Dragon Ball Super Episode 83 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 83 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 83. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 83 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 83. Episode 83 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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96 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 83 Subbed”

  1. Hey!hey! There is something wrong, bulla is going to born after pan but in GT series bulla was much older than pan but now bulla is younger than her so that might be they are not connecting the super series with GT.

  2. Wtf are you retarded? Gt is not canon.You cant relate anything you see there with Anything DB as its not part of the story. There is no ssj4

    • Lol not everyone knows its not canon. Stupid! lol jk. but seriously just fucking help him understand it, simply. Plus, cant blame a brotha for bringing up GT. GT was the shit.

  3. Jiren is the one who gonna beat hit then he is gonna face goku but goku loses and Vegeta will be the one who eliminate Jiren. Goku gonna defeat Toppo after that he will face Jiren, hit will defeat wannabe Beerus and Vegeta is then the only one who is standing with Jiren and defeat him. Pretty Sure Vegeta would do anything for his Daughter

      • Goku doesn’t always “kill the big bad”, in Super he has most of the times so makes sense here Vegeta does it. Like said above, Bulla’s introduction right before the tournament speaks volumes to what Vegeta can do

      • I think everyone is getting time in the spotlight this time being a battle royale and all that. It will be about teaming up (can’t wait to see if 18 and krillin have some cool combos etc), also since when did they know 17 was alive? lol

        • 17 was revived when the Z Fighters used the Dragon Balls to revive all those killed by Cell, including 17, who was killed when Cell blew himself up.

    • 5 more filler episodes before actual fight. About Vegeta promising to be god of destruction, wonder when will whiz make him accountable for it?

  4. these comments are cancer….btw GT didnt happen, It didnt happen at all…..in order it goes, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z then Dragon Ball Super……..GT wasnt written by the original creator

  5. LMAO @ MY BOY YAMCHA. I was hoping they would explain why he isn’t apart of the tournament. Now we know. Hilarious!

  6. I just love how gohan looks amazed by krillin’s power even though gohan supposed to be ultimate gohan in 39 hours. dbz introduced power levels just to dont give a f*ck about it now 😀

    • The whole point power levels were introduced was to show how useless they are. Enemies who relied on them too much kept getting nasty surprises. After all, even in one of the first instances, Raditz was killed by 2 fighters (and an enraged child) significantly weaker than him power level-wise.


  8. if krillin is not able to meet upto expectations then vegeta gonna fuck 18 same like i watched in porn on xvideos , go search by urself. :0

    • I see it, Gohan is gonna be the star. Although I wish for Vegeta to get his time to shine like when he sacrificed himself during the Buu saga. I love Goku, but I wish the Prince of all Saiyans would save the universe, but still feel Gohan will be the beast like he was when smashed the mini Cells. Although he got to cocky, i want the Gohan back before he was arrogant.

  9. (SPOILER) Now their gonna do the same thing as Naruto Shippuden how everyone needs to find a gift for Naruto and Hinata’s wedding and each episode is someone different but now each episode in Super will be 1 or 2 people to recruit, it’ll still be like 2 or 3 episode since they already got Goku, Gohan, Buu and Vegeta.

        • You mean the freeza saga that took place more than 15 years ago. The one that all the humans started training non stop after for 3 years? If by they, you mean Piccolo and Nail, then not any more lol. Remember when the freeza force gave Krillin a bad time? Now he’s taking 20 on at once.

          • And those same namekians you’re assuming aren’t stronger as well? Krillin will never be able to take on piccolo. Piccolo achieved super saiyan level strength during the cell saga foh.

          • Not as strong as our humans. Why would they have needed to get stronger? Did they have androids threatening to kill them all (cooler is non canon)? Did they have a giant monster who was about to one shot their solar system? Did they have a majin buu trying to attack them, or a God of Destruction who was on the edge of erasing everything? No. There is no reason to assume that they trained for as long and as hard as the Z-Fighters. What you should assume (because of how many times its been both shown and stated in basically all dubs and manga releases) is that the Z-Fighters have all gotten much stronger since the Freeza saga. I don’t understand why people like you try to scale current Krillin with what he could do 15/16 years ago. How does that make sense? And what is the “Super Saiyan level” bs you’re trying to pull? Ssj is a transformation, a multiplier, not a milestone. The way you used it isn’t how it works. Its not like mountain buster to planet buster to galaxy buster. It’s 50x. Piccolo in base can’t be 50x his base…if I could go SSJ right now, I could only destroy a planet, but if Goku were to go SSJ right now, he could destroy a galaxy.

  10. These episodes where there is no training, no fighting, and little to no plot development are boring as shit. Why do they keep having extended runs of useless dialogue episodes. At least show some training rather than these long as episodes to basically just establish that Whis delivers Vageta’s baby, which removes his only reason not to fight. That literally could have taken 15 seconds. Instead, it’s half an hour. Also, we knew Yamcha was a coward. Didn’t need time spent on that. Why not just start the episode wherever it is they are going to end up training and have the Kai’s round up powerful fighters and bring them there 1 by 1. Short bits of useful dialogue can happen there in between training sessions. Would be nice if they introduce some new characters here as well, or potentially from far in the past which we have long forgot about.

    • Because comedy and leisure has always been a part of DBZ.. It shows that they have something to protect, Goku and Gohan even said it themselves weren’t you listening?There will be plenty of action later theres no rush..

  11. I could not focus anymore once Supreme Kai said that there are only 28 planets in their universe with humanoid life. 28?!!!?!?!?!!!?!!! Just 28?!?!?!?!!?! mind = blown

  12. ok maybe somebody can tell me why in the HELL are they picking people from earth? We already got the 4 strongest and that may not be good enough WTF is Krillin supposed to do? No isn’t Pikkon available? We can’t find anyone else from all those placed they’ve been before super?

    • They could resurrect Cell, Dabura, Frieza, Frieza’s training buddy Tagoma, And when its over you could just have Beerus handle taking care of them (whether giving them a break and letting them go wild elsewhere or killing them again). But i guess, people have been whining that Toriyama doesn’t give any screen time to the characters he through away, so i guess its just fan service.

  13. actually since it isn’t a battle about who can beat whom, and instead is a battle about trowing your opponent out, i think master Roshi can be quite usefull! he is after all the most experienced fighter, i dare say, more usefull than buu, who most likely will only trow opponents out by accident

  14. I’m calling it now. Just like how the last arc was secretly setting itself up for Trunks and Vegeta to bond, I think this arc is secretly set up to allow Gohan and Goku to bond and Gohan to have a new passion in fighting.

  15. i remember clearly how vegeta was when he first came to earth.
    seeing him change so much already makes him better than goku

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