Dragon Ball Super Episode 54 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 54 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 54. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 54 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 54. Episode 54 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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141 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 54 Subbed”

  1. So here is how Zamasu got the green potara. I wonder twhat is it function if two people wear it on the same lobe.

    Those dinosaurs weren’t much smart if they didn’t advanced not even a little. Even saiyan did better.

    • Yeah I want to know this as well! But it has something to do with Goku. Maybe he knows about black? But i Highhhhllllyyy doubt that that is it

    • Maybe he wants to see Goku train and reach even greater heights and eventually become his successor? He really seemed interested in Goku at the tournament… ^_^

  2. has anybody noticed that trunks normal form can be assumed as super saiyan blue …… he has blue hair color by default 😛

    • Not quite. If you look closely, the shade of blue used for Super Saiyan Blue is more teal than the blue used on Future Trunks’ hair, which resembles more of a dark blue type of shade. It is the same blue as is used by Bulma it seems. Though I still don’t understand why they have future and kid trunks with two different shades of hair color. I mean I guess it is to show that they are two very different people or whatever but honestly I would have been fine if they kept just one shade of color for the hair on both of them. I mean it is obvious they are not the same person either way, but whatever. It is what it is I guess.

      • because your hair can change color/become darker as you grow up. I used to have very light brown hair as a kid, but now i have very dark brown hair.

  3. So it is confirmed that Future Trunks is now a pedophile. RIP. We are now getting to live a young girl’s wet fantasies. That is just disturbing. But fuck it. It is anime and it is Japan so that is probably the norm. I just really hope it doesn’t go much farther there, and DEFINITELY just stays in day dreams as opposed to reality – I mean if I see Future Trunks actually making out with Mai in the show I think that’ll be the day I quit watching DBS. Nah jk who am I kidding. I can’t stop no matter how disturbing they make it. Curse you, DBS!!! ;—;

    • MAI ISN’T A CHILD. Mai is older than Future Trunks. She’s just in a child’s body cause of the Dragonballs.

    • Yeah. The back-and-forth Adult x child romance scenes being used to make the Trunks and Mai thing happen are really awkward and take away from the story instead of enhancing it (They shouldn’t be a thing anyway. It’s even worse than the Pan x Trunks shippers. What’s next, Pan x Android 17 or Marron x Mr. Satan? Goten x Tights?) It’s also a lazy excuse to not have to come up with a new, interesting character to be Trunks’s mate. It’s the kind of shipping you’d expect from some 13-year-old’s fanfiction.

      • I, for one, really love that Mai is finally getting some play as a main, influential character. She was always my favorite supporting character throughout DB and DBZ, and it’s really great to finally see her getting fleshed out a bit and actually having an impact on story arcs.

  4. This episode got me HYPED. Super Saiyan Blue (or stronger?) Trunks confirmed. The whole story of the different rings being created when people make different timelines is sick! Wonder how that’s going to be significant in the future. I also enjoyed the extra detail on the Kai earrings. It appears that we’re watching Zamasu become Black?? Could Goku and Beerus visiting him set him on the path to become Black some how??Why does the Omni King want to see Goku? Is that Whis looking boy going to train him? So much cool stuff in this. The last few episodes were kind of slow (probably because Toei is trying to stretch out Toriyama’s story) But I really enjoyed this one.

  5. We are watching Zumasu on the path to becoming or creating Black…From his hate of humans, to the one earring and being promoted to kioshin, This is bad!! Trunks has come to stop a problem that he actually created by coming back! How Ironic! But that always seems to be the case with Trunks tho. and anyone notice the other time rings created when someone goes back in time to change history….He said one appeared a few years ago…Soooooo who time jumped? lets count….Trunks comes back and killz Freiza, #2 cuz cell is already here a year earlier sleeping #1 trunks comes back to main timeline to fight cell #3 trunks is back about Black#4 and that wasn’t “a few years” so something else is going on people!

    • its like this-1st world is current 2nd world is future trunks, 3rd is cell (travel from future to 1st world, 4th is when trunks kills cell (first form) trying to steal time machine

  6. Black is Zamasu from the future Trunks’ timeline… He learns about Goku, his strength and the time ring now, setting the him on his course to become Black.

  7. Vegeta has a point, that’s actually a good father to son talk

    The hit me once and you win is a deja vu from the Buu saga if anyone remembers

  8. I will still never understand why Mai and the humans kept trying to kill Black…Does Trunks not understand that you can’t kill something that powerful, with god damn guns?

  9. Zamasu wearing the one pair of green earing of the kaioshin. He is definitely the Goku Black of the future. He could be more powerful if he merges with the current kaioshin. Maybe in the future episodes, if goku black can’t be either goku or vegeta or maybe trunks ascended into saiyan blue he will fuse with the current kaioshin.

  10. I have a strong feeling zamusa is going to get evil soon and is going to be killing his mentor and then taking the other earring to fuse bodies with Goku… he might even try using the time ring to go as the past and fusing with Goku.. You can see the resemblance at the start of the story where black wants to wipe out all humans from the world…as well as the evil growing in him…

  11. I still can’t see how this Pilaf gang is relevant to the story. They were never shown before, why now?! Be it in the future or in the present.

  12. I’m confused by the thing at the very end, “Resurrection F: Future Trunks special edition”. What the hell is that? :/

  13. Do anyone on here think ki if a for of magic throughout db and dbz Magic was used a lot but I don’t recall them calling it that with bobidy sorry I spelled that wrong but yea and goku is based off of a god named wukong and no matter were you look gods are considered magical beings with amazing power and all of goku’s transformations changed nature itself as if he’s channeling power from it it would make sense and the fact that goku in db and some of dbz had the magical cloud of nimbus and the magical extendo pole in my opinion it explains everything mainly how buu can change anything he wants into candy and whatever he wants and even if normal ki isn’t then God ki must be the fact no one can reach a gods power unless there a god and why goku and vegeta can’t train and make there God ki stronger its a lot more complex and the fact the needed to do I ritual to gain that power

  14. its like this-1st world is current 2nd world is future trunks, 3rd is cell (travel from future to 1st world, 4th is when trunks kills cell (first form) trying to steal time machine

  15. He obviously poisoned the Tea, will eventually kill Gowasu, steal his earring, then steal the time ring and pursue his own ideas. Gowasu says the tea is “somewhat bitter” and there is a lot of focus on the tea’s taste and always his reflection in it. Gowasu also never looks IN the tea, we can clearly see there are black things inside the tea even though they were brewed from leaves. They don’t fuse, he simply usurps his mentor.

    • Those black things floating in the tea are actually part of the tea– they’re tea stems, and if you find one floating vertically in your teacup it’s considered good luck in japanese lore.

      I’m not wholly certain about the stems’ meaning in this particular scene, but I’d guess Zamasu looks into the teapot, sees a lot of floating stems and considers them good luck, but no stems float into either cup, and Gowasu sees through his own bitterness. So, there was potential for a positive outcome, but by pure happenstance it didn’t come through.

  16. Now that I remember back in the Cell time… they took 1 chapter per hour before the 12 hour limit for the tournament… so we are expecting 30 chapters before the tornament?

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