Dragon Ball Super Episode 57 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 57 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 57. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 57 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 57. Episode 57 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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296 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 57 Subbed”

    • but bad side on it is that they’re about to end naruto shippuden story :C last battle gonna be naruto vs sasuke = naruto wins

    • if u we’re a true dbz fan u would know that SS3 puts to much strain on a normal body thats y goku achived in otherworld and goten and trunks can only achive while fused

          • stop pretending you’re the ‘ultimate’ fan or some shit. Every one of you comments says that. SS3 would still be useful for Trunks, but obviously it’d be better if he became a god.

          • why wouldn’t Goku teach his kaioken and instant transmission technique to everyone? (It was mentioned before and he did say he would teach them sometime, but never did) Why wouldn’t all the z fighters teach eachother their moves? Etc. Probably because the z fighters aren’t especially bright or that Toriyama just forgot to mention it. Hey, he did manage to forget about a whole transformation (ss3) when he started writing super

          • why didn’t they do it for young Trunks as well? Or Goten or fuck, baby god Pan sounds epic (but probably a baysitting nightmare)

      • Not really…..at that time gokus body couldnt handle ssj3 but now his body its much stronger from all the battles an training hes received so it he will be able to sustain it for much longer now

    • On the Cell saga the entire arc were them running away from the androids and then Cell, so I don’t know what you’re talking about. And not to mention that Goku had a heart disease and things were so bad that Piccolo fused with Kami and still got beat by regular Cell.

      On the Buu saga Buu destroyed Earth and the only ones left alive were Goku and Vegita and they too had to fuse and they still couldn’t win.

      • Well on the buu saga, it was obvious that vegito was easily handling Buu (Gohan absorbed). The common thing in all the dbz, even in super is they always get so cocky and start messing with their opponents that it reach the point that they mess up and get backed into a corner. I’m sure you know its just the usual way to drag the story on and don’t let it end early.

    • More disappointing is the revelation that Zematsu somehow found the Super Dragon Balls which are supposed to be scattered all over the universe only to wish to become immortal. He could of done that with any other of the regular Dragon Balls… Now that’s a super lame twist of events.

    • I would just like to thank you for being a complete asshole and putting spoilers in the comments. I haven’ even loaded the video yet and this appeared. I didn’t even scroll down, it was just here. So, fuck you and kys.

  1. Perhaps Trunk’s “SWORD” may play an important role in this series.
    It shone when contacted with godki and did not even shatter.

    • the future zamasu is not the same person as the present zamasu. this is playing out like the cell saga and both antagonists want to kill Goku.

      • This Zamasu has to be from the present or a different timeline because in Trunks’ timeline Goku died long ago so future Zamasu shouldn’t even know who Goku is.

        • it’s probably because when Goku visited Zamasu the first time he created the events that have unfolded in the future and are starting to play out in the present. he pretty much created a paradox like in the flash comics.

          • He visited the Zamasu in the present, how would that create a time paradox? Also in the Dragonball universe when you change an event in the past you create a new timeline where that event occurs separate from your original timeline so it’s almost impossible to create a time paradox.

  2. Zamasu goes to that weird guy because that weird guy can answer all the questions like bulma and jacko did to find the dragon ball super before the universe 6 and 7 tournament,to find the dbsuper he asked that weird guy and he wanted to wish a man like goku that can also transform but the same KI with him and that guy was black and he plan to kill his master to get the green earings,he needs to get that earings before he can use the TIME-Ring..Did you notice that they are using the earings on the left side position so if one of them change the earing to the right ear they will combine or they will do the fusion like goku and vegeta did in majin buu saga so if black and zamasu become 1 they will become strong enough like a god but i think they will kill zamasu in the present time i dont think so?? because beerus said before they left in the zamasu’s planet “i will destroy him if we have the evidence and before the situation becomes complicated” but its not exactly the same like he said i forgot what he said but it almost the same,so goku vegeta,and trunks return to the present time i think they will kill zamasu before the situation get more complicated….i think that’s the flow of the story

    • There’s no way Goku would do that, especially taking into account what Beerus told him. And apart from that, Goku wouldn’t want to ask for help that easily anyway. Even if he absolutely had to press the button it certainly shouldn’t happen at this tage in the story because it would be anti-climatic.

  3. I don’t know how they’re gonna defeat an immortal lifeform, I mean, the only thing I can think of is if they shoot him out of a volcano and into out of space, he’ll freeze in absolute zero unable to move. He’d wish for death but his immortality would make him drift through space forever until he eventually stopped thinking.

    Nah, that’d be stupid…

  4. People need to stop talking about Fusion or Kaioken. Zamasu is immortal. Black might be immortal and can improve in a short space of time like HIT. I’m not sure how Kaiken is the answer there.

    • he doesnt have two he broke 1 + any 1 who says Z sword ur wrong 1 because Z sword was on supreme kia’s planet and trunk never went there

      • Read my comment again nexus, i said at 7:30 he has his sword out in his hand but they still drew a sword in his scabbard on his back lmao

        What does Z-sword have anything to do with my comment i never mentioned it.

    • That’s not the only mistake I saw in this episode. lol But it’s cool, they will correct the art flaws for the blu ray release.

  5. i believe vegeta will continue to train trunk, Trunks was fighting zamasu and was not far of from goku and vegeta so if SSB was achived by Trunk would be balling. fusion my also be a plan to black has 1 of the two earrings from zamasu’s master this is y they were able to time travle shown in a previos episode

    • Isn’t it funny how SSJ3 Goku basically deflected SSJ2 Trunks strongest attack and sent him to the ground in basically 1 hit? Yet this same SSJ2 Trunks is capable of at the very least deflect SSJ Rose Black’s sword with his own. I would at least give that credit if his sword is made of something magical or otherworldly (Z sword speculation). But it seems to plot armor convenient that Trunks at the very least was nearly as powerful as SSB Goku during this episode.

      • NO actually he only could block some blows from black and not fight him trunks was probably on par with zamasu who was a little more powerful than before only his immortality is saving him if trunks tried to fight black he would have ended dying

      • This Zamasu seems to be stronger than the present Zamasu. After what Black Goku did to SSB Vegeta in his base form, he should be able to kill SSJ2 Trunks in one shot in his SSR form.

        • Black is obviously far more powerful than Zamasu. Zamasu has probably improved but it is obvious that Base form Trunks is stronger than Base form Vegeta or Goku, so SSJ2 Trunks >> SSJ Goku. I am worried that Future Trunks and Gohan will do the fusion dance to fight Black…

          • Yeah seems like it but it’s weird that Trunks has gotten that strong. Before he got SSG, Goku couldn’t even touch Beerus and after he got SSG he could only get him to fight at 70%. When Goku trained with Whis and got SSB it improved his base form by a lot. Which means he has even stronger SSJ transformations same with Vegeta and yet Trunks kept up. What could he have possibly done to get that much stronger? I mean if Goku & Vegeta didn’t train with Whis Trunks would be at the same level as they were if not stronger.

  6. QUESTION : Zamasu is from UNIVERSE 10. Why would he , in the first place , have the objective of eliminating humans from any other universe (Future Trunks’ , who is from U7). Does this means he’s already destroyed all humans from U10 already?

      • I have a sneaking suspicion that maybe the universe of Champa (remember, that planet that was wiped out due to war?) is somehow related with Black and Zamasu.

    • That’s probably my guess, he’s going across various universes on his crusade of “justice” to eliminate humanity and other mortals he sees as inferior. I’m sure he knows universe 7 being Goku’s, so he’d go there to exact his revenge. Though the question is why at Future Trunks timeline. Still so many questions left unanswered.

      • I am thinking that he may have found out that there was no kaioshin in alternate U7. As such, he picked that as a universe where he could be the god without drawing too much attention to himself from the other kaios and gods of destruction.

        • But there are kaioshin in alternate U7. How do you think Trunks received guidance when Babidi and Dabura came to resurrect Majin Buu in the future? Also, how do you think Trunks reached SSJ 2? That was when kaioshin unlocked his “hidden potential” like they did with Gohan, but Gohan had far more potential, which eventually turned him into Ultimate Gohan. All it did for Trunks was turning him into an SSJ 2.

          • Kaioshin is, in all likelihood, dead in alternate U7. The last manga revealed that he died during the fight with Babidi and Dabura, meaning that Beerus is also dead in alternate U7. True, that has not been mentioned in the anime yet but it fits with what we have seen in the anime.

          • In order to support your theory, every Kaioshin in their respective universe also has a God of destruction. In order to be Kaioshin of U7 of future trunks timeline, Zamasu needs a God of destruction too. I think he wished for Immortality via Super Dragon Balls and then resurrected the dead body of ‘Goku’ by combining his Ki via Potara earrings? Also, Zamasu probably chose Future Trunks timeline because thats when time distortion began and he aimed destroy humans who abused time?

          • Very interesting possibility you brought up, but I don’t think the fusion holds. Otherwise, Black should have had not one, but two Potara earrings. Unless he simply got rid of one potara upon fusing, knowing that’s it’s permanent anyway.

            Also, one other thing I’ve been wondering about is, why the hell didn’t the omni king from future Trunks’ timeline find out about black and Zamasu? A kaioshin turning evil, wishing for immortality, followed by using someone else’s body to go across universes and destroy humanity as we know it, should be a HUGE deal, and something that someone like the omni king should have known about, yet we know nothing about his doings in the future timeline.

          • It doesn’t seem to be to hard to hide stuff from omni king. The omni king doesn’t even know that Goku and the gang have been bouncing back and forth in the time machine. He should probably know about that to.

          • Tbh its just a theory about the Potara earrings, trying to connect the dots. Although, I remember Black had a green Potara earring which Zamasu’s elder Kaioshin was wearing, so I guess Zamasu/Black might have killed him, thus in possession of the time rings.

            With regards to the Omni King, I have no idea why he isn’t interfering but I would say Goku Black’s role as the God of Destruction in Future Trunks timeline may be reason. Then again, Zamasu is meant to balance him out by giving life etc. A lot to ponder about lol….

    • humans arnt in U10 there are only two universes that are the same U6 and U7, Zamasu hates huminoid life forms 4 he thinks they are primitive and have no respect 4 the gods

      • Zamasu is a little experienced fighter compared to trunks and the rest of them. So he has better technique which is the first reason he was able to keep up. The second reason was you could tell he was enraged after his father was hurt just as when beerus hit bulma vegeta was able to almost best beerus in only ssj 2 form even when goku ssj 3 (Not enraged) couldn’t even keep up

      • Vegeta got swatted like a fly, Trunks power in comparison to everyone except that old washed up Kai should be like a fly. Still makes 0 sense

  7. This better be SUPER Complicated n not as simple as Zamasu wishing immortality from the SUPER DRAGON BALLS..!!! Ppl have spent ages coming up with mind numbing theories n deserve a proper intriguing Plot..!! Still can’t make up my mind if Dragon Ball is just for Kids to watch n have fun, or for adults to dissect n discuss..

    • They really need to make a good explanation as to who Black really is, why Zamasu chose Trunks’ own universe/timeline to basically unleash Black (or who knows, Black may have been causing havoc elsewhere until then), and so on.

      • i think we need to pay attention to when zamasu said he and Black are kindled spirits much like kaioshins and gods of destruction this would explain zamasu made him self immortal coz he’s weak and if he dies so doe’s Black 😉

    • It can’t be that simple, Black is somehow connected to Zamasu, so I don’t believe that he wished for immortality. Someone who is looking down on every creature that is not Divine would less likely ask for something like immortality, considering that he can live for hundreds thousands of years if he doesn’t get killed.

      • but i think coz to quot zamasu (kaioshin) him and Black (mabe god of destruction) are kindled spirits 4 if the weak kaioshin (zamasu) died so would the strong and more then capable god of destruction (Black) In a way it makes sence so i believe that might be the plot twist. and aka i believe Trunks will be the 1 of focus 4 Vegeta is training him and half human and half sayain have already been said to have more potentual

        • Black isn’t a God of destruction. No offense but you have been watching to many fan conspiracies. I know I’m am wrong but I feel like zamasu created black or he is some sort of character that can switch minds like ginyu. I’m probably wrong but black isn’t a god of destruction.

          • Yea bro..there’s still no clarity on BLACK being a Hakaishin..We still know nothing of the Hakaishin of U10 n his powers..He might have the same powers, or better powers as Ginyu .. However, what is sure is that Goku’s body isn’t the original body of BLACK n hence, the body switching theory definitely holds water..

      • Yeah man..u r totally right..Besides, I have a feeling that the Super Saiyan God who appeared n defeated Beerus in his dream/vision might actually be BLACK n not Goku..Beerus might have it coming soon..!! ;(

    • Rather than thinking how Zamazu got immortality, I think what would be more intriguing to figure out is how does Goku now defeat immortality. That excitement in Goku’s face show someone new will be training Goku, I guess the caretaker of the King, that short Whis.

      This is more interesting than figuring out how Zamasu got immortality now if it’s confirmed he indeed got immortality.

      • I’m really just thinking about why Goku didn’t press the button that made All-Chan come right to him. I know he would probably be pissed that they messed with time, but still…

        • Do you really want to end the whole episode just like that? The king comes and wipe their enemies and from now on, at every single time?
          In the next episode, you can see just Zamasu’s enforced enquiry about Super Dragon Balls (& Goku) is properly realised and hence spread by Whis himself. So, in the future timeline, when Zamasu goes on interefering everything and all the universe and even timelines than it would probably wouldn’t go unnoticed, after all, Goku was invited by the king and made future plans for Inter-Universe fights. Therefore, with Immortality, the king is dead than.

        • doing so would be the most coward scene in anime history. It would only be reasonable to say that black is the god of destruction IN universe 10. In that case, defeating him would cause zamasu to loose his powers (even if he is immortal). Remember what whis mentioned, that a kaioshin and a destruction god works as a set. This must also explain why zamasu unprecedentedly appeared in the middle of goku and blacks battle, to help black save their roles and their objective of establishing a new world order.

        • Cause All chan would be pissed more than likely and there would be punishment. And really? I think it should be saved for later. Not for black/Zamasu. I want Vegeta to get revenge

      • Vageta vowed to be a God of destruction to train with Weise so maybe Goku and vageta become Kindred Spirits to become true Gods, should Goku agree to become a Kia.

    • I’m calling it man, rose is actually universe 10 goku risen by the Zamasu kai, sayains get stronger by being close to death. arguably could be stronger if they were actually dead, and then trained with zamasu for however long they wanted to.

  8. Hands down the best episode of Super there has been aired so far.

    So, if Zamasu becomes immortal by wishing for it with the Super Dragon Balls, does that mean that even Omni King can kill him?
    I mean, if Omni King can destroy everything with just a single movement of his hand or even finger, shouldn’t he be able to kill him?
    Or are they going to be bitches and send Zamasu to the same place as Garlic Jr.?

    • I know right? Was that really necessary? Plus, the TV looks ancient, why not make a magical 1mm thick flatscreen? Plus, the U6/U7 tournament was like 6 months ago or something, why would the kaioshen coincidentally see it on “GodTube” right after Goku meets them? I also wonder what the hell else would be shown on this “GodTube”… But I’m probably overthinking this (aren’t we all).

  9. I can’t stop laughing at the scenes with Zamasu. Why is he so RACIST? lmao The dude gets mad for every little thing he sees “humans” doing.

  10. i knew when zamasu mentioned he was immortal that he wished for it with the dragonballs somehow. This is getting predictable and im not happy.

  11. Very high chance Trunks will become SSJB. They will think of some techniques to seal immortal (mafuba may be?).. Its a common knowledge that any “god” or immortal who cant be killed or die will always get sealed. Seal in Trunk’s sword may be.. Beerus will teach them how!

  12. I think this episode was by far the best of the Super series. It had major action. I love how they are building up the mystery regarding Black and Zamasu.

  13. Trunks using his Dad’s attack was kinda cool. Also, I hate the present Mai , but the future one is nice. I wonder how she changed and what happened to the other two? Even though she is really old, but she is great.

  14. Although I wish DBS was as gruesome as DBZ. They don’t even show blood scenes anymore. It doesn’t make it look violent at all.

    • True, its alot more kid like then most of us, guys that have been watching the show for over 2 decades now, would like….

  15. You know what makes no sense? Goku in future trunk’s time line died in android saga which separated the two time lines. So in that sense zamasu never met goku. Unless he used the time ring which he wouldn’t just randomly travel to future trunk’s time line.

    • Earrings only indicates their status as kaioshin.
      They’re linked but just like Kaioshin and Beerus are. And Beerus doesn’t wear potara.

      • Potara earrings are more than just status indicators. They could fuse and link 2 people. Zamasu and Black each have 1 potara earring. They probably belong to Zamasu who gave 1 to Black. They are both wearing them on their left ear to prevent fusion. So…
        1. They may have them just in case they need to fuse or…
        2. Zamasu needs the link to control Black or…
        3. Black needs the link to keep intact or…
        4. Time travel reasons or…
        5. Some other power potara earrings give.

        The point is if they are both wearing potara earrings it’s most likely not for the look.
        Also the Kaioshin and God of Destruction (GoD) link is different from the potara earring link.
        If the GoD dies so does the Kaioshin and vise versa but that’s not the case with potara earrings. Death is pretty much the only link the Kaoshin and GoD have. Beerus doesn’t wear potara earrings because he doesn’t need them just like any other GoD. It doesn’t mean he can’t wear them.

  16. Wondering if Zamasu used the super dragon balls from the Future Trunks timeline. If they were from the regular universe, their recharge time was pretty quick…

  17. I just have to say…
    Nexus Gravity, i just control-f’e d u, and typed in your name. You’re fucking everywhere, but the only thing I perceived from your comments is how fucking cancerous your spelling and grammar is, Jesus. Learn some English bro, you sound like a retarded 3rd grader trying to bluster with curse words.

  18. YES! finally an episode that can be considered awesome on DBSuper! been waiting for 57 episodes for something this good, maybe the show will stop sucking now:)
    One thing i need help understanding – Trunks, a SSJ2(i think, they’ve narrowed down the diffrences between SSJ1 and SSJ2 to a point your not always sure which one your seeing), got 1 shoted by SSJ3 Goku, beaten down after holding his own for a bit against SSJB Vegeta( a bit wierd that he held better against SSJB then SSJ3, but whatever), but the wierdest part is how exacly did he kicked Zamatsu’s butt that good as a SSJ2/1 when SSJB Goku got his butt handed to him by Zamatsu?

    Does any of this makes sense to anyone? or like our friends in TFS say “‘Power levels are shit(and maybe Super Saiyan forms too?)””

  19. Goku can invite his friend god of everything and he can wipe those 2 fools.
    And why doesnt he use time leap no use in this situation but still.

    • 1. Goku doesn`t have time leap
      2. It isn`t in Goku`s style to call Zeno for help, he would rather die than have someone beat his oponent i believe(+he can just be resurected from the dead lol)

      • He learned time leap in a fight vs assassin dude didnt he? What can he do vs imortal guy than call zeno only thing left is to go back in time before zamasu did his thing…

        • No he didnt learn time leap, he just became so fast and smart he predicted where the time leap dude would hit him so he blocked there right after the time leap disengaged.

          • I’m pretty sure he was moving during the time-leap, which showed that he became extremely fast, even surpassing time itself. Confusing lol.

  20. Trunks SWORD is a ordinary sword its easy to predict next fight Goku will run away like a chiken and press the button to call KING OF ALL..Then King of all come and rape all assess and THE END SERIES END…

  21. Has anyone thought about how much Black sucks? I mean, he destroyed every building in sight, yet missed most of the people that decided to actually move out of the way. He attacked a woman TWICE, she’s still alive. He opens a hole on some random blue-haired psuedo god using his hand, he gets pushed aside by some gentrophilic blonde kid and his toy sword. An immortal god holds down his targets to help his aim (basically Jesus, he “descended”), they manage to escape into a different timeline.

    • Black likes to toy with his prey. He could easily destroyed the entire Earth yet he is just letting them survive thinking they have a chance.

  22. Its not legendary Z sword, gohan once broke it ridiculously and I dont remember its repaired. Its a sword that you can know where its come from one of DBZ ovas about a guy from different time who trunks likes him as a big brother. The guy has the sword and a strange musical instrument to fight a giant skull-head monster from different timeline. So, while the swordsman leaving trunks’ timeline, he gives his sword to trunks to remain in Trunk’s memories.

  23. The fighting in this episode was actually the best animated one out of all th dbs episodes. Guess toryiama pulled his stuff together :/


  25. black is from another universe zamasu wish for immortalty and killed the old supreme and took the god rings and fusion earing and gave them to black to make them unstopabel ….hopefully we see more gohan next saga

  26. (just kinda started watching dragon ball series few months ago don’t yell please) but didn’t trunks get his sword from that one kai who was like the guard of a big monster?? idk if that much detail. but also don’t yall think goku will just go tioakien(again don’t know that much so if i spell or say something wrong don’t yell please) like he did with Hit and figure something out like usual?

  27. What if Zamasu is “Whis” in Universe 10 while Black is the God of Destruction.
    I am sure we will see SSRed now.But then if those power collided, it may end the universe just like Beerus vs SSRed.

  28. You guys do realize that zamasu had 17 years to use his plan (Even tho technically zamasu never met goku in future trunk’s time line) so he could have made multiple wishes throughout that time.

  29. in the end all-chan comes and will make decision to destroy universes 10 and 7, then goku says that it was he’s fault and gets killed or something :/

  30. I think I know why Black is SS rosé. By mixing the bright blue and the vibrant red of the SSB and the kaioken you get the rosé colour.

  31. So tear gas launched by humans actually forced two of the strongest fighters in DBZverse to retreat. Holy sweet @#$%.
    Why the hell didn’t they react to the gas canisters in midair, if they can react to lightspeed puches? Why didn’t they instantly force the gas away with ki or telekinesis? Imagine Cell or Frieza having to retreat from man made tear gas. This is so damn stupid.

  32. Can please someone explain me the different from SSJ-4 and SSJ BLUE and why Goku dont use supper SSJ-4 on this episeodes Dragon Ball Super ?

  33. Prob most fiting theory is that black is really freeza in gokus body, zamasus kindred spirit in regards to hatred towards the sayans, black seems to mimic zamasu this to a fault plus everything about blacks mannerism screams freeza plus the purple-pinkish auras, freezas obsession and knowledge over goku matches blacks, after zamasu grants freeza gokus body he also grants him a kai earrings which makes him an intermediate supreme kai feeling superiorly in place above all… Or… Black is just another zamasu from a diferent timeline thanks to timering

  34. I dont get these power levels. Goku SSJ became strong enough to “challenge” Beerus when the Goku SSG form disappeared and his body adjusted to the power in the Battle of the Gods Arc. Future Trunks shows up, and his SSJ2 is equal to Goku’s SSJ2, which should be even stronger than what Beerus fought. So did Trunks become a SSG sometime or what?

  35. Soooo, trunks just happens to be on God Level power all of a sudden? The Power rankings in this show make no sense now. They just throw people together

  36. 18 minutes of actual show a week I’m dying here

    And obviously he wishes for immortality duh that part is beyond obvious can’t believe there are people who still hadn’t put that much together

  37. I have a feeling goku’s gonna ask whis if he thinks hes stronger than beerus yet and whis will just casually say “oh, you’ve passed lord beerus a while ago, you and vegeta”

  38. Does anyone still think that black could be the elder kaioshin?

    Look at the end of the episode. It almost seems like he is purposely riling zamatsu up to either get a reaction out of him or because he feels the same way? It’s a little out there, but who knows.

  39. Next week’s preview shows zamasu approaching goku in present day. My guess is he’ll fuse with goku with the earrings then go to super dragon balls and wish for something. Then this leaves us without goku and a plot where trunks is trained by vegeta!

  40. THEORY : Nothing has been mentioned about the God of Destruction of U10. Maybe he can morph into or sort of possess anybody’s body and use their full potential along with his own ancient knowledge(sorta like the technique ginyu used but perfected). So maybe Black Goku is just the God of Destruction of U10 working with Zamasu who might have resurrected Goku’s body knowing it’s potential enabling the Hakaioshin of U10 to keep getting stronger the more he fought.

  41. Even though Zamasu is immortal , if the omni king gets directly involved then i don’t think even immortality will count. The omni king would probably be above such barriers.

  42. Biggest question of all is, How is Trunks fighting alongside Goku as a SS Blue? Their strengths should not be on the same universe.

  43. Well not that it makes much differenc, but Trunks universe is so much less shown… but why does everyone love it so much more? Ite really hard to tell which I like more.

  44. I have a dumb idea.
    Can goku just strap onto black, then turn ssj3, but go beyond and still charge that power?
    People said if he kept charging SSJ3, he’d explode massively and probably wipe out an entire universe.

  45. YES! finally an episode that can be considered awesome on DBSuper! been waiting for 57 episodes for something this good, maybe the show will stop sucking now:)
    One thing i need help understanding – Trunks, a SSJ2(i think, they’ve narrowed down the diffrences between SSJ1 and SSJ2 to a point your not always sure which one your seeing), got 1 shoted by SSJ3 Goku, beaten down after holding his own for a bit against SSJB Vegeta( a bit wierd that he held better against SSJB then SSJ3, but whatever), but the wierdest part is how exacly did he kicked Zamatsu’s butt that good as a SSJ2/1 when SSJB Goku got his butt handed to him by Zamatsu?

    Does any of this makes sense to anyone? or like our friends in TFS say “‘Power levels are shit(and maybe Super Saiyan forms too?)”

  46. i dont remember it saying full blood sayians can only become ss gods if im wrong what episode and ill check it out but if half saiyans can become ss gods then why dont gohan become one like how goku was able to become ss god. trunks would be a better choice sence gohan stopped being a bada.

  47. oh i have a theory why goku doesnt go ssj blu 2 is because he didnt master ssj2 cause in the cell saga or the android saga gohan and goku stayed in ssj for days or gokus body realy hasnt mastered ssj blue so if he went ssj blue 2 it would hurt his body or he wouldnt be able to handle it *cough freeza cough* but he realy doesnt have problems with ssj blue so goku is basicly retarded (not surprising).

  48. What did I say. Told y’all black wasn’t a damn god of destruction. But all y’all wanna believe in some dumb you tubers thinking they know what the next episodes are going to be. When clearly they don’t. I even said that black would be the product of either a wish or being made and I was right. Pfft over here thinking he’s a god Xd because he has a kiao accessory. It’s just so he can use the time ring. Have a good day

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