Dragon Ball Super Episode 72 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 72 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 72. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 72 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 72. Episode 72 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



Episode 73 Details Revealed!!
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71 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 72 Subbed”

  1. Oh well. Looks like we have no choice except for to watch this in the embedded player, tonight. A bit unfortunate, but hey, it’s free at least.

  2. I never even thought of goku hiring hit to assassinate him!?! i was shocked! not only that. This episode was amazing i kept smiling every second and now goku knows how to stop hit’s attack i wonder what will hit do in the tournament if he fights goku

  3. So then is it just going to be filler until the next big arc? Hmm…well if they keep it entertaining then I guess I do not mind. This episode, though animation was horrendous, the plot made up for it in my opinion, so I approve in the end! But now that next episode preview truly was unexpected! *Spoilers* A Great Saiyaman movie huh? Dear god…this is going to be something. But that woman at the end…was that supposed to be the woman who’ll be like the Great Saiyaman’s woman? I wonder if the Great Saiyaman 2 (Great Saiyawoman) will appear? Here’s hoping to an entertaining next series of episodes until the next arc! Toriyama, do not fail me now!

    • What’s funny is that this has already been done in DBZ. I distinctly remember like one episode where Gohan has to pose as himself, and the director got all made cus Gohan’s moves were crap (although they were the exact same as the regular Great Sayaiman moves)

      • Lol what? That’s hilarious! Maybe this is from the same staff of that one! XD They’re giving it one more shot! Poor Gohan, man. He can never get a break! But super LOL when people thought that the hit assassinating Goku was going to be an arc. It was only two episodes. GET REKT SON!

  4. Save for the crappy animation, it was a very good episode. We all figured Vados and Whis had something to do with it, but never imagined Goku would actually be the mastermind behind it all. The man can really be a genius at time.

  5. Thanks for the Christmas present of Dragonball, it’s just what I wanted ! How come Geets was trying to get out of training? that’s not like him 🙁

    • Bro I’m native american and in ogibawe which is my tribes language the word geet means pussy or vagina in ogibawe lmao u just made me laugh my ass off over here

      • Hahah that’s awesome! I think i picked it up from teamfourstar where Goku is trying to check that “Geets” is still his best buddy 😀

  6. so this was actually more filler and not the next arc ?
    and there’s even more filler after this ?
    oh Boy……..can’t wait…….

  7. Instead of the next non sensible filler, it wouldn’t have hurt to show Bulma giving birth to Bulla. It’s high time. Is she gonna be coming or not?

      • Still not as bad as what they’ve done to Gohan (personally he’s my fav character…I honestly like every character, but he’s def my fav)…even if/when they “bring him back” though it won’t make up for how he was soooo wasted…they built him up so much just to shoot him down….so sad 🙁

  8. that’s the difference b/w goku and vegeta he tried to skip his training whereas goku tries to do something unimaginable, and seeing dump goku using his head at this extent was amazing.

  9. So… apparently the universal martial arts tournament is coming up in Feb and, supposedly, Zen-oh is going to destroy the universes of the losing teams. Lastly, Gohan is stepping back into the pic…… and so is android 17.

    (This may be old news to some but probably not for others and, regardless, worth repeating.)

  10. People forget how many filler episodes their were in Z in between sagas lol for only a years worth of DBS we’ve gotten a lot of action and interesting sagas. Filler is part of the DB series people can’t be dying or going to a new level of ascension every episode. It’s all about the storyline, the bigger picture of the series.

  11. So they’re finally giving Gohan some screen time and they do THIS?! a MR SAYIAMAN MOVIE? I’d rather kill him off than see this

  12. Man everyone who is all surprised at seeing Gohan in a movie, you’re not a real fan of the series. If you were, you would have realized that this is just in fact a reiterated plot from DBZ. There is an episode where Gohan is to play himself in a Great Sayiaman movie in the DBZ series.

  13. first thing i do on new year is open my phone to watch dragon ball super new episode but it seems that team is on holiday .
    you are doing a great job guys , you deserve it.
    peas! happy anime to u all.😀

  14. I am fucking confused cuz last Saturday i apparently already watched episode 72 cuz
    i already fucking saw goku fighting hit and finding out he hired hit on himself what the fuck I’m confused as fucking hell

  15. Idk kinda didn’t make sense I mean he died but he came back from a blast he fired and he hired hit so he can fight him I just think there throwing in stuff to keep you entertained I was told that after gokus death that gohan becomes the super sayian everybody wanted him to be and he becomes strong than his father but ohwell lets see how far this goes I guess

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