeping a close eye on Goku and Vegeta? Old saying is keep friends close, keep enemies closer.
    2. Kaioshin watching humans a priority. Is it because as it stands Humans are the only beings capable of traveling back in time? Whis and Beerus made comments about it.
    3. What is the reason the God’s don’t want Humans destroyed? Beerus is the God of Destruction, he didn’t interfere when Freiza destroyed the Saiyan’s home planet Vegeta. Yet, he is investigating the destruction of humans in Future Trunk’s timeline. Maybe I’m looking too deep into this.

    • 1 earth has the best food in their universe and whis amd beerus loves to eat. They’re not keeping a close eye they are Goku and Vegetas Masters like how King Kai and roshi were.

      2 they watch them to guide them to do better and evolve.

      3 again they live EARTH food its the same reason beerus almost fought his brother and had a tournament.

  37. i believe ol buddy went and found gokus dead body from trunks future, put on an earring each and fused together. So Zamasu has complete free will control ofmindandbody,but has gokus strength abilities.

  38. hmmmm. can anyone think of any particular reason for why the kai´s would continue to refer to goku as a human despite them already reseaving the information that he is a sayan??

    I realise this may be a silly and potentially dumb question but it simply botherd me and sparked my curiosity for any potential theory´s on this.

  39. Future Zamasu turns evil from hatred of humans and kills Gowasu and takes the rings. Travels to the past to find a weaker Goku (intending to kill him), finds Goku dying of the heart disease. Uses earrings to fuse with him (which is why learning how Goku fights makes him stronger) so he can gain Goku’s power & potential. This makes him “Goku Black” and is why his ki isn’t quite the same. The Time Rings don’t like forcing time travel & sends him back to the “present” where he begins killing everyone… plot twist… Universe 10 is actually Future Trunks’ timeline. The time machine has been taking him through time AND space to get to this universe/time.

    Just a guess.

  40. Theory: Zamasu needed to purge himself of his evil side like how Kami did to create King Piccolo, but when he splits, his potara rings separate, keeping him in his body with one (beng the good Zamasu) and the other the evil Zamasu. evil Zamasu steals the time ring, is then defeated by good Zamasu, but survives with the ring and the potara earring, gathers energy, turns itself into the form of Zamasu’s fear(after this fight) – Goku. He’s still banished by the good Zamasu, but the time ring saves him by taking him to a universe and timeline that its most attracted to (since it’s job is to fix cracks in time) – Future Trunks’ Timeline.

  41. Zamasu should be fired tbh. I know why his universes’ Daikao made him work with the humans he hates, because he gets to work on his weaknesses, but he’s not a peaceful or pure person AT ALL. It’d be like trying to train a serial killer to not be a serial killer in a Buddhist Temple, who the fuck makes these decisions on who to train for Kaihood therefore?

    As Goku stated after all, his Supreme kai is as weak as anything (probably because the Kai’s and Daikao he trained with were murdered by Buu) and is hardly as strong as a Super saiyan 2. Either way, why wasn’t someone as strong as Goku and as pure-hearted not invited to become a Kai in Universe 7? Yet a Kai with a DESTRUCTIVE gripe against humanity (counter-intuitive to a GUARDIAN PROTECTOR that is the Kais) and who thinks that humanity deserves to be wiped out because they’re destroying themselves (which makes absolutely no sense)

  42. Also why would Black Goku and his possible creator, Zamasu create Black Goku to destroy the humans in Future Trunk’s timeline? I don’t know how toriyama envisions the multiverse, but I think scientifically Future Trunk’s timeline would be considered an offshoot of Universe 7, and not a seperate universe as such. So why would someone in Universe 10, with possible humans of their own be interested in the Future Universe 7?

  43. Has anyone noticed that Goku fought Zamasu in SSJ 2? Isn’t that about the same strength that Black shows up to future Earth with?

  44. You idiots complaining about the quality need to shut it. It is a free show, an anime designed for a younger audience. That much is clear. Some of us, however, still enjoy it. With only a week in between episodes I do not expect the quality to be incredibly high. If your wanting movie quality art, go watch the movies. They have more important things to worry about than a few cry babies wanting better art. They probably change the story a hundred times, redo fights, tweak and modify the language. I consider Super an incredible series to watch, considering the time restraints. The story is great. Its funny, It keeps you tuning even. it even keeps the haters who do nothing but complain about art tuning it. So obviously its a winning combo. Stop complaining. Either stop wathcing or buck up and shut up. Or leave your parents basements once in a while.

  45. Technically his destiny as a savior was already predetermined. If you watched the scene where Bardock had a vision of his son’s fate. The only thing that changes was his opponents no matter their reason.

  46. Im not sure how so many people are getting confused here.

    Obviously Zamasu in trunks reality decided to destroy humanity because he already had a hatred for humanity and humans, so he decided to act on that and destroy the earth.

    While in the current timeline, we are introduced to Zamasu before he is taken over by his rage and hatred for humanity, its only because of blacks time travel to the current universe 7 that Beerus, Whis and Goku visit universe 10. Zamasu and Goku have fought each other and this is progressing his hatred and will force him to become stronger than he currently is……who knows what is going to unfold in future episodes

    They are both the same person, but one of them hasnt consumed by hatred.

  47. Guys stop with the “Saiyans are human” thing, when Zamasu’s subs read “human”, its just a poor translation… a more correct transliteration of what Zamasu keeps saying is: “Mortal”, “man”, or “people”.

    The Japanese word “(人間) ningen ” is not exclusively specific to species, as the word “human” is in English. Depending on context “ningen” can be translated to “person”, “man”, or in this case “mortal beings”. (Many Asian languages are much more lax on grammar and pronouns.) The specific term for “Human race” in Japanese is “(人類) Jinrui”

    I know you all wish saiyans were humans, so you could now claim that you are now in fact saiyans, but I hate to break to you… you guys still can’t go super saiyan… lol.

    • earthlings and saiyans can interbreed… they are more closely related then the tiger and lion because there offspring’s “ligars” tend to be infertile and unable to have baby’s, an ability of wich gohan is fully capable of…
      both are humans clearly like a lion and tiger are clearly cats

  48. Zamasu is kinda stupid. I mean he thinks Goku is Human first. Then acts all ”boo Humans are bad ” even though anyone BUT THE HUMANS were the planet-killers/conquerers. I mean when Krillin is the top Pure Human you can see as the strongest ( I don’t count half saiyans ) …

    And if he is stupid enough to someone be involved in Black’s creation, he deserve to get killed by him 😀

    Also, Goku seems to never use his God form or even SSJ3 during these battles ? Is he really learning to conserve his power ? O.o I mean if he can handle Zamasu with just SSJ2..although we didn’t see his full power , he is surely able to handle him if he follows the stupid ” humans are bad so I will probably create a bad Goku to kill them ”

  49. So what I said about Black Goku being from another Universe might be true… Maybe that Trunks comes from the future in Universe 10? o.o

  50. Why…Why does Zamasu keep angrily calling Goku a human when he was expressly told that he was a Saiyan? It’s like if I was bitten by a dog and used that as proof that all cats are untrustworthy.

  51. Black has one earring. Maybe those earrings can be used somehow to split a person into two independent people, just as they can fuse two people together? Maybe, through some ritual which involves removing one earring, Zamasu creates Black, who is left wearing the other earring and has Zamasu’s ki and “cold heart”? I’d imagine that this would leave each new person much weaker than the original person, but Zamasu probably trains to become as strong as he possibly can before making the split. After all, he thinks that he underestimated humans because of his fight with Goku, and Goku says that Zamasu might have the potential to become as strong as Beerus, hinting that Zamasu might actually do so. If Zamasu trained so much that his power rivaled that of Beerus, then Black would still be at least as strong as we’ve seen him so far. If this is the case, and Black is the result of a split Zamasu, then I wonder what the other half of Zamasu would be. Would it lack the hidden coldness in Zamasu’s heart, because Black got that? Would the split persons be like Kami and Piccolo, one good, one (Black) bad? If that’s the case, then could Black ever be redeemed, as Piccolo was? Obviously, time travel is involved, so we don’t really have to worry about the order or timeline of events here. In fact, Zamasu could train for millenia before reaching Beerus’s level, then steal and use a time ring to travel back to future Trunks’s timeline, somehow. Black probably attacked Universe 7’s earth because he was going after all earths. This theory would also explain Black’s fascination with Goku. As for why Black looks like Goku, perhaps the theoretical splitting ritual allows the original person to decide the appearances of the two new individuals? I’m excited about this theory. If anyone can add to this, or point out a mistake, please do!

  52. In my opinion Zamasu & Black Goku are the same person. We have forgotten that black goku is wearing Kai earings which makes it possible that after Zamasu fought Goku and became obssessed with him and the time rings that he stole the time rings, went to another time and Fused with the Goku of that time which explains why he can wear the time ring and why Zamasu ki and black Goku’s are similar but not same. Because once fused its still Zamasu but combined with Gokus ki as well. At least that is my look at it.

  53. I bet that Trunks WON’T go SSJ God, at least not in episode 54. What will really happen, being the only meaningful thing to happen for the whole episode, is that Vegeta will not hold back when sparring, beat the hell out of Trunks convincing him that he’s going to kill him, recycling the random plot point that Vegeta might still be evil, the one that was used with respect to Cabba, and Trunks is just going to desperately pull another USSJ, retconning that he learned anything from his fight with Cell solely to.. Tick us off. Remember, SSJ God is THINNER. If anything, the part of the preview with Trunks standing on water is a reference to Jesus. Remember back with copy Vegeta for example, that Goten exclaimed in one of the previews that Goku was weak? In the same manner that it didn’t come into fruition, Trunks won’t be becoming a SSJ God. This show has pulled a lot of this, you should be used to it at this point.

  54. At least now we have an idea why this goku black exist. I just wonder how zamasu took over goku’s body. Remember, zamasu is not yet accustomed to the body. He learns and discover’s goku’s body’s potential as days go by and every time he fights. Also goku black is wearing the green earing of his mentor. I wonder where is the other half. Maybe zamasu killed his mentor and stole the ring of time.

  55. My theory is that in the future where goku black is, the real goku is dead, maybe that’s how we takes over his body?

  56. I remember though, that when beerus and whis go to universe 10 to investigate black, beerus said zamasu has not reached that level of darkness yet but has the potential to reach it, given his dark Ki. If that happened he would have to destroy him, which suggests to me that the god of destruction is strong enough to kill zamasu. Then zamasu was shocked when beerus said goku fought and survived a battle with him so if zamasu didnt go all out he would be killed.
    So I think zamasu prepares by getting his power level raised to at least beerus’ level if not beyond, so he could then split and form black which has the form of goku, but has a variant form of Zamasu’s Ki, so that they dont look to be the same being.. He knows that any less preparation and black, if indeed he is the future’s god of destruction, would be hard pressed to fight goku and win if he was any less powerful.

    But I do agree that Zamasu seems kinda dense. Goku may be “humanoid” but he is far from human. He is a saiyan, a fact that only black seems to accept. Lol, they should just send Hit in and he would just improve himself with Time Slip or whatever it was called, enough to kill black…
    If Goku cant reach hit’s potential, then I’d say Hit is the logical trump card for the job haha.. But then again it is always about Goku so maybe not

  57. Kaioshin – “Hold back, Zamasu”

    Goku- “What? Don’t hold back!”

    Beerus – “He’s right. Don’t hold back, or you will die”

    Goku – “Hehehehe”

    That part made the hair on my neck stand up; that part was awesome hahah x)

    How crazy that Goku and Beerus’ investigation of seeking out who Black was inadvertently caused the actual beginning of Black in Zamasu. DBS is the best thing since the Z series. Really cool 🙂

  58. you should watch GT that is bad this is great, you probably saw DBZ as a kid and the nostalgia makes it unbeatable but this show is clearly the work of Akira Toriyama. GREAT to get to see more DB I mean akira is like 70 or something and loaded

  59. And let’s not forget that sometimes translating from one language to another true meanings may get lost. Maybe what we are translating as “Humans” are just “Human-Like” creatures, that is, with some kind of intelligence, standing up on 2 legs, and with arms, which, in English / European languages, we could define as “Antropomorph” creatures.

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