Dragon Ball Super Episode 59 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 59 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 59. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 59 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 59. Episode 59 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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142 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 59 Subbed”

  1. Holy! Beerus erasing Zamasu from existence has got to be one of the best things i’ve ever seen in all of Dragon ball history! He is OP as heck! But I figured future Zamasu would not be destroyed. It is the same case as it was with the androids, though Zamasu is dead in the present timeline fixing that one and preventing Black’s creation (as far as we know), alas since future Zamasu’s timeline is different where that didn’t happen, now they gotta beat him there to. Eh this is taking too long. Just use the Zeno button and call it a day. Zamasu deserves to be destroyed!

  2. Dammnnnn..Beerus Sama just showed who’s the BOSS..!!! Scared the hell outa me..perfect picturisation and music to go along..Was worth the 1 week delay..!! However, I somehow feel Future Zamasu wud kill Beerus sometime soon n settle the score..

  3. Maybe future Zamasus immortality prevents him from kicking the bucket in the future. He AND Black are immortal?! This is gonna be good.

    Edit: After watching new subs, I find that only Zamasu has immortality, Black has infinitely rising power.

  4. wtf now u know goku and vegeta has no chance vs. beerus what so ever even if they fuse, my theory is that black goku is a dead zamaru brought back to life in goku’s body still stands

  5. I wish they had zamasu actually become good in that timeline, maybe they will pull a buu and make it to were zamasu gets reborn as a good person or something like that.

  6. So the God of Destruction from one universe(7) can come and do justice in another universe(10)?
    Would Universe 10 God of Destruction be mad about this?

  7. Beerus-sama farts? hahahaha They’ve made a God of Destruction such a comic character. That’s what happens when you meet Goku.

  8. Perhaps the Zamasu in the alternate timeline tried the same plan as the deleted Zamasu? Beerus may have deleted the main Zamasu but I do not think the attack would delete any Zamasu that existed in any alternate timeline. The other possibility is that Zamasu was wished back with the super dragon balls. Not sure how that would work as I do not think he would have been able to create Goku Black yet due to the recharge time on the super dragon balls. Still, that would account for his presence if he had already found a partner. Perhaps the wish was not to create a clone of Goku but to transform someone else into a clone of Goku. If that is the case, then Zamasu could already have a partner who would realize that Zamusu was gone and work to restore him. This would also tie in with the manga which revealed that in Future Trunks’s timeline, all of the gods, not just the U7 ones, were dead. Zamasu may well have considered his execution by Beerus as proof that he could not allow anyone to interfere in his plans

  9. well what a episode this episode got me laughin on the pilaf scene and also beautiful end as gowasu lived and the trunks(two) scene left me just speechless…..

  10. Good, thanks for the GOOD subs Ken, i will never betray you and watch the shitty subs on youtube ver again i promise. your the GOD. (and who ever made the subs this time. 😀 This actualy makes sense now 😀

  11. i hope vegeta has a plan rather than just fighting black head on. Someone should try to destroy the ring that Black has i think its relevant and perhaps one of their ear rings as well. Probably no one will think about that, that’s too much thinking for saiyans

  12. In the previous epsiode he said you made my body immortal to trunks Maybe zamasu wished that when he died hed returned to life with a immortal body basically like the jesus story but dbz version thats why he was so confident standing in the face of the god of destruction

  13. I am thinking Undying body Zamasa is still alive in the future because he is wearing a time ring and that puts him outside of time. Also, because his body is undying that that maybe a cause too.

    Also, the super dragon balls grant one wish. For him to wish for an an undying body /and/ a copy of Goku doesn’t add up.The Super dragon balls only grant one super wish per person.

    Another thing. Beerus can be destroyed if his god of creation pair is destroyed. Possibly there is this kind of connection be between Undying Zamusa and Goku black. Though it doesn’t seem likely.

    • i think episode 58 described Zamasu as making and undying body wish. then using the ring to jump to a year later instantly to make another wish for black goku.

  14. Correct me if I am wrong but in the Future Trunks timeline, most of the rest of the multiverse should be the same, at least up until the point Goku Black emerged and began his extermination of all mortals. Babidi, Dabura and Kaioshin all existed in the alternate timeline and behaved pretty much as their main timeline counterparts. Therefore, Zamasu should also exist in the alternate timeline. I have no reason to believe that alternate Zamasu would lack the genocidal tendencies of main timeline Zamasu. As such, what if the deleted Zamasu had already contacted his counterpart and recruited him? Remember the first visit to U10? Gowasu showed off the U10 time rings, including the recent ring that appeared when the alternate timeline came to be. There had to be a reason to show off this ring as it reveals the Kaio can travel between timelines. If they could only travel back and forth in their own timeline, why have rings for each timeline out there?

    I think that the initial similarity in ki is the answer. They already showed us that Zamasu and Goku Black were two separate people but I think this was to throw us off. What if Goku Black is alternate Zamasu? Alternate Zamasu, realizing his partner was killed, gathered the super dragon balls, and revived Zamasu. Original Zamasu wished for immortality and, for some reason, gave alternate Zamasu the appearance and powers of Goku. I do not think Goku Black is a Goku from an alternate timeline as he frequently speaks about his power as an outsider. He also uses the glowing hand attack that Zamasu uses. If Goku Black is alternate Zamasu, that would explain why his ki is similar though not quite the same as Original Zamasu. If Goku Black were just a clone of Goku, why would he have Zamasu’s ki? This theory can easily be switched by having revived Zamasu become Goku Black with Alternate Zamasu as the “Zamasu”

  15. They’ve probably already told us, but if not, why is Beerus and Whis even helping out to kill Zamasu anyway? They’re specifically neutral characters and have said as such, neither helping Goku nor hindering him while doing HIS job of god of destruction for HIS universe. So how does Zamasu affect him, if he neither cares nor acknowledges the future timeline and certainly does not care for any other universe, including universe 10?

  16. Did Zamasu really think he was going to kill Goku, Beerus, Whis and Supreme Kai?

    Something tells me this isnt the end for Zamasu and Black in the future.

  17. Why not have a fight scene between present Zamasu and Goku, then have Beerus step in and kill him? Where is the action? This arc has had a lot of fluff as opposed to the tournament. Just disappointing to wait a whole weak to watch Whis put an oven mitt on Zamasu and watch Beerus turn Zamasu into fairy dust. That’s Just my opinion.

    • The fluff would have been to have them fight, since the fight would have amounted to nothing with the same conclusion… I thought it was bad-ass and a major change to what usually happens.

      The fights will be in the next episodes, with a much stronger Zamasu.

  18. When young Trunks punched Future trunks I had a huge grin on my face. Wish we could have seen a bit more of their interaction.

  19. at the end it says “what black is not a fake me?”
    I think Black is simply universe 10’s Goku or one of the universes goku. like in the tournament there was a universe 6 version of frieza


  21. so its finally over of zamasu,,,being easily destroyed by God of Destruction (Beerus),,,lets wait what will Future “Zamasu” holds for them …. May Be A Surprise !!!!!!!!

  22. Beerus is the god of destruction, he was probably given the spell ‘HAKAI’. Even Whis or Vados can be destroyed by this spell. just a theory

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