Dragon Ball Super Episode 67 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 67 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 67. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 67 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 67. Episode 67 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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113 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 67 Subbed”

    • He should have gone back in-time to before Future Gohan’s death, bring Whis along, then he could have taken out Zamasu, Majin Buu (cause he was apparently nothing to him), AND the androids! Happy ending for all!

      • Or resurrect the whole timeline, without Zamasu and with good Androids by using Super Dragon Balls! Pity that it won’t happen…

        • True! Gone back to a time before their invasion, then he’d have everybody again, including Vegeta but RIP Goku still. But he’d still have the rest of the Z-Fighters, then he could have destroyed the androids and cell early on, none of them had to have died, probably could have gained his future father’s approval, then when babidi and dabura came by, killed them again like nothing, then brought Whis along to kill off Zamasu and Black. Now that truly would have been a happy ending! If only he thought about his actions more before going back into the past! Granted there still would have been another Trunks, but a kid trunks, and older Trunks could have served as his older brother and gained his respect, like the current timeline Trunks gained the current timeline kid trunks’ respect. Now that would have been a way to finally terminate his story on a high note! If only…

          • Goku dying from a heart attack can’t be cured by a dragon ball wish?!?!? Fuck outta here with that shit. Heart disease is greater than Shenron…yeah right.

          • Even if Goku has heart disease it can be cured with a wish from Shenron or he could be brought back to life if it’s too late…derrrr. I’m sure curing heart disease is within Shenron’s power.

      • Fusion Dance is stronger, only if both of them are on Exact Same Power levels,

        there will be a significant power gap between old Future Trunks and Current Future Trunks, so i doubt they will ever perform fusion dance,

        although they can train and achieve same power levels, then it will be delight to see Trunks fusing with Trunks

  1. Well……that was an anticlimactic ending. Kind of wish it would have turned out with it ending after the last episode with everyone alive and Trunks being the hero. Eh oh well. Dragonball: What are you going to do, am I right? Now we wait for the hit tries to assassinate Goku arc. Sure hope Gohan finally does something again!

  2. OMG This episode was so freaking crazy and I loved every minute of it!! After everything the humans on Trunks’ world faced, EVERYONE DIED in the end. That’s just so sad to think about. Even those kids died! Now the whole timeline has been abandoned and it doesn’t even have a Zeno. Speaking of Zeno, there are two in one timeline now! Who would have guessed Zeno would be his own friend? lol People are going to be mad, but I love Toriyama for never doing what’s expected. Now Trunks and Mai are the last survivors of their world and living on another world with their doubles. So weird! I wonder how that will play out in the future. And holy crap, The Grand Priest is Whis’ father??? This episode was EPIC. I had to rewind it multiple times.

    • I see Zamasu’s transformation as something of an Ass Pull. There’s no way he was that powerful! And yes, this episode is FANTASTIC!

      • It was weird that that happened, but it lined up with what Black said about being so powerful he doesn’t know the extent of what he’s capable of. Personally I liked it because it reminded me of Berserk.

      • Well, now everyone will be alive and there will be 2 Trunks, 2 Mai, and 1 Zeno because the other Zeno is now in the present playing with present Zeno (was gonna say playing with himself but oh god why). So THAT works out. But shit… 2 Zeno in the present. That’ll be crazy.

        • They are going to another timeline where there will be a Zeno. That timeline where even Zeno left it is just garbage…all the gods are dead…Earth in universe 7 was just wiped out if not the entire part of that universe…and Zeno bounced and said eff this piece…Trunk’s timeline was just ruined. But one thing was never explained…………….WHY THE F**K DID HE ALL OF A SUDDEN HAVE BLUE HAIR WHEN HE HAD PURPLE HAIR EVERY OTHER TIME.

      • I was referring to Trunks’ main timeline. There’s no Zeno because he’s now in Goku’s timeline with the other Zeno. The new timeline Trunks is going to have a Zeno.

    • YOU REWINDED THIS EPISODE…………………………………………….FOR WHAT?!? So you could bust in your panties over basic information that’s not that mindblowing the first time you hear it? Live that L.

  3. Can we just take a minute to appreciate how gohan had his original highschool badass hair and also that trunks is actually hella older than gohan in gokus timeline

    • Was thinking the same. I was upset when they normalized Gohan’s hair considering it seems to be a common cut like Yamcha got. Both of them had some awesome long hair and I wish they’d kept it. But now it’s like “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone” and I’ve gone from disliking it to I’m so glad they brought it back!

    • I think that’s because he was training with Piccolo. I hope that he’ll take part in later arcs, especially with fighting. Other women too.

  4. this was unexpected that zeno assistant who would be a father of Whis this was the real suspense for goku and vegeta and Beerus

  5. It’s pretty cool, two Trunks in one timeline, they could merge together when fighting a strong enemy. I hope Dragon Ball Super will get more than 100 episodes, hope they will extend the contract. SO much potential here.

  6. You may have almost Cried i did cry and ive watched every episode of Dragon ball plus movies and even GT ive never been more emotional Trunks And Gohan were my favorite characters of the whole series im still pretty shook up the things a animated Tv show can do to you is crazy wow

  7. Was Gohan coming back from training with Piccolo? He was panting really hard but he was in his non-training attire so not too sure..


  8. Isn’t having two zeno’s in one universe a bad thing they both have unbeliveable power. now that the gods have to deal with two of them this will end badly it’s like when they said if two gods of destruction fought the universe would be destroyed imagine if that was the case for Zeno two of them can wipe out the very meaning of exsistence so scary

    • That was just a bad writing decision…should of just had the Zeno from the regular universe come in a time machine with them and wipe out smog zam……they had Zeno floating around in nothingness upside down like an idiot…as if he wouldn’t have just went back to his palace after wrecking that part of the universe….silly writing…but let’s be real Zeno will destroy the universe with it’s cuteness…2 ZENO’S IS AN OVERLOAD OF SILLY JAPANESE CUTENESS…REST IN PEACE UNIVERSE….it’s like being mauled to death be a liter of puppies….puppies with no power to kill you but you just died because they were too damn cute.

  9. Who else thinks it would have been a greater story if Black turned out to be GOTEN….I thought he looked more like Goten than Goku…due to being skinnier and younger looking than Goku would have looked in that timeline. It would have made sense if it were Goten and the story was written better. But regardless this story arc is the best that Super has had so far. I still think it would have been a lot cooler if Black was a grown up Goten turned evil…and if that future Trunks was not the same one from the Cell saga…seeing as how he had blue hair now…which was never explained…he would been similar to the one from that timeline but instead…both he and Goten survived and with Gohan’s training became strong enough to fight off the androids…but somewhere along the line Goten gets corrupted by his growing power…liviing up to the potential that Gohan never did…or still keep it the same with Zamusa taking notice of Goten’s incredible power and wanting to switch bodies with him and a normal Zamusa coming to that future using the ring and assisting in fulfilling the now Zamusa in Goten’s body’s goal for domination. I think this would have made it more interesting…just for the fact of seeing an older powered up Goten…instead of a evil body switched Goku. Still it was a great story compared to the other arcs in Super so far….but I still think Dragon Ball Absolom is way more interesting…but also way too slow in producing episodes. LOOK IT UP ON YOUTUBE.

  10. So now that Trunks knows about the Super Dragon balls, why don’t he go and hunt them down, since they will exist in the time they’re heading to.
    Or just stay in the current timeline tbh. that would’ve been much less contrived…. why did it all end like this? so wierd lol.
    And doesn’t this mean theres a timeline without Zeno now? just because they destroyed one world in one universe in THAT timeline doesnt mean…. fuck my head hurts….
    Fuck time travel, I’m so happy this is ending.

  11. Wait wtf?! I just saw the preview for the next episode, King Kai already had the nameks wish him back! When did he die again?

  12. Trunks you did protect the world. You and Bulma invented a time machine and changed history. You created another universe where everything not only survives but thrives.


  13. now you all gay machist fucks can celebrate that gotrash piece of shit elimated the best caracters now this show is just crappy and gay blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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