Dragon Ball Super Episode 56 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 56 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 56. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 56 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 56. Episode 56 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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246 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 56 Subbed”

    • Outside of when he was a villain when was he anything else? He always let the villain get stronger than him or just beat him down

    • Until he gets his head out of his ass and fights alongside Goku so they can play off each others strengths and weaknesses, he’ll always job. Except, I think Goku might also get his ass beaten this time as well.

      It’s like Whis keeps trying to tell them: They won’t get stronger unless they fight *together* and stop letting their foolish Saiyan pride get in the way.

      • That’s what i’m sayin’ bro… they need to put pride aside and help eachother every now and then.
        And Fuse??? This ain’t GT. i think they will push eachother to new limit’s if they fight together at max.

    • GOKU ONLY HAS TO PRESS THE BUTTON THAT XENO SAMA GAVE HIM in order to destroy GOKU BLACK. It’s as simple as that. When XENO sees his “friend” Son Goku getting beat up, XENO will destroy Goku Black INSTANTLY…

  1. hahaha as expected vegeta got his ass wiped , what a stupid shit , even in blue he looks like shit , and even he was so close to die lol , i feel so petty on u vegeta they destroyed ur charactar

    • Well why? It felt a bit like SSJ3 Goku vs. Janemba. In the close combat fight scenes Goku was better but that sword and the ki blast teleport technique raped Goku hard. Vegeta could hold his own then the sword penetrated him. I am hoping for some long SSB kaioken fight now or a good fusion. We’ll see 🙂

  2. FFS Let SSB Vegeta get off some ki attacks god. No SSB Galick Guns, No SSB Final Flashes? Come on son. I’ve been waiting for those since Revival of Freiza.

  3. Aside from my complaints about Vegeta tho, this show is making all my fanboy dreams come true. Even if its 20 minutes a week.

  4. Goku will lose this and Vegeta will defeat Black, I can feel it! They make it seem like is exactly how it was with Hit, when Vegeta fought first, lost and then Goku beat him. But in this case I have the feeling that Vegeta will come back later in the fight and will defeat him (or we’ll see a fusion, but I doubt it, or we’ll see at least a team work).

  5. They didnt bring many senzu bean to fight black? i tot future truck will give senzu bean to vegeta and next episode preview we see vegeta and goku team up. maybe we see a ss gogeta blue.

    it seems like zamatsu created black rather than zamatsu is goku black itself.

      • Either Beerus or Whis mentioned before that Goku could be the new God of Destruction, taking a look at Black he has a potara earring and the ring of time, only supreme kais have access to them, gosh this is getting so intriguing.

        • he must be the mirror opposite then to Goku, you can’t be referring to normal Goku. God of destruction would be basically everything he hates and doesn’t believe in. That’d be like making Buddha the new Nazi Stormtrooper leader

        • Zamasu is the supreme Kai of universe 10. Supreme Kai is the supreme Kai of universe 7. It just happens that he doesn’t have a name. I would guess that toriyama never thought about a multiverse, hence he’d just name them as what they are called originally, like Kai-O Sama and Kai-O Shin Sama.

          • No man, Shin means God. Kai means world. O means king. So King Kai is King of the World. So Kai-O Shin is God of King of the World. Putting it in Beerus’ term, he is Hakkai Shin or God of Destruction

    • Agree With You On This II had A Theory of the Same Thing after Watching Epi,55.
      Cause Zamasu Needs the God of Destrucion to live… and vice versa.
      But How to Become a God of Destruction I Don’t Have a Clue.?

    • Exactly, that’s why Whis had to let slip that the Supreme Kai and the God of Destruction’s fates are tied together. So Goku will probably die/near die fighting Black and Trunks will have to find a way to kill Zamasu in order to defeat Black.

      I think once Zamasu kills Gowasu he uses the time ring to go back in time a couple of years to change the past and somehow turn Goku evil, this creates a new world. Remembering that in ep54 Gowasu said time travel to the past using the time ring was impossible, but then he said even if it wasn’t it was strictly forbidden.. so it is possible. Then he mentions how another ring appeared in the top row a few years back, meaning that SOMEONE CREATED A NEW WORLD, but he didn’t know what fool would do that.
      I think it was Zamasu, once he killed Gowasu and he took his potara earring and gave it to this evil Goku/Black allowing him to use the time ring, and somehow he made him a God of Destruction along the way..

      • seems far fetched though. Besides, where would he get Goku from? He’d have to get him from another fabricated timeline or find a parallel Goku in another universe, seeming that Goku dies in two universes from the heart virus (another plothole, there is the timeline where future trunks dies by imperfect cell for current imperfect cell to use the time machine and appear in DBZ) and it’s obviously not prime Goku

  6. Fusion will definitely come back again. Why? Look at Black and Zamasu and their Potara! I can guarantee fusion will be back again! They will combine into something that even King of all worry about! Goku will press that buttom to summon King of all to save the day.

  7. then both vegeta, goku n trucks will be killed by black n zamatsu.

    Potaria ring fusion is stronger than the gogeta fusion. so if black n zamatsu fuse using potaria, then even gogeta cant stand a chance.

    unless we see vegito saiyan blue?

    they bring food but i hope they hv nt forgotten to bring tons of senzu beans

    • gogeta is stronger than vegito only gogeta lasts for maby 10 or 20 minutes in base form so unless you mean strong as in who would win in a fight you are mistaken also they did bring senzus goku got more than one from karrin

        • ya… vegito is stronger than gogeto. i dun see how goku n vegeta n trucks can beat zamatsu n black. and they are in the future. if goku n vegeta fuse, so can black and zamatsu fuse too.

          also how zamatsu create black is still a mystery. perhaps beeru shouldnt hv bought goku to see zamatsu and goku’s carefree manners (for touching zamatsu) has pissed zamatsu off and led zamatsu to create black in the future.

          even if goku press the button to summon zeno, can zeno come to the future timeline?

  8. This makes 0 sense.

    Black took damage/got hurt from SSJ 2 Goku. But took 0 damage vs SSJ Blue Vegeta. I’m calling bull shit.

  9. only theory i read that makes sense is black is a goku from a different universe # cuz goku in future trunks timeline already died.. unless he didnt actually die and it was zamasu faking gokus death and turning him into his soldier

  10. Anyone find it strange that Black levels up just like Hit? They grew exponentially stronger after being in a quick fight. Probably not a coincidence. Hmm what if Black is from the same universe as Hit

  11. How could they screw up vegeta’s character so badly? Maybe he gets a senzu and a not seen for a while Zenkai boost, when goku gets his ass handed to him, vegeta will step in with new powers, and i think he would be on par, if not stronger than Black.

    • They didn’t screw up his character. Vegeta was arrogant and thick-headed, rushed into battle assuming Black was as weak as SS2.

    • Vegeta hasn’t changed. Remember when he thought he’s super saiyan and attacked Frieza ?Or let Cell evolve to his last form ? He’s still the same Vegeta, no one screwed up his character.

      Also I actually think they might be leaning towards Zenkai boost here too, since Vegeta’s now in near death state.

      Hopefully we’ll see a SS Blue fusion though.

    • As long as akira is writing the plot that won’t ever happen. If anything the button will be pressed and Zen chan will come and send both SSJR Black and Zamasu into oblivion.

    • Even if that happened anyway, Vegeta mentioned that Zenkai boosts and any ‘normally’ gained power through training is more or less irrelevant now, due to the fact that the increase would not even be worth a thumb tack…

      Basically Zenkai boosts haven’t even been fully relied upon since the end of the Frieza saga anyhow

  12. Theory:

    Zamasu went and created another timeline with the ring where he took goku as a newborn before he actually turned good and trained him to do his bidding. However in the dbsuper manga he knows how to do instant transmission, which breaks this theory a bit.

  13. There is a huge time f*ck-up now (because of Trunks time travelling which Whis talked about) which will only be solved when this ends and Whis or someone will explain what the hell happened to the timeline.Omni-king will probably “accidentally” be called by pressing the button in the next episodes to kill Black or Beerus will fight him.

    • I doubt the Omni-king will fight it would just ruin the fight it was honestly a bad idea to bring in the omni-king. Now everytime a “Bad Guy” kills goku we always we just say the omni-king will be angry and destroy the “Bad Guy”. i feel as the omni-king being added to the tv show its getting closer to an end. Unless the omni-king of the future doesint care for earth or what is happening so the fight goes on. I feel the only possible conclusion is for Goku and Vegeta to fuse. PLZ

      • Omni-king doesn’t fight, he vanishes.I though he or Beerus could take part because this is a matter of Gods now.Or maybe we will somehow see the Super Saiyan God again?!

    • Yeah, whomever did the translations is better off just typing up the script and letting a native English speaker do the revision before wasting time encoding a video.

        • How about “humanoid” though? That word would piss me off less than “Human”. “Human” makes me think specifically of Homo Sapiens, excluding everyone else such as the Saiyans, but “Humanoid” can mean any sentient creature that has 2 arms, 2 legs and a head.

      • The translator knows the difference but has chosen to use “mortal” because of the differences in language culture. Translators do more than just direct translations. They also have to translate the culture. Read the “Somewhere in translation” blog post series by MangaStream for more info if you really want to understand the reason. http://mangastream.com

    • It’s obviously a mistake since “past” and “future” are like mid-level (N3) Japanese words but high-level words (N2~N1) are translated correctly.

  14. I hope black and zamasu fuse saiyan’s are not as strong as vegeta and goku because how they keep coming back from the dead but a immortal godly being in a saiyan’s body fused will be the ultimate fusion

  15. i will keep watching but my speculation has come to prophecy. They are messing with the timeline so badly that i cant even follow it right now. Zamatsu shouldnt even know who Goku is because Goku died in the andriod timeline. Ugh I give up. Unless they explain things clearly, I will not be purchasing Dragonball Super on blu ray.

    • They will explain it, be patient. Also, if you can’t follow it, it doesn’t mean they’re messing with the timeline, it means you’re incapable of keeping track of unexplained/complex things.

      It’s also possible that Zamasu of Universe 10 used the time ring to travel to the future.

  16. Also they already screwed up gohan, why not let another character fall by the way side? They must know that this anime is running its course after the universe tournament saga. They all know we wanted to see more about the universes but not about this stuff. Evil Goku would have been fun, and it seemed like that was the direction they were going, but not now. They totally screwed up the evil goku perspective. They needed more of a back story. So far we know nothing about how black was to be. All we know is hes connected to zamatsu and thats it. ugh. I want it to be the old Dragonball Z again where we had more stores.

  17. Vegeta being all proud of Trunks and Bulma. So cute! lol. Also, I think it is unfair to Vegeta how he is always below Goku. I mean they both are SSB now. They should be equals.

  18. So, Zamasu and Black are related? But, why did Zamasu pick Goku of this timeline where he died ? Also, how is Gomasu not aware of what Zamasu is doing? They also kept on focusing on Black’s ring. This is complicated stuff. How? Why? What? lol Many questions.

    • In terms of powers and abilities, seems like it, albeit a bit different. Super 17 doesn’t necessarily feel pain, Black does, though I don’t think he’d straight up absorb it. Though he does say himself of how he’s basically eating their attacks. If anything it’s like Black is Zenkai on overdrive, he doesn’t necessarily need to be at near death to get stronger, simply needs to get hurt from a strong enough attack.

      • That’s probably what’s gonna happen…but i wonder what will the omni king reaction will be like…i mean he doesn’t know goku because they are in the future….i’m really interested how all of this is gonna get down

  19. Now we know the real reason why Trunks’ hair was changed to blue in DBS. SSJ-Rose is pink like DBZ’s Trunks hair is pink. The change to blue avoids confusion. Also, Black is being the classical evil villain here right out of the history books. So many men tried to create utopias by killing fellow sentients. Black is Hitler/Stalin/Mao/Pol Pot in effect.

    • Black is basically hating that which he is himself… classic case of projection. Gotta say, I genuinely hate the guy now. Go study history, kids. You will want Black to be crucified on his testicles, upside down and dunked into an acid bath, slowly, face first, once you understand what’s what. Go watch the Soviet Story to learn what the hell I am talking about.

    • Include wolfers in that, if you’re going to use the word “sentient” instead of “sapient” – also the people who would cheer at the destruction of the plains bison when they get reminded that if the bison were still there, North America wouldn’t be able to feed Africa.

    • I see that Black will become good once they finish off with Zamasu who let’s say obey him.
      Also, he’ll be the main enemy at the tourney.

  20. I’m seeing a lot of complicated theories about how Black has the appearance of Black. Goku was the first mortal that Zamasu saw. Whenever Zamasu start’s questioning the ideals of mortals, he instantly thinks of Goku and his power. Black is the embodiment of Zamasu’s will. When they separated, Black took that form. That’s why Black looks like Goku. As for the explanation of Blacks’s zenkai boost, we don’t know all of Zamasu’s power, so it may very well be a perk of Zamasu.

  21. Okay riddle me this!!
    GOKU can go SSB plus KAIOKEN x10 or whatever he please but doesnt use it here? Vegeta was defeated so easily without any other attacks? i.e Galick gun? soooo goku went head to head with beerus but cant land a good hit on black? Goku used time-lapse, but can’t dodge blacks attack, all of these things combined and they make goku look like a bitch. I NEED ANSWERS! AND WHERE THE HELL IS GOHAN?!

  22. I think, Vegeta isn’t that weak, just too eager to prove himself, and therefore reckless. If he let Goku fight first, observe the fight and Black’s skills (and focus), he wouldn’t be defeated so easily.
    He will be back I think. It would be nice, if he finally learned not be so hot-headed. He lost many times because of this.

    • I’d like Vegeta to show some more patience. But I doubt Toriyama is gonna ever let that happen. Vegeta will always be the hothead eager to prove his strength, and in turn become the jobber sadly. For once I’d like to see Vegeta actually one-up Goku and beat a major villain/antagonist in the future though. Let him have his time in the sun for once.

  23. wtf now black is way stronger than super sayian god LOLbefore he culdn’t beat ssj2 at this rate they can be stronger than zeno easily, and also i hate how the main chars never die, black could killed vegeta there but just injures him AGAIN LIKE ALWAYS

  24. remember zarama’s master said only the god of destruction can lay a hand on creation so black goku must be the god of destruction, thats why zamaru says to black goku “u promised to let me finish off goku” , it also said why does black goku who is a god of destruction have the same kai as zaramu, but if black goku is the god of destruction he should be way more powerful than the saiyans right off the start? so the only theory that fits all this is: black goku is another zarama from another universe or timeline who took over dead goku’s body and became god of destruction of this future universe (remember black goku says i have to get used to this body) and thats why he has zamaru’s kai and is allowed to destroy creation and also hates humans and esp. saiyans , OMFG IM SO SMART!!! UMAD??? and obv zeno won’t appear like u nerds wanted, cuz there would be boring and ruin everything [email protected]@@

  25. You guys know why Vegeta can never become strong as goku? Because he always uses his brawn over his brain and always fucking underestimates his opponents to a point where he gets his ass kicked. Godamnit man >:/

  26. Why cant they go back to the time right after black appeared? Then bulma would be alive, Black will not be powered up and can be beaten easily? Why do they have to travel to a time after Black got stronger?

    • because that would make a new world and the black from trunks future would still exist. anything that has happened already cant be changed/ If it is a new world where that change happened is made. Like the flip of a coin new universe theory.

      Its the same reason why even though trunks went back in time to save goku in his world even after the fact goku is still dead.

  27. black got stronger since goku fight him in ssj2 form is because travel in time stuffed up power levels, remember trunks in android saga said 17 18 and cell was way more stronger than in his timeline? new timeline black wouldnt be the same black they fought too.

  28. GOKU ONLY HAS TO PRESS THE BUTTON THAT XENO SAMA GAVE HIM in order to destroy GOKU BLACK. It’s as simple as that. When XENO sees his “friend” Son Goku getting beat up, XENO will destroy Goku Black INSTANTLY.

  29. Zamasu is the new Kaioshin and Black is the new God Of Destruction. Therefore Black is too strong for them, and so they kill Zamasu to kill em both. Thats what I think.

  30. ok black is not zamasu, I was wrong like a lot of other people, so no body-changers like ginyu but black is a god, I’m hoping to be correct on the timelines and timerings theory that trunks created by traveling back to a past, to kill cell before cell killed trunks and took the time machine!! or the timeline where cell killed trunks and took the time machine, which brought us the cell games, well they are the god of creation so, zamasu created black…. #THEORIES99%

  31. i think zamasu stole a time machine from one of the future timelines, went back to the past and took baby goku before hitting his head, instead of grandpa gohan finding him! and zamasu might tell goku that he killed grandpa gohan before he took (baby goku)black..

  32. Theory:

    Universe 10 Zamasu found Goku and made him a God of Destruction. This is reinforced by the fact that he (Black Goku) has the same colour ki as a god of destruction. Beerus has purple ki, Champa has purple ki. It could take Beerus or even maybe Whis (because since last episode we know he has limits to his power) to either train Goku and Vegeta to fight together, or to actually defeat Black Goku themselves.

  33. I have a theory on how Black will be defeated. Goku will beat Zamasu and if the theory holds true that Black is indeed a God of Destruction than the two are interconnected like Whiz and Beerus are. Just a theory.

  34. Yajirobe survived. How much you want a bet that once again Yajirobe will save the day. Be it delivering a bean, or cutting off a monkeys tail. He’s done more for the z fighters and Earth that Krillin.

  35. so im hella confused right now. 1. why and how did black become so strong? 2. i thought zamasu and black were the same person. Now that I know that they are not….then who the hell is black really and why does he look like goku?. 3. Did trunks just mess up time again by bring vegeta and goku? 4. why isn’t zamasu isn’t in his own universe.? 5. where is beerus and whis in the future even though they dont interrupt the nature order of things this is involving gods so i would think they would be some what involved? even though I’m confused the episode was great and the story is unfolding rather nicely. I can’t wait until i get some answers. Vegeta is going to be vegeta he been this way since frieza when he thought he turn ssj…… honestly now that goku and vegeta are ssgss they become arrogant with there power and feel unchallenged. something drastic will happen for them to squeeze out a win….but in the meantime. i need answers about black.

    • black is still a mystery,,, beerus is dead in the future, and whis has nothing to do with it… it seems ur not paying attention.. black becomes stronger everytime he fights, when he fought goku,, he applies goku’s skills into himself and he mastered the power of goku,, which has been stated in the latest episode…

      • well yea i know beerus is dead cause of the connection the supreme kai I am paying attention =/….Its confusing because they are jumping from future to present a lot…showing us the king of all but when we get to the future none of that seems to matter now i understand blacks power…..but maybe sjj3 or something but went he str8 into god form..kind of farfetched and rushed and who has he been fighting since everyone is dead dodging bullets and bombs couldn’t have done that…..and now that zamasu has appeared side to side with black I’m hoping that all this is made clear soon is all I’m saying.

  36. Lol you’re all wrong! Zen is going to be killed by Black and Zamasu. And Goku’s passive ability of “forever improving” will kick in and surpass even them with Vegeta’s help!

  37. not that this would ever happen, but how incredible would it be to see whis come out of nowhere and ipman the fuck out of black.

    • I know, right? Ever since I was a little girl I had such a huge crush on him, but it breaks my tween heart to see him get beaten up time after time. 🙁
      And to anyone saying “Yeah well, he’s getting beaten up because he’s always too cocky”, keep in mind that he is not actually a real person, so you cannot blame a fictional character for being too cocky, but you can blame its creator for continuing to write him off as a too cocky character!

  38. Am starting to think that SSB may in increase your ki a 100x or more but the disadvantage is your body completely vulnerable

    hold up their not the same person shit

  39. Vegeta’s role, while predictable, was pretty underwhelming. It would have been nice to see an actual fight rather then Vegeta throwing blows until he realized how horribly out matched he is.

    That being said, Goku and Vegeta are on par with each other. While Goku can use the Kia-o-ken in conjunction with SSJB. it doesn’t make sense to. Zamasu was unphased by Vegita’s attacks, and that’s BEFORE he powered up. That’s going to make him many times more powerful then Hit.

    Now that we realize that Black and Zamasu are different beings altogether, yet, Goku sensed that Black and Zamasu’s Ki are similar, Its probably safe to say that Black is definitely on god status. Remember what Berrus said at the end of the Battle of Gods ark. That there are 12 universes, with beings far more powerful then them [Goku and Beerus] I seriously doubt he meant Whis, although Whis is definitely in that category.

    Black is most likely a God of Destruction in Zamasu’s universe. Possibly even created By Zamasu hence the Ki Similarity. Zamas being a “god of creation” as Shin is, I don’t see how this isn’t at least feasible. However, that would also mean that Black and Zamasu are linked the same way Beerus and Shin are.

    From Dragon ball history I can say this pretty assuredly:
    – Vegeta is not out of the fight yet. [Some thing] will mend his body and he’ll be back in the fight.
    – Trunks and Goku are about to get fucked up.
    – This situation will get worse before it gets better
    – We do not see all the puzzle pieces, Every fight in DBZ has thrown in a random that tilts the battle, something unexpected. We have not seen what that thing is yet (aside from Zamasu being a total bad ass).

    And.. Goku will not use the button to summon the Omni-king to kill Black. Goku will insist on fighting him self, and has NEVER called in the help of another, save for that one time with Cell, and that’s only because Gohann was SUPPOSED to be the ultimate bad ass. Infact, if Goku even remembers he HAS a button to do that I’ll be mildly surprised.

    When Vegeta heals from that injury, he’s going to be stronger then Goku is currently. It is a near death injury, all he has to do now is not die.

  40. Pure speculation here but, The Kai’s are responsible for creation while the God of Destruction is responsible for, well, destruction. Theory: Zamasu killed the other Kais making him the Supreme Kai. As Supreme Kai he created Black in Goku’s image to be the new God of Destruction (the old one having perished due to the death of the former Supreme Kai). Black has the Time Ring and the ear rings because Zamasu gave them to him.

  41. iI think that Black and Zamasu are not paired. The potara earrings they have on are on the same left ear. Could it be the two of them are Rogue Gods?

  42. So far i have noticed that everything in universe 6 is opposite of universe seven. Freeza was evil in 7 and frost is good in 6. the saiyans in 7 were considered fearless and non compassionate, universe 6 are paladins. with that said when the wish to bring earth back using the god dragon balls it re-created goku in 6 being he lived on earth. which would make him evil. but this is my theory. zamasu saw the ring that was created. it was created due to the earth in 6 being reborn. zamasu discovers the other goku and trains him to be better than universe 7 goku. i dont think it will be gomasu that destroys black. i think whis and beerus will show up due to it being the god of destruction’s job to do the killing. this is my theory or goku will be pushed to go SSJGB2. being we know it exist or will. i honestly believe akira is making them go back through all the stages again of super saiyan. which if it is true i want vegeta to go SSJGB3.

  43. Just my far fetched Theory but i think Black is just a Goku from another Universe, probably one that was raised a saiyan and possibly recruited by Zamasu, since its already been stated the gods have the means to travel between universes. Best way to kill goku is to find a goku with excact opposite personality and make them a god, kinda like what whis and beerus seem to be doing to goku/vegeta.

  44. what they should have done is not travel so far into the future and fought black before he trained up his new super saiyan form

  45. This is just a theory but remember when Beerus made the wish with the super dragon balls for champa’s universe to have an earth, well champa did say that universe 6 and 7 are mirrors of each other so maybe black is from that universe?

  46. so black is like a more advanced cell? he almost killed vegeta and apparently he grew stronger and possibly now has some of his attacks.

  47. This is just retarded now, even if its just a cartoon. All that training with the god of freaking destruction and Vegeta dies in seconds, literally seconds!! Only for Goku to have to step up and find a way to save the universe AGAIN!! How overplayed is this same old stupid plot-line. And super saiyan Rose? Really? From a guy who could hardly beat goku as super saiyan two literally a few days ago? Then the zamasu guy comes out of nowhere and now it looks like he can’t even be touched by ss blue when he got killed by Goku in ordinary super saiyan one form, again, only a few days ago.

    Like come on who is writing this stuff now? At this stage frigging Twilight and Dr Seuss makes more sense than this crap. If this is what , a younger generation of dragonball fans enjoy, then maybe people really are getting dumber.

    I won’t be watching anymore. But thanks for the effort in setting up the stream. Stomached it up until this ridiculous episode. This is just one too far. Probably should have stopped watching after Frieza’s frog psychic guy killed Goku with a laser pointer. My five year old called bullsh on that one.

  48. I seriously can’t think of anything else but that Zamasu is the Kaioshin of trunks timeline.. But not because he earned it.. Damn it I can’t wait to figure all this out! XD

  49. For now i honesty loves the introduce of Black, beginning to till now, Zamasu doesn’t impress me much as he do, yes he’s the brain of scheme and pinky helps him, i can expect Pinky will do something too the brain to proceed his goal, or the brain do something against pinky too follow his ideal. It’s one of the two that we could or could not expect from an enemy. I can see Goku let Trunks escape from the enemies, seek for help and return too the past as Vegeta stated if things get worse to do that. Pushing the all-chan button will only make things worse for the others, it will risk earth and beerus reputation if Zeno finds out, they break the law due too time travel and changed its effect. The heroes always find a way at the end too defeat this enemy, for now i hope some agree with this point.

  50. I think Black is all of Zamusa’s concentrated evil separated to make in the image of Goku, Just so that he could have a part of him pose as a human and do all the things he wanted to do without interfering as a God. Just like Kame and Piccolo

  51. Goku Black is Goku from the world that Beerus restored. He wasn’t a good guy having never experienced what Goku did on earth and that’s why he has his personal vendetta against humans. He has Goku’s power because he’s a sayian from another universe and has been trained by Zamasu. He and Zamasu will fuse using the earings, by the end of this battle and Goku and Vegetta and probably trunks will have to fight together to win.

  52. I think the future Frieza is the Black Goku and Zamasu gave Frieza a dead Goku’s body. Did you realize the voice, the body language and the personality is the same? Look at all the videos of Black Goku and Frieza in comparison. PAY ATTENTION AND LOOK VERY CLOSELY! I GUARANTEE Frieza is Black Goku!

  53. I hate what they’ve done so far with the transformations. What exactly are the explanations behind ssjg being red and ssjgssj being blue. I get the reasoning behind Rose (a black rose is the most evil blah blah…) but imo it just cheapens the super saiyan form. They just don’t feel awesome anymore

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