Dragon Ball Super Episode 71 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 71 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 71. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 71 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 71. Episode 71 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



Episode 68-71 + NEW ARC Details Revealed!!
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58 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 71 Subbed”

  1. I can’t wait to see this continue on, I wasn’t sure of Dragon Ball Super during the Lord of Destruction Beerus and Golden Freeza sagas but they seem to have found a niche somewhere between original Dragon ball and Dragonball Z.

    • By “continue on”, I mean the assassination arc, don’t get me wrong, the filler is amusing and I enjoyed the Yamcha pose at the end with everybody making a mockery of baseball due to immense speed and power paired with no idea of the game, but I’d like to see characters other than Goku shine (in our timeline, I think we all knew Future Trunks would finish off his arc).

  2. Well that was…surprisingly disappointing. I haven’t been that disappointed even with a filler episode I don’t think ever. It was honestly quite redundant and unnecessary and honestly the series could have easily gone on without even making this episode. I would have preferred it be something relevant, even if it was still only filler. All the hype and waiting a week for something that honestly looks like it was done in half the time. Very disappointed. I sure do hope that the next episode and the episodes thereafter aren’t nearly as disappointing as this one was! Honestly that was terrible! A true waste of time!

  3. They revealed the end of the episode both in last week’s preview and the beginning of this one… what for? What’s with these spoilers? I’m just gonna stop watching the post credits at this point. They’re ruining any surprises…

  4. How cheap of vados and champa they are eliminating goku just for their own good ?? If zen oh knows he will annihilate their bums outta existence fun to watch

  5. Several possibilities as to who hired Hit:

    1. Frost: The tournament exposed who he really was. As a representative of all that went wrong in his life, perhaps Frost wanted to kill Goku out of spite. Unlikely but somewhat possible as we did see the news clip of Frost being on the run

    2. Whis: He seemed to have a sense of what was happening with Goku as his comments during the episode were very odd. Perhaps he hired Hit to challenge Goku as part of his training for the upcoming tournament. Whis probably realizes that Goku manages to use great challenges to make himself even better.

    3. Goku: We know Goku loves to push himself. Hit is the one person, other than the gods, we have seen who can really challenge Goku. Vegeta is a rival, yes, but his powers are analogous to Goku’s. Late in the tournament, Goku realized that Hit was holding back as killing was against the rules. Perhaps Goku wanted to see what Hit could do if he had no restrictions as this would give Goku the challenge he craves. Goku then contacts Whis, who contacts Vados, who arranges the hit by Hit. It was odd that Goku knew Hit was coming even before he was on Earth and this would account for that.

      • Vados made the contact but it is more likely that Whis or Goku/Whis is ultimately responsible. If Champa had Hit kill Goku, Beerus would just destroy Hit in retaliation, depriving U6 of any chance to win the tournament

    • 1 – Frost would kill Vegeta, because is the one that has beat him. He didn’t see Goku’s power, he slept meanwhile. So I think Isn’t Frost.

      2 – Is the same thing I think.

      3 – Believable, and more unpredictable. I would hope for this.

      I suspected also about Beerus and Vegeta.

    • I think it’s Vados because you have to think, how would Hit get to Universe 7? He would need that cube thing that Vados has. It could also be Whis though. I don’t think Frost or Goku would know a way to bring Hit to Universe 7. And if Frost wanted to kill someone, he would probably kill Cabba and not Goku.

      • Some of the spoilers indicate that Vados made the contact but it still could have been on behalf of Whis/Goku. If Goku had wanted to hire Hit, he would have to rely on someone in U6 to arrange the details.He has no contact with Vados but Whis could pass it along

    • Robert,

      I really like your idea that Goku hired Hit in the first place. Originally, I thought Whis was culprit behind the whole plot, but it makes sense how you linked them all together. Especially, seeing how Goku knew Hit was coming after him and no one else seemed to know about it.

      • The other thing is that Goku did not seem the least bit interested in who hired Hit. If a legendary assassin came to kill you, it would stand to reason that you would at least be somewhat curious to learn who had done it. Unless, perhaps, you already knew… It sounds like you also picked up on the odd way Whis was behaving in this episode. Whis would have to be in on the plan as I do now know how Goku could contact anyone in U6 on his own.

        • Well my prediction before the episode even started was that it was Whis that hired Hit. However, your idea seems to be flesh it out even more. If I remember correctly, Hit participated in the tournament to win the cube that would allow him to travel to anywhere in any dimension. However, he didn’t get the cube, so someone had to help him get from Universe 7 to Universe 6 just to kill Goku, which Whis is able to do just that.

          • Sounds good and all, but Hit gave Goku the chance to run away. But I guess Hit doesn’t know who hired him either. Or if Goku went through Whis as a middle man, then he still wouldn’t assume it was Goku, thus giving him the chance to escape.

  6. Honestly believe that Whis makes Vados hire Hit. He probably did this as a training method and that’s why Whis was smiling around Vegeta and Beerus. It was his special training

  7. dies and comes back again, wtf is the point of being killed lmao, whis probably sent hit after goku cuz 1. whis knew what was going and goku knew hit was after him

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