Dragon Ball Super Episode 77 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 77 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 77. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 77 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 77. Episode 77 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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102 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 77 Subbed”

    • IKR. Seeing all the fighters at the end gave me goosebumps, I can’t wait to see this Universal Tournament. I have my fingers crossed that Krillin, Tien, the Androids & Piccolo get major power boosts so that they can compete with the other Universes. I don’t mind if Master Roshi does or not because I think he will probably only be chosen for his humour and Buu and Gohan are already strong enough I think with Gohan probably only needing to get back in shape so he can access his mystic form…. And of course Goku and Vegeta are Gods so I don’t really need to mention them.

    • Yup, they should have toned her behaviour down. It really becomes like a parody. My respect for Vegeta has increased, mine for Goku fell.

      • Yamcha is more of a fighter than Roshi. Roshi hid in his house and did nothing for the entirety of DBZ. lol Yamcha was out on the frontline! He should be in this paired up with Tien.

          • Why dont you read/watch the actual series instead of memes and parodies before talking crap? ANY of the fighters would have died if they were caught in that explosion. Yamcha still was fast enough to keep up with them and strong wnough to kill them. He was RADITZ level at the time, while Roshi’s power level was only 139 or something low like that. Roshi would have died from ONE PUNCH from a Saibaman.

    • Yeah me too. The one thing I am most happy about with this up coming tournament is the variety of races instead of mostly all Saiyans/half Saiyans but I do think that Yamcha would have been a better choice than Master Roshi. As much as I love Master Roshi I think he bowed out of the fighting game perfectly in Dragon Ball when he chose to back down in his fight with Tien after seeing that Goku and Tien and soon after Krillin and Yamcha were surpassing him, as well as how he gave up his life to try and save the world against King Piccolo. I thought it was a perfect ending to Master Roshi’s awesome fighting career since he knew he wasn’t needed anymore. Even when Vegeta and Nappa were on their way and Kami invited Tien, Krillin, Yamcha, Yajirobi, and Chiaotzu to his look out to train them for the fight with the Saiyans, Master Roshi probably could have joined them but chose to stay out of the fight, even though at that time if he trained with Kami he probably would have been on the same level as Yamcha and Yajirobe and probably stronger than Chiaotzu. But now when even Yamcha is light years ahead of Master Roshi, Master Roshi is still chosen over Yamcha for some reason to represent Universe 7 when I think Yamcha probably isn’t much weaker than Krillin since they both had stopped training. I personally am just glad that my man Tien is a part of the team 🙂 That being said, if there are 2 on 2 fights I would have loved to see Tien and Yamcha team up…. and I would have loved it if they fused into the mighty TIENCHA…. but sadly it wasn’t meant to be 🙁 But I still have hopes of a 2 on 2 fight with Piccolo and Tien as a team 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1. Omg were they really just playing chess by destroying planets my throat is so dry from screaming when they broke the board 😱

  2. New opening. yay About time. lol It’s so good to see 17 and 18 reunited. Villains turned friends. ahhhhh Also, Bulla is coming. They just need to show kids grow up.


    • Yeah, he was so selfish toward Vegeta. I can understand Whis, he’s not human and his logic isn’t human, he still was more understanding than Goku.

      • Forgot vegeta and goku ain’t human either? They just live amongst humans.
        And since saiyans are a fighter race , the women were probably fighters too so meant to be tough.
        Henchfor probably why the attitude and ignorance all over.
        If goku wasn’t fallen on his head as a kid he would have been just as evil as vegeta back then was , so probably shows it’s in their nature 🙂

        • But the fact that Goku has been on Earth for his whole life, even to the point into having his own wife and kids, does he have aspergers or someshit?

    • I thought Goku was always like that and if he did not press it, the story would end there. If you think about it Vegetas character has grown more than Gokus. Can anyone put those lines in Vegetas mouth during Z? He didn’t give a rats behind about Bulma during that time.

    • One Tv Tropes user wrote that his friend said that Goku is now like that TFS parody Goku. Now it was truly confirmed.

  4. Finally! Shown from the intro, Gohan will be finally able to unlock his full potential again instead of using super saiyan! 0:54

  5. What the …? They got rid of the best part of intro – the song🙁
    They messed up more than Goku did in this episode.

    Btw – have you heard Goku became an ambassador of Tokyo Olympics 2020?😉

  6. Goku pissed off Beerus quite badly, the worst part is hes to dumb to realize that he was almost killed. Next episode is gonna be epic expect Beerus giving a really hard time to Goku for this/

  7. what I don’t understand is if the universe is at stake your telling me that there is no one in the entire universe 7 stronger than master roshi tien and krillen I find that hard to believe

    • those 3 are pretty strong, just not compared to the saiyajins. But the Krillin ep last week means they all might get a pretty big upgrade. Besides if they introduced new fighters they either wouldn’t have time to flesh their characters out making them boring or they’d have to spend time introducing them into the story so that we care if/when they are beaten.

  8. shit i would have fucking revived freeza again he was at least capable of standing up to super sayain blue. i just don’t understand a whole universe and master roshi krillen and tien are among the strongest in it

  9. ROFL anyone notice joker and harley at the end??? and they also have 4 people with one guy covered, cuz its suppose to be 3 in a group?

    • I have a feeling that has something to do with like… the supreme kai getting split up or something wierd like that.
      Or maybe clown god is just evil and needs a second angel to watch over him.

  10. i want broly in this tourament. I would like to see his strongest form ever, and see his rage. Broly would rape the other guys.

  11. What happened to DB story? It has no flow. These god crap ruined the series super. Akira must loosing ideas for the show.

  12. So, Goku reminded Zeno about the tournament.
    And now the tournament is going to get people killed, potentially entire universes.
    So, Goku is now the biggest villain in the multi-verse.
    Seriously this plot is horrible, it’s an artificial threat, and this time It was caused by Goku, it just doesn’t feel good to watch.
    fuck, after this whole episode, I think I hate Goku, he’s such an idiot.

    • All Saiyans, especially Goku, ever do is make things worse to feed their desire for conflict. This is actually internally consistent since the beginning of Dragon Ball.

      • Hmm…. care to expand on that more?
        I feel like in the past, goku made things worse only by fighting bad guys, like the red ribbon army’s defeat leading to the android, and cell. And some smaller conflicts.
        But I can’t think of anything else.

        • He just means that the instinct of a Saiyan is to fight, kill and compete, and since Goku hit his head when he was a baby he doesn’t kill obviously, but that doesn’t lessen his thirst to fight and compete. Fighting is like a drug to the Saiyan.

    • The way I see it happening is that Universe 7 will win, get a wish from the Super Dragon, and bring everyone/everything back that was destroyed…. If that’s the case then this entire story arc would be pointless and we’d just get to see the gods from every universe.

      • Hehehe glad that someone else figured that out too. Remember guys Goku doesn’t know the univereses will be destroyed yet. Hmmm what about Vegeta too?? will he participate and will the Gods’ and angels fight too??? more to come soon 😉

    • As far as Goku is concerned the tournament wont end in anyone’s death. Zeno hasn’t said anything about eradicating one of the universes…yet

  13. I hate Tournament arcs, I’ve yet to meet an manga/anime that managed to pull one off in a satisfying way. Black Arc wasn’t perfect, but it was at least trying to tell a unique story. I fear this arc will kill that momentum.

    I kind of hope this Tourney gets derailed, ala the Buu saga. By some larger mystery threat. Instead of played out to conclusion like the first DBS Tourney arc.

    • Goku hasn’t met him yet though. he won’t meet him for another few years when bra has been born and grown up and pan is old enough to compete in tournaments

  14. yall got to think about it he did this to show off all the others gods and goku gonna find a way to stop zen from destroying the other universes the only reason goku ask for this was because he love fighting stronger people yea he got vegetable there to fight him and train but they pride get in there way they trying to become stronger then each other that’s why they hate training with each other

  15. Oh dear god froze the opening on the red form goku used…. his hair… his crimson now purple but kaioken red mixed with his hair…. this may be a new form… or just mastered ssjb kaioken which he may achieve… during wait

  16. Lets not lie, if a god said not push a button because it could be extremely disastrous, but you know it could be very fun. First instincts would be to push the button, no adventurer could deny the thrill of what could happen.

  17. Why not invite Pikkon rather than Roshi? I understand they don’t know Uub yet because Pan is a baby again so that tournament never happened, but Pikkon was equal to Goku at a time.

  18. dont know why beerus gets so agitated by antic of goku, he and his brother were the reason(6v7 tournament) why the attention of zen was directed towards z warriors

  19. The narration said “Loosers erased” – It can be literally taken as the looser of the match (ie Goku vs Beerus – if Goku beats Beerus then Beerus is.. well erased). Given the context that it’s given in I feel like this is the most probable meaning. Zen-Oh sama has destroyed a universe before, but that Universe was “wrong” in his words. As the viewer we could also see that. It appears to me that Zen-Oh Sama does have some moral compass, though one that likley leans on some type of balance being upheld.

    Remember the narration was talking about “But before that, the future Zen chan wants to see us fight” – That’s Before the Tournament even begins.

    To play Devil’s advocate to my own position though, the next episode is litterallly called “The Gods of every universe in shock?! Loosers erased in the tournament of power”

    The only issue I have with accepting that the losers are erased is that, in a proper tournament of any kind, there can be only one winner. And its a glaring problem to destroy 11 of the 12 universes simply because they didn’t win. I don’t care who you are in the dragon ball universe(s), im sure that registers as absolutely off the chart fucked, I would imagine this also applies to Zen-Oh Sama.

    At the end of it all, not enough details were given to draw any sort of real conclusion.

  20. screw yamcha and tien they have no part now.Everyone is surpassing them.Goku,Vegeta,and Beerus are the only main concerns.

  21. Okay time to knowledge u people up… The Saiyan race is bred to fight and that includes women! Not fully known but said that babies are incubated while parents are off fighting and not much of a maternal bond is made EXCEPT for the royal family. This is why Vegeta is more of a family man than Goku. Goku actually is still the same as he was as a kid with just a few more responsibilities. He loves everyone but more as friends than family. It is how the Saiyans are with Goku having a big heart as an exception. Hope this helped you guys. Enjoy watching the tournament saga as I will. Later—DB fans!

  22. At the end of the tournament they gone wish the the universes back… or he just said that just so they can fight like it’s life or death and Zeno know how goku is so they wanna see how far can he actually go

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