Dragon Ball Super Episode 73 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 73 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 73. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 73 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 73. Episode 73 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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71 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 73 Subbed”

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        • Shut your mouth you Hispanic fool Japan, as well as Korea, uses Gregorian calendars. They only celebrate some things on the lunar calendar, but it’s not their main calendar. Both celebrate New Years and Lunar (Chinese) New Years. China does use a Lunar calendar, but they do celebrate New Years to a certain degree.

          • Dang those Koreans tricked me. Every year I have to go to Korea during Chinese new year because everyone in that country who can do what I do is on vacation. Now I find out they dont even celebrate chinese new year.

    • My prediction is that Uni 7 will lose at the MultiVersal tournament and that Uni 6 will win. Since Goku is Zeno’s friend, Zeno will allow Goku to live on the Uni 6 Earth along with the rest of the uni 7 fighters and their loved ones(May of have been restored for this purpose). After that there will be a filler arc where Goku and Vegeta go check on Planet Sadal. This is just a prediction so nothing of this might turn out to happen but it makes sense to me.

      • That would actually be interesting to see. What another Earth is like…hopefully they have a better hero than this universe’s Mr. Satan. Watch it be someone worse. But then wouldn’t there be another variant of them on that planet already? Well the humans anyways. It would be interesting if they went to Planet Sadal and found Saiyans resembling Goku and Vegeta. I think that’d be an awesome plot twist and i’d love it!

      • you haven’t been paying close enough attention, man. ever since the universe 6 and 7 tournament, gohan’s been steadily getting his strength back. even champa recognized his durability, taking what was essentially a powerful ki blast from SSB goku without taking a single scratch.

  1. NEW ENDING ALERT! I loved it! Props to Toei for remembering that Toriyama said Tien is a farmer! Would be cool to have filler of Goku, Tien, and Chiaotzu farming together or something. lol They could even throw Launch in the mix.

  2. FFS, more fillers and these were the worst fillers. That baseball and hit episodes were very nice. But this is garbage.

    • To be honest that baseball was shit. Yea I agree the hit fight was good, but they ruined it when hit lost his motive to kill goku but just to fight with him.

  3. I actually like these kind of filler episodes.

    It gives us a little of Gohan and other characters instead of just Goku all the time.
    Besides, this whole Gohan thing might mean that we get more of him, maybe even him coming back as the badass Mystic Gohan again.
    That would be cool.

  4. gohan is so lame haha. man he coulda been so much, but its great to see him happy with videl twas a good episode all around

    • I prefer the adult Dr.Son Gohan rather than kid Gohan, and I like him better as scientist and a teacher rather than as warrior. To be honest, I disliked kid Gohan.

    • Gohan is great character and is awesome to watch him with he’s family . it’s a shame we don’t see more of him growing in strength like goku but still he is great Gohan.

      • True he is no match for Goku, but he completely outclassed super Buu for a time. So what if he doesnt have god ki. He is stronger than anyone else in the universe who also has never been a god. Thats pretty good.

    • Theory has it he’s training with Piccolo again. While I don’t think Gohan will ever go SSB, he’s climbing the power scale again.

  5. This was actually surprisingly entertaining. I think they did this filler episode well, and I liked the cliffhanger though we all know Jaco can’t do anything to even harm Gohan. Watch him hit the beam head on and not even be scratched a little. I am interested to see where this goes! And sides’, seems we all needed more Great Saiyaman in our lives anyways!

    • That was no cliffhanger. Like are you for real? Gohan dieing by a ray gun? He destroyed cell and he dies by a puny beam. I feel this episode was like that episode when gohan goes to school. At least that filler was entertaining to watch. This is just some crap stories.

  6. And on a related note: Didn’t Gohan show off who he was in one of the martial arts tournaments? The one where videl also joined in before the buu saga? Not on purpose, but it was in front of everyone and he even showed him he was the golden warrior too! It hasn’t been that long and he has barely changes! Just has glasses, dresses nerdy, and has no more muscles! I am surprised everyone forgot about him! And before anyone says it was due to the fact that there was a wish made where everyone forgot about Buu, this happened before he was even awakened. It shouldn’t have been forgotten that easily!

  7. 13:44
    “It brought back memories and made my heart pound”
    Aha! They like to play dress up. What is the name for this fetish?

  8. So wait they made us wait 2 fuckin weeks for a filler? What is bleach? My gosh this series is dog trash. I only had hope in this show when goku was fighting hit. Now the show is just a childs show with chilidish humour.

    • Krillan easily outclassed most of freezas army recently. Many of whom were strong enough to destroy a planet. If anyone else was standing there they would be really dead. Gohan was expecting to be fighting normal humans. he should have been a lot more careful like sensing power to see there was a person on the other side of that wall.

    • I disagree. I would prefer fillers that give people an idea of what might be happening behind the scenes then nothing at all. You’re argument is based upon the notion that no one likes these filler. If you would prefer nothing that means that all you have to do IS NOT WATCH THEM.

  9. Im pretty convinced cocoa is trying to get it with gohan, pretty sure the scene she wants to practice is a love scene of some kind.

  10. Goku is probably still recovering from being dead after hit killed him. I think I recall him sneezing in this episode at some point. this enemy isnt worth vegitas time, so it will probably possess someone moderatly powerful like trunks to force gohan to go all out against it. or maybe it will win and possess gohan so that vegita will have to handle it, though i doubt a parasite like that could control a sajan. Bebe couldn’t until after consuming strong fighters from many planets and SuperBuu failed to control vegito like that. This thing probably couldn’t even handle piccolo.

  11. Pretty entertaining episode that had some great nostalgic moments from DBZ
    – Videl + Gohan character development
    – Gohan teasing us with his ka-me-ha-me-ha
    – Krillen gets owned again
    – Cocoa found out Gohan was the great sayiaman (exactly how Videl found out in DBZ)
    – Nappa re-incarnated as a human?
    – Finally found out what Jaco is up to

  12. So considering Bulma doesn’t look pregnant and many sources say that in the next 3 episodes she will be showing that means there must be a time skip. (Unless I’m forgetting something about Sayajin babies taking less time in the womb than humans?) If Goku and Krillin go fight in the magical woods of “All the baddies from Z”, which I assume will be regenerating illusions, perhaps Goku and Krillin will stay there and train by fighting said baddies for nine months or more. in doing so Krillin will up his level and be in with a good shot of holding his own for the upcoming tournament, perhaps even beat Cell (since he’s the weakest after golden Frieza and Buu).
    On a side note It also means Gohan and his big green nanny can get their shit together.
    I really want to see some good fights from the lesser fighters so I hope I’m at least partially right here

  13. Bulma didn’t look pregnant in this episode, so unless i’m forgetting something about Sayajins taking less than nine months in the womb there must be a time skip coming up? Also according to many sources Goku and Krillin have to fight Frieza, Cell and Majin buu in the next couple of episodes. I’m assuming it will be in some kinda illusion where the baddies aren’t really there. So what if Goku and Krillin stay there fighting said baddies over and over again for the full 9 months. That should give Krillin the fighting chance in the upcoming tournament maybe he’ll even beat Cell (since he would be the weakest compared with Golden Frieza and Buu). It also gives Gohan and his big green nanny a few months to sort themselves out.

    I really want to see some good fights from the non Sayajin fighters. I love Piccolo he should get a powerup and would be nice to see Krillin not get the crap kicked out of him as the strongest human in the world. Ultimately, though I know it wont happen, I want Vegeta to win the tournament.

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