Dragon Ball Super Episode 75 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 75 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 75. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 75 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 75. Episode 75 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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113 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 75 Subbed”

  1. 6:50 Rasengan 😀 and if only gohan kept training with Goku like that im pretty sure them gohan fans would like that good episode lol

        • Nope. Tien isn’t human. He is at least part alien.
          As he comes from the 3 eyed race.

          Krilling is the strongest human. Even now.

          • Pretty sure Olibu was way stronger then Krillin, at DBZ he was sparring with pikkon…also Ubb is of course the strongest human….unlike everyone else in the gang that were degraged slowly to being sidekicks, Krillin was always a @itch..

          • You’ve got to remember that this takes place BEFORE Goku meets Ubb, he will be the strongest human in years to come but as of where DB Super is up to now Ubb is still a young child and has no idea of his strength

          • I don’t think the 3 eyed race are aliens but rather a clan 3 eyed humans who died out. Krillin definitively is the strongest human though not including 17&18

        • yes he is human the third eye that he has was obtained through intense medition, because he was in the third eye clan as a boy before becoming a student of the crane style.

      • Tien is much weaker than Krillin. Yamcha and Toriyama both labelled Krillin as the strongest Earthling, and by the end of the Namek Saga, Krillin’s PL was 75,000 (Guru’s potential unlock) compared to Tien’s unchanging 1,830.

        • don’t forget about the training the z fighters had with king kai, when the gynu force showed up yamcha tien and the little guy took them out, so their power has changed from the 1800 it used to be

          • The 1800 was their power level after training with King Kai. Before that, there’s and Krillin had power levels sub-1000.

          • Maybe 18,000 cause remember they beat the gynu force on king kias planet. And the gynu force already beat vegeta who we know is well past 1800

          • Where are you people pulling these numbers from? Recoome’s PL was around 50,000. So Vegeta being weaker during their first fight, he would still be fairly close to that number. Ginyu didn’t die then but his PL was at max 120,000. Yamcha and them beating the weaker members would be they had to be over 50,000. Somewhere in that ballpark. Don’t think there’s an official number out on their PLs but we know for a fact since it was stated in the series that Ginyu was 120,000 so 1800/18000/whatever numbers you were trying to say since you may have screwed up with the zeros; that would just be far too low for Ginyu force members … With the exception of Guldo since he was clearly incredibly inferior to them all, especially with Vegeta killing him effortlessly.

    • i hope so. i always wondered why he was limiting himself when hes a cop when he can just fly and take down criminals with ease.

  2. So Gohan is actually on par with Goku as SSJ and presumably up to SSJ2, but krillin isn’t bullet proof? Wasn’t Kid Goku bulletproof from the very beginning? Krillin lost a stream of blood while Goku was only like “Ow, that hurt”.

    • Just as Gohan had gotten weaker from not training, Krillin has also gotten weaker. Apparently, weak enough to be hurt by bullets again.

    • I don’t ever remember Krillin being bullet proof, but don’t quote me. Wasn’t he killed by a bullet in Dragon Ball? I think I’m mis-remembering that though.

      • once you reach a certain power level, you automatically just become “bullet proof”, and that level is actually in the low hundreds if im not mistaken. Krillin reached a power level in the millions at one point, and even if he stopped training he should still be in the hundred thousands at the very least. there should be no way that a bullet would effect him. It would make him as weak as videl, which is a damn shame.

        • In my opinion in the dragon ball world, “If you’re off guard it’s your downfall”. by saying that maybe, by theory, he wants to keep his job so in all means he masking his power greatly. secondly, by my first thought he wasnt “focused” on getting shot, he was more focus on protecting his fellow officer, hence why he got shot when he pushed him out of the way. theres an instance in dbz when krillen threw a rock at SSJ Goku before the Cell Games. In both the dubbed and subbed he was wailing in pain cause it caught him off guard. thats my theory which could technically be right if you think its true as well. 🙂

          • Your exactly right man. If nobody remembers goku was killed by a gun when he wasn’t paying attention during the resurrection of F.

      • Krillin was Killed by the green guy with wings in dragonball which i guess is why he looked scared of him in this episode, not sure why he didn’t have the same reaction to Frieza though?

    • i thought they were bulletpoof? they take hits from people who can destroy planets so you would think a bullet from a normal gun would bounce right off them.

    • It’s just filler inconsistency. Like why the hell is Krillin (75k) quivering and stumbling backwards against the totally fodder Tambourine but showing no way near the amount of fear against the Saiyans, Frieza, Cell or Buu. Tambourine (340) is literally weaker, and even Saiyan Arc Vegeta (24k) and Nappa (4k) than Krillin’s fart by this point, never mind Namek and onward DBZ villains.

      • He’s also been killed for the first time when he was a child by Tambourine. It was a traumatic experience for Krillin to die. Of course that one would scare him the most honestly. It’s the most human reaction lol. We react the exact same way if we’ve felt powerless for the first time in one certain situation. Later on experiencing it again doesn’t feel as bad as the first time

  3. Man I feel terrible for not recognizing who that creature is at the end that krillin is so afraid of. Anyone care to fill me in? Also, good episode. Can’t wait for the next arc though!

        • King Piccolo saga, Krillin went back to the tournament grounds to fetch Goku’s Dragon Ball for him while Goku ate. Tambourine was there to collect it. Krillin challenged him and Tambourine killed him in a single attack.

          • Wow. So the krillin owned count has been going on since the original Dragon Ball huh? That’s depressing. So what happened to krillin in the end? And why did Goku not go super saiyan when he found out? Or did he find out? Please tell me more or link me appropriate episodes so i can experience the magic on my own please!

          • saiyanwatch dot com episode 101

            1. Super Saiyan hadn’t been invented yet.
            2. If it had, I doubt Goku would have been strong enough at that time to undergo the transformation.

          • The other issue is that at the time, the Dragon balls could bring him back to life once. When he was killed by Frieza, he’d already been brought back to life once so he couldn’t come back again, which is what made Goku get so angry.

          • No, they don’t. But I was curious because I hadn’t seen the episode. Or watched the series. If he had said that there was no reason he was killed he was just killed, that would have been fine. It is just a bit bothersome if there was no reason behind it. Also, this comment is MONTHS old. General rule of thumb: Do not post on posts that are this old. Especially if you’ve nothing new to contribute to the conversation at hand. Please and thank you!

    • Do you even realize how stupid you sound right now Dbz has over 290 episodes Db has 153 episodes and you think super has more filler. go watch the series again and than come back

      • yea but they never had this many fillers back to back at least DB and DBZ got straight to the point…dont get me wrong sometimes I dont mind fillers depending on the storyline and the information they sharing…but after awhile most viewers and fans get bored and upset when they only have 2 choices, keep watching fillers for 3 to 4 weeks straight, or dont watch it and still have to wait 3 to 4 weeks, you have to understand new episodes is put out once a week, so when we have to wait 3 weeks to a month for a main episode it gets frustrating, naruto does the same thing but at least naruto give you a lot of action with it, my opinion

  4. this ep was so stupid how is gohan at gokus strength considering weis had goku training without his form so his base form would be stronger doesn’t make sense considering gohan hasn’t trained worth a fuck like how does his power even scale then if goku was making berus use 80% of his power in god form and then he dropped god form and keep the strength in saiyan 2 or 3 your telling me that gohan is at a god state sense berus said goku has retained some of the power of the god form he had like holy shit this is ruining it for me i really like the way its based on power but when you see gohan able to hold a real punch from goku like that even if it was his base form he still suppose to be way stronger than gohan so it doesn’t even make sense

    • Your entire argument is what doesn’t make sense. First of all, have you heard of punctuation? It’s kinda important. Goku isn’t trying to BEAT Gohan, else he would have gone SSB right away. He’s keeping his power low so that he can SPAR with Gohan, not FIGHT and DEFEAT Gohan.

  5. What the eff? I thought next episode was going to be about Bulla’s birth. Nooooooo!~ What is this?! Show the family bits now especially of Vegeta. Also, let the kids grow now.

  6. the power scaling is getting so fucked up. i know goku is able to lower his power level as he pleases, so it makes sense he can lower it low enough to fight krillin and gohan equally in a spart, but krillin actually getting hurt by a bullet? A BULLET? it doesn’t make sense that his power would dip that low, like fuck atleast spar with your wife man, she was always stronger anyway.

    Ive been shitting on gohan for how weak he has gotten, but damn, if krillin is getting hurt by bullets…

    • Ivy if his guard is down than a bullet could hurt, if you remember in the Cell Saga Krillin throws a rock at Goku head when his guard was down and the rock hurt him. I’m not saying that the scene made much sense as if at your base level you can punch through solid stone and not get hurt but still it is what it is.

    • GT wasn’t written by Toriama. DB Super takes place in the gap between the end of the Buu Saga and the last scenes of DBZ where we see Goku meet Uub at a tournament.

      I think Toriama and most people who watched some of it would rather it never happened, but it’s not considered canon.

  7. Pretty darn good filler if u ask me i don’t mind the filler keeps the story going like inDBZ giving some story to lesser characters

    • i presonally don’t consider a possibility to make Krillin a badass (and even make him participate in the omniverse tournament) a filler.

  8. I wounder why goku didn’t just keep training with gohan he provided enough of a challenge, and chi-chi didn’t say he couldn’t just not where they farm, It’s really never stated why he didn’t just keep training.

  9. These episodes have been amazing so far. And in my opinion this episode and last weeks had me ask lots of questions nd lots of theoories but ill hold off lol

  10. Krillin lost all his fucking muscles. Back in DBZ, when he was at the beach with his gf, he was so fking buff and ripped.

  11. During the Resurrection of F ark and movie Gohan asked Piccolo to train him. Now it’s like He’s only interested in fighting as Great Saiyaman.

    I want the upcoming tournament to be like the chunin exams in Naruto. Loads of new characters with cool techniques giving ALL the Universe 7 fighters something to do rather than just “wait for Goku”

    • I guess Gohan fights now as the great sayaman because 2 episodes ago it was stated that his boss is really strict and would throw him out if he knew he was involved in fighting.,

  12. Would be really cool if during this training Krillin unlocked some hidden human potential that put him somewhat on par with Uub…

  13. I’m not sure if people throwing around the word ‘filler’ know what the word means. You can’t have filler in a show that isn’t an adaptation of an original source material. ‘Filler’ is made up content to give time for the source material to catch up enough to have more official material to adapt. DBS can’t have filler if its the original source!

  14. im a big fan of dragon ball, read all the manga and saw all of the anime lots of times (not including GT cause that was just shit)
    but they are really going downhill with this eps wich are just zero contentt… and why dod everyone got so sissy… goten cant train… gohan doesnt want to train, krillin is too weak, piccolo trains but dont get stronger, trunks isnt explained, and goku trains sometimes and is allways stronger than vegeta THE ONLY ONE THAT IS ALLWAYS TRAINING
    and its not like i dont like the funny eps, cause it was allways a great thing on DB since the early days, but it looks like they put more effort on the funny ones than on the action ones…

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