Dragon Ball Super Episode 80 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 80 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 80. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 80 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 80. Episode 80 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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82 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 80 Subbed”

  1. Huh that was kind of disappointing. What was that ultimate power they were talking about? When Gohan just powered up to a slightly stronger Super Saiyan though not even Super Saiyan 2? I thought he was going to go mystic or ultimate gohan here. Oh well. Maybe by the Tournament of Power or before then hopefully…

    • He’ll go Mystic by the time the real tournament begins. In the new intro to this arc, it shows him powering up and lightning surrounding him but no golden hair or anything, so I’m positive he’ll go Mystic again. Besides, this ep, he had poison in his system, and the more he powered up, the quicker it spread, so it’d make much more sense for him not to go SSJ2, considering SSJ made him so much weaker and tenfolds more susceptible to injury. It was just to detect so he doesn’t stay on a constant defensive.

      • Yeah but then the title was misleading. There was no sort of new power involved. Hency why it was a major disappointment. I was sitting here waiting for he to overcome the poison by transforming into like some amazing being like mystic or something. Oh well can’t have it all. At least Gohan fought again and it wasn’t pathetic. That is I guess good enough for me. :/

    • Gohonn’s power is only half in his dormant energy. Gohann is intelligent, he doesnt have the fighting sense that Goku has, he’s more like Vegita in that he can plan and consider his options, fairly quickly.

      Gohann’s original “Mystic Transformation” (from the words of the elder Kai) “Just do that super sayin thing you do, and believe.” Gohann will need to remember the danger, and remember what’s at stake before he will unlock that power again. Before Majin Buu threatened all of creation in the Universe – and Gohann will need to realize that exactly the same thing can happen again should Universe 7 loose.

      The last Ark was about Trunks – and trunks had a bit of a God Ki (Im thinking God of the people, as THEY saw him). I’m not entirely sure if Gohann will also gain this Godly Ki in this Ark. I hope not, I’d like to see Gohann master his own Ki, as he did during the Cell Games. And take that to the next level.

  2. I hope this erasing-thingy will get goku to fight for real once again cuz nowadays they really got lazy with dragon ball resurrections. there were not much at stake at the zamasu saga either as it was only in the trunks timeline

  3. hmmm.. 4 universes will be exempted.. So there will be more story after the All universe WT.. hmm.. Moral lvl 7… Interesting and creative!

    • I don’t think so thats the case. When buu and other guy’s match was going on, Priest said the match will only get over if one of the opponent is dead or cannot fight or continue any more. In the first match it was clear that other wolf guy couldn’t continue anymore. In the Gohan’s match, both were down and could not continue if required. So it was a tie.

        • Maybe yes…. but might be as far as the priest’s requirement was to be fit enough to continue for the match if required. Clearly by his requirement gohan was not even close to stand upright. If the match may have continued gohan would be dead by the poison. Could be this analogy or it maybe Zeno’s satisfaction.

  4. wow universes are going to be erased its going to be fun ! Lets hope this time it will be gohan who wins it all for us rather than goku

  5. I honestly don’t think that the universes will get erased. Zeno probably just thought if their existence is at stake, they will fight with all they have. Maybe, maybe not.

    • People thought that Future Trunks timeline would be well too, and what do we have now? Unfortunately, anything could happen.

  6. Master Roshi isn’t weak, but compared to even krillin, I’d say he’s rather low. Although I’m sure it’s going to be like this for all the universes. Finding 10 insanely powered beings would be hard, so I expect there to be 3-4 insanely powered beings per universe.

    • No, i think that mortal lvl average is based on the life energy average of the mortal beings living in the particular universe, in this case its universe 7. In the episode where beerus and supreme kai goes into a argument saying “beerus saying to supreme kai- it was you took the back seat and let the mortals evolve naturally and not training them and supreme kai saying to beerus-you were sleeping all the time”

      This explains that Gods of the universes Were meant to mentor and train mortal beings of their universe to increase their mortal lvl strength.

      • Where there is life, there must also be death.
        The Destroyer is supposed to destroy, not train.

        Basic math says that had Beerus not slept so much, many more of the “lower level” planets would not exist, and this would skew things in favor of a higher overall rank. I feel like that may have been the actual undertone of Shin and Beerus’s conversation. (I realize that this is an asinine conclusion as destroying low level planets would prevent life from ever attaining decent power levels).

        • The whole idea of ”levelling up” mortal races is asinine. They can rebel and dethrone you. Collect Dragon Ball, wish for omnipotence… And the destruction of universes is really bad. (though good as a plot.)

        • yes, i guess so. Not of the tournament i don’t know but for destroying of the universes who’s mortal lvl strength is below lvl 7. In the episode, Grand priest said that Zeno was time and again suggesting that there are too many universes and some are below a certain lvl, so erasure of those were impending. Let’s see what happens, this has become so interesting.

          • Yea, and why did he made that many universes what were his first intentions, But I guess he will create more universes after that. Cus that is his job

          • Yeah..and..also in the series itself, there was a episode, where Whis explains to Goku and vegeta about universes and Omni King-Zeno. He said earlier before( very long back) there were in total 16 universes in being. Sometime ago(also very long back) he(Zeno) got very angry and erased 4 universes in one go. Now, it all sums up that Omni king wants strong universes to remain and weak once to go and make way for others probably.
            Also, in the that same episode, Whis also said that it was getting increasingly problematic for the Omni king to manage all those universes.

          • Then how the fuck would 16 universes make total of 13 i mean like uni 7 and 6, uni 12 and 1, uni 11 and 2

  7. Well as Whis said…the weak universes were already going to be destroyed…but now in the tournament of power the wining universe has a chance of survival..

    Does it means that Goku will not really be the person behind destruction of all universes (now excluding 4)…?

    And if its true…then I think Goku is the real hero who atleast brought a chance for Universe 7 survival..!!

  8. Just bring back Perfect Cell, Freeza and kid Buu with some dragon balls (there should be some dragonballs somewhere with all those worlds in different universes). Then let beerus and whis explain the situation to them and i’m shure freeza would cooperate immediately, then cell mabe after a short fight with beerus where he has to acknoledge that beerus is way stronger, and in the end they will maybe end up erasing kid buu.. but for the heck of it why not give it a try. with those guys instead of someone like roshi their chances increase massively

  9. It would been hard if the 10 were 1. Goku 2. Vegeta 3. Future Trunks 4. Gohan 5. Gotenks. 6. I guess pickolo but he sucked in the first tournament between the gods. 7. 18 8. 17 9. Krillin. 10. Master Roshi Bcuz he was the best in the z tournaments And he was holding his own in the golden freeza saga while tien was bitchin and everybody else

  10. They really should’ve tried to resurrect people like Broly, Frieza, Cell, Kid Buu etc with the dragon balls to fight in the tournament…

  11. I much prefer the English DUB and I got over Goku’s Japanese voice after a dozen Japanese dubbed episodes, but I found the 2nd character I’m having issues with… its Buu… the English dubbed , as silly as his voice was, really felt menacing when he was angry!

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