Dragon Ball Super Episode 79 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 79 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 79. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 79 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 79. Episode 79 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.

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80 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 79 Subbed”

        • Technically, he can. Simply because Mystic isn’t a transformation. Old Kai just unlocked all of his potential, making Super Saiyan completely useless, because it wouldn’t do anything.

          I was simply giving it a name that makes at least a little sense. The only thing that makes sense, is that he trained his base form
          to be as powerful as it was as “Ultimate Gohan” again, and then added God Ki to the mix, somehow.

          • actually the mystic transformation is not actually a transformation at all. in his base form he was stronger then goku was as a ssj3. the old kai unlocked his hidden power basically to its fullest extent. so going super saiyan with power like that could have potentially killed him being his body was not conditioned to exceed his maximum potential at that time. super saiyan transformation is just a power multiplier in the same sense that kaioken is. only kaioken is far more destructive to the user of that technique. super saiyan is also just like that only its alot safer but still holds the same principles that kaioken does. if he were to transform as a ssj while his base power was increased to its absolute maximum potential, it could have easily killed him because his power would have to increase by at the very least 2x over. being that he mastered his super saiyan transformation and could limit the multiplier as he pleased. it might have made him over twice as strong as goku but his body was not conditioned to handle that transformation.

  1. What if the “super sayin god” is actually a god of creation? So far all I see are gods of destruction and it would only make sense for a god of destruction to foresee a champion that is somewhat like a rival or counterpart to an “all mighty” of lower things. Plus, lets not fail to mention that the universes are so large, yes but they do somehow have to find a way to stay stable. Otherwise the universes would run unstable and so forth.

    • The manga will never catch up. It’s way behind and it only comes out once a month. Not to mention that while the manga and anime share a common premise the way the story is being told it’s completely different.

    • either the last one or even the next one are gonna be longer
      DB always had one or two bigger fights before the shit really hit the storm

  2. This tournament has weir rules. So BUU won, but he also is out, so he doesn’t get to fight again? Lucky Goku didnt go first. then he would win his match and just sit and watch.

    Then what happens if Gohan wins his fight? does that mean it is over even though the strongest guy from universe 9 never even fought? Zeno would not stand for that. He wants to see Goku fight again.

    • This isn’t a tournament, It’s an exhibition match. Each fighter fights one match, their is no prize for winning and no punishment for losing. It’s simply just to introduce the concept to the future Zeno.

  3. Man, imagine if Buu transformed out of anger like he did when Satan was shot, holy fuck that would’ve been so cool to see Super Buu again, what if that happens during the actual matches?

    • Well then we would have seen Evil Buu (The gray one) at first.
      Evil Buu would have to absorb “Good” Buu to become Super Buu.

  4. they should also bring Oob with them as he is much stronger than roshi ,18 ,17 ,krillin .they should really give him chance.
    Mr toriyama :p

    • you must remember at this point of time Uub is still very young (like 4-5 yo) and lacking real martial arts training so he wouldn’t be of much use to them.

      • there are true powers inside him but you are also right in ways , trunks and gotenks are also not participated in it. (bulma and chichi would have allowed them if they know that defeated universes will be destroyed)
        happy anime!

    • Uub… Literally said it this way because in one of the last episodes of Z (It’s Buu spelled backwards)… If you even watched Z, you would know how to spell it correctly (Technically it’s probably not canon since Toriyama changed it). I never read the manga, so I wouldn’t know how Z truly ended. Goku even says this to Vegeta in one of the last episodes because Vegeta keeps asking Goku if that’s “the fighter” aka Buu reincarnated (Uub is a hint to it being Buu reincarnated as a human). It was during the final tournament before Goku flys off with Uub (Goku and Uub never finished their match because Goku takes Uub and they fly away somewhere (it never says where they fly off, just to train). Gt picks some of the information up and says that Goku trains Uub on Kami’s lookout in the hyperbolic time chamber (I believe). P.S. I only wrote this so you don’t have to look it up and when you said Oob, I was confused because I thought of Oolong and I was like, that’s not right… Haven’t even met Uub in DB Super, I think Toriyama forgot about him. I’m still hoping they do something with the Xenoverse characters.

  5. toriyama please have a dual match in the tournament of power , 2 vs 2 . we can have vegito or gogeta and that would be fucking awesome . please considered it. 🙂

  6. I hope Gohan will win. I’m not as ballistic as many fans who think he’s so nerfed, but still. It’ll be better that Gohan will win after so much trouble.

  7. Anyone else concerned with Buu’s and Satan’s “friendship”? I don’t think Satan would ever be allowed to have a girlfriend anymore, as far as Buu is concerned.

  8. Yamcha would be soo happy to know there is a whole universe where the wolfgang is the strongest!! I hope one of these guys performs the Wolffang fist <3!

  9. Gohan will give us an intense fight but he will lose because the Wolf-boy will cheat. 1-1 is the new score. Last match up Goku will win (what a surprise).

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