Dragon Ball Super Episode 74 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 74 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 74. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 74 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 74. Episode 74 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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55 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 74 Subbed”

    • well, bra’s going to be born, ad then the universe survival arc is happening, so i’d say that all this filler is meant to build up to that, especially since gohan is going to be on universe 7’s team.

  1. You know that was an alright ending. It looks like Goten likes Great Saiyaman again. Perhaps Great Saiyaman 3 shall rise after all! These fillers are alright, and the next episode looks pretty good. I can’t wait until the next arc! But I wonder when we’ll get to see Android 17 making his grand return! I know he is coming back, now I just can’t wait for the episode! Now to wait for Dragon Ball Super English Dubbed Episode 2!

  2. It is my understanding the manga was supposed to catch up and get ahead during this time. They are still at the first fight with Black after exposing Zamasu, albeit the order is messed up, placing the first encounter with future Zamasu after that. New one-shot main filler anime females are always a good fap.

  3. once i watched a porn of android 18 and vegeta san maybe krillin came to know about thats why he want to become powerful , lol 😛 .

  4. Glad to see Videl flying again, but what have they done to her? She was a tomboy, fearless fighter , not this homely everyday housewife.

  5. Great episode need me a chick like Videl lol
    Still don’t get why people are angry they want more screentime for lesser known character like gohan androids piccolo tien but hate filler episodes and just wants the new arc stuff needs to build up come on. i fillers never bother me it’s a liite distraction from the main story and ones like these are sometimes even better than the main story

    • i want to see piccolo and tien more because they have more better personallties plus gohan stopped fighting, piccolo and tien still train harder than most z fighter they deserve better roles.

    • Lesser known? Gohan and Piccolo are hardly “lesser known”. And the issue is that while it’s nice and all to see them more in fillers, it’s still annoying that they always get pushed to the back burners while Goku and Vegeta [mostly Goku] take all the glory in the serious arcs. It gets dull. It’s especially irksome since Gohan being half-saiyan and having so much potential and COULD do a lot if they wanted to utilize him more, but they don’t … ESPECIALLY considering the fact that Toriyama is actually working on this series and he was originally going to make Gohan the lead but whiny a.r.s.e fans betched about it so he put the focus back on Goku. It’s still pretty early so I guess there’s still time for them to do something more with Gohan … But “lesser known”? Really? He and Piccolo would only be “lesser known” if people only watched this series and GT. Not sure if you really consider him “lesser known” or if that was just a poor choice of words. :/

  6. wish gohan went up against a really powerful villain and then he’s cornered but then comes out in SSB and says “I’m the fucking prodigy, bitch.”

    • I dont ever see Gohan going blue to be honest. He’s a family man over a fighter. I’ll be impressed if after the next Universe Tournament he continues being a major figure on the fighting seen. If we ever see a SSB equivilent, it’ll be like ‘Super Mystic’ or something, kinda like what happened with Trunks

  7. I predict Gohan or Jaco is going to be infected with the parasite next few episodes. since the glass cracking at the end. and them being right next to the dang thing.

  8. how dare he take the great master roshi’s attack and rename it he should have used one of his own Bitch ass attacks i hate gohan pussy aas

  9. I was hoping this would make Gohan realize that he needs to get stronger in order to protect his family. Goku wont be around forever.

    Ah well, maybe Goten or Trunks will step up to the plate when they get a little older.

    • More like Trunks though considering Chi Chi’s dumbass would rather have Goten study then fucking train to save the world in the future if it ever came to be that way.

      Trunks on the other hand will train either way. Even though their basically equals now, Trunks will soon surpass him.

  10. wtf is going on with Gohan. Unbelievable, the kid who killed cell is choking with random aliens. Besides, it’s about time to Vegeta defeat a major villian #Give_the_prince_a_spotlight

  11. I AM SOOO DISSAPOINTED MAN, Goku defeated mother fucking cell when he was a kid, went toe to toe with maijn bu in full potential. This dude with some alien enhancement should have lost in a flick of a finger of Gohan. But noooooo, where’s the fun in that? I’m so pissed

      • Dude Jaco caught that alien. You think that its that hard? Gohan defeated him as soon as he reached ssj lvl. Consider his base lvl is sooo shit right now cause he himself said the the “resurrection of frieza” episode that he cant hold that form for long. So yeah, Gohan had officially become a piece of shit. He may die if krillin punches him!

        • You literally saw him take a pitch thrown by a SSJB Goku head on and you honestly thought he was THAT weak because of this episode? It’s a filler episode. It’s hardly worth taking seriously. You gotta get that sand out your vag.

      • Its not actually because “Saiyan Man” could take him out easily while being in SSJ, Cell was defeated when Gohan was in SSJ-2 and was traumatized seeing his friends slowly dying!

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