Dragon Ball Super Episode 55 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 55 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 55. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 55 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 55. Episode 55 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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156 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 55 Subbed”

  1. They spent two weeks on this episode, and seemingly couldn’t figure out how to draw Beerus properly for even one single frame of animation.

    • Yeah I thought I wasn’t crazy he seems a lot shorter than he was during the Buu Saga….. Clearly Kabito sucked some of the height off him when they split.

      • mehh and the fact that kai’s are linked with gods of destruction also weird, a kai its so weak compared with a god of destruction

        • Its about balance. Its so that they keep each other in check, either one of em can take their own life if the other becomes a threat. Although thats why someone like Whis and Vados always accompany a GoD.

  2. Okay so I don’t complain about animation here because DBZ has never been about that but.. As a fan of the prince of all saiyans they drew his face SO BAD toward the ending scenes. IT WAS LIKE THE ANIMATORS FROM SPONGEBOB FILLED IN FOR THEM. HE LOOKS LIKE A FUCKING FISH. Very the closing minutes and it will make sense.

    • his idle expression slightly changed which is a good sign. From an always aggresive V brow to more calm. you can see him looking aggro when he fought trunks.

  3. Hah, as expected, rose doesnt seem like a retarded pink color everyone was thinking. this is more of a bright white color mixed with pure ruby with a shade of black. just like ssj blue isnt blue but a shiny white-cyan. this looks f******* awesome.

      • LOL nice trolling.DBS is created by the original Writer (not Writers.Dragon ball has always had only one Writer.Akira Toriyama) And NO there is no Freemason Bullshit to Promote stuff.Go troll some one else you B****

      • um actually, Akira Toriyama is back in charge and is fixing ” is not from the original writers , animators n owners. it was purchased
        by some freemason to promote bullshit just like pokemon go how ever try
        enjoy the anime like it is a mediocre version of DBZ with fag stuff and
        really bad animation” also known as dragon ball gt. And also the “freemasons” are an organization the strives to promote peace and Justice. most of our founding fathers were feemasons. not unlike the Illuminati that the catholic diocese vilified do to there differing views. try learning some facts before you post hate and the internet. and by the way, as a life long fan or DB, DBZ. I like Dragon Ball Super, fixes a lot of stuff they fucked up in gt. and it is in 720 HD, so i dont know were you are saying bad graphics?

      • Although factually incorrect. I do agree that this is a mediocre version of dbz. Yes this is fag stuff. Vegeta has literally become a lame version of himself.

    • I think another colour would’ve been better anyway (also considering that rose is basically just a lighter pink colour of Red) it does sound a little bit ‘girly’ you have to admit though.

      Maybe they should’ve done Super Saiyan Green? Sounds icky, but make it like a light fluorescent green with obvious unbroken and permanent looking aura like a shadow. Or seeming that he is known as Goku Black, something that continues on the evil motif, such as have a jet black ‘ooze’ like aura with many black markings throughout black Goku’s body?

  4. My prediction, since black is zamasu and since zamasu is a faulty kaioshin because he is unable to follow his duties as a god of creation properly, zenosama will remove him from existence and goku will use the communication device to call zenosama.

    • Does seem like a cop-out, but if Black with his new Super Saiyan Rose transformation is too strong. Who better to remove him than the all powerful one?

  5. its funny all you cunts do is fucking complain about the show, so my opinion is if u don’t like it don’t fucking watch it, or stop your fucking complaining.

    • logic right? lol i always think the same thing. its like hey let the ones who enjoy the show just enjoy it in peace.

      • lmao.
        “if you dont like dont watch” is a retarded argument, and anyone who uses it is a fucking dumbass. If you can’t see the obvious fucking flaws in that, you don’t deserve to be using the Internet.

        • No, don’t act like some retarded idiot, if you don’t like what is being played in the video, then why are you watching it? If you don’t like this SIMPLY don’t WATCH it.

          • lmao.
            I like Dragon Ball Super, you idiot. I’m saying that the argument “you don’t like, don’t watch” is FUCKING RETARDED. Anyone who uses it doesn’t deserve the Internet. If you can’t understand why that argument is FUCKING STUPID, then you really, REALLY shouldn’t be on the Internet.

          • Damn, it’s really funny when idiots go on the Internet and spew nonsense. Seriously, I’m pretty sure the only people who say “if you don’t like don’t watch” are either spoiled or under the age of eight.
            By that logic, everything you watch has to be good and it’s impossible to watch something that’s not good. Let me guess, everything you get is also good?
            How the fuck is someone supposed to know if they like something without watching it.
            tl;dr get off the internet and go to school you dumbass

  6. so now…
    if when kaioshin and hakaishin’s lives are connected then the old hakaishin (one bound with old kaioshin) should still be somewhere out there, and from what i believe he should be many times stronger than beerus (longer training, maaaybe weird techniques like dai kaioshin)

    wish we could see him kicking asses

  7. i bet you guys that goku,vegeta and trunks will not be able to defeat black goku…either goku or someone will accidently press the button and zen-chan will come and defeat black goku because they are now best friends…

      • If goku were to fight black as ssjgssj kaio-ken x10 he would almost be able to defeat him but his body would not allow him cuz he would need to stay that way for awhile and the last timd he did it he almost died from his body not beig able to handle it

    • Or better yet…perhaps they do! But not individually, no. But through fusion! It would be amazing to see a Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta! Maybe they’d even go to a level beyond that if they fused in that form! Imagine the look on Trunks’ face if they did! Perhaps they could go Super Saiyan Blue x10 Kaioken like nothing in this form, where it wouldn’t take as much if any strain on their form at all! Now that would make a perfect end for me! It’d also make Gogeta canon which I would love!

        • You know, you’re probably not wrong but that’d probably be way too OP, like they’d probably be like Whis level. Though I would just be happy with any form of Gogeta coming back though in all honesty. No matter how OP!

      • I always thought that the DBZ films were canon since Akira Toriyama was involved. I just looked up Fusion Reborn and it says that HE wrote it, so I would personally have considered that to be canon. After 30 minutes of research however, it seems I’m alone in this lol.

        • Well, you’re not entirely wrong. The movies are canon in the fact they were made by Akira Toriyama (unlike GT), however, they are canon to their own individual story lines. Each movie is like its own little alternate piece of the main storyline of the DB franchise, none being related to the main storyline of the franchise that started with the original Dragon Ball and is so far continuing on in Super. Everything that happened in the movies happened in that movie’s individual timeline, not in the main one. Basically they are like side stories like what if moments in the series, like different scenarios of different things that could have happened differently in the main storyline but in the end did not, if that makes any sense? Do you get what I mean?

  8. Okay so i’m just going to assume that Black Goku is a fusion of Zamasu and Goku with the green potara earings that Zamasu probably obtained from Gowasu… #excuse me if somebody has already brought this up

      • It makes sense, but the only thing that throws me off is that Zamasu is in the 10th Universe. Him killing Gowasu will kill the God of Destruction from the 10th Universe, which wouldn’t explain why in Trunks’ future his God of Destruction is dead.


  9. I wonder if Zeno Sama’s communication device works across timelines..Have a feeling that SSJR may be too much for both Goku n Vegeta at SSJB needing All-Chan to come n end Black’s n Zamasu’s reign of terror..Also, we have no idea yet abt the God of Destruction of the 10th Universe, i.e., Gowasu’s “Set”..

  10. Time to place bets: who will goku invite to play with omniking?

    I’m going all-in on Hercule Satan. It seems like omniking hates boot-lickers and the reason he likes Son Goku is specifically because he isn’t sucking up to him, but still knows he’s important. Just like Satan was able to play with Buu, a being who would kill him if he got mad and destroy the world, I beleive he has the potential to play with omniking drawing on his past experience. The only problem though is that he’s so impossibly weak. We don’t know omniking’s strengths whether they’re mental or if he really can punch you to death too. The only thing that makes me think not-hercule is that he isn’t durable enough except when he has the all-protecting-comic-relief-armor donned.

    • I think you are close, but I think the choice will be Buu. He may be prone to tampers but he is very childlike. That should prove entertaining to Omniking.

    • it will be either Zamasu or Black…my theory is to restore zamasu’s balance/purify his heart. or Black because he looks like goku and goku said someone even better than him. I am just sensing it could be a surprise ike that. Because I can’t see a reason it be someone else other than them. No purpose tbh.

  11. I’m enjoying the series so far and I’ve watched all of them. I’m not saying it’s the best one but it would have potential to be if they speeded things up a bit. In the DBZ days it was ok for things to be slower because people didn’t complain like they do now I’m assuming it has something to do with the evolution of the Internet and instant gratification. Anyway I like the series and the direction it’s heading I just want more of it is all. To the people who don’t like it don’t watch it and leave comments that you hope to get 20-30 likes on by random people you don’t even know to the people who like it I’m with you

  12. Sorry, but beerus and supreme kai are linked now all of a sudden? What about all the other supreme kais that lived before buu wiped them out? Beerus would have destroyed buu once he woke up, if that was really the case. I really don’t want and try not to complain, but this show just repeatedly kicks you in the fucking nuts.

    • what this dude is saying about the supreme kai and beerus makes no sense because back then the supreme kai want he supreme kai he was known as the northern kai the other 3 kais that buu killed was the southern kai, eastern kai and western kai… however the supreme kai back then was not dead but was absorbed by kid buu to become the fat buu we were introduced too…

      • There was nothing wrong with having supreme Kais of the North, South, East, West & the grand supreme Kai (not to be mistaken with the Grand kai) as the protectors of the universe and a god of destruction to balance it out.
        What’s not thought out, is the fact that Buu killed the Grand supreme kai, the one of the West, North and South, leaving us with Supreme kai of the East (the one we all know) now simply known as the supreme kai.
        And the have them go like: Oh, btw! The god of destruction’s life is linked with the supreme Kai (of the East). Have Beerus be linked with ALL of them, or NONE of them, but not conveniently the one left alive.

        • Maybe if you used your brain longer than 5 seconds, you’d be able to extrapolate that Beerus WAS connected to all of them, and requires all of them to die to be killed. Since all but one are dead, this means that the final one is really the only one keeping Beerus alive.
          However, you’re a brain dead twat, so you’ll probably say “NUH UH MAH ANIMAY PLAT WHOLES” because you’re a fucking retard.

  13. I love how the omniking is talking to goku like “Let’s be friends” and all nice and stuff then turns around to one of his guards and says “Shut up.I’ll wipe you out” in his same adorable voice

  14. You got to be kidding me! They just ruined Dragonball Super! 🙁 Super saiyan rose!? I was okay with blue and accepted that, but now rose!? Soon there will be super saiyan rainbow!

  15. @disqus_cc0MQcVRyD:disqus Either Goku will press the button or they will make a Fusion – which could bring a new form and a new transformation :]

  16. just play dragonball dokkan battle to kill the time guys/girls, the majin vegeta event is coming up!!

  17. Watch goku is gonna end up pressing the button or they fuse to turn into gogeta, cause in dbz revival of f goku said that whis suggested them to fight together….so they might had some secret fuse training..

  18. Hahaha, If the Kaioshin dies, the God of destruction (god) also dies.. So that explains why Black has 1 potara and 1 with zamasu! Zamasu always wonder about the philosophy behind good and evil. So in order to have ‘balance’ good n evil cannot be existed without each other. The original form of balance was bought by the kaioshin n (god) pair. But now Zamasu wants to kill human in order to serve justice,so he wants the power of (god) too so that he can start killing (Kaioshin is not allowed to kill). Soon he will kill his master (the old kaioshin), and therefore the (god) in his universe dies. Then he will become the new kaioshin but he cant exist on his own, so he created black goku since the only powerful human he have seen before is goku. Then he made black become the (god) in his universe so that Zamasu himself can be existed as a Kaioshin. Some how such an act changed the time and space and creates a new world (trunk’s future world). Zamasu sends black to the new world to kill all the human. Remember only kaioshin can travel through time? So Zamasu gave 1 of his potara to black. That explains why black has 1 potara. Also black was created by Zamasu, so they share the same ‘ki’ but 1 is good and 1 is evil!

  19. I think All Chan is the same as the God Almighty in real life. All Chan’s existence is no different from God’s existence in our time. With All Chan being friend with Goku, all he needs to do is press that button and All Chan will just do the work. He can even kill black Goku with ease but that will ruin our viewing pleasure. And i can see Zamasu in all of you even myself. You are God, you have the power to destroy evil why not do it? It is simply because as what i have said if will just ruin everything. You have to make things flow naturally. If they choose to be bad, that is their choice. If they are bad and want to be good then they will also have choice to do so. Anyway, the friend Goku promised All Chan to bring once he finish his business with black goku, i think Bu or Satan will be a good choice.

  20. Zamasu trained, became a Kaioshin and maybe killed his teacher and went back in the past as Black (Trunks time).He has the ability to learn every move his opponents use on him so the short fight against Goku only made him stronger (SSRose).And after the info that if a Kaioshin dies, Beerus dies too, what if killing Black (Zamasu as a Kaioshin) would kill Beerus too.

  21. Things we know abt Black –

    1.) Shares a similar Ki to Zamasu..so Zamasu probably has something to do with his creation.

    2.) Can change/swap bodies (as revealed by him in his earlier fight with Goku).

    3.) Has destroyed other planets before, so is possibly an acting God of Destruction in Universe 10’s future.

    4.) Has one Potara ear ring and time ring of the Kaiōshins enabling him to time travel (Most certainly given to him by Zamasu).

    5.) Recognises Goku, Vegeta, Whis n Beerus when he sees them in Universe 7’s present timeline.

    So, based on the above few details, I think that Black is someone we might already have known in the past. An old, defeated enemy of the humans who has been reinvigorated by Zamasu. Take a guess..

    • I think black and Zamasu are both puppets of 1 unknown great villain. This Villain is not as powerful as King of all but intent to destroy him.. U saw in the latest episode that Zamasu seems like being processed by something. I believe this villain will make use of Zamasu’s kaioshin power to create black soon.

      The time ring cant travel back in time unless there was a time distortion. A time machine will create a distortion in time. So during the cell saga, Goku’s death (heart attack), it creates a split point to the future trunks’s world and the present world. U remember the old Kaioshin said when Zamasu killed one of the humanoid monster? He said the monster’s death may have a great impact to the future of its planet. So someone like Goku sure will impact the future drastically. So at the split point, all the universe 10 kaioshin, god of destruction and the King of all continue to exist in the present world. Then what about the Trunk’s future world? Yes, there has no god any more. So this great villain choose this “godless” world to exist. He make use of Zamasu to “create” a god of destruction (black) in the future world to do all the dirty works for him. You may ask why choose Zamasu and not other Kaioshin? Because only a Kaioshin can create life and Zamasu is the only Kaioshin that have this “justice” issue. This justice issue became a weakness, and allowed him to process Zamasu..
      I think thats about it for now… 😛

    • You forgot the most important thing we know about Black . HE LOOKS LIKE GOKU !!!
      I think he is a fusion of dead goku of the future and zamasu. That pretty much explains everything.

      • I think U never saw the Dragon Ball Heroes God Mission 10 convention footage where Goku n Black fight it out while Zamasu is there, smiling all way..A clear sign that there is no Fusion involved..Look it up on YouTube..



  24. why Gowasu didn’t discipline or even ‘fire’ Zamasu in the first place… The guy is like the Tom Riddle of the DBS world for gods sake! Otherwise, love the character. Seems like a murdering psychopath, with strong tensions against his master.

  25. WOW! a ROSE colored super saiyan god! Whats next green? gray? orange? magenta? Why are you bullshitting us toriyama?

  26. I think i know why Black is talking all this “God” and “mere human” nonsense.. its cuz hes the new god of destruction.. since the supreme kai and beerus are dead in the altenarte future. So perhaps Zamasu is acting as Black’s version of Whis OR Zamasu is the future Supreme Kai (since he was a Kai in training) wouldnt that mean the secret to beating black would be to kill Zamasu?

    In the alternate future, after the supreme kai died, there mustve been a new one created/selected right? so if it was Zamasu and it was up to him to select a new God of Destruction, given that he remembered his encounter with Goku in the past and forced/brainwashed Goku to be this new being called Black
    Oh shit i solved dragonball super.

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