Dragon Ball Super Episode 69 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 69 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 69. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 69 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 69. Episode 69 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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127 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 69 Subbed”

  1. xenoverse n é melhor jogo ! os poderes são todos iguais indiferente do KI e nen tudo quebra no cenario!!!!! no Lemming ball temos aumento do tamanho dos poderes relacionado ao KI e td quebra!!!
    xenoverse is way worse then (http://www.moddb.com/mods/super-lemming-ball-z)The powers are all equal indifferent to KI and not everything breaks in the scenario !!!!! In Lemming ball we have increased the size of the powers related to KI and everything breaks !!!

    No need to complain! I am right! The game industries nowadays is no good! all of them are lazzy as shit!!

    • The simulcast makes the subbed come out quicker than it usually would as more people work on it rather than one person subtitling the whole episode

  2. Please…Do not bring that Arale thing back. Beerus should have destroyed that annoying stupid thing. If Arale is brought back, I hope it dies a horrible death and suffers greatly….even though the bitch is a robot.

      • Not to mention, even if a UFO HAD to be specifically an alien ship, why would Vegeta being from a different planet mean he couldn’t use it. Since it’s not like other creatures from other planets WOULDN’T be considered alien to him … I’m really curious as to what people think a UFO is…

  3. ANIME CRUZERS. You guys made a big mistake. The torrent download for 480p DB super ep 69 is incorrect. I downloaded it and the wrong show downloaded instead of DB Super ep 69. http://viid.me/qw5b3e – 480p Full Size Torrent is the wrong show, this comes up instead [HorribleSubs] Folktales from Japan – 243 [480p].mkv

  4. damn! i am 20 . never ever do that type of thing again. make something to match up the hype created by black. maintain it dont ruin it.

    • Because Japanese viewers found it fun and also they are the targeted audience for this show, you may not like this episode but it was enjoyable for me.

    • I appreciate this episode because this type of story telling is Toriyama’s comfort zone. Despite him being credited as a mastermind when it comes to DBZ, the seriousness of DBZ isn’t really what he’s comfortable with. He’s better at completely nonsensical, but purely for fun storytelling, which is what Dr. Slump was when that was serialized in the 80s.

    • not really. arale is a toonforce character, and thus has practically fourth-dimensional powers that allow her to bend reality.

    • nopes buddy, goku/vegita wasn’t serious at all and overall, for DBS Arale is a fictional character(gag comic char. as said in the episode)

  5. instead of Arale thing they could have made Beerus challenging Vegeta and Goku as Vegito as a friendly battle, it could have been better.

  6. I always used to say people shouldn’t complain about DBS. How often does it happen that an anime returns after years?! But, what the eff?! First of all, it is not all all violent. You get effing shot or pierced, not even a drop of blood. Where is the realism? Like, what are you not making it like that?! Secondly, Gohan that effing gay ass pussy. He is the biggest disappointment ever, His life doesn’t go past the bitch Videl and that annoying ass effing Pan. What about your family? What about the world? Thirdly, how can a God like Saiyans be so easily defeated by her? ! Argh…

  7. Not their best work but I still liked it. But I was kind of hoping Trunks had finally grown up but oh well, guess that will never happen at this rate. I kind of like Arale but I don’t think that should happen again unless they make her badass like in the original dragonball versus some badguy. Don’t hate me, sir Toriyama. It was just so cringey. ;-;

  8. Was this some deadpool 4th wall “comic character” so weird? Anyways there was like 30 seconds of funny semi-funny stuff but the rest just seems like a completely different show. Oh well, as long as it stays a side show and they get back to business after the next episode so be it.

  9. Say whatever you want, I laughed soo much watching this😄 It’s good filler, much better than last week. It was entertaining.

  10. This episode is terrible..what the hell did I just watch..it was completely idiotc that some random scientist that died in DB would just appear and ses he escaped from hell when even frieza couldn’t do it how could he.. and after facing some of the strongest guys in the universe you get your ass kicked by a fashion disastered little girl who is a robot

  11. Next episode looks boring… they need to make an antagonist like cell or even broly. I need them to struggle and not rely on the gods for them to win. Looking back at this episode they had to rely on beerus to destroy that stupid doctor…

  12. I think these post black Goku fillers are getting a lot better. The King Kai episode was fucking annoying, but this was pretty cool, I’ve always liked cross overs especially with some favourite characters meeting up and now we get to see a ‘friendlier’ version of the universe 6 tournament but with baseball. Maybe a more elite version of the DBZ episode Goku goes to highschool?

    • First I’ll just mention that Garak is my favorite DS9 character. Moving on, gag is Toriyama’s comfort zone and is what 90% of his other comics are, even though Dr. Slump sets the bar for the limit of his gag comedy.
      Rather than embracing this as an acceptable scenario for DB, I’ll embrace this as something from Toriyama’s comfort zone.

  13. DB Super is Toriyama’s nest egg, and gag comics are really where his
    comfort zone is; always has been.

    We’ll probably be seeing more of gag since Toriyama isn’t constrained this time by Shueisha and Shonen Jump;
    and he doesn’t have anyone influencing how he tells the story. He’s
    basically running his own show now. I’m a fan of both DB and Toriyama’s
    other work, and this is different than what we would normally see in DB,
    but it’s purely Toriyama. I’ll embrace this like any of his other
    works, even if it doesn’t fit with the overall feel of DB.

  14. lol if arale was this strong why didn’t she stopped black goku from destroying mortals in future trunks’s timeline???

  15. When Arale shows up in DB universe, she always fights with someone that has “Blue” in his name. I’ve just noticed that.

    • Simple, you clicked watch and continued even though you weren’t enjoying it, while the rest of us just sat back and enjoyed it, and looked forward to the next big arc.
      no one forced you to watch this.

  16. This filler is so awful lol I’m glad it’s just that, but baseball now? I guess it’s not any better than getting a driver’s license in DBZ, but yeah…. can’t wait till the next arc.

  17. please HELP!!! Someone put me in a comma and wake me up when this filer episodes are over!!! they are making a fool out of SSj Blue!

  18. I hate how they broke the fourth wall several times: that evil ghost (can’t be bothered to learn his name) is apparently dead in Dr. Slump’s comic which Dr. Slump pulls out of his pocket, Vegeta refers to Arale as a “gag comic character”, and then the evil ghost even says “today’s episode is all about me”. Plus, Arale breaks Earth in half but this is not fixed or discussed? I feel like this is Akira’s way of saying “Yes I know this episode doesn’t make any sense, but, fuck it. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ “

    • Well, Earth can fix itself because of gravity, at least as long the halves are not pushed apart too forcefully. The ensuing volcanism would be more of a issue imho.

  19. you dum as ppl japan likes baseball. America likes football get it together ppl. its a filler who gives a fuck just watch it. if you don’t like filler fuck off. because after the hit arc. goku is gonna revive king ki and old superm ki. because once a again kai will give his life to goku agian. a nother filler after hit arc.

  20. Pretty fun filler episode after all. I’m glad that Beerus didn’t fall victim to the gag characters. On the other hand, he’s already almost a gag character… But I liked how he reduced the annoying ghost’s ass to dust and then got diarrhoea lol

  21. And so in the past the Earth was never in danger. When Cell attempted to destroy Earth, Arale could kill him. In the same way Arale could kill Fat Bu or Super Bu. Before this episode I thought that Arale’s level was somewhere between Raditz’s and Nappa’s level!

  22. I thought ARALE was made by goku using that reality check machine bcz of his strong desire to fight an ultimate strong worrier. Though episode was fun O:-)

  23. I don’t think people are using the word ‘filler’ correctly, You can’t have filler if you don’t have source material to run out of.

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