Dragon Ball Super Episode 81 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 81 Subbed

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156 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 81 Subbed”

  1. Just watched the live version. Looks like some rules for the actual tournament are going to be laid out (just guessing, I don’t speak Japanese, but it was fairly obvious).

    • i kind of like it. it cant always be the same 1on1 we have had that countless times. so now we got an awesome team fight. it will be super confusing at first but im sure we will see some awesome infight scenes with goku vegeta gohan vs some crazy new guys. im hyped

  2. Nice episode, wasn’t expecting to see kaioken again.
    Goku seems to have a darker side now ain’t it? even on his smile there’s something that kinda bothers me. he seems to have like a new hidden technique no?

    • Yeah, he seems to be hiding something. Be it technique or transformation. Or maybe, he mastered ki control so well that he can translate his SSB power into base form if we were to base anything off of the intro song.

      • Probably that yeah. One thing I also noticed is that he didn’t get tired after kaioken, maybe he really mastered it.

        • I would take that with a grain of salt, he didnt use the Kaioken for long. He knows how to control it now, but I still dont think he can use it for extended periods of time without getting a handicap.

          • exactly. thats what kaioken is supposed to be used like. use it in the exact moments of a hit. like goku did agains freeza. no body noticed he used it. (when the fight gets tight i think yamcha says he should use it and kaio says he already is using it, so goku goes for kaioken x20)
            it has always been good for a short time use. but it eats up the cells in your body. so if you use it for long it destroys you.

            if he mastered it in god ki we will see if he uses it for long. the kamehameha was an indicator but im not sure

    • Maybe the “Black Goku Arc” was just a teaser for this? We already see that the female saiyan has the same “rage” transformation as Future Trunks, maybe Goku found a way to unlock Super Saiyan Rose?

  3. You know when you think about it, it is actually scary how Toppo is technically right. Goku is a villain and evil for bringing about the destruction of other universes. Though I am sure if his universe wins (which it probably will considering the series as a whole is about Goku and his universe) without a doubt with the super dragon balls he’ll wish for the fallen planets back. Anyways, it is scary because Goku fails to see that he is in the wrong for doing this. All for the thrill of fighting. It is like he does not grasp all the lives he will be destroying even if only briefly with this. Honestly out of all villains in the dragon ball franchise this would without a doubt make him the worst killing the most individuals. And he seems to just take it in stride, people calling him evil, he just smiles and doesn’t care as long as he gets a good fight from it. I don’t know about this guys, I am starting to genuinely worry about Goku. Imagine if after all this he actually does end up being a bad guy in the end. Now that would be genuinely terrifying given his power. It makes me wonder if in the intro where we see him surrounded in red and give off an evil smirk like Goku Black if it is him kind of tapping into some sort of evil energy boost or something to take out his targets or even worse transforming into an evil super saiyan form. Don’t get me wrong, it’d be awesome to see but it is worrisome to me at the same time. I don’t know guys. I hope our pure hearted Goku doesn’t go rogue on us there in the end! I can hope for the best but I gotta say. The thought of an evil Goku, like actually Goku being evil this time and unlocking a new evil form is pretty chilling. Imagine if there was an arc after this where it was the z-fighters and Vegeta against Goku because he perhaps tapped into some evil energy or form or something. Now that’d be epic! But anyways, gotta hope for the best! I hope that sense will come back to Goku soon or he realizes it is not all about fighting otherwise we may be in some BIG BIG trouble later on down the line! Either way it is exciting and I cannot wait to see what happens next! Finally, I am once again getting hyped! This is going to be an awesome arc!

    • Yeah it seems like goku is turning evil, but I know he isn’t. We all know how excited goku is and if he didn’t ask for the tournament of power, they would all be erased on the spot. Goku is a bad guy but also a good guy in this situation. I jsut don’t want to see black goku all over again, he was hella annoying.

    • No, Goku is actually saving an entire universe since those universes were all going to get destroyed anyways but Goku made it so atleast one survived!

      • But the point is, the plot is lazily written to justify Goku’s actions. What if those universes were being destroyed because of Goku? He does not worry at all whether he is being selfish or not. And that’s the point.

        • like every one sad it, maybe they all look on wrong way to him cause the PRIEST sad that weather or not the low level universes will be destroyed,but if the universe 7 wins probably like everyone sad goku will wish for the Fallen universes to get back … so he is not Evil 😀 ..

          • It’s not lazy writing. It’s consistent with Beerus saying the King destroyed universes for little reason in the past, with the gods being afraid of him and the future one blowing up presumably all the universes because he found Zamasu “annoying”. One universe at least.

          • Guys wait , how the fuck do you suppose goku will wish back , Grand Priest said that there is no prize for the Tournament , the universe which wins will get to keep their universe while others are destroyed , no prize for them , how the fuck goku will wish for them Back? wait sorry i rememberred xD , Sorry for Attention Peeps 😛

      • Only accidentally. Though Goku DID show concern, asking if he could simply beg Zeno to reject his universes-destroying plan.

    • “without a doubt with the super dragon balls he’ll wish for the fallen planets back.” I thought they said earlier in one of the other episodes that using the super dragon balls wouldnt work?

      I also have a strong feeling that the ties he has with zen-o’s will allow him to persuade them (possibly by just asking them nicely) to not destroy all the other universes, since we all know how much they love goku.

    • Toriyama wanted goku to be more like this. Not evil but to want to fight for selfish reasons instead of being a righteous warrior. Toriyama has actually been allowed a lot of input into dragonball super. I wouldn’t say Goku is evil or doesnt know he is evil anyway. He just wanted to fight, unintentionally started a massively terrible ordeal, but decided to make the best of it and enjoy his chance to fight strong foes.

      • I gotta be honest, I hope the funimation dub fixes some of that ‘in translation’.

        Fine whatever, old lady japense goku can be crazy for fighting, but sean schemmel goku IS pure of heart.

        I’ve been excited about the new dragonball stuff and I love it, but I really hope the sean schemmel goku is still our goku

      • Except, unless they collect the SDBs before the tournament, they’d be destroyed since they’re split between universes 6&7. Even then would the dragon (if hes capable) really undo something done by Zen-chan when he’s already afraid to go against the wishes of beerus? I can see goku telling Zen that it was really fun and he should spare the universes so they can do it again in the future or something lame like that.

    • how is he a villain? because he asked for a tournament? right.
      I ask hitler to play football and he decides to kill the loosing team. I’m the villain? right.
      the universes need to get their shit together and stop bowing to these two stupid (honestly they seem to have even less of a clue about anything than goku and he is fucking dumb) “gods of all”
      they are the true villains here. thats what dragon ball is about right? doesnt it say in the intro: challenge the gods?

    • Do you mean that the seven super dragon balls is more powerful than Zen-Oh sama that it can undo all what he has done? Zen-Oh sama is the most powerful god and nothing can undo his actions. That’s why he is most feared and respected by all.

    • i think it would be really really interesting and a beautiful turn of events for the first time in a long time in dragon ball history if goku went power hungry without realizing it and it ended with Gohan stepping up to take on Goku and surpassed him as the ultimate fighter, only then for goku, beaten and mixed with failure and pride for his son, to realize the folly of his ways and finally grow up. beautiful arc. so many times goku has surpassed all by sheer will to save the universe and the ones he loves and i feel like this would be a fitting conclusion that began with cell (gohans potential) and goku black (just sort of getting us a taste of a goku with no bounds and morality) to goku hiring Hit to kill him (showing he has no regard for his family if he’d actually died which was a real possibility). Goku has become kind of a douche and needs to be taken down tbh.

    • I don’t think so, he said he’s from a group so I think it’s a different person wearing a similar uniform

    • How is he the Mr Satan of Universe 11? He’s being scouted to be the next god of destruction for that universe.

    • You made me cringe. That was retconned in Dragon Ball Minus. It is now understood that Raditz lied, and the Dragon Ball manga doesn’t show Goku being raised as a baby if it ever shows him as one.

      • And this page shows him being sent as a kid, not a toddler orig07 deviantart net/547e/f/2014/099/0/b/page7_zps3f198c42_by_evil_black_sparx_77-d7drkhh.png

      • Meh, I don’t know. Dragon Ball Minus wasn’t made to completely retcon the origins of Goku. Its a special side story that was meant to introduce concepts (Frieza talking about Super Saiyan God), introduce characters (Goku’s mother Gine), prerequisite for the other special manga about Jaco, AND tie into things for the movie Battle of Gods. I actually get your point, but it really wasn’t an “official” retcon unless we have the changes actually become canon within the main series. If Goku in the main series (whether in the Super manga/anime) suddenly starts talking about meeting Grandpa Gohan later in his childhood, not mentioning bumping his head, or even remembering his parents, then I’ll give you that. Otherwise, it’s just a special manga and isn’t directly changing what has happened. Though this can be argued by the Bardock/Trunks specials, but only the Trunks special has really been confirmed by the main series plot. You may be right about the manga not showing, or perhaps mentioning, him being with Gohan since he was a baby, but that certainly doesn’t make all of Dragon Ball Minus 100% canon.

        Really, I think it’d be great if it was 100% canon, because we might be able to see Bardock and Gine in the actual series and it be justified, but we all know Toriyama isn’t the most consistent person when it comes to plot points and characters. (a personal reason why DBM isn’t to be taken too seriously, and don’t get me started about the differences between the Super anime/manga).

  4. Goku may be branded a villain but theirs a difference between all the foes he’s ever faces freiza,cell,buu, Etc, they all simply just wanted power and nothing more .they thought if they had it all they can control everything the universe holds, so they were dictators. Goku doesn’t want that,all he wants is to have fun and find the ultimate satisfaction in fighting which makes him the most dangerous. In a way a persons ambition truly determines a mans power and he’s showing that to the gods as we speak. The gods find it unforgivable that goku put them all in this situation but even trying escape their fate would be shameful and cowardly they all had it coming even gods must have judgement for their actions that’s why zen oh exsist

      • They took countless planets and lives. plus they didn’t look over the universe like they should have. you know berrus just slept most of the time know does that sound like a good god of destruction? plus a planets fate should not be determined by how good their food is, but I see berrus has no problem with that.

  5. did anyone else find themselves rooting against Goku ? i mean he kinda does seem like the bad guy in all of this. yea sure they said Zen was gonna blow up the universes anyway, but he probably would’ve forgot if Goku didn’t keep reminding him every chance he got. i’m kinda upset with Goku in all this, he’s suppose to be a Hero and a Protector but now he’s just being a dick. he reminds me of Beerus at the start of the show, just ready and willing to let everyone die so he can have some fun, that obviously fitted well for Beerus but for Goku ? it’s totally out of his character.

    • lol is it dont you remember this nigga is th one that let cell freezer ect villain transform, heal gave a villain a sensu bean lol its always been gokus charecterter

    • “…probably would’ve forgot if Goku didn’t keep reminding him…”
      That’s a big assumption you made there. What if Zen would’ve remembered, anyway? Goku just got put in a tough spot and the bad timing plus coincidence made it ‘seem’ like he was at fault. No matter how you look at it, he’s unintentionally doing the rest of the universes a favor by giving the weaker ones a chance to fight for survival.

    • its true, goku has fully gone ape dumb in dragon ball super, order an assassin to kill him? SO SMART LOL in dbz and gt goku was a hero/protector of life.

    • They can’t do that if Universe 6 gets erased. Unless they preemptively gathered the Super Dragon Balls into one universe. Even then, the whole point of this tournament is to also erase the excess universes. If they just bring them back, then Zeno will erase them again and the Dragon as well for defying him.

      I want there to be consequences for Goku’s actions. A lasting consequence. If Universe 7 wins, then there needs to be a visceral consequence that Goku finally sees. “Oh hey, I really caused quadrillions of innocents to die. Holy shit.”

      Dragonball Z always had the problem of “Oh hey, we have the dragonballs. So yea, fuck death.” Tying the lives of the Guardians to the Dragonballs is just a way to get rid of them to make things seem more dangerous, but then “Oh hey, we have more dragonballs on Namek.”

      I don’t want them to be able to use the dragons to bring back the other universes. There needs to be visceral consequences. Something that has a lasting impact on the series and perhaps even alters it at a whole for everyone.

      • goku didn’t cause them to die , the great priest said that zen oh thought there were too many universes so he was going to destroy all the weak ones (under average power level of 7 or 5)
        this tournament which goku started gave one universe a chance

      • all super dragon balls are already collected as the grand priest told when goku and beerus visited supreme kai

      • If universe 6+7 have super dragon balls split between then, surely 1+12, 2+11, 3+10, 4+9, 5+8 all have super dragon balls split between them too? I know they aren’t parallel to 6+7, but they must have an equivelent

  6. Goku is, for all intents and purposes, an anti-hero. Sure he’s a nice guy who is willing to help people. He has helped plenty of people. He’s not evil in the Freiza sense, but Goku is evil in a different sense. Zeno probably would have forgotten about his plans for destroying the universes had Goku not reminded him constantly of it and gave them a way to make it more “legitimate” via a tournament.

    But Goku wants to fight. He wants a chance to fight plenty of strong people. So yea, Toppo is right. Goku is a villain. Sure Goku is pure hearted in a sense, but that in itself is also dangerous because he really truly grasp that if he loses, his own family will die. He’s doing all of this for his own purposes. Rather than a Hero who would be against such a tournament despite it giving him plenty of stronger foes to fight, he’s still a ‘hero’ in a sense that he’s not an evil bastard, but he is not going against the tournament thanks to his own desires to fight strong opponents, despite the repercussions.

    Toriyama himself never wanted Goku to be the truly righteous super hero. Goku is a good guy, but he is by no means righteous. The whole “I am the light of the universe” super saiyan speech to freiza was a misstep on the dub’s part. If Goku truly was a righteous hero, he would have taken every chance to defeat the evils that he could take. He would have taken a Sensu Bean and beaten Cell, instead of having his son fight his battle. He would have fused with Vegeta again to kill Kid Buu instead of wanting to fight on his own.

    Goku is not a hero. He’s a pure-hearted, naive anti-hero.

    Honestly I am really liking DBS alot more. The animation seems to be better now and this is actually a much more accurate portrayal of Goku. Goku is… kind of a selfish dick. He’s not evil, but he’s by no means good.

    • hes not an anti-hero, he just a shit monkey given too much power LOL, the show actually implies how stupid goku is but never mentions it clearly, its not his intentions but the show sort of describes cuz goku is so dumb that he will eventually cause the destruction of his own universe lmao

      • Actually the show exemplifies how stupid Goku is. It is clearly mentioned multiple times. Goku has never had a formal education. He can barely count, and he even misspells his own name on a tournament entry card (in DBZ).

        • And that time he went for groceries.Someone made him a list(probably chi-chi)with,instead of words,pictures of a cow,chicken and pig.LOL

    • he NEVER SAID TO DESTROY THE LOSING UNIVERSES. Where do you people get this shit from? He suggested a tournament containing all the universes, in fact Zeno came up with it first, he only reminded him of it. So how is it his fault FOR THE CONDITIONS THAT HE HAD NO SAY IN???

      • Correct,
        Zen-Oh planned to wipe out the weaker universes, Zen-Oh first mentioned having a Tournament between all the universes. Goku though he was warned not to mess with Zen-Oh, could not possibly have considered this as an outcome. This is extreme, Goku seeing the good in most people, would never have considered that Zen-Oh may do something incredibly drastic.

        However, Goku was warned, and he should have listened. Goku should absolutely oppose the Universes being erased, (And I believe that he really does in his heart). However, Whis told him that openly opposing the tournament rules could possibly anger Zen-Oh and he may just decided to Wipe Universe 7 prematurely.

        Goku is getting the blame for Zen-Oh’s idea because he wouldn’t leave the idea alone. While Goku is partially to blame, but not wholey. This is Zen-Oh’s doing.

        • tbf though, despite his warnings (which yes, like anyone else, he should’ve heeded) he surprised everyone with how well he got on with Zeno, became his friend, got him a new friend etc. Goku didn’t leave the all universe tournament be, sure, but he didn’t come up with it. Who’s to say that if Zeno did remember to do the all universe in the first place, without Goku reminding him, that there wouldn’t be the same harsh penalties there either? Pretty good chances that’d remain the same

          anyway imo Zeno is a dick. He’s not the omnipotent, omniscient, or omnipresent main god as we’d know god in the bible because he had no idea of the blaringly obvious future trunks timeline (lacking omniptence) EVEN when his future self (lacking omnipresence, seeming there are two of him and they do not witness everything) was in that timeline and didn’t know every thing except Goku, Vegeta etc. all died and was replaced by pure Zamasu causing chaos all around him. The only thing he might be is all knowing, but he seems too childlike to be that

          Goku was the only one who treated him as a friend, when Zeno was bored and gave him the perfect friend, his other self. How does Zeno repay that? By making ridiculously unfair penalties in the match and make literally everyone in existence hate his ‘friend’ Goku, and do nothing about it. So much for a ‘universal protector’ anyway, all these gods in DBZ kinda suck (Supreme Kai weak asf waaaay back since buu saga, and he’s meant to be the strongest kai in universe 7, Beerus can destroy too much at times and Zeno spends more time playing childish games and wiping out entire universes for the fun of it, it seems…)

  7. Idk why everyone thinks Goku is acting like a villian or turning into a villian. Toriyama, who has a lot of input into dragonball super, just wanted Goku to return to what he originally imagined him to be: someone who isnt evil or a righteous hero but just wants to fight for selfish reasons. He is still leaning on the hero side though, nobody would want to see him turn villain, it wouldn’t be interesting, artistic, a “new idea”, or whatever most people blab about now a day, it would just destroy his character.

    And if you actually payed attention to the episode you just watched you would understand that thats not what they are trying to do.

  8. Goku isn’t a villain. He’s more of a hero. Zeno said he was going to erase the low-power universes later anyways, but this tournament gives one of them a chance at living, instead of all of them dying. They let the strongest weak universe prove its power, and they can survive with the current strongest ones.

  9. My theory is that this is all building up to goku becoming the next god of destruction, vegeta has a family now that he actually cares for, goku is detached, and his personality is perfet for a GD, i mean, think about it, sleeping, eating, then going out to find someone strong to fight against, and if no one appears destroy a couples of planets as “training”.

    at the very least he is a much better candidate than vegeta

      • agreed, but if vegeta refuses goku will be the best bet, maybe his hunger for strong fighters will lead whis to think he can beat goku into shape? who knows? still i think vegeta is less likely than goku at this point, and goku is not worse than beerus

        EDIT: plus, the lord of destructions are responsible for the destructions of lesser planets and stuff, the kaioshins (if i am not wrong) are the ones helping humans grow.

    • My theory is that Goku has severe Asperger’s syndrome. Vegeta was basically evil because of cultural background, but his nature has always been good, and staying with good people lead him in touch with his good side.

    • goku becoming a god of destruction? destroying planets as “training”? goku can destroy planets. as a super saiyan he could. as blue he can destroy the universe (fight against beerus) i dont think goku would like being a god of a destruction. whatever whis trains him for. goku will refuse to be a god.

      • As a Base Sayin he could. (Destruction of a planet takes a power level of 300),
        Further Goku, is dumb, but not amoral. He would never commit acts of genocide.

        • power level of 300? i doubt that. beginning of DBZ tiny gohan has a power level of 1400 i dont see him or his opponent raditz holding back with shots at the earth…
          i said super saiyan because against freeza it became an issue for the first time and as a super saiyan he was stronger than freeza so he could have done so aswell.

          • Its a cannon statement from I believe Vegita, 300 is what it takes to destroy a planet.
            Gohann’s power only hit 1400 in an uncontrolled state. (Which yes could have been utterly disastrous).

            The first planet to be destroyed In DBZ was the bug planet that Nappa and Vegita stopped at, and I believe Vegita’s power level was around 10,000 ?

      • it’s not the act of destroying that would be his training, but he would be travelling everywhere, and meeting a lot of strong fellas

  10. i guess that the rule of universes getting destroyed is only to be used as a method to make everyone fight even harder.

  11. If goku was smart he could stil luse instant transmission, no flight skills fine but stopping allies from falling off would be easy

  12. Everyone forgets that Goku is a Sayian, Sayains love to fight. Also When Goku was first was told that universes was going to be destroyed his very first reaction was I did not know that would happen. Think about it every Tournment Goku has fought besides Cell Games there was no worry about things being destroyed. Goku is not Evil he just don’t have common Since and is not smart with logic outside of fighting. Also think Goku beside maybe 4 years or 5 years of being with Gohan is Granpa. Besides from that basically raised himself in the woods he did what a girl was a car. When he first met Bulma he thought she was witch and he was so clueless. Yeah Goku learned something things. Also all those that keep saying goku is disrespectful now and that makes evil, Think when Goku met Bulma he was disrespectful a little bit and when he met anyone he never understood or cared who they were when he meet Korin he said what he wanted to say same with Kami eventually and the same with King KAi and Grand Kai the rest of them Goku has never talked totally 100 percent respectful to anyone but he just not common since therefore that does not make him evil. Goku has always enjoyed fighting because he is a Sayian and yes he played the role of hero because he didn’t the earth to be destroyed and he is usually the only to stop it from happening. but whether do heroic actions for wrong intent or right intent it is still a heroic action no matter what the intent is. I do many thing good or bad. I have some things bad with good intentions but it I still messed up and done the bad thing then in life I have done things good with bad intentions the intent does not always detereman the action the action is what you are and what you do and how you be perceived.

  13. You’re all tripping. Goku just told the Zen Ohs to make up that part about destroying universes. Why would anyone else take it seriously? The show is comedic, and yes Goku is dumb at times but he’s not as clueless as you’re all making him out to be. Chill tf out and just go with it.

  14. Maybe toppo will realize that Goku is not evil and once this arc is over he will be offering goku to patrol accross all universes to fight all the villains

  15. This Toppo seems to be a hero. I’d enjoy watching him beating Goku… though I’m sure that the latter will win.
    I’m tired of Goku. I don’t hate him, but he should be taught a lesson.

    • I thought of the exact same thing the very instant I heard Toppo say that. I’d give you mad props, if I had any.

  16. i think the rule that the loosing universe will be erased is set up by zen chan just to motivate the fighters from all universe to give there 100% in the tournament so that i ll be an exciting one and at the end no universe would be erased.

  17. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. My prediction is that Goku has unlocked a new transformation, even stroger than SSB Kaioken. That is why he used so easily SSB Kaioken and in the next episode wil fight again without even being tired. But no one in universe 6 or 7 can now challenge him. So Goku tell Zeno the rules of the tournaments, the losers to be erased, so everyone to fight seriously and at their best. For this reason he is so disrespectfull to gods of destruction, so that everyone believe he is a bad guy and fight him seriously, until they kill him. In the first, will be difficult for Goku because he can’t fight in a team. But something will change during the tournament, and Zeno will say that he will erase the universe 7. At that time, Goku will think about his family and everyone and by the power of their loved one, also by cooperating with the others z-fighters, Universe 7 will almost reach to win but finally will lose, but they will have prove everyone that lower universes in power, must give them a chance to survive. So Goku will ask grom Zeno, not to erase universes and zeno will accept it. Probably with super dragonball will meet his father Bardock. Then the final arc will be the last fight with vegeta. So Goku is not ashole, and surely not a bad guy. Sorry about my english.

    • What about the assassin Hit? Won’t he just show up and just completely own this entire tournament by freezing time and throwing people off the stage? It’s still not clear that Goku could actually ever beat Hit given how strong Hit has become and his ability to freeze time for such a prolonged period.

  18. Omg it’s the DBZ Hunger games/Battle royale!! I hope the stage looks a lot more interesting than that plain surface we saw in the projection

  19. The Flying Nimbus only lets people ride, who do not have any unpure/evil energy… Maybe Toppo is from some kind of race with the same kind of power, but in reverse – not being able to hit people who do not posses unpure/evil energy. Toppo’s character looks like the typical old man that helps the main characters out. So he could just want to fight Goku now to see if Goku is actually good or bad, and ofcourse we know Goku is a good guy – so Toppo could end up being an ally to universe 7 in the upcoming tournament.

    (I am pretty shure teams will be formed between certain universes. We know that u6 and u7 gods of destruction had some bonds to eachother maybe others will have too, or just make an alliance so that they end up together in some sort of a final showdown).

  20. Goku isn’t evil. He’s way too kind hearted for that. Had the priest not said that Goku couldn’t lose on purpose, I’m sure he would have without a doubt given that fight over to universe 9. I bet Goku is just trying to butter up Zen oh Sama so he can ask him to retract his statement. If anyone understands Zen oh Sama it’s Goku. They are both very innocent like and thoughtless about actions. I’m sure he’ll promise to come play with him or something and spare all the universe’s.

  21. I think that no universes will be destroyed, and that the entire thing is a ploy by Goku and Zen-Oh-Sama. Think about it. They spent the episode before this arc (with the hitman) explaining how Goku can be manipulative and ruthless in order to fight against stronger foes. I feel like this is just to get the universes to bring their best and fight harder, which would also explain Goku’s extreme (even for him) ignorance of the situation.

    • Yet why would they exclude the 4 other universes who aren’t fighting. Hell, Goku didn’t even know Zeno had that planned till Grand Priest said it to them.

  22. stop blaming Goku for something he didn’t do, he suggested an all universe tournament, HE NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT DESTROYING THE LOSING UNIVERSES. Lol how some so called ‘true fans’ here can’t even listen properly…

  23. I think that on the last fight goku is going to die and vegeta is gone save evryting and he gets a new form maybe if this happens than its really good than you see vegeta his comeback

  24. Goku

    Wants to hurt people

    Makes his kids fight

    Leaves his wife and kid for years at a time

    Doesn’t care about women or money only violence

    Plays god with the dragonballs

    And now you think he’s evil lol OK

  25. Wow…what a turn of events in this episode. The royal rumble will be so exciting. Reading the comments, people has branded him as evil, anti-hero etc. etc. to all those people, go back and see the episode where Whis explains Goku and vegeta about Zeno and the universes. He explained the duality of the universes and initially at a time before there were a total of 16 universes and Zeno in a fit of anger destroyed 4 universes in one go. So messing with Zeno is a no no.

    Also in the episode where Grand Priest explains to all Gods about the Zeno’s plan of eradicating universes who’s mortal lvl strength was below 7. Now think of a possibility where there is no tournament of power and one day suddenly all those 8 universes get destroyed instantly without a notice. This tournament is kind of a notice and a fighting chance to save themselves from potential destruction.

    I think that Goku might persuade Zeno after the tournament not to destroy, and to warn the Gods to better serve the positions they are liable to, just guessing though. Let’s see what happens next.

  26. I think Goku sees the potential danger of the gods and is using them to get stronger so that he can stand up against them. Like he said he wanted to use his kaioken/ssg form to take on Beerus. Fighting makes Goku stronger and this is the only way. He even explains that Gohan would get stronger during his fight, and he did. Goku unlocked the secret to saiyan power a long time ago. Fight on the edge. Once he learned there were beings that way outclassed him, he knew he needed to fight them to get stronger with the omni-king his ultimate goal. He is still the good guy, he is doing everything he can to get stronger so no being can threaten Earth. I’m sure he has a plan.

  27. I’m really confused here. If Zeno is the one that decided to destroy the weaker Universes, and was planning on doing it anyways BUT FOR this tournament, why is Goku not actually the good guy for giving them a chance?

    Similarly, if Zeno is planning on erasing the losing Universes, why would he impose a rule saying that you can’t kill anyone in the tournament? Presumably being erased kills you right? It just doesn’t add up. If those fighters are going to die anyways once they lose, why prevent them from dying in battle? Isn’t that more honorable?

    If anything, this episode goes to show the importance of having all the facts before you come to a conclusion. Clearly the other Universes don’t have all the facts here, which is why they are all viewing Goku as evil. Toppo seems like a pretty wise character in this regard by reserving judgement. It also seems that, like Goku, he can find out his opponents motives and intentions through battle. If that’s the case, it seems likely that he will conclude that Goku’s heart is pure, and that he isn’t the villain here.

    • No. Goku did that accidentally. He’s still responsible for upcoming destruction by pushing tournament against Beerus and Whis’ protests. Though, to be fair, there is no universal destruction in this arc yet, so let’s watch.

  28. No need for Goku or Vegeta or Gohan to even participate except to get the number of fighters per universe requirement. They should just send in Arale…

  29. the only thing i liked from this episode was the fact that goku ssjb transformation scared the piss out of the gods of destruction which goes to show how far goku and vegeta have come in terms of their power and whats even exciting is that how they will react when they see another saiyan from earth who can reach the same level as goku. ohh its gonna be amazing to watch the battle royale.

    it’ll be the same as that meme where its goku and vegeta vs the entire marvel and dc universe and they do a fist bump saying “you take the ones on the left, ill handle the ones on the right”


  30. The super dragon balls are destroyed thanks to zamasu. Goku could beg Omni not to blow them but, hell if this was real shid we universe 7 and we already know who gone win, my main concern is hit each day he getting stronger

  31. Or, we could consider that Goku’s character hasn’t done a 180 degree turn into evil? Let’s think. Him and Zen are friends who met in secret. Goku has always wanted competition, but never at the expense of others. It is possible Zen is lying for Goku’s benefit, making him the target of all the universes strongest champions, as Goku would wish. Also, this is for Zen-oh’s amusement as well, how else to get people to fight their hardest than to threaten their existence? Remember, in the first tournament, there were two walk-offs. There’s nothing fun about that. Further, instituting a no killing rule in a battle doesn’t make any sense in a battle that is effectively to the death anyway.

    For these reasons I believe Goku and Zen are “pulling a fast one” on all the universes. It fits their current characters much better, especially Goku’s. It explains his flippant attitude towards all the other universes lives, his goading towards them, and his complete lack of empathy for an otherwise empathetic person.

  32. everryone was told even without the tournament universes were going to be destroyed because they are weak anyway…but since gokus universe is the 2nd weakest maybe when they win the tournament the gods will see that these universes arent so weak and they wont be destroyed

  33. “so i am evil huh?” looks like goku is going full anakin, for him he himself is not evil for dooming other universes

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