Dragon Ball Super Episode 68 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 68 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 68. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 68 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 68. Episode 68 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



Episode 68-71 + NEW ARC Details Revealed!!
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84 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 68 Subbed”

  1. i can see that King Kai will hire Hit to take care of Goku for this idiotic way of delaying to revive King Kai.. for X amount of years… The rage of King Kai

  2. Such an annoying filler episode. 20 minutes to wish to heal a sick kid(pan), there I just saved you all 20 minutes, your welcome. And the preview is for more filler, it’s of goku fighting some 1 episode female antagonist child that looks like a raging feminist that is somehow strong even tho it makes no sense. Hopefully in another 2 episodes we’ll be back to business as usual, hang in there people.

          • The first part of the series was excellent. You just have poor taste and a short attention span. “Fans” like you hate anything that isn’t fighting and explosions.

          • lol listen fagatron…don’t tell me how to be a fan. Dragon ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super are all different series for a reason…you can’t tell someone they are not a true fan just because we don’t like Dragonball. I like every other series except for dragon ball. Know why? Because dragon ball was too kiddy and slow…no1 would know wtf a “Goku” is it weren’t for Z

          • Dragon Ball isn’t a different “series” from Dragon Ball Z you idiot. They’re all based on ONE CONTINUOUS MANGA. The original manga (Both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z) were initially just called “Dragon Ball”. So for you to be talking about Dragon Ball Z as if it’s something different, shows you’re not a real fan, and you don’t know what you’re talking about. How can you say you’re into a story and not like the beginning of the story, or know anything about how the story started out? You must be a child with ADD. Anything that doesn’t have transformations, laser beams, and constant fighting is boring to you. Funny how you say the first part of Dragon Ball is “kiddie” yet the whole reason you like Dragon Ball Z is for kiddie reasons. lol True ADULT fans care about the characters, the story, and comedic aspects of the series.

          • I like basketball too…and also Kobe Bryant…But that doesn’t make e give af about watching Kobe play basketball in elementary school. They are different series. If not they wouldn’t be named differently. you’re getting all faggy for me telling the truth. Most of the fans came from the best series…Which was obviously Dragon Ball Z..Where Goku is an adult and learns about his heritage. DB SUCKED…you can argue with me all day…But network and TV statistics say that DRAGON BALL Z made the series a classic world wide renown anime

          • It makes no sense to compare a story to real life. No one expects a person to watch what another man is doing from childhood, but most people with some common sense start stories FROM THE BEGINNING and not in the middle. It is one story, and it always has been that way since Toriyama put pen to paper and drew it. I’m not going to “argue all day”, I’m just going to block you now because you’re stupid.

          • Dragon Ball by far was the most adulterated one of the three. The amount of sexual innuendos in DB was absurd. It was a much more raunchy anime than DBZ, DBGT, or Super. It only had somewhat less swearing in comparison to the rest, and a bit more cheap humor

          • dragonball was the best of the series. best fights in the whole series are in the world tournaments from dragonball.

          • I get that. Glad you have that opinion. It’s yours to keep and share or whatever. Dude is just being a fanboy because most of the world don’t care much for the series that actually started everything. I knew DBZ was real when Goku died within the 1st couple episodes fighting side by side with Piccolo of all people in order to save the world and his son from his Saiyan brother?..finally telling Goku about where he’s really from?..shedding some light on why he has had that tail? DBZ was Nothing but Awesome from then on…but I respect your opinion though. I’m definitely not trying to sway your thoughts…however that guy above feelings got hurt..He’s actin as if I just hid his dildo from him or something.

          • Sales and popularity does not in anyway prove that something is good. Only that it sells and is popular. That preview revealed stuff not only from Dragon Ball but even before that and I have no idea how well Super is doing, but this seems to be the direction the show is going for, re-introduce old stuff that most may not have even heard about.

          • completely agree even the universal tourdament aren’t that good they spend too long fighting characters that have a inebitable loss.

          • dragon all was better than dbz because there weren’t 15 minute power up scenes and there were no new techniques and abilities unlike what dragon ball had

          • there is n need to have a ten minute power up scene weather there is power ups or not, powerups are realy childish any way goku used to train and get stronger but the first super saiyan had so much hype because it was a big jump of power

          • IDK why I keep arguing with you guys…THERE IS STATISIC PROFF THAT SAYS DBZ is better than DragonBall…And that’s from Rating to mechadise and video sales…You guys can not argue this with me. it’s the more popular show out of the two for a reason.

          • not better but it allready had popularity so most people watched from there since they dont want to catch up on 100+ episodes i think

          • except she’s not? She’s an Easter Egg from doctor Slump, which happens to be in the same universe. Doesn’t really count though

    • What the hell are you talking? This episode was not bad at all, it was better than other fillers in DBZ. Regarding the next episode, it is going to be epic fo any akira toriyama’s fan, as there will be a cross over between Dr slump and Dragonball.

    • ‘ female antagonist child that looks like a raging feminist that is somehow strong even tho it makes no sense.’

      Bitch do you even Toriyama?

    • Your bad at describing stuff .-. it didnt take 20 minutes to heal pan so you should think before lying to everyone and the reason of why there are filler episodes in dragon ball super its because its more normal did you really think after defeating goku black and zamasu you say oh okay now goku,vegeta and the others gotta fight a new villain because i want them to do so and i dont care if the true fans of db/dbz and dbs think its better

  3. That was good. I am happy Pan got better. She is so cute! I would really love to see her join the z-fighters later on down the line…in a new light. (So not like GT.) But i’m just waiting for when they’ll finally grow Trunks and Goten. They’ve been young for too long! At least make them teenagers or something! Toriyama please! ;-; I enjoyed this slice of life episode! Can’t wait for the next one!

  4. “And that day I finally learned I should keep multiple backups in multiple locations of my most important work.”

  5. I’ve always found Pan annoying as eff in GT and I have never even watched GT. But, boy did she get more annoying in Super. I wish she’d just go away. Bitch.

  6. to those saying Arale is from Dragon Ball, ummm no she’s not. She’s from Dr. Slump. Lol though it took them a long time to make her reappearance

    • she first appear in the manga Dr. Slump which came out before the original dragon ball, she then appeared in dragon ball and helped kid goku fight the red ribbon army, then she last made an appearance in episode 30 something of DBS and now she will be in the next episode.

  7. this is actually really annoying and stupid. Apart from Gohan (who if he has a part Saiyan child, she’s hardly likely to get very sick from a fever) all the z fighters just had materialistic and easy to fulfill wishes (Bulma proved that) and even Bulma could’ve got Goku to help her easily. Yet, they were all fighting like animals, which they’re rarely supposed to do and prioritise over reviving someone? Difference or not, you’re putting your STUPID FUCKING GIFTS OVER REVIVING A DEAD PERSON? THAT’S NOT HOW THE Z FIGHTERS ACT! Then they just PISSED US OFF AT THE END

    fuck this…

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