Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 82. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 82. Episode 82 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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168 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 Subbed”

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  3. “Joint locks”. I think it’s rather retarded that all aliens have so many earthling… Things. including being able to speak the same earthling language and actually maining it or assuming everyone understands it.

  4. They went from mysteriously digging a bigger hole without moving to losing limbs and briefly using cgi at around -11:03.

  5. Jiren will get the best of Goku and then right as Jiren is about to beat Goku, Hit will intervene and beat Jiren. Then, Goku will fae off against Hit to decide the winner of the tournament.. Then, unexpectedly, a destructo disk will cut Hit’s head off. Neither Goku nor Hit had realized that Krillin was still in the tournament. As a bonus, Zeno will severely own Krillin for breaking the rules.

  6. i feel like by the time the english dub reaches this point the dialog will change so much that it’ll make Goku seem like a Hero and not a Prick :3

  7. Goku, Vegeta, and the rest need to hit that Hyperbolic Time Chamber for a full day = a year, it should be enough to get everybody else on par for the tourney.

    • as Vegeta said just after the Revivial of F saga now, they’re reaching their ultimate potential and even after EASILY spending two years in there on a regular basis, their energy hardly increased recognisably enough

    • same with trunks and goten , they are even ss3 in fusion form, and 40 hours training without pause should make a great difference 🙂

      + vegita and goku fusion in ssg form should be no prob, when they fuse its not goku or vegita is another wich would count as a third person on the team 😀

    • fusion would do goku and vegeta no good. they could not go blue, and stay in that fusion for long. it would disperse quickly, as they would have to expend way to much energy.

  8. I wonder why Toppo is the leader of the Pride Troopers if Jiren is much stronger. I can’t wait to hear the backstory on this dude! He just might be stronger than Beerus!

    • Goku sounded straight up like Black Goku in this episode, they wanted to paint him the bad guy and he played along till after the fight.

        • Just because someone thinks you’re a villain, doesn’t mean you’re a villain. It’s subjective. Anyway, it’s possible to be a naive villain or hero anyway, naivety is just defined as childishness or simplistic thinking

          • That’s the thing. Goku is not naive. Everything has been brought to his attention and he is fully aware of exactly what is going on. He just doesn’t give a fuck. No more nimbus.

  9. With all of his smirks and shit, I’m pretty sure the villain is going to be Goku.
    He’s being really arrogant now. Plus, what I’m thinking his problem is is that he’s so used to victory that now he just assumes it. He KNOWS he will break his limit, so he’s acing all high and mighty about it.

    It’s almost like he’s realized that he’s a main character, and that he CAN’T lose in important scenarios.

    • he lost more than he won in dbs. so your argument is invalid.

      and probably Goku has some kinda plan. and probably Whis knows it but Beerus doesn’t.

      btw i think he doesn’t know that he’s gonna break his limits. he already did. that’s why he’s so confident.

    • i don’t see how hes being arrogant. he is in character like he always is, he gets excited fighting someone as powerful, it not more powerful then him. he was this way leading up to his first encounter with berus.

  10. This will end with no Universe erased. In fact Goku will be the one to sway the Omani king by saying how much he enjoyed the tournament and how if he destroyed the losing universes the Omani king would never get as much excitement again. Watch


  12. This comment section exploded after a single feminist comment.
    Why don’t you go talk it up with trump on how sad you are about missing your episode from a week ago lol.

  13. Soo where were these guys when Zamasu was trying to erase all mortals in the universes ? Bunch of talk from these weaklings…

    • Well I suppose to be fair they are in Universe 11 and Zamasu at the time was only taking over the current universe. He didn’t quite make it that far yet, well, maybe in the ending he did when his face appeared all over, but then he was wiped out by Zen-chan moments later so even if they did respond at that point I doubt they would have been able to make it that far in such a short amount of time. Either that or they actually only really care about anything that targets Universe 11 and are like “forget the rest”. I mean after all, in our universe we have the galactic patrol or whatever it is called. So maybe each universe has its own equivalent and they are restricted to their universe and it just so happens we got the weak guys while they got the strong guys.

    • O_O now theres a scary thought. Buu is already one of universe 7’s strongest (could probably still do goo against goku/vegeta in kid form).

  14. Lets take a second here to talk about the preview. AND VEGETA’S DEDICATION TO HIS KIDS.

    Vegeta wouldn’t leave his child being born even if the universe gets erased. #Fatherofthemultiverse

  15. Side note: Wow. These comments are way too extreme. Need to take it down a couple notches.
    Anyways, this episode was pretty awesome. Was that Krillin fighting against that red fox dude? I think Zeno is going to level the playing field to make it more “interesting.” Maybe

  16. When Goku was in neck hold of toppo, his eyes started to fade, at that exact moment, I got excited bcz It seemed like that he was turning into Super Saiyan 4 !!! (I have a screenshot but Idk how to attach it here) Anybody with me? Go watch it again bros ^_^

  17. I stg, back in DBZ when Goku fought Cell they were so fast you couldnt see them and when they hit each other there were explosions in the air. The fuck happened to GOku

  18. I hope Vegeta and Goku go Super Saiyan God Super saiyan 2 Gogeta or something !!!!!!!!! Cuz they’re gonna get wrecked in the tournament

  19. I’m curious…Did anyone notice how when Goku first transformed to Super Saiyan Blue, EVERY SINGLE character in the exhibition was SHOCKED at a power that they called and I quote: “Rivals The gods”!! But when Topo equally matched Gokus power, nothing was said in amazement not even when Topo said there is some one else even stronger than him!!

    • Probably because they didn’t have God Ki, even if toppo was able able to keep up with SSB Goku just barely. It’s like golden frieza, there was no mention of him having God Ki, even though he could potentially wipe the floor with goku and vegeta.

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