Dragon Ball Super Episode 60 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 60 Subbed

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    • Remember when in the future trunks was tellin goku about hoe he died from heart failure. During the Android era. Now think about Zamasu when he asked golden Sharon to give him the body of son goku which in turn would be gokus died body to he revived with zamasus will inplaced in him.

      • Because the conversation is all but meaningless, every episode is a repeat of the same similar dialogue, “feels this, feels that, your responsibility.” Without knowing any Japanese one can simply look at the slides every few minutes, see if anything changes and realize it was all filler. The only surprise was in the last 3 minutes but even then that wasn’t really that climatic.

  1. A leak was released saying it was a letdown of a reveal. Something about Zamasu being both black and Zamasu at the same time. Weirdness if it is true.

  2. Just thinking what would happen if beerus and who’s were to train kid trunks and gotten from now till adult hood. Gotenks would be unstoppable

  3. no, black told them he changed bodies with goku and then killed the body goku was in, i.e. zamasu’s own former body.

    • Then what about the Zamasu that is standing next to him? It can’t be the future Zamasu since he was already destroyed by Beerus right?

      • He has the time rings. Remember earlier they were complaining about “Some idiot creating a new timeline”. I had assumed they meant Trunks but it must of been Zamasu.

      • Zamasu destroyed by Beerus – Present Zamasu
        Zamasu standing with Black – Future Zamasu
        Black – Zamasu from another timeline, that finished his job in that timeline then he moved in Trunks’s timeline and meet with Zamasu of that era.

  4. everybody is saying this episode was a waste and boring because it took the time to explain the time travel rather than just fighting non-stop.

      • It wasn’t talking about time travel, Trunks was explaining to little trunks how much different the world is than in his world.
        This is important for the japanese kids who have not watched dragon ball Z, but are watching this show.

        • no, they’ve explained the differences in both timelines by also SEEING BOTH OF THEM in the android/cell saga. Saying ‘it’s good for those who haven’t seen it though’ is irrelevant. Tough shit if you haven’t watched it

  5. A mostly uneventful episode but a couple things Zamasu / Black reveal was interesting but not too surprising and like I said last week someone needs to destroy that ring it holds some meaning i think its how Black is learning Goku powers without having to train.
    Also Chichi has never kissed Goku which is why Goku doesnt know about kissing which begs the question does Chichi know about kissing or does she just think kissing is gross. I cant help but think the former and if so Bulma should do some teaching as the experienced older lady 😀

        • Z was good for what it was, and when it happened. However, Toei butchered a lot of the manga and made each panel slow AF. For a while, they were doing very good with One Piece, but have started to slow that down as well. And I’m not just talking about episodes for plot development. But even in episodes with fighting, the fighting is under-animated and very choppy. Luffy’s fight with Doflamingo was a huge bummer. Toriko and World Trigger are bad too.

          Point is, I don’t think the source material for Z was bad–but Toei was concerned with making it last.

    • What @kin2444:disqus said. What “old way” are you talking about? The ONLY major battle in DBZ to resolve in a timely manner was Goku x Piccolo vs Raditz. DBZ pushed manga panels beyond a realistic timeframe.

  6. So wait does that mean that zamasu is from yet another timeline. And is black and zamasu about to patora fuse, does this mean gogeta will finally be canon.

    • the zamasu beerus killed, later wished to switch bodies with goku and then killed him. later he used the timering to go to the future. the other zamasu is from trunks timeline

      • Wait, if Goku Black is Zamasu but switched bodies, how can there be another genuine Zamasu in the future Trunks timeline, especially when the Zamasu in Goku’s timeline is already dead?

        • there are 5 timelines (one silver ring+4 green rings) and we know about 4 timelines. Black is from the fifth timeline (with Goku that was alive and well), switched is body, killed Goku and all humans in that timeline, then he headed toward another timeline that happened to be the one of F.Trunks, contacted future Zamasu and we know all the rest

          • No. There is no fifth timeline there are only four in existence in universe 7. The four green time rings represent every timeline. The first one is for the present timeline where Cell was beaten, the second is the one from future Trunks timeline, The third is for the one where trunks was killed by Cell when he came back from the fourth timeline, and the fourth is the one from the unseen timeline where another Goku was alive and fought the androids and cell. The silver ring is used to travel between timelines. Goku Black is from the fourth unseen timeline where Goku lived and fought the androids and Cell, but that is all that we know about this timeline. There are only two living Goku’s, the one from the present timeline and the one from the fourth timeline. There is a Zamasu in every timeline, The one from the present timeline, the second from the future, one for the third, and the fourth one is were Goku Black comes from.

        • because the zamasu beerus destroyed, wished to switch bodies, when beerus destroyed zamasu, it didnt change that he went to the future, REMEMBER, ANY CHANGES IN THE PAST WONT CHANGE ANYTHING IN THE FUTURE.

          • It hasn’t been a year since the dragonballs were used, so how could zamatsu have made any wishes? Also keep in mind in order to travel through time he needed to kill Gowasu, but he was killed before that.

    • I really hope that there is another unseen timeline, in which no one ever thought about. When Goku destroyed the Red Army, Doctor Gero was killed in the attack. With his death, no android and no Cell so the Z-Fighters live in peace. Goku might still die from the disease though as the virus still an unknown origin. Am I saying Zamasu is in that timeline, no. What I am saying is there are many timeline that is unknown and this is why quantum reality/parallel universe theory is a headache, right next to time paradox theory.

  7. I think this episode was one of the best episodes of DBS. Well-structured, interesting and also somewhat epic. Shame that everybody thinks, it’s a waste of time.

    Still I miss the Z-fighters as friends of Future Trunks.

    • I agree. I thought it was very touching to see interaction between Future Trunks and Chibi Trunks. I like that Future Trunks basically just instilled a sense of purpose into Chibi Trunks, and that he will learn to fight for something other than “Pride” if he only learned from Vegeta. Also, it was nice seeing Vegeta being a caring and loving father to his son, despite his son living in another timeline.

      The only disappointment for me is that Gohan is being underutilized in this arc. Even with his interaction with Trunks, and not necessarily fighting. It would’ve been nice for Gohan to hear Trunks’ speech he gave in this episode.

    • Hmmm. This switching bodies wish and killing the switched goku’s body… Zamasu really didnt want goku to have an upper hand – now or in any future! Man, that’s a twist and a half!!

  8. Pretty interesting episode! Also The whole switch bodies was kind of underwhelming but then again what else could have been… certainly not that stupid Gotenks theory…. So I keep hearing about this Vegeta white thing… is it real?

    • I was disappointed because it was the most trivial thing, so I though ‘do you really think a professional would chose this so clichè idea? so i excepted something fancy.
      And instead the trivial clichè was the right thing.
      The only thing i think is that the body wasn’t the one from mirai Goku, but it is a body belonging to what was an alive and well Goku from another timeline (I understand this by looking to the previews)

  9. What a big let down. I really miss the tournament days of dragonball super with different universes. I wonder if the show will be cancelled after this arc. I just dont see this lasting beyond this arc. So much potential and yet a total flop.

    • In Japan is successfull, so they will keep. Also we need the next tournament. I can’t wait to see the other gods of destruction. Are they all cats? Or are they all animals from Egyptian mythology?

  10. i see this episode very cool and interesting , different from the ususal FIGHT ONE ON ONE , ONE LOSES AND ONE WINS , it’s a step forward…atleast that’s my opinion

  11. If Goku did die in future timeline how did Zamasu from future timeline know who Goku was to make those wishes. Goku would have never fought Zamasu if his heart killed him back when fighting androids. There is a different ring for each timeline so you could use a different ring to move into a different timeline. So if he takes off the ring he is dead.

  12. The theory of different words and timeline is copied from the TV SERIES (The Flash Season 2) or both are just similar :3

    • The theory of different worlds is clichè, this does means almost everybody used it. We don’t even know who invented it in first place

  13. Actually flipped my table this time wth man i mean it’s cool you’re explaining everything and all nut come hurry it up a bit



    Makes sense now. I really dislike all this timeline, but I need to make sense of it if I want to continue watching DBS. If anyone remembers the box of time rings, there were 4 green ones representing one timeline each plus the silver ring.

    Timeline 1: Future Trunks’. I say timeline 1 because that’s when the time travel started. Trunks easily destroyed Cell here when he eventually came.

    Timeline 2: Future Trunk’s original future where Cell came from. Remember, Future Trunks in timeline 1 didn’t have Cell yet and when the future Cell awoken there weren’t androids anymore. He found Trunk’s time machine, killed him, and went to the current timeline – which I’d name timeline 3. Trunks in this timeline is not as strong because he never encountered Cell. **** see note below later

    Timeline 3: Present timeline that we watch. Future Trunks from timeline 1 and Cell from timeline 2 went here.

    Timeline 4: Future of current timeline where Zamasu was not destroyed reasoning being:
    Goku, Beerus, and Whis did not see Zamasu as a threat because Zamasu only became a threat when he went to the future to mess up timeline 1, which prompted Future Trunks to revisit timeline 3. Timeline 4 would be the future had Future Trunks not revisited.

    Zamasu of this timeline 4 saw Goku in the TV (but Goku did not meet him because of the reason above), killed his master, wished for Goku’s body to be exchanged with him, killed him, then went to timeline 1 to meet up with the Zamasu there and avoid Beerus. Timeline 1 does not have Beerus whereas Timeline 4** would (since things ended at Android saga there). Zamasu of timeline 1 isn’t too evil because he never encountered Goku who died from heart virus.

    More theories:
    **Perhaps they had already annihilated timeline 2 by killing the kaioshins.
    ***If Beerus is right about destroying all timelines of Zamasu, then Zamasu of timeline 2 would have perished. Timeline 4 Zamasu is immune because he has Goku’s body. Timeline 1 Zamasu is immune because he had wished to be immortal. Time rings cannot stay long in the past (as shown how Black Goku got sucked back to the future), so they couldn’t save the current Zamasu.
    ****All these timeline crap bugs me because I think there should be 5. I would split it to timeline 3a and 3b. In timeline 2 (where Cell came from), Trunks was not strong enough to kill Cell because he visited a past that did not have a future Cell that messed things up. Timeline 2 is only possible if there was timeline 3a (defeated Androids, but no Cell). That makes timeline 3b the current timeline that we watch.

    • The only flaw I see with your theory is the fact that Black states he has KILLED Goku in turn for his body. WHICH means that he was the one who caused Timeline 1’s Son Goku’s Heart Virus was none other than Zamasu. Just think about it. Why would he NEED to kill an ALREADY DEAD Goku, right? He couldn’t have wished to switch bodies with Goku then kill him because he’s already dead at this time. There’s also no point in killing Goku’s spirit in Otherworld because all Zamasu needs is Goku’s body, that’s it.

  16. The awkward moment when the once cold hearted Vegeta has needs and know all about it and does it with Bulma and Goku doesn’t have a clue. How ChiChi managed to get two children out of him is beyond me…

    • Goku is a good person, so he could keep his body in Other World. Zamasu is a god, he can freely walk in all realms, so he could seek out Goku… But surely he simply wished for changing body with Goku wherever he was.

      Or he learned Captain Ginyu’s power, and changed body this way… 😀 Then he wished Goku’s body back to life (or for immortality), because nevertheless the body change, Goku is dead, he couldn’t go back to the realm of the living (at least without a halo over his head.. :D)

      • No, Goku Black you see currently is Zamasu from another timeline where Goku was alive, Zamasu switched bodies with him using the super dragonballs, killed Goku who was trapped in Zamasu’s body, went to the future and contacted the future Zamasu where Goku was dead and hence Zamasu couldn’t have switched bodies with Goku, and here we are.

        • This is also quite plausible. Maybe you already know? 🙂

          But it can be also done this way with the dead Goku in Future Trunks’ timeline, without involving other timelines than the two we already know. And if this Zamasu in Goku’s body travels in time, maybe he would also arrive the same timeline as Future Trunks. (Somebody said that the Zamasu in Future Trunks’ timeline is identical to the Zamasu that Beerus killed…) But eventually it will turn out…

  17. Goku does not know what a kiss is? Damn, the most recent TFS really was on the money when it depicted Goten’s conception. Makes you wonder how Chi Chi sold having Gohan to Goku. Perhaps she described sex as “training.”

      • I don’t really think Rose is a different level. I think Rose is just SSGSS for someone with a Saiyan body but a God’s–namely a Kaioshin’s–Ki. If you think about it, Black’s power level is about on par with Goku’s after SSG wore off, but he still retained some of the power. That’s why he was stronger than SSJ2 Trunks, but weaker than SSJ2 Goku. However, once he learned that there was a transformation, he was able to do it. But instead of merely going SS, he automatically went SSGSS since he already has divine Ki.

  18. The Goku Black Zamasu cannot come from the main timeline as he was amazed just fighting SSJ2 Goku. Not sure how he stumbled on switching bodies with Goku. Perhaps he too saw the tournament on GodTube or maybe he spent time researching the fighter with the greatest potential for rapid growth in power? The other Zamasu may well be the revived Zamasu from the main timeline. The Super Dragon Balls should be able to revive someone, even someone who was destroyed. That Zamasu already knew quite a bit about Goku and wanted the honor of killing him, signifying a per-existing grudge.

    • I am also curious as to how the Zamasu in Goku’s body came to even learn about Goku in the first place. Obviously the Zamasu from Future Trunks’ timeline isn’t the one who’s inhabiting Goku, because he would’ve never known. Didn’t they say that everytime someone messes with time “a new world is created?” If that’s the case, could it be the Zamasu who killed Gowasu right in front of their eyes before Whis rewound time? When Whis did that, they stayed in line A while the Zamasu who successfully murdered Gowasu in line B? Then he merely searched for a timeline using those other rings that didn’t currently have a living God of Destruction in both Unvierse 10 and 7?

  19. Instead of explaining multiverse AGAIN for the entire episode, they should have spent the entire episode explaining in more detail what Zamasu did with the dragon balls to take Goku’s body.

  20. so whos zamasu? if zamasu is b.goku (body switch) and b.goku said he killed goku who was in zamasu body, then whos the zamasu standing here? 3rd zamasu?

  21. so he switched body, and then get to another timeline and give another zamasu hand 😀 but its is like from game Chrono Cross, where Serge and Lynx switched body and then Lynx got known as Black Serge. Copyright 😛 hahaha

  22. Booo …they shouldve said Black Goku was the original because on this timeline Goku didnt hit his head as a child. Goku would be up against the real G!

    • This is the same Future time line from Z. It was already well established he died of a heart virus. The time ring he is wearing could have been used to do as you say, splintering yet another timeline. We did see 4 alternate timeline rings in the Kaioshin box. This may be how he got a second Zamasu instead.

  23. So it will turn out as black is the god of destruction and needed another Zamasu (who shares is vision) to be his kaioshin

  24. Since the Future Trunks time line is the actual main timeline, all Zamasu had to do was travel in time to before Goku died of heart virus, when he returned from learning instant trans from the Metamories. Which was right before the androids came. Which is how Black knows instant transmission.

    PS!! The Metamories also taught Goku the fusion dance! So I’m sure Black knows that as well!

  25. Hang on, how can you kill and switch bodies with Goku in a timeline when he’s been dead for more than 20 years, and probably been decomposed? They take so long to explain time travel, yet Toriyama gets some of the basics wrong, quite ironic really

  26. Why oh why do they constantly make goku more and more stupid. I understand he is oblivious of a lot of stuff, but he wasn’t a straight out moron.

  27. How to beat black quickly and efficiently:1: Fuse into Gogeta, or do ssj4:2: Call the Omni-King:3: Bring Whis and or Beerus:4:(This is a bit harder) Snatch their earings and become Vegito:5: If all of this cant be done or cant defeat him, then do kaioken x100 while super sayin blue Gogeta.

  28. To make Zamasu mortal couldn’t someone take his potara earring, or Blacks, and put it on the opposite ear; Causing them to fuse. I would assume that because Black is mortal it would cancel out Zamasu’s immortality.

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