Dragon Ball Super Episode 64 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 64 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 64. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 64 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 64. Episode 64 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.




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100 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 64 Subbed”

  1. Is it possible to for “Goku and Vegeta” to beat the merged “Black Zamasu”,,,,,,if they do they need to do “Fusion” then it can possible ,.

    i need to know suggestion Guys,,,,,What you think about it ??????????

    • Vanilla Zamasu is not that strong, just immortal. He has no Zenkai, and both Goku and Trunks can easily contain him. But Blackasu will be no fun to deal with for sure. If he’s immortal as well, then there would be no point even if all five (Goku, Trunks, Vegeta, Kaioshins) fused. According to Checkov’s gun, Blackasu (or Zamack) will be imprisoned with the Mafuba.

      • If we’re going literary devices… I would counter with, I think the Mafuba turned out to be a red herring… I think if anything the Zeno buton is Ceckov’s gun. It’s the shotgun in the room introduced in the first act.

    • from the highlight of the next ep they will not fuse but will beat him separate way, eventualy after all the beating goku manages to land a killing blow and that’s the end …preaty stupid ofc

  2. it is not possible to beat black because it seems he increases his power faster than goku and vegeta maybe this is because he has kaioshin habilities

          • Zamasu had none because as apprentice he probably had no substantial power, aside from his combat skills. Universe 10’s God of Destruction would have become his counter god after succeeding Gowasu. Since Gowasu was killed, Universe 10’s God of Destruction is out of the picture.

          • It’s still strange that Universe 10’s God of Destruction did not show up at all after Gowasu was rescued.

    • I don’t think it is important, do you remember how Beerus deleted, young Zamasu ? He didn’t use his strength, he didn’t fight, it was more like ultimate delete spell, which don’t require strength but is some kind of ultimate destruction power given by ZenΓΆ

  3. when the things going hell, Goku will play with his last card: will call “king of all” for help. You’ll see πŸ˜‰

  4. I’m calling it now.
    Ep65: Zamasu beats Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks and has an entire episode showing off to do it.
    Ep66: Goku and Vegeta fight a bit longer and decide to use fusion via earings and starts showing off their power.
    Ep67: Gogeta/Vegeto/Whoever fights hard and they all stop pulling punches.
    Ep68: The fight continues, because it’s DragonBall… and they always do… and something happens with Trunks to continue some side story thing that may expand later.
    Ep69: Zamasu seems to be evenly matched, so final move time. They pull a Freeza saga and the final move doesn’t work(Like the failed Spirit Bomb on Freeza from pre-SSJ Goku).
    Ep70: Game changer time… an unexpected something happens and *POOF* Zamasu is either defeated or near defeated and it has something to do with Trunks.
    Ep71: After a hard fought victory, Goku remember his “GoodGame” button to Zeno and Vegeta is like “You could have used that the WHOLE TIME?” and Vegeta verbally assaults Goku again for being a complete ditz. The next (and possibly final) arc opens up after like 2-4 filler episodes and catch-up with Beerus and Whis.

    • Nah, I don’t think they’ll drag it that long.. I’d say:

      Ep 65: Zamasu v Goku, Vegeta and Trunks. No use. He’s too strong.
      Ep 66: Last ditch effort. Super Powered Kamehameha. Maybe Spirit Bomb?
      Ep 67: Here comes Vegito. Almost does it, but still not enough.
      Ep 68: But wait! We have another pair of earrings! What’s this? Gogetenks? (Okay, probably won’t happen, but this episode will still be some kinda filler).
      Ep 69: Enough fucking around. Zamasu is no longer immortal because of fusion (oops). Zamasu is beaten.

    • Final arc? what makes you think Super, which has nearly as many viewers as Dragon Ball Z did, would go the way of GT? Why wouldn’t DB Super run the length of the original Dragonball at least, if not DBZs? It’s story already clearly erases the very idea of GT to begin with – so there’es after the traditional last episode of DBZ as well.
      Unless in some way Goku and Vegeta were both to lose their super saiyan god powers somehow, and everyone on Earth magically forgets 5 saiyans can make another SSG, Frieza forget’s the whole experience with his golden transformation, and somehow hell turns into GT’s version magically, from what it was portrayed in Super. Then there’s the sudden existence of the Black Star Dragonballs and the very idea of GT’s Galactic scale being vastly inferior. Pilaf gang is quite nuetralized, especially with the Trunks/Mai thing going on right now. (not to mention this is just off the top of my head, and i guarentee i can dig up more evidence that GT= Entirely not canon)

      Although most of what your prediction for the current arc is probably damn near true, there’s one more element you’re missing that will expand this arc further, and in to the next one with few “filler” episodes.
      The Supreme Kai is still there. What if he were to, I dont know… Die?

      • Although several other arcs would be a fun thing to watch, I don’t see it happening much further. Call it a hunch; but I think at most it will be one more arc THEN the universe tournament. I kinda got that when Vegeta and Goku agreed that they simply can’t get much stronger and are near capped out.

        I know there is the whole fusion mixes, black dragonballs, etc… thing but I doubt it will happen. Again, just a hunch.

      • “Ep65: Zamasu beats Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks and has an entire episode showing off to do it. ”

        Pretty much seems accurate.

        “Ep66: Goku and Vegeta fight a bit longer and decide to use fusion via earings and starts showing off their power.”

        Dunno, seemed like that is what the next one will be.

  5. “My power has surpassed even my own understanding” That line was so epic. I love how ridiculously powerful these characters are becoming. Looks like Black opened up some kind of wormhole just from swinging that scythe. Crazy. I wonder what would have happened if it actually hit Vegeta.

  6. It really does not seem like Goku’s style to hit the Zeno button, no matter how bad things look. Goku always wants to figure things out on his own if he can. It is possible, however, that the button might fall out on the ground. Zamasu may pick it up and ask what it is. Goku will tell him. Zamasu will say “BS!” and hit the button.

    Option #2: The button falls out and Yajirobe hits it

  7. Another plot, Supreme Kai is now in the future. If the god of destruction and supreme kai are meant to be alive at the same time, then beerus or other god is already there. Then, he will show off and wipe some ass!

    • You clearly haven’t been watching the show. If Beerus was to show up he already would have when he was invited a few episodes back but DECLINED due to time traveling being taboo.

    • and that he didn’t die, cuz mafuba takes your life form, prob they will say as a ssj2 or what form does trunks has now its more than enough to do the technique and not die

      • Mafuba is just a big use of energy, way too much for people in the original Dragon ball to use up, hence why it killed them.

        • Yeh, Tien learns it just from watching Roshi, and he doesn’t die after performing it on Drum. These guys are many thousands of times stronger than him

  8. Fusion isn’t NEEDED at the moment. YES, they’ve been beaten ALOT in SSB but they still have a chance to do this without fusion. In the Buu Saga they were about to die and that was the need. However, even if they DID fuse, if they used the fusion dance then the time would be not enough because of the amount of Ki they are consuming. In my opinion, the Omni King Button will NOT be used as the situation isn’t DANGEROUS enough for that to be necessary.

    • I will agree that there will be no fusuin dance but there is a chance for potara, and i have a hunch the battle will get to the point that zeno will come without goku using the button anyway

    • In Buu saga they only barely could do it because Kid Buu was a lot less strong (but not less dangerous) than Super Buu with everyone absorbed.

  9. I think I talk in the name of anyone who watched this episode
    The mafuba part was the best moment in Dragon ball super so far

  10. Vegito will happen for SURE! There is a reason the two Kai’s are still hanging around…. about 20 episodes later, they will tell Goku and Vegeta to fuse lol.

  11. My prediction, Goku and Vegeta fuse. It’s debatable and, ultimately, irrelevant as to how because, either way, it’s not enough. Zamasu is still immortal and can’t be beat with sheer force. Enter Beerus. Here, we find out that Vegito/Gogeta is actually stronger than Beerus and they team up. Ultimately, they’re losing against Zamasu when they accidentally hit the button to summon Zeno. Zeno arrives and defuses Vegito (or Gogeta’s time runs out) and Goku tells him that Zamasu is the “friend” that he wanted to introduce him to. Zamasu attacks Zeno, thinking himself all powerful and is angry that Zeno allowed humans to exist in the first place. Zeno thinks its a game and destroys Zamasu after playing with him for a bit. Zeno thanks Goku for introducing him to such a wonderful playmate that he forgives all the time jumping crap and revives everyone on Earth and then sends everyone home. Beerus wets himself at some point during this.

    • Good question. Even in the Buu saga it was not entirely clear whether he actually intended to defuse at some point, nevermind that they didn’t event know it was possible.

  12. Can anyone here just be happy that it is Dragon Ball? I mean, “come on.” Granted some shows eventually become repetitive or played out; but this is Dragon Ball continuing the awesomeness we all loved since we were children watching on Cartoon Network when Dexter’s Laboratory was still on and…..Look I love Dragon Ball, so no complaints from me. I say either watch the show and stop whining or whine else where and not watch the show.

  13. The shit they pull for Black is really stupid at this point. So Vegeta spends years in the hyperbolic time chamber to train through anger, then has that epic speech about Black being a fake saiyan, but then they take all of that away by giving black a “scyth of anger” with the “pent up hate for humans” which somehow equates to Vegeta’s years of training? This shit makes no sense, just lazy writing to make the antagonist stronger.

  14. My guess is that Goku and Trunks use potara fusion since vegeta is too proud to do so again with goku and he always says he’d rather die then fuse with goku. Plus Trunks and Goku would be interesting visually to see. Prob won’t happen but figure I’d throw out something different as a possibility :).

  15. Another possibility is the Kai’s could go back to the current timeline and bring back the seal for the jar and then also bring back a few more saiyans so that they can make either vegeta(i hope) or goku back into a saiyan god by having 6 saiyans join powers. They should have done this to begin with right before they traveled to the future but who knows with all the random twists and turns the writers put in what will happen. I’ll be pissed if this weeks episodes is all fillers and only getting a preview of something cool next episode.

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