Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 58. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 58. Episode 58 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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160 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 Subbed”

  1. my idea is that black is goku from the fat god of destruction’s universe. goku saved his black destroyed theres. that other one wished to be imortal then searched for gokus evil counterpart thus why black is exactly like goku. his body wants goku because goku loves to fight. they have the same passion for power and fighting someone stronger. but thats my idea

    • i was wondering what happened to the senzu beans lol but its good that they came back otherwise, the future episodes wouldnt have the suspense

  2. It is blowing my mind. O.O Need all the questions answered. It is the first time I’ve seen in DB where mysteries persist and we are getting our minds blown. lol Nice change.

    • how do you kill a god of destruction? kill a kai, so the same is said to kill a kai,
      similar ki to black is zamasu therefore black is a god of destruction

      • That’s actually something i had not thought of… GoD’s and Kaioshins are linked just like how Kami and Piccolo were. Elder Kai and Beerus are linked in that way. With Mirai Zamasu as a Kaioshin, it is actually very likely that Black is his GoD counterpart. Good thinking Xarai, well done to you.

  3. if future zamasu is kaioshin in future timeline, goku black could be god of destruction due to the connection between kaioshin and god of destruction ( if one dies other one would die also)

    • Zamasu isn’t kaioshin of the future timeline. Maybe in his universe but not universe 7. Zamasu is from a different universe so he couldn’t be kaioshin of one of universe 7 timelines . We don’t know if they’re alive but Beerus and supreme kai from the future timeline are still god of destruction and supreme kai but nobody has met them yet…. Pay more attention bruh

      • i didn’t say he was kaioshin of 7th universe bruh. I was thinking of him being kaioshin of 10th universe so my theory could totally be true. in additon, there is high probability that the future kaioshin is dead according to leakd manga.

      • i didn’t say he was kaioshin of 7th universe bruh. I was thinking of him being kaioshin of 10th universe so my theory could totally be true. in additon, there is high probability that the future kaioshin is dead according to leaked manga

        • Oh okay i thought you were talking about trunks’s timeline and even if he becomes kaioshin of universe 10 i’m pretty sure there is already a god of destruction in universe 10 unless they kill him. So black goku can’t become god of destruction. Unless they kill him.

  4. Theory:
    In Universe 6 Goku never hit his head and stayed evil as Kakarrot. He destroyed Earth of U6. When it was wished back, so was Kakarrot. Zamasu went to the guy that knows everything and asked about Goku. Somehow it was brought up that there was another one and Zamasu went to him. He became some sort of servant (possibly by wish) which is why their ki’s are similar. This also explains why Black always says stuff like, “So you’re Goku?” He had never known himself as Goku.
    Just a theory though.

        • I don’t think so, is too trivial and the first thing anybody think about. Professional authors like to chose less obvious twist.
          Zamasu knew and meet Goku before but Black isn’t Goku. He just looks like Goku. I see him more as Zamasu’s son. Or anyway I think he is a shinjin that looks like Goku, Zamasu forced him to be born with that look. And is possible that Black is a god of destruction and a kaioshin at the same time (if he wasn’t a kaioshin, he could not use the ring of time)

          • But he doesn’t just “look” like Goku. He stated a few times that he was literally in his body, gradually learning to control his huge power.

            Maybe the god of destruction of U10 physically died at the same time Gowasu did and his spirit was then somehow embedded in Goku’s, body or a copy of it.

            Black’s personality might also just be a “part” of Zamasu’s that he extracted from himself. Kind of like Majin Boo or The Nameless Namekian (who splitted into Kami/Piccolo).

    • Good theory, but in U6 the saiyan planet was never destroyed and if they are anything like Cabba they pride themselves as protectors and not conquers of planets.

    • @nerdysaiyan You are correct, the saiyan planet wasn’t destroyed but earth was! Which is where Goku was sent. After the tournament, Beerus wished the earth of that uni back into existance…. so its possible

      • Except to be sent there that would mean the saiyans in U6 were space pirates like in U7. And they are not. So no reason for baby goku to have ever been sent to earth.

        • very good point. So Goku in u6 is going to be a completely different guy. Probably why he doesn’t refer to himself by the Earth name Goku

      • Really people in universe 6 aren’t double of people in universe 7. There was no Frieza (and Frost, though similar minded, isn’t Frieza). There is no Goku, no prince Vegeta (I think the king is named Vegeta, because we connect easily the ruler of the saiyan with the name Vegeta, but I don’t think he can be defined a double of our Vegeta or of Vegeta’s father in any way)

  5. Zamasu is stuck up bastard. He is so drunk on his idea of justice when in fact, all he really cares about is genocide for the same reasons mortals do. A hypocrite until the end.

  6. Plot hole detected. Whis said that Zamasu made a copy of Goku because he was impressed by his power, but Goku is dead in the future and did not meet neither Whis or Beerus so would never have found out about the other universes. Zamasu could not have possibly met with Goku nor seen his power, so Black from the future should not exist.

    Other than that, I enjoyed this episode. But now we have to wait 2 weeks for another. ;_;

    • I think I figured out the solution to this plot hole, so the zamasu we see actually went into the other timeline in the future to go under suspicion of the gods.

    • The green time rings are from alternate timelines, so if he uses one of this he goes to that timeline , not the present. So he wished for Black in the current timeline and went to the alternative future then

      • But if that’s true Black wouldn’t have been pulled back into the future because he’d be back to what (according to you) would be his present.

    • No… Zamasu from the present timeline took a time ring and it said that each time ring is for a different timeline. So, then he went to trunks timeline after he wished for a copy of Goku and immortality… oh and its 1 week. You have to pay MORE ATTENTION to the episode bruh

  7. I still don’t really get the whole future thing. Trunks future is an alternative future, so how has Zamasu from that timeline met Goku if he died from that heart virus? Is it possible Zamasu took the wrong time ring and entered that timelines future instead of the current timelines future? Because in the box of rings there were more than one and one does generate when someone creates another timeline.

    • its time paradox. it gets very confusing and illogical when you mess with time in any movie/anime/comic/etc. this is also probally why its strictly forbidden in DBZ and considered a “galatic crime” or something like that.

      if you remember when trunks went to the past for the first time in the android saga it also messed alot of things up. for example Dr gero was never an android nor did android 20 exist in trunks timeline. so ya, we will just have to roll with whatever happens lol. its creating all kinds of paradoxes and butterfly effects, which again is why its forbidden

    • yeah if you properly analyse it, it doesn’t make sense, like most things dealing with time travel, in this case especially since its been established that there are alternate timelines in this story. but hey its just a cartoon, forget about it and this is actually becoming a story worth watching at last

    • I think that, that green ring that was created was from u10 why would appear in the first place when its from u7 it doesnt make sense.

    • theres only 1 zamasu in all timelines and universes and that zamasu met goku and fought him, after he creates black and gets body immortal he picks that timeline were goku is dead cuz its the easiest to imply his justice there, in out normal timeline theres whis and beerus, probably those 2 in trunks’s timeline doesent exists anymore, anyhow this time travel screws ur head :))

      • i’m pretty sure that after creating Black Goku, Zamasu will go to a timeline where he could get revenge on Goku, instead of using the timeline in which Goku was dead already

      • Well this has been shown to be wrong. Just like there were Cells from 3 timelines, there seem to be 3 Zamasus. The one in the current timeline was destroyed by Beerus. Future Trunks’s Zamasu seems to be simply immortal. Maybe there is a second Future Trunks’s Zamasu from a timeline where Goku didn’t die to the heart virus? This one murdered Goku and is now Black. So complicated, even more than Cell..

    • That future zamasu did not use the time ring lol its the future,zamasu gives the time ring to black goku and the green earing too,because without that earing he cant use the time ring

    • Don’t forget that after the matches between Universes 6&7 Beerus won the Super Dragonballs and wished for another earth to be formed in universe 6… Could be a copy with a Goku living there!

    • goku may be dead but would still have his body for his good service. and in trunks timeline probably fought zamasu there because he would still be training and fighting like with the north south east and west kai tournament

    • because every universe timeline is isolated to its own universe, eg. what happens in universe 6’s timeline stays in universe 6 universe 7’s timeline is a different thing : ^)

      zamasu meet goku in his universe and zamasu’s timeline in his universe is different to the timeline in goku’s universe, simple as that

  8. really disappointed that black goku is just a copy of goku. I was hoping for something more. Well I still want to see how this plays out but the hype is gone.

  9. I think I now how zamasu will die, I have 2 theorys Zeno gets called, or Zamasu could have becamd a god and black is now the kaio-shin meaning if we kill black Zamasu will die

  10. So beerus almost died in the majin buu saga cause gohan and kaioshin was fighting good buu and kaioshin almost died or did he die its been years since ive seen it …

  11. Whis and Goku are just speculating on the origin of Black. Nothing is proven yet and Zamasu still has not done anything except threaten a sage. Black can’t be a copy of Goku since the ki is different and future Goku is dead. Also Black declared that he became stronger through contact with Goku. The only thing certain is that the super dragon balls made Zamasu immortal. Nothing else except Zenu could have granted him that!

    I reckon that Black is Zowasu fused with Goku and that Zamasu has already convinced Zowasu to change his morals. This is why Zamasu’s thoughts are clear now.

  12. zamaru said he and black goku are kindred spirits, that could mean its another zamaru in goku’s body since black goku has the same ki and technique (the knife laser beam) as zamaru and they both hate humans/sayians lol. and also black goku did say i have to get used to this body (achieve god level evolution) and talks really similiar like hes zamaru, whis suggested zamaru could use the super dragon balls multiaple times with the time ring , 1. to make black goku and another one to give himself an immortal body

  13. Boys, whatever you do, don’t click on “Read full News”. You’ll be disappointed. Beerus will kill Zamasu in episode 60 before he can make either wish and since he can’t travel to the future to make or wish for Black, Black will cease to exist.

  14. “Gods are not necessarily immortal.” WTF? How does that work? I’d argue that being immortal would be a prerequisite. Or do they mean something like “superhero”, like Superman, Spiderman and Goku, who have superhuman abilities but can still die? This is so confusing…

  15. Thing I really puzzle over is: why universe 7? Zamasu is from U10, so he should be thinking about whichever universe is paired with U10 (maybe 9 or 11, whichever. I cant remember). Its like Zamasu thinks of himself on the same level as All King, except Zamasu seems to want to cleanse EVERY universe of humanoid species. Starting with U7 because of the Saiyans like our Goku and Vegeta. Crazy really. He thinks it is sacrilege and abomination that a mere humanoid – a lower form like Goku, had more power than him. And such power was a threat to Zamasu’s Grand Design. It shouldnt be happening in the first place, and wouldnt if Zamasu had kept to his own universe and not learned of the SDB’s. And I thought it was strictly forbidden for a Kaioshin to mess with another universe. That should be an instant Red Alert for All King the custodian of all the universes, or one of his top under-gods to step in.

    Whatever Zamasu’s plan in life, such a self-centered outlook isnt for the greater good, and isnt befitting a god. He’s lost his mind, no matter what naive Gowasu said to rationalize in Episode 58. Also, I cant believe Gowasu was so blind. If he was that dense, he deserved to fall to Zamasu, even though this seems too cruel to point out…

    Just like the nameks created their dragon balls. Im assuming All King created the super dragonballs, so I’m guessing He can easily undo zamasu’s little immortality “wish”. All King can, after all, destroy ALL universes with a wave of his hand if he so wished.

  16. I can see goku pushing the button to have xeno take away the immortality just to fight them fairly, it seems like xeno can do whatever he wants so its possible, but no we have to play the waiting game …..

  17. They are wrong about the wishes! My guess is that Zamasu somehow gets goku to wear one of his earrings and fuses with him, then goes to the super dragon balls and asks to be separated!

  18. really happy about the way that this arc of super is developing. it still has its flaws (Z did too, we just get lost in nostalgia), however it is far better than the first few arcs & I’m actually excited to see the story unfold, really awesome. think the art has gotten a bit better too

  19. I think Black and Zamasu will make the mistake of fusing via Patora because they were put in a situation where they were forced to. Or just liked the idea of being stronger. The problem is that with the Patora they become a whole new being and wont be Immortal. Because if you remeber in Z, Vegeta was dead and had a Halo but Vegito did not because Goku wasn’t dead. Meaning sense Black isn’t immortal the new being wont be as well. And this will give Goku and Vegeta the incentive to fuse by either Patora or Fusion Dance.

  20. So it’s Sept now and black goku was introduced to us about 3 months ago, and we still have no clue who he is or where he comes from.. Did I miss something? Was it actually explained yet?

  21. Theory :
    In episode 50 when goku challenged black to fight, black said that it is an honor, i wanted to fight u in this body. And then in other episode zamsu said that we are kindred spirits. So maybe zamasu travelled to universe 3 (bcz univ 3 and 10 are twins) so there miht be a chance of another zamasu or his sibling just like beerus and champa and asked him to be on his side and wished from dargonballs a same body just like son goku. Thats why i am thinking then have smillar ki.

  22. there is something i dont get…. present zamasu is from universe 10 right? how did he apear in future trunks timeline which is considered to be the future of universe 7???

  23. there is something i dont get…. present zamasu is from universe 10 right? how did he apear in future trunks timeline which is considered to be the future of universe 7??

  24. I’m sorry to say that, but the fact that Zamasu went to the exactly timeline of that Future Trunks to is a little bit forced…
    And if it is so, Future Trunks is terribly unlucky..

  25. we need ssj4 again, or at the very least a *preferably green* Super Saiyan God Super Sayain 2 (or Super Sayain Green). But… I’m loving what they do If I spoke japenese I would praise them. its a great series I love it and cant wait to see more

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