Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 78. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 78. Episode 78 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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103 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 Subbed”

  1. Holy shit, Goku is a massive cunt. He really doesn’t understand that he just killed everyone in 11 universes, does he? He wasn’t this much of an oblivious prick back in OG Dragon Ball or Z. When did he get to being like this? Was it turning into “super saiyan god” or something? I honestly don’t know. How the hell is the dub going to make Goku look like a good guy here?

    • Do you really think that 11 universes are going to be erased in the end of this all? because I sure as hell don’t, especially with the super dragon balls being up for reward

    • Most likely if the universes are erased, the winners of the tournament will decide to wish them back into existence using the super dragon balls.

    • Mainly because everyone is going to get wished back with the super dragonballs anyway. i mean really, you mind aswell consider the condition for losing to be non existent unless universe 7 somehow loses, which we all know is not the case because of the uub tournament at the end of Z. the plot device of universes getting erased is just there to force everyone to actually take things seriously. The tournament between champa and beerus was not taken seriously and had a lot of restrictions.

      • Nothing is canon if it doesn’t work with Super. Super is erasing anything that should come after it if it doesn’t add up here. Explain how they’d get rid of knowledge of the God of Destruction, and get rid of Super Saiyajin God, and introduce SSJ4 afterward? It won’t happen. Anything post Super (especially including GT) is non-canon now.

        • What youre not realizing is the last episode of Z has a grown up Trunks, Goten, Pan aged 4 or 5(cant remember exactly) and everything so technically, either Universe 7 wins or something happens to where everything is undone.

          • The end of Z might very well remain but GT won’t be easily reconciled. To think that Goku and Vegeta would just completely ditch Godly Ki is a bit of a stretch.

          • GT was a completely separate entity. It’s basically the same as the movies where it’s a what if/different timeline.

      • Might as well forget about the ending of Z. By now, the power levels are already WAY higher; therefore, Uub would be irrelevant. I mean he may still be a little strong, but he definitely wouldn’t be enough for Goku. They’re going to have to come up with a different ending for Super because the Z ending wouldn’t work anymore.

    • ummm, how exactly did he make the rules for losing universes to be destroyed? He clearly had no saying in the making of the rules, terms of tournament himself…

    • Funny that if anything, Goku actually helped the weaker universes, including his own, have a chance at maintaining existence with his selfishness. xD

  2. If they collect all of the Super Dragonballs in time, they should be able to wish all universes that were destroyed back, or change back time.

  3. So Gohan has finally returned. Thank god. Now if he’d only get rid of the goofy glasses he’d look like him again. I can’t wait to see how far he has come with his training with Piccolo! I am hoping for a good match! And RIP that red fox. He does not know what he has just gotten himself into with Buu. I give it until half of the next episode at most. I wonder which shall be Goku’s prey? Can’t wait for the next episode! I sure hope this Arc is good! As good or better than the Future Trunks Arc for sure! Hopefully way better than the Universe 6-7 tournament Arc was! I can’t wait!

  4. This is beyond stupid. Goku wants the universes to die? All this time he protected the people. Well i guess if so to say they won they might just wish to bring back all the universes

    • He protected HIS universe…and not even actually te universe. They only ever fought when people just so happened to be there or someone was fucking with the earth (His home). He’s not a hero, he’s a warrior. Yeah, he’s against just killing people but he usually gets into fights, more because he wants to fight. Not because he’s this shining hero. Gohan is literally a hero though.

      • Superman dub Goku protects things – The REAL Goku only cares for fighting, and pushing him self to new limits. He strives to be the best, and to continually prove to him self that he is the best. If his actions happen to protect others, then thats really only icing on the cake. The CAKE is that Goku is a selfish inconsiderate asshole…Now with Godly Ki.

  5. And sub keeps on getting shittier. Look how gohan was panicking and blaming goku. I’m pretty sure when dub will release that episode gohan would talk like he is punch goku right in the face.

  6. Majin buu is gonna have a hard time winning this. I think he has the mind of a five year old ,and hasn’t really trained like ever.not telling him what’s at stake is a crucial mistake. now he thinks this is all fun and games if only he would give it his all seriously where’s evil buu when you need him at least he was smarter.

  7. This episode was listed as being from “February 4, 2017”. I’m so confused. I simply assumed they took another break in place of making even more filler.

  8. Toriyama sure loves DC. This is surely based off Infinite Crisis, except that the multiverse won’t get retconned necessarily.

  9. The new opening, characters and the increase animation quality are so hype! Loving the thicker outlines! I can only hope they revisit the rest of the show for a makeover!

      • I really lost nearly all respect I had for Goku. First he mocks Vegeta for staying at his wife’s side while he’s pregnant, then he pushes the beginning of Multiverse Tournament using Zen’os DESPITE Beerus’s very true warning. While Multiverse Tournament is very interesting in itself, how Goku does it…

        • Well hopefully you’ve changed your mind by this point since Goku pushing for the tournament or not wouldn’t have changed the fact that universes were going to be erased anyway. xD

  10. OMG I haven’t been this hype for DBZ since cell saga. Just give me all the episodes so I can marathon it. WTF I’m sure vegeta would be there if he knew there is a chance his family could get erased. But fk it, this gives gohan a little chance to shine.

  11. i get the feeling theres more going on here than meets the eye.
    Im thinking goku and zeno figured out some of the other kais/gods of destruction/angels are corrupted like zamasu was so the tournament is also a way to get them all in the same place to sus out whos legit and to get rid of whos dodgy.
    its actually a good plan if thats the case.

    • You might be onto something. Goku has been clever in the past, especially when it comes to fighting. It’s either this or that the erasure of universes is an empty threat to give a good show. One hitch in your theory is that it’s doubtful any corrupt individuals would out themselves in front of Zeno.

  12. $10 says they lose the exhibition
    Addendum: can I just say I love how the Kai’s are all the same race but the Gods of Destruction are, with the exception of champa and beerus, totally different.

  13. I hope Zen’Os should be punished for the destruction of entire universes. It’s way too far! I don’t care if they are supreme gods or not, that’s too much.

    • That will not happen… goku will probably have a talk with them to convince that destroying thing is just not good. Like satan did previously with “first” Buu.

  14. Oh so Goku is an irresponsible person? What could have given that hint away? Could it be that he left his son for 7 years with his wife all alone? Or maybe hiring a hitman to try and kill him gave it away?

  15. I have a few problems with Zenos logic here:

    1) It’s not Goku who came up with the idea of a universal all round tournament, that was Zeno again at the conclusion of the universe 7 VS 6 tournament, Goku merely only reminded him about it later, so Goku didn;t create it

    2) How is it Goku’s fault for the harsh penalty of losing to have ones universe completely destroyed? Again, HE DIDN’T COME UP WITH THE RULES OR TERMS.

    3) I’m sorry but Zeno is already a terrible god: He didn’t notice Zamasu’s rampage on future universe 7 despite Zamasu killing every living thing, god (bar future zeno) and replacing the fabric of the universe with himself, and then zeno just completely destroys the universe because it’s convenient?; and made a penalty of losing a fighting match, no matter how hard you fought, by annihilating the losers universe? What, so the winner will also only have the only surviving universe left? WHAT’S THE POINT OF THAT? And people say the old testament god is grumpy and ruthless…

    4) It’s already proven that Zeno is probably not the all god we’d think of (omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent) because if there’s a future/past versions of himself (implied time travel versions) then he’s certainly not omnipresent, because he’s not one person at every event, he’s at least two. It’s safe to say that he’s not omnipotent either, because he had no idea of Zamasu’s rampage until wayyyyy later when Goku told him about it and the present Zamasu didn;t even know about the future trunks timeline split… The only thing he might be left is omniscient, but he seems to childlike to be like that

    • If Goku didn’t remind him of the tournament, it would have been a long time till Zeno remembers if he actually does. That’s why it’s Goku’s fault because even Beerus and Whis warned him.

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