Dragon Ball Super Episode 70 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 70 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 70. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 70 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 70. Episode 70 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



Episode 68-71 + NEW ARC Details Revealed!!
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63 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 70 Subbed”

    • Unfortunately I think he might be if not in a knocked out state of mind. Probably the latter unless they have to wish him back again somehow. I think the point of this new arc is Goku’s death, and hopefully Gohan’s return but that may just be wishful thinking! I am sure Vegeta is going to get involved again somehow though! At least now he is the strongest!

        • Honestly he probably will be if not he’ll definitely probably take a leadership role. Like perhaps lead the mission in finding Hit or something or perhaps even training Gohan like he did Future Trunks if Gohan returns to the spotlight. Something i’m sure, unless Hit is also called in to kill him in which RIP everybody then. But perhaps that is for the best, they were both main characters for long enough, give side characters a chance to shine every so often. I think i’d like that, tired of the two super saiyan blue guys already anyways lol. But I doubt it, most likely Vegeta will just be the hero. *Sigh* I sure hope my expectations are wrong this time…

        • Never say never! They said that fusion would never return! They were wrong! They said we’d never see Future Trunks again! They were wrong! Time and time again Toriyama has proven us wrong and I am sure this time, it might just be out of Vegeta’s power and Goku shall perish, once again! Or at least it looks to be so based on the ending of the next episode’s preview!

          • Well presumable because someone hired Hit to do it. But as for that individual’s motive, that is not yet known. Hopefully we will next episode though. I am guessing it has something to do with those weird looking creatures we saw. Either that or that is Hit’s hiring organization or whatever and we may not find out the answer until the end of the arc or something like the Future Trunks arc. But in my head I hope it is to make way for other side characters, preferably to make Gohan great again. Or at least at the very minimum have Vegeta be the true hero for once instead of typically getting his ass kicked with Goku saving the day.

  1. GOOD JOB AnimeCruzers for adding Geekdom101’s EP 70 review video along with for download on the DB Super EP 70 1080p!!. Thanks. What u guys did will help bring new comers to Geekdom101’s channel. Excellent idea!!

  2. Hahahahaha, oh god that call-back to the saiyan saga though.
    Even for a filler, this made me laugh out loud.

    And so hyped for the next episode.

  3. Gohan will return my friends, pretty obvious how he handled the ball thrown by Goku, while goku had a hard time with vegeta’s ball in super saiyain blue mode. Not to mention Champa’s comment “You’re pretty tough huh”

  4. They’ll probably show Gohan in a healing chamber when he gets hit by Hit.I think Gohan will be the one to kill Hit later.

  5. Yamcha even nearly dies in baseball games now, that’s even hard for Krillin to do, lol! Yet he won for the team as well. So he lost but won?

    • True or not, why do people act like this is actually a spoiler? Goku has like … The most deaths out of everyone in the series. Despite people giving that title to Krillin. Him eventually dying is the most predictable thing ever.

  6. Well i was thinking..of all the times Goku died during the whole dragon ball franchise…he was never summoned by Shenron..so IF Goku dies in this arc…its possible for shenron to bring him back
    But i also think this is really a very great opportunity for other characters to shine….and mainly GOHAN

    • correction, he wasn’t revived by DENDE’S shenron. he had been revived by kami’s shenron back at the saiyan saga, though. i think dende’s might work, since it technically counts as a new eternal dragon.

  7. i can’t watch this episode on any of these HD players……………. first one is full of spams it wont stop second is just sumply not loading and other 2 is just blank

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