Dragon Ball Super Episode 62 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 62 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 62. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 62 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbsuper.net.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 62. Episode 62 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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115 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 62 Subbed”

  1. OMG This episode had so much of the SQUAD reunited. I missed you Gohan, Goten, Roshi, Piccolo, Chi-Chi, and Krillin. 🙂 Where is Yamcha, Tien, Oolong, Puar, Chiaotzu, Jaco, etc? lol

  2. ||||||SPOILER|||||||

    You’re about a week late, the episode titles and summaries have been out for a while now for EP 62-65. So everyone knows he gets beaten, then Zamasu fuses with Black.

  3. If goku had trouble putting the turtle in the jar… wouldn’t it be impossible for him to do that to zamasu or black since they’re so much stronger than a mere turtle?

  4. People say that Dragon Ball super has a lot of talking and not enought fighting, but if you watch dragon ball z, there is alot of talking there too.

    • I agree however the fight seens lasted so much longer than BDS, I was hoping this ep the fighting would be longer especially after Trunks looking like he had a new form which faded too quickly and he got his ass beat again

  5. What the hell. All this show has been for the past month is “Go to the future, get our asses beaten, go back to the past, talk a bit, go to the future again with no real plan.” This is getting really freaking old.

  6. wowowow can this show get any better!? im on the edge of my seat every freaking week. Next week looks like pure epicness (63)

  7. I was hoping the solution would’ve been fusion instead of the sealing technique. That way we could’ve seen Vegeto/Gogeta again in Super Saiyan Blue, perhaps a level past that.

  8. !!!!****SPOILER*****!!!!

    So, Zam n Black fuse in ep.64, but no confirmation if that’ll prompt a fusion of Goku n Vegeta, though most probably it will..Then, Gogeta/Vegito uses Mafuba against a merged Bla-Zam..??!! The Supreme God in the title of ep.63 most likely refers to the supreme Kai that Zamasu is..I wish Vegeta gets his due soon..

    • Right? The mere fact that Bulma shows no faith in him to actually have any sort of impact on this fight is incredibly insulting to Vegeta.

      • it’s “ok” the biggest problem with this episode and most people have with super is that they use motion tweens (moving a static image across the screen while making it bigger or smaller) instead of drawing new frames, the end result has less impact because of it

    • Yeah, they completely ruined the epicness of the cliffhanger with poor animation from Trunks just like how Goku went berserk last episode and the animation was so slow compared to their grunts when throwing punches.

      At 5:41, Trunks stands back up and charges up, he looks like he’s chibi. I love the show even though the exposition is getting too repetitive just because they need some filler. If the animation was better, I wouldn’t be bothered by all the exposition.

      I kinda wish someone with some talent (or a community of talent) would start redrawing these episodes. There are already so many fanmade recreations/fixes to clips of earlier episodes that look fantastic. I know it’s a tall order, but the results would be fantastic if there was some passion put into the art.

  9. I wanted to vegeta to hear trunks and goten talking about fusion to beat black and it give him a idea to fus with goku and bring gohan to fus with future trunks

  10. the fact that they are ending this arc really soon makes me happy. I am ready for a new arc. This one was worse then the garlic junior saga arc in DBZ.

    • Really exicted for the big universal tournament coming can’t wait to see all the new characers that will be Introduced.

    • Yeah I’m waiting for a fusion Vegito/Gogeta Blue would like to see how he fares against them.

      I wonder how he’d do against Beerus or Whis as well. We do know they are stronger than those two but by how much?

      Whis already said the guy at the Omni-King’s place is even more powerful than he so our two heroes are still ‘weak’ compared to the new characters. Makes me wonder.

  11. why do you people want to see goku and vegeta fuse so badly?

    i dont really like fusions. It just seems unfair.
    also gotenks is a pain to watch and listen to.

  12. I reckon Goku will manage to seal them up in the next episode, Zamasu and Black will then fuse and the fused version will break out of the container. Then Beerus will turn up and destroy Zamasu with one attack (JK about the last bit)

  13. Flashback Mai from Mafuba scene has blue eyes. Current kid Mai and Future Mai of Future Trunks timeline have black eyes. This prove the Dragon Ball have some small side effects 😛

  14. Wow, I get why she has placed her faith in Goku having known him forever, but it’s pretty insulting to Vegeta that his wife doesn’t even mention that he could make a difference in the fight against Zamasu and Black.

  15. I guess it’s safe to say that Vegeta will defeat Black enough for Goku to perform the Mafuba. It’ll give Vegeta some time to shine and finally take on a major villain.

    I honestly thought Trunks got Goten to train as Gotenks. They wouldn’t be of much use really, but I thought they might actually go to the future to help. When they lose, they would inspire Goku and Vegeta to finally work together like Beerus and Whis have told them to and fuse à la SSGSS Gogeta.

    Or if that wasn’t going to be it, I thought maybe Gohan’s sudden realization again that he’s useless and oblivious to everything going down around him and would join the fight maybe reaching a new level or even fusing with Future Trunks as they have both shown a berserk mode now or at least just the fact that Gohan was his mentor so it’d be kinda poetic for Gohan to “fill the shoes” of his alternate self for a bit.

    • I hope they really put the time to use Future Trunks bought them. I mean, in none of any previous story arcs the Z fighters were so reckless as to fight a bad guy unprepared (except when they appeared out of the blue).

  16. Akira really hinted towards fusion but I think Monaka-Sama will use the mufaba to seal the fused Zamasu after defeating them in combat realizing their immortality.


  18. that moment when you expect Piccolo to mention fusion but then says he should seal them with the Mafuba sealing technique…

  19. This arc is pretty bad tbh. Maybe its because we’re all older now and have seen too many great animes and tv shows in comparison since the DBZ days, but the plot is getting old. They went to the future, got their asses beat then went back and then went to the future again with no plan and got their asses handed to them AGAIN?

  20. Keep in mind that Goku still has that button from Zeno, which he can press if Goku ever wants to hang out with Zeno. If things get really dire, he could just press the button and ask Zeno to put an end to this.

  21. Major teases for me 1 gohan getting mad, thought we would see him getting back in action. And the false hope for gogeta. What else is gonna give me false hope.

  22. doesnt the mafuba technique lead to the users death right after? Its how roshi died against piccolo and its why mutaito died after sealing piccolo

  23. you Know every one is saying they need to turn into Vegito or Gogeta i say they need to turn into the strongest piece of candy there is LOL

  24. I like how goku gets his ass kicked as much times he did in the whole series of dbz in this season alone with black and zamasu

  25. The only move Trunks hasn’t done that belongs to Vegeta is Big Bang. You can see he did Galick Gun in the preview, and he did Final Flash in the first fight. Wonder if Vegeta taught them to him, or maybe its like when Goku 1st saw Roshi do the Kamehameha and copied it.

  26. Loved the episode.
    Chi Chi is a great, love to see her violent self making a scene.
    Good incorporation of all the old timer characters.
    My prediction is Mafuba works but fails (they break out somehow) and then Fusion happens, the Zamasu’s and the Saiyans.
    I think the storyline is still unpredictable which makes it a great watch

  27. Could it be that trunks has achieved only half blue form since he is half breed? Maybe that is a mix of halfbreed ssj2 god form. He got trained by vegeta so it is plausible vegeta told him how to achieve the god form and he learned to control his ki.

  28. ey are they Sirius about those animations, did those guys even watch dbz? Or is this just a scheme to get us to buy the Blu-ray, this is kind of like god of war 2 that I just played were one has to play through the game to unlock the High definition mode. anyways its working I will definitely buy the Blu-ray when it comes out: D

  29. That transformation that Trunks used, reminds me of the False Super Sayin form that Goku took against the Super Namekian in that one movie I can never remember the name of. Though the Movie was non-cannon… So I wonder what Trunks is doing… And how that transformation is explained as he apears to be dual weilding Ki like a boss.

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