Dragon Ball Super Episode 61 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 61 Subbed

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        • Actually most of this story is original, if you tear out the non-cannon that Akira and the current writing staff had nothing to do with: IE: Filler, Movies, GT, and other OVA.

          • After destroying Freeza, we get treated to some filler stuff, after which Future Trunks comes back and tells everyone there’s a dangerous enemy. Then, after they find the first dangerous enemy, it appears there’s an even greater enemy that appears to be immortal.

            Freeza – Androids – Cell
            Freeza – Black – Zasuma

            Plus super saiyan blue and pink are horrible, unoriginal ideas. It’s just the change of colour. And I can go on. So far this has been a very excruciating ride. This episode was very very nice, but it doesn’t make sense that Vegeta is basically a Yamcha here. He has less value than Yajirobe at this point.

        • Doesn’t matter. Now where does it say you have to train with whis to become a good. lmao the 1st Super saiyan god was before whiz training do your research

          • Beerus is trained by Whis, maybe the first Super Saiyan God was also trained by someone like Whis. You never know.

          • lmao did you watch the movie? Its still cannon meaning goku became a god before training so no. Also frieza became a god to and did not train with a whis lmao come on.

          • don’t need to be trained by whis. we clearly saw trunks just had a blue god aura under is ssj aura. if that isn’t enough another hint is how his muscles get smaller instead of bigger.
            definitely traits of god ki, without training of whis.

            the whole point is once you could figure out that not to let ki escape from your body, thats when the god ki comes out, whis only helped them by letting them train in that area in his staff, in his staff is where they found out that if they let ki escape they wont be able to move. It was after that they learned to control ki far better and after that they went ssjb, see whis more as a guide, its not like he unlocked a part that otherwise couldnt be unlocked if he wasnt there. they could have also went to the all knowing guys and ask, how do we become a ssj god and how do we go beyond that, they would get the would be told, controle your ki and master it.

        • watch the movie battle of god’s at least.
          the very first saiyan god was created by the saiyans themself.
          as a matter of fact. the way goku transformed with the help of his family is how he became a god.
          i am sure same thing happened to vegeta. i just dont get it why he never used that form.
          i do not believe he just skip the first form of god.
          perhaps they have cut it out in this series.

          there are 6 saiyans needed, 5 of them need to transfer their power into 1.

          • Vegeta reached SSGSS on his own. At least the final transformation. He says so right after he reveals it, i think.

        • Goku didn’t either when he became SSG.
          ( In all actuality, Gokus base form is “Saiyan Beyond God” or in other words, SSG. So him fighting in base form all the time is by design.

    • more like a boosted SSJ2/SSB mix. Holy shit this make me wanna time machine to see the next episode… so much fucking hype.

    • Holy crap. Trunks looks like Broly. Dayumn!!!! Dunno how he’s gonna kill black tho since black is invincible and gets stronger with pain.

      • Black isn’t invincible only Zamasu is. As Stated The Goku Black is Zamasu in Goku’s Body But it isn’t Invincible The Zamasu in that world A.K.A. “Future Zamasu” Is Invincible. Goku Black Can get stronger but Future Zamasu Cant as he is Already Invincible. Which means Black can get injured and die.

        • that’s why zamasu gets in front of attacks so black dosent get hit, but for him to get stronger by the minute that’s just silly….no saiyan did this not even brolly

          • maybe when Zamasu got Goku’s body, he figured out a way to abuse that ability and make it as efficient as possible once he experienced it for the first time?

          • true…he was lvling insane to the point of rage power almost every minute …whn they tried to jump him….LEGENDARY SAIYAN GOD was BROLY…cheap hoe he was defeated

        • I’d say Trunks is SSGSS equivilent to super saiyan BLUE. He simply hasn’t concentrated his ki within like Goku and Vegeta in SSBlue form. His Ki is violently lashing out, at that level.

          • Did you hear his voice? And the way his footsteps shook the ground? (scary!) I think it’s totally different from SSGSS because of the way Vegeta look horrified! (Maybe more or less shocked) but it’s seems like he didn’t recognize that process that Trunks went through.
            Plus the fact that Trunks embraced the thought of him being called a “sinner” right before he transformed. “Sinner? Huh?! So Be it!!”
            SSDSS? 😅

      • That blue electrical aura around trunks – for a moment there I thought he had achieved SSJ Blue all on his own, without the training of beerus or the other gods… But then no, he didnt turn blue, just his gold aura of SSJ 2, at least outwardly. Im quite willing to dub Trunks SSJ BADASS haha! But unless goku and vegeta pass their power to him, I dont see how he can beat black, who has attained power to beat SSJ blue Goku. I guess we shall see in the next episode… Damn I cant wait for that!

  1. I don’t think it’s Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. I think this new form is similar to Gohan’s Mystic form. Trunks has been training, for his entire life and unlike Gohan, who had his full potential unlocked by Old Kai. Trunks was able to break through the wall on his own, and reach a stronger version, of Mystic Gohan.

    • dont think so. he’s just seems stuck between ssj and ssjb since he never had the chance to train with god ki. Right now he just doesnt know how to merge the two ki’s (god ki and his own ssj ki) thats why his hair is still yellow.

      • Hmmmm, perhaps you’re right. Now for what this new form could be called. I was thinking Super Sayian Titan. Not quite a full Super Sayian God, but definitely more then a Super Sayian. What do you think Chris?

        • hey man, let me just adjust what i said a bit. I think he is stuck between >SSJ 2< and SSJG. pretty much like goku with his false ssj against slug. he was stuck between kaioken and ssj (kaioken being the form he already can control and ssj being the form he's tapping in to. then same for trunks. ssj2 being the form he can controle and ssj blue that he's tapping in to.) i would name the form false ssj blue 2. also note how he was able to keep fighting zamasu and black for so long while goku and vegeta combined couldnt even push them back for so long, at this point trunks is stronger than goku n vegeta because he's using god ki + ssj2 while goku n vegeta are using god ki + ssj 1. in the newest episode tho, they dont seem to have a problem with fighting them. especially vegeta, who is finally restored to being badass (we'll see how long that lasts) i hopw black manages to escape to the past (goku n vegeta's time) and be a boss they have to fight later on in the series. sorry for the long answer i just like to think things through :p

  2. Vegeta just watching… And again, he lost his will to fight (same thing happened against Freeza). His son could beat his a** off in Super Saiyan mode now.

      • dude but blacks power only increased after fighting with goku in the past….. so how can he kill all the other gods and vegeta before that….???

        • He was already IMMORTAL. Also, fighting IN THE PAST can have retroactive effects in the Future. Meaning that a fight in the past can turn into “experience” immediately for the future version, even if the future version is the one that went in the past.

          It’s way more complicated that it would seem at first.

          • That seems plausible, but Zamasu said he didn’t have to wait for the next wish thanks to the time ring, with respect to the wish for immortality. Maybe his only wish in the present was switching bodies?

          • Well the problem is, we don’t know HOW much time passed between all that. And it was still in the past, it could be way longer in the past. Since Goku was alive in that time line, Zamasu had to travel beyond, to the Android era. How much time he spent in the past is irrelevant for how much time passed for those that trained.

            So most likely, his “present” wish (and that depends which present you talk about… Trunks’s Goku?(Android era, the past), Real Goku (current timeline) or Trunks’s future(The Black&Zamasu inhabited timeline) was that to be immortal.

            But even so, time travelling could give you such a huge advantage it’s incredible. Almost everything can be possible!

    • Don’t be a moron. Just because Broly was a trashy Legendary Super Saiyan, doesn’t mean all will be. Trunks can very well be a LSS, or a whole new breed of Super Saiyan thanks to him getting exposed to those fights and knowledge.

      Also, let’s not forget that some episodes ago he managed to “touch” Vegeta, and Vegeta said he’d train Trunks if he did. Maybe they didn’t show it in the episodes, but it would make sense that Vegeta would train Trunks, even if “off the camera”.

  3. I think Trunks just went super saiyan hulk mode. Aka broly mode. Now I kind of want to see a battle between Trunks in this mode and Broly. I think this is just like the true form of a Super Saiyan. Like 100% rage and anger, if it completely consumed every fiber of your being. Now to wait for the subtitles to find out what the heck actually just happened! *Sigh* How I wish I could speak Japanese!

  4. Goku telling a villain he will never forgive him (at least I think that is what he was saying based on a Spanish sub so I will have to see once the English sub is up). He better mean it this time unlike all the other times…

  5. I will say this for Zamasu, however. It has been a long time since I hated a DB villain this much. I want to see this guy suffer.

  6. Now that was KICK ASS..!! Trunks is totally in the Zone..!! The stylisation is soo BROLY-like..Plz b THE LEGENDARY SSJ..!! <3

  7. Vegeta seems to be suffering from a Burn-out.. Sad to watch him always relegated to the background..He was soooo much fun in DBZ with his Saiyan Fighting instinct..Here, he lectures Beerus, Cabba n Future Trunks on Saiyan Pride but seems LOST during the big battles I.e., Beerus, Hit, that Jelly thing n Black..!! It seems like the moment he senses a stronger opponent, he freezes..!! Come back OLD VEGETA, the one who called Buu a “Swab of spit out chewing gum” after being beaten to pulp by him..!!

    • Dude, Vegeta back in the day was a monster. At this point we just need to see Trunks and Bulma killed so we can just get him to transform to SS White or something.

      • that SS White crap is a joke. looks to SSJ4, which is not akira toriyama material. SSj4 does not exist. GT was fan-driven crap with few good moments. There will be no SS*Anything* resembling that of SSJ4. give it up.

        • akira had nothing to do with the story line but he did the character design of ssj4. this doesnt make it canon material and dbs was made to completely wipe the dbgt story line away from the canon material permanently. i love the gt time line personally but its not apart of the actual story.

    • With Beerus, he had a reason. With that jelly thing, he couldn’t do crap. And with HIT, he didn’t freeze. In fact, it was his Saiyan Pride that had got him in to that situation you are talking about. It is true, he’s in the back line right now. However, as one of Akira’s much used and oldest characters taking the front in this series, I’m sure he and mr. tayo have something big planned for him too. Just be patient like me, other vegeta fans!

    • Vegeta’s prime was from his first arrival to Earth, up to his final fight with Frieza on Namek, watching his hit and run tactics to take out all of Frieza’s top guys, while getting a zen-kai boost every time was a pleasure, I remember not being sure whether he or Goku are stronger prior to Goku landing on Namek, that’s how good that guy ones was.

      Anything he did after that didn’t came close(Majin Vegeta was the closest) to that time, and you’re right at saying so far he’s been a joke in DBS.

      Conclusion: Vegeta as a bad guy = awesome. Vegeta as a good guy = lame.

    • yeah since vegeta got ssblue and almost as powerfull as goku, he just gets 1 shoted by everything …realy?in this episode he barely gets 2 attacks from black and zamasu and his blueform already gone

  8. Wow! Trunks seemed like he became just like Goku. Goku used Super Saiyan Blue power to tame the Kaioken but it seems Trunks unconsciously awakened Super Saiyan Blue power which was clearly taming the power of the legendary Super Saiyan’s. Trunks certainly seems like unlocked the trait of the legendary super saiyan like broly but this overwhelming ki doesn’t making him mad or evil like Broly because the Super Saiyan Blue power is there to tame the wildness of the power of the Legendary Super Saiyan just like Goku tamed the power of Kaioken 100 times against Hit.

  9. Every week I hope that would solve the mysteries, but they puzzle me even more. So, are there more than 2 timelines involved? Also, did Zamasu kill Zeno of this timeline? What is going on?

    • in case you forgot , in DBZ there where at least 3 timelines , the present timeline , the future trunks timeline and the future timeline that cell came from.

  10. people saying trunks is now a legendary SSJ like broly are wrong.
    most likely his anger has partially unlocked god-ki.
    so from the looks of the animation he is somewhere in between SSJ2 and SSJGSSJ.

  11. I think this:

    Trunks is always calm and controlled his KI amazing, the problem what Goku and Vegeta had in the beginning.
    Because he is a protector with goods sins, he is able to controller GOD KI when he finds it.
    It seems that Trunks will be the first LEGENDARY GOD Super Saijan Blue.

    • An apt name, especially for what my theory of his current power is. Just add God to the name. (As written above, I believe he is at or above SSBlue version, without the high concentration of his KI that creates the BLUE form.

  12. I think I know how to be beat zamasu, you just have to destroy his whole body. Also what did Black Goku do about Gohan?

      • How can Gohan go off to fight black in a timeline where Gohan was killed by the Androids? Gohan exists in the initial timeline that trunks visited, but his home timeline still lost Gohan during the android saga.

  13. i don’t see how Trunks unlocking some sort of Half God Half Super Saiyan transformation will make him an equal fighter to the two guys who beat the crap out of two full fledged Super Saiyan Gods. one of which supposedly beat every God (Beerus falling into that category i’m assuming)

    • Just remember they have vegeta (and i’m assuming that they will give a senzu bean to goku and let him recover a bit, then fight) so yeah 😉

    • Meh… Black was weaker than Goku when he went to the past…

      But if Black killed all the kaioshin (who are much weaker than a god of destruction), all the gods of destruction would also be dead…

      Beerus would be killed the moment East Supreme Kai (who is weaker than Fat Buu) died…

      • Uhu, and I just remembered… Didn’t the East Supreme Kai also died in Trunks time line? In combination with the death of the elder kai when Dabura spitted on the sword and the complete absorbation of the other kais in Buu, Beerus was already death…

    • Beerus died in that timeline when the supreme kai died. Not sure if he meant the other kais or kais and gods of destruction.

    • More importantly, you should know Beerus doesnt fall in to that category. Just 4 episodes ago we found out that Beerus is dead because the Supreme Kai got involved in the dabura fight in Trunks’ timeline and died, ending Beerus’s life by extension. The Supreme Kais and Gods of Destruction are sets.

  14. Damn I’m hella confused now. So Zamasu is from Trunk’s timeline but from which timeline is Black Zamasu from? Since Beerus killed him before he could kill Gowasu, he can’t be from Goku’s timeline or can he?

  15. More and more and more plotholes. How could Black kill the Gods of Destruction? I get the supreme kais were weak but how did he kill every god there is? How about zeno?
    What kind of BS is that with Trunks? He skipped so so so many power levels, went from a weak SS2 to whatever that thing is to equal SSB power. He cannot have God ki. He is a halfbreed! What the hell is he, a human-saiyan god?
    I am sorry Toriyama, you created the most legendary anime of probably all time. But you have completely lost it.

    • i agree that Akira has lost it now. Dragonball used to be really simple and now with this arc there are so many plotholes I cant even fathom. I am disapointed in what Dragonball has become. I may just forget dragonball super is a thing and just accept dragonball and dragonball z and the two movies we got. Everything in this arc is f’d up.

    • he killed the gods of destruction by killing the kaioshin. Stop being a dumbass and watch all the episodes. Beerus told goku that kaioshin and gods of destruction are a pair stupid ass.

      • if god of destruction dies Whis wont keep silence and nor the elder attender who was with Zeno…………still toriyama needs to mention lots of things before this arc ends……..

    • Well if you payed attention, SSG was never limited to full blooded Saiyins and on top of that we cannot lose sight of the fact that during the Cell Saga – The potential of half blood Saiyins far exceeded that of Goku or Vegeta. All of which has happened till now makes complete sense, your permanent feminine mind just cannot comprehend these simple terms and concepts. Three timelines, two time rings, one plot.

    • they treat vegeta sometimes with his ego and self respect he deserves to win at least one big battle, hes always useless no matter how strong he gets

  16. I get the feeling… that super saiyan blue, is like super saiyan cloaked in godly ki… result super saiyan god. and this is like… a super saiyan cloaked in godly ki, GOING super saiyan. like a Super saiyan God 2. whole new level of power.

  17. HOW could Black kill every Kai of the Universes without once getting face to face with a God of Destruction or their guardians (like Whis or Vados)?!

    • The Kais and the Gods of Destruction are linked. If the kai dies, the God of Destruction dies. I do not think they mentioned it in the anime yet but it was brought up in the manga

      • Yes they mentioned but it’s dumb if the life of a GOD of Destruction would be so easy to end just by someone killing the Supreme Kai so easy on all universes.They protect Kais to protect themselves.Plus, their guardians(even stronger) don’t die because of a Supreme Kai’s death.

      • WHis life is not linked with kaioshin…since he is attender of God of destruction so he will interupt if kaioshin is being killed, or dying of hakashin……..

  18. SOOOO…I think I have got an explanation.
    Trunks’s time travelling messed up the timelines.He came from the simple future and changed the present – creating a different timeline for it (avoided Goku’s death for e.g) and meanwhile that created a new future of that changed present.(future where Goten would have Goku, young Trunks would grow up having Vegeta alive or the arrival of the enemies Future Trunks didn’t have).

    Zamasu that got killed by Beerus — the present
    Black — Zamasu from the real future of the present, created by Trunk’s actions.
    Zamasu, Black’s partner — Zamasu of the Trunk’s timeline in the future.

  19. yall dumb as hell he just turned into super trunks they just made it more dramaitic with him bursting in rage because of the scenerio that is at play for the moment

  20. Another week with mixed feelings on this episode. I just dont know what to say about Dragonball Super. The part I was disapointed was how goku died by Zamasu. I thought he went back in time in trunks timeline to kill goku before he got the heart virus. Now this is not so. Just how many timelines are there? I am getting confused now. Dragonball used to be simple and fun, but super is making this harder and harder to understand. Is Akira going off his rocker with age? I love Akira for making Dragonball, but what is going on with the timelines. Which timeline is future trunks’s timeline??

    • there are some things that dont make sense but basically everytime trunks goes back in time a new timeline is created but if you have a ring your history of your timeline is not effected which is why black stays the same

  21. So without any kind of intense training, and without being “lent power by 5 othyer Saiyans”, Trunks has managed to achieve some level of God Ki?

    New super bad guy no one can defeat? No worries! In the world of Dragonball, we got transformations fo dayz!

    • Based on the series logic, by battling someone with God Ki enough it rubs off on you and exponentially increases power. Trunks has battled Zamasu and Black at least twice and he’s fought Vegeta in god form at least once to train. Each time he had time to heal and get a Zenkai boost. Couple that with the pure rage he felt after being told he caused all this and you got a recipe for a New SSJ level. I saw it coming after Zamasu and Black started doing their speech to him. I felt his rage from here. That and Goku’s.

  22. How did Goku Zamasu kill all the gods? How the fuck did he beat Beerus? How did Whis let this happen? How did Zeno not notice all of this?

  23. Here’s a theory: Cut off “Black’s” finger. Does his protection from Beerus’s action’s in the past then vanish without the time ring?

  24. I believe trucks burst of energy is passed ssbss because of the way Vegeta n Goku looked when he powered up but I also believe it could be a cross between ssb and ss2 similar to how Goku crossed ssb and kaioken whn he faught hit dats why I believe it is passed ssbss because goku ssbsskaioken was also passed ssbss but still a form of ssbss

  25. But I’ve watched dat power up like 5x and he said i if u wanna call it a sin them fin so wat he jus done in that transformation would be a sin maybe dats why his eyes are all white like broly but I know whn Goku reaches his next transformation it is gone be a real bad ass one

  26. What an asshole argument of Black… I am not suprised that it pissed off Future Trunks so much. This is somewhat new in DB.
    The usual epic rage-powerup goes for Goku but this time it didn’t worked out so well. After all, this is Future Trunks’ fight…

  27. Trunks didn’t just randomly get this new transformation. After they got back from the future the first time he trained with Vegeta remember? Since Whis trained Vegeta, I’m pretty sure Vegeta could train Trunks the same way to control his ki, but the only reason he isn’t a full SSB is because they probably didn’t train long enough for Trunks to fully control it. I feel like that’s the only possible explanation.

  28. What the Heck is this………..when 3 gods: 1:- beerus, 2:- champa and 3:- supreme kai…..Left their jobs to conduct a tournament then Zeno comes to alert them………and now all the kaioshin is dead and same wd hakashins………..still Zeno and his attender is taking naps? or sleeping? and since Whis and other whislike guardians’ life is not linked wd kaioshin what the what they are doin???????



  30. I was trying to focus on the epic fight…But the crazy time travel heist was confusing my brain too much to even try

  31. This is fucking retard…
    First there is no clear logic behind black goku’s creation. I mean if he is the past zamasu, then they already killed him before turning evil. And if he is from future how the fuck is goku n everyone alive in that timeline…
    Then there is this pervert trunks who just wants to fuck mai. He even has fantasies and mental orgasms of her and yet if someone tells that they make a good pair acts as if he doesn’t know a thing. Then this pathetic attempt to make him great by giving him super saiyan god. I mean goku and vegeta worked their asses off at beerus’s place for like 1-2 years to get to a ssg and this asshole gets to a fake ssg just like that. He hasn’t even reached ss3 but somehow goes to ssg half or fake or whatever the fuck that was… This is absolutely fucking pathetic toriyama…
    I was a crazy fan of dbz. I even watched this shit for 60 fuckin episodes. And yet it gets worse day after day. Toriyama is simply trying to recreate the same narrative by taking similar story arcs from dbz which is bizarre considering he wrote 260 episodes of the most awesome and unique cartoon show which built plenty of good and new concepts. He has just lost his creativity. The only new and good thing/ character in this 60 episodes of shitty self copied non time scientific pile is HIT. Yes Hit and his time slowing attacks was the only good and sort of new thing in dbz super. And they just let him be after a 4 episode cameo. He may come back but what’s the fucking point were already 60 episodes deep and only one good thing to talk about. Toriyama you have lost a true dbz fan in me.

    • Even if he is a “fake ssj god” as you call it, there are plenty of theories that could explain why he could skip transformations. (Vegeta skipped ssj3) One that I like is where Trunks, being half-human like Gohan(vs cell) has found a way to access his “compassionate human” side which fuels his Saiyan strength temporarily in a way that a bloodthirsty battle-hungry pure blooded Saiyan could never experience. On top of that he is 17-20 years of age, leaving more room for potential growth than either Goku or Vegeta, whom he’s observed and fought with in their Ssj god transformation for some period of time now. Remember how early Goten was able to become a ssj? Almost purely from having observed it at a young age.

  32. From what we were getting way back, we could have now deduced that Zamasu couldn’t bring out Goku’s full power because he.. Didn’t know how to use it (“This fighting style suits this body”). Now, instead, they forgot about that point and changed it to that Black has actually been taking enough damage to die many times but was instead surviving and getting zenkai after zenkai due to total immortality? How many Beeruses would be equivalent to Goku’s power if he got the same amount of zenkais? He was still able to pummel him into another zenkai after charging up.

  33. So black is not immortal, but zamasu the green one is immortal. so, defeat black first which is possible and then trap zamasu in space time like the evil emperor from the dragon ball movie.

  34. please let me know if im wrong but surely black should be immortal and not Zamasu if black went back in time to before Zamasu had collected any of the dragon balls?

    • time travel is a mind fuck, first original zamasu killed thee kai stol the time ring traveled back in time and switched bodies. Then he went to the current zamasu killed that kai and then they did that bro love thing, collected the balls again then zamasu wished for immortality since goku was already dead.

  35. Holy shit. I agree with the broly vibe, also huge plot twist. This episode reminds me back to the cell games when Gohan lost his shit and fucked up Cell. Looks like the other son of the saiyans is the new powerhouse.

  36. did no one pay attention? Black said the time ring protects him from whatever happened to Zamasu in the past timeline, that is, Beerus killing Zamasu had no effect on Black cause of the time ring.

    Cut off his hand or take the time ring off and he wont be immune anymore and die instantly.

  37. Wait… But Goku fought Zamasu because they were checking on him with respect to Black. Beerus eventually killed that Zamasu. Apparently this Black fought the same SSJ2 Goku. What in the hell led this first Goku to the fight with him? The same animation used with the Zamasu that was killed was reused, but that Zamasu is dead. It can’t be the same Zamasu.

  38. How could Goku Black and Zamasu killed Goku’s family? The vast majority of them/all of them died in the android attack. Toriyama sometimes doesn’t even understand his own logic and it actually gets annoying after a while. Don’t get me started on what he got wrong about his own logic of time for example…

    • Then Goku wouldn’t have existed there in the first place, just like Goten.
      Goku died of a heart virus before the Androids arrived and Goten is conceived in the week before the Cell games.
      The Goku who is switched with Zamasu is the same Goku we have here in Super, but because of a new timeline when traveling back, the Goku here is not affected.
      Basically, Zamasu is ‘sinning’ himself as well, to create a new timeline just to steal Goku’s body. Trunks gets flak for it, but when he does it, it’s all good obviously, and Trunks did it for morally good reasons.

      • There is no good reason for time traveling. Life happens. Can’t sit and reverse time for every thing that happens that you don’t like. It’s why Vegeta told his bitchass never to come back. Just deal with your fucked up world as it is.

      • fair enough. So that makes 4 timelines now? (Our timeline, Trunk’s future, the timeline where cell killed Trunks, the world where black Goku was created)

      • I suppose, tbf though, there is a slim chance that Chichi could’ve survived, after all she’s not a fighter and a fatso like Yajirobe managed to remain hidden and survive both the androids AND Black Goku. Then again they shows Yajirobe dying by one of the android’s blasts in the android saga. Goddamn it Toriyama

  39. God logic: You’re arrogant for changing the past and just making your world a better place, only gods can time travel because we said so, if you idn’t stop your friends from dying then we wouldn’t have used them, to, kill… you… Right…….

    Now explain how Trunks is arrogant? Or were you trying to talk about Trunks before?

  40. This Episode reveals that Zamasu killed all the Gods in all the universes in the future… That means he killed Beerus & even the Omni King? Now thats creepy.. because Omni King is the most freaking powerful..!! Hows that even possible?

    • Not sure about the Omni king, but I’m assuming they killed the Kaio in every universe. Remember, if the Kaio die then the Gods of Destruction also die by default.

  41. One of the best episodes right here

    Nice .. vegeta is my all time favorite but he needs to step it up!!!!

  42. Theory: Remove an ear ring from Black, relinquishes his Kaioshin status. Either this creates some anomaly or makes the time ring inert. Possibly this alone is their one flaw. They don’t go into much detail with the rings though.

  43. How to created the “first” Black Goku ?

    1. Trunks travel to the past for help(present in story), explain the future situation.
    2. Whis+Beerus+Goku travel to present universe 10 to check Zamasu, Zamasu FIRST time meet with Goku.

    How created Black Goku, if before Zamasu never meet with Goku ?

    I think need a another timeline for the full story, because its illogical…

  44. Zamasu and Black will “merge” (fusion) in episode 64 and in episode 65, either Zeno (The Supreme God according to episode 40 tittle) will appear or the fusion IS the supreme god and we will become shocked when the series ends with evil prevailing. It will never be explained what originally caused the first Goku to attack the first, Black Zamasu

  45. Okay. One theory here. Super Sayajin Blue is an imitation. Infusing yourself with god power and such. But that was all done via training to try to awaken the super sayajin god. So, now that brings me to this point: What if Trunks just became THE REAL SHIT. The Supersayan God. Not just a super sayan with god ki. If you catch my drift?

  46. I hope that Goku and Vegeta, would just listen to Whis and Beerus was telling them about working together. Which in this case would me to fuse. If they fuse with the power of two Super Saiyan God super saiyan blue forms. They would be unstoppable. This is crap Trunks skip like 3 to 4 levels what took Goku and Vegeta several years to become. Infact Trunks cannot be Super Saiyan God that can only happen when 6 Saiyans get together and give there energy or whatever to the Saiyan Obvisilly that happened for both God and Vegeta but they mentioned it happening for trucks. I mean I could say maybe they went to the future they did for trunks I really don’t know didn’t I mean 3 Super Saiyan Blues would so much beter.

    • I mean maybe they can say be the left to go the future that there at right now. Maybe they done the thing make Trunks a super Saiyan God which would make sence if they did that would be a beter plan to have 3 Super Saiyan Gods to fight Black and Zamasu. I don’t there is several plot holes right they still have time to explain all of this and make all of it make sense. I won’t Either God to go to new Super Sayian God level or Him and Vegeta to Fuse and that would be a new level. And either Goku beating Black or Goku and Vegeta fuse together and beat Black. Although everytime fusion is used whether it be Gotanks or Gogeta Gogeta only won once in that movie where they went to hell and beat that yellow thing that looked like buu. every other time they used it they lost to buu or ran out of time that includes Gotanks. Even in the GT series when they go Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta they still lost. It took some kinda wish or Spirit Bomb or something I really don’t remember anymore now I remember though that they really weekend Omega Shenron but did totally defeat him as Gogeta so Fusion wheather by the dance or by ear rings is 1 for 4
      in winning the fight so they don’t ussally let them win the fight that way. I wish they did though.

  47. I think you’re all forgetting the important part of Trunk’s transformation, and Goku’s sudden burst of strength. Remember back when Beerus hit bulma? Vegeta got absolutely PISSED, he fought beerus only in the second stage of the ssj transformation, he was very strong in that moment. Saiyans are strengthened by their anger, their power can quickly become boundless once they get angry. Goku exhibited this in the episode, and now Trunks, but I honestly don’t think Goku was quite as angry as he could have been. Goku remained some what composed, and I feel like his anger was just a short burst, but when Trunks got angry, he got REALLY angry, his power increase was so massive in that moment that it even shocked Vegeta, it was sudden. Saiyans feed off of their emotions, and in battle, most of the time, Goku isn’t being serious OR angry, he’s just enjoying the fight. Here, we witnessed a taste of his true power, he got angry and even Vegeta was just like “Wtf just happened?”. This is a good example of an element in fighting that Saiyans don’t often GET to use, when they’re truly angry, they are monstrous, much stronger than they ever were before, their power goes up by leaps, and bounds in those moments, the ceiling is immediately raised for what they’re capable of. Just food for thought.

    • Goku isn’t dead because his body is conditioned beyond comprehension (borderline god status). He didn’t go kaioken because last time he used that he realized that using it anytime soon again would almost assure his body would be permanently crippled (to some degree). Let’s not forget that as a pure blooded Saiyan his primal instinct is to become stronger, disregarding other concerns.

    • He has a bag of sensu beans they try to make you forget he has so it appears more dramatic. Not to mention he could just instantly transmit himself to a far away place with trunks and travel back in time and use the dragon balls to make some wish to make them way stronger…but the point is this anime is about the fun of the drama, tho I agree it does become annoying when obvious choices are ignored, like an otherwise good horror movie where the soon to be victim decides to hide in the house instead of run as far away as possible in a field or something.

  48. Ha ha now I can finally say that this ark doesn’t make any sense and it is so stupid just for the fact that if zabusa is now the only God in the whole damn universe he could easily destroy the earth then create a new one without humans but no…..he has to kill one by one ….and for some odd reason he is more powerful than goku I starting to see this new super saiYan god form very useless

  49. Its how get blow up and all kinda thing nobody ran to him then trunk get an energy ball and everyone ran to him they dont care about goku lol

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