Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 84. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 84. Episode 84 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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141 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 Subbed”

    • I hate how they are giving all the characters female children and they’re all annoying worthless shits that contribute zero to the story or progression. Pan, Bulla, and Marin are all wastes.

      • you’re terribly wrong , marron and pan and even bulla could be even stronger than goku and vegeta in the futur , i’m sure of that , like gohan in dbz .

        • You’re entitled to your shit and very wrong opinion. Nobody will watch if those are the main characters. Dragonball GT was terrible mainly in part due to pan.

          • Just like everyone one said about Boruto, but they still watch that stupid shit in hopes that it gets better.

          • “Very wrong opinion”
            An opinion isn’t a fact, nor is it wrong, infact your opinion can’t be proven either. So entitle your own shit and keep your mouth shut about others shit if you want to be like that.

      • You sound incredibly sexist. What, just because they are girls means they can’t fight? They can’t contribute to the story yet because all three girls are way too young. Pan is already showing strength, Marron seems to have a lot more interest in her father’s fights, and Bulla was just born so we’re not sure on her yet, but she’s half-Sayian so there’s potential there. They aren’t wastes. Besides, by your logic, Trunks and Goten are ‘annoying worthless shits’ as well. Since Super started, they haven’t done diddly squat for the story.
        As a female fan of DBZ, I’m happy that female characters are in the show and can be fighters as well. Women can be just as strong as the men. So calm your sexist tits and wait till the girls are old enough because I bet at least one of them will be an excellent fighter.

  1. fucking dumb how do all these people who haven’t trained in for ever even get close to goku its just stupid hes on god level but his son and now krillin and at least slow his kamaha wave fucking bullshit episodes like these make it harder and harder to stay interested also his super sayians only increase his base forms power and it doesn’t make since that krillins base form is stronger forcing him to go super sayian when goku has never stop training once

    • Have you thought about Goku not going full strength against his friends (except Vegeta) so he won’t accidentally kill them?

      • he wen’t fucking super saiyan blue, he’s definitely using a good amount of power, and it makes no sense at all

      • I swear these people are just fucking idiots who love to complain about everything. He was obviously holding back.

      • Beerus made a joke out of old SSJ3 Goku. Goku is now around Beerus’s level or at least stronger than SSJ3 in his base. Krillin isn’t even old SSJ2 level. So I don’t care if Goku was holding back he should be able to beat Krillin in his sleep without breaking a sweat.

        • Rules state to not to kill. So of course he held back and pumped more to make him pump more. He could of easily killed him yes. But you missed the whole point of the match he started. He was testing his friends limits and learning what he can and cannot do. He had to see how far his friend came along. Then he got schooled on the fact it was a team battle not a one on one. Did anyone even pay attention to what the point of what he was doing?? No doubt he could wipe out all his team mates but power level is not what is going to win the tournament. Goku knows this. Which is why krillen is his first choice.

          • I get the point they’re trying to make I just don’t like how they’re doing it. Also even though power is not all you need to win it’s still a big factor in the equation but they’re trying to make it seem like it’s almost irrelevant so that they can get the Z fighters in the fight. For example, if Android 18 and Krillin teamed up against Hit I highly doubt they’d win. Super is throwing away it’s potential just to get the Z fighters in the fight. Like saying there are 28 planets with mortals in the WHOLE UNIVERSE there’s WAY more planets than that in just one Galaxy it was probably done to justify that all the fighters are from Earth, it makes the gods and the idea of a universe full of different life forms seem almost irrelevant. I don’t have a problem with the Z fighters fighting I just think they could’ve done it better.

          • Also Krillin hasn’t trained in ages and when he did train he wasn’t even SSJ2 level so right now Base Goku should be > Krillin so going SSB is just beyond overkill even when holding back.

    • They are abiding to the tournament rules. firstly you can’t kill, they have no intention of killing each other when sparring. Secondly The Tournament of Power is not just based off strength, it is using the mind as well, especially if its a battle royale but you have 10 people to back each other up. Krillen understands there will be powerful opponents in the tournament hence why goku tested him with ssjgb and said, “what will you do now?” he only went super saiyan becuase of the 3 destructo disc mind game krillen pulled (Note; Using the mind to trick the strong). you need to understand that. Also these episodes are basically canon fillers because in turn we all know who’s joining the tournament its in the title and in the show half time as well.

  2. does this make any sense? i mean like seriously?? android 18 casually stepping in and stopping ssjb goku kamehameha ,transforming into ssj to counter krillin goku getting troubled from
    his attacks in base form godddammnit akira i hope something instills sense into u

    • i couldn’t agree more how people just keep catching up to go without any training its fucking dumb weather or not people say hes not try i dont give a fuck he should be able to block his punches with his 1 finger and knock them out with a flick

  3. Huh guess power levels really are non-existent then. It looks like everyone is catching up to Super Saiyan God now. Eh oh well whatever. I am more interested in what that super buu-looking character was in the end. A GOOD super buu? Can that even exist? Now I am getting excited! I can’t wait for the next episode! And finally, Android 17 returns! I have been waiting for this moment! Let’s hope he is still just as awesome as I remember him from DBZ!

    • That skinny looking boo is probably good ol- fat boo putting on a show to make a spar with goku more interesting, I just wonder how far will Toriyama go at dissing our intellect with this whole ssg goku toe to toe with guys he was better then at even original Dragon ball…

    • Ever thought about Goku controlling just how little power he needs to put into an attack in order to push Krillin to improve on the spot ?

    • Also thanks for making me go back and see that Majin character, I missed it the first time ! I would guess it’s actually Buu maybe attaining a new form ? Since Super Buu was originally a stronger version of Majin Buu, I’m guessing it was always meant to be just the equivalent of Super Saiyan but for a Majin. The game Xenoverse actually had the same vision since they’ve introduced the small Evil Buu form as a power up transformation for a Majin.
      Which would mean Goku also tests him and it could be revealed Buu powered up/trained for some weird awesome and totally unexpected reason, you have to admit this would be cool.
      Could also be a fighter from a parallel Universe Earth where this Buu comes from. Would also explain why there’s fricking Broly in the opening credits !!!! IN A GODDAMN CROPPED THANK TOP FOR FUCK’S SAKE ! (01:09) Like a sane Broly ?

      I’ve seen no one get excited by this and I don’t get why.

  4. The angle of which 18 deflected the blasts does make it possible. Think of this. As you put two fists together, pushing against each other, it would be very difficult to stop it that way. This pressure is intense as they collide with each other. It actually takes very little effort to push the fists from the side where they join together because it’s a weak point, a “joint” if you will. The same is with energy. When two collide like that its the same concept, so where it’s strong as hell head on, its actually weaker from the side. So it does make sense that since she struck the “joint” of the attack, she could have sent it flying. Its more in Hapkido and Aikido that you learn the weaknesses of joints and connections.

  5. So Goku makes Beerus the destroyer, use nearly 80% of his power, the first time he fights in SSJGod, where that fight nearly ended the universe. Now Goku trains with Whis, the Angel who trained Beerus, and unlocks SSJBlue. So his base SSJGod should be stronger from God like training, which is now multiplied by SSJBlue in some way, which can then be enhanced with Kaioken. Logically putting him on par if not stronger than Beerus in SSJBlueKaio. To then somehow match a Kamehameha wave with krillen in SSJBlue is insanity. I’m sure Frieza accidently killed folk in his final form back before Namek because his power was so great. Goku is using GOD power and somehow doesn’t insta kill Krillen. Goku in base form fights a trained final form Frieza and doesn’t break a sweat. Goku base was crazily above Krillen in Frieza saga, CRAZILY, yet Goku was weak compared to Frieza. Now base Goku easily beats a trained Frieza thanks to near non stop crazy training with Gods. Krillen has recently been brought back into some mild training, after slacking for years. Yet gives Goku some hassle? Umm why bother showing Goku train at 100x gravity back in the day, when this is how you justify people being able to compete with each other now? If it was like this back on Namek. Goku would just show up without training and be amazingly stronger. Gone from SSJ being a legendary power up, SSJ2 being an amazing power up, SSJ3 being an unreal power up. To SSJ3 being a joke compared to Gods/Beerus, SSJGod being an unfathomable power up near par with Beerus, SSJBlue now undescribed on where the power level is with Beerus, but if it’s anywhere near a transformation like going to SSJ from Base, it should be as strong if not stronger than Beerus. Yet SSJBlue seems to be made a joke of so often. I’d of enjoyed seeing Goku fighting Krillen in his base and powering up in that. Going SSJ where he went blue. The scaling would of felt more appropriate.

      • Really?…a loser earthling in his 50’s that wasn’t any good when he was a “fighter”(besides at getting killed) vs a super saiyan GOD? that’s just dissing our intellect right there…shows you that the show is aimed at 10 year olds, not long time fans who are adults now.

      • Yeah an master Roshi said he had a secret power up method and that he would show them if they returned with those herbs…Maybe he showed it to krillin…?

    • That’s because the show is not aimed at long time fans who are adults now, but at 10 year old today…that old clown Krillin is a friendly face that’s ideal for sending positive simple messages for kids like “believe in yourself even though you’re weak and short and have no nose”

    • nah , it’s just not the power , it’s the planning in fight , i think krillen here is better than goku which gave a great help for him , since goku is a bit dumb.

      • Goku is a fighting GENIUS. Said by many, he’s just a bit dumb when it comes to things like maths and english, he never went to school and lost his only real guardian young. How dumb would you be? But fighting tactics and troubling situations are Goku’s foreplay.

    • I think Goku was just switching to SSblue to see what Killing would do. I’m sure he had no intention of hurting him. Goku is so good at playing weak, he only probably did that Kamehameha with like .005% power, lol. Plus the fact that Android 18 kicked it away so easily shows it was a weak Kamehameha. Also as I’m sure you are aware of, Goku has been switching to SSblue effortlessly for awhile now. He can probably control that for 100% by now.

    • yeah but goku could, and most likely would obliterate krillen right there, in fact he was so into it that i don’t know if he would manage to restrain himself, which is way 18 decided to join, anyway, krillen still is ages behind goku, the point was to push krillen to his limits and show goku this tournament wasn’t about sheer strenght (which once again reinforces my argument that roshi will be crazy in this tournament, most experienced fighter yada yada)

    • Idk who’s coming up with this but it’s terrible…making a whole mockery of the power scales that were once set in place…makes absolutely no sense

    • Rules state to not to kill. So of course he held back and pumped more to make him pump more. He could of easily killed him yes. But you missed the whole point of the match he started. He was testing his friends limits and learning what he can and cannot do. He had to see how far his friend came along. Then he got schooled on the fact it was a team battle not a one on one. Did anyone even pay attention to what the point of what he was doing?? No doubt he could wipe out all his team mates but power level is not what is going to win the tournament. Goku knows this. Which is why krillen is his first choice.

      • So power isn’t everything…So Frieza wouldn’t of wiped Vegeta, Krillen, Pico and Gohan if they just worked together? I understood the point, but the scales and plot have just gone completely out of wack. This isn’t a death battle no, some teamwork and tactics can make up for SOME power difference here. But look at Raditz, he was barely stronger than Goku and Piccolo yet beat them both easily in a 2v1 fight, not killing them, just toying. Now look at SSJ3 Goku vs Beerus, Goku literally couldn’t see Beerus move at a fraction of his power then,So Beerus could incapacitate all of the Z fighters and throw them off this platform without killing as he did against SSJ3 Goku. 2 hit KO, pick him up walk to the edge, throw off, win. Now Goku in SSJGod can keep up with 80% Beerus, more so now in SSJBlueKaio and after Whis training. So ANY enemy that is near Goku’s “power” (Speed/strength/fighting skill) has that same advantage over ALL the Z fighters, apart from Goku and Vegeta. Effectively making them useless. If they can in some way take a hit even reduced, from someone who is as strong as Goku in SSJBlue (Hit), then it’s not following the scale it both started with, and has reasonably followed throughout Dragonball. I get Goku is holding back, obviously, but no one is going to be when their whole UNIVERSE is on the line. Goku and Vegeta get busy with equal opponents, then someone like Hit comes along and stumbles into the other Z fighters. Explain how they stand a chance?

  6. really not enjoying db super universe arc like i thought i would, these goku training episodes are becoming boring to me and the power leveling stuff is completely messed up

  7. Incredible.. Vegeta still has not gotten his moment to shine.. but they give Krillin his own moment where he goes toe to toe with a person who is thousands of multiples ahead oh him in power and comes out on top, without compromise, allowing his family to be proud of him.

      • Yep, they even got him a Pilates ball….that’s so much better then having Whis train you I suppose, If only Vegeta knew, he could finally be as stong as Goku..

    • this is definite bullshit….who is writing this?!…makes no sense…where was this fighting IQ against Nappa? Vegeta? The Ginyu Force? Frieza? The Androids? Cell? Majin buu?…Now Goku’s stronger than ever and his IQ matters now!? against SSJ blue???… terrible

      • first of all there are rules in it, u cant fly, u cant kill, u can win by knocking ppl out of the stage. against a deathmatch the only way to win is to kill ur opponent and he did not have the power to kill anyone back then plus he could have got killed so that must scared him and his brain must be frozen back then and cell, buu have op regen so no chance for krillin even if he came up with something, but theres a chance for him now and his techniques has been improved. In a team fight you really dont need 10 strong but inexperience like Gohan you u need a few carries and some supports just like in LEAGUE OF LEGEND OR DOTA if you ever heard of them. LOL!!!

        • Unfortunately I haven’t maybe I’ll look them up. Peoples past deaths have not had much to do whether their opponent could fly or not so in referencing that doesn’t really mean much…However I just find the powerlevels to be BS…..I didn’t see Master Roshi fight not one time in DBZ…Not all of a sudden he’s one of the best candidates in the Universe for the Univeral tournament?..at least make sense of it if you’re gonna do that…Everything just looks like just an unjustified lack of effort & inspiration in writing to me…I mean how many times does Frieza really need to come back?

  8. something about the goku black arc made it really amazing, i hope they find that piece and add it to these current episodes

  9. In what reality is Krillin more experienced then Gohan? they’re both losers, but Gohan defeated Cell and went on to fight(however poorly) against the likes of Dabora and Boo, what has Krillin ever done besides getting killed(when he was still hanging around the real figthers) – being older doesn’t automaticaly makes you more experienced, Gohan was a better&stronger fighter then Krillin ever since he was 5 years old.

    • Gohan is a terrible fighter. He’s powerful, and mostly relied on that to defeat his enemies. He has no technique really. If the power levels were balanced, Krillin would wipe the floor with gohan. Gohan wins normally because of super saiyan and being born with immense inexplicable power. a skilled martial artist goes up against someone who is out of his league in terms of power and speed, well then, he’s going to lose.Every fight that gohan wins is because of strictly being at a much higher power level than his opponent. Krillin can fight but was always paralyzed by fear, which he supposedly mastered a few episodes back.

      back in dragon ball, martial arts skill mattered more than pure speed and power, but DBZ became a battle of who could dwarf their opponents power… or spirit bomb.

    • Krillin is way more experienced, how many techniques has Gohan invented compared to Krillin? Gohan did defeat cell because had the potential to do it and that was the only time he had any real training. Krillin was basically babysitting him before that.

    • In the episode itself Goku tells Gohan. you will be surprised Krillan has been training. Being Goku has that mind awareness thing he can look upon people even when they don’t realize it. On top of that Gohan basically has done no training at all and has been in books for years now. Where Krillan has at least been a cop. SO basically addin Goku knows Krillan has been doing secret training and fact Gohan hasn’t been training in forever also add in fact that you can’t kill in this tournament Gohan hadto hold back his power enough to not kill Krillan at same time subdue him. Krillan was around 75000-100000 in Cell series. Granted nothing comparedto Goku and Gohan at that point, but still enough power to make it tricky for gohan to subdue and not kill him at same point Krillan had been learning new moves in secret. he beat Gohan with intellect and distraction not brute force. as for a lot of other questions based on how goku could hold back so much. lets go back to DBZ trunks faces Frieza and his men. there scanners viewed him at power level of 1 whole time. he switched back and forth in power level so fast the scanners could not figure that he was switching between them. Goku did same thing to the first 4 of the Ginyu force. Only captain Ginyu caught on that GOku had switched his power from 0 to boom in split seconds. If Goku could do that so far back . I am pretty sure he has gained even more control since then to do it in SSJblue. Add in he was toying with Krillan like when he found him , he could have instant teleport there but shot a energy wave at the rocks blowing them away.

  10. Nice action on this episode, but shoving clowns like Krillin down our throat after not seeing him do something useful since Namek is a bit insulting to people that acually watched the past shows, the idea of Gohan and Goku taking him seriously doesn’t make any sense.

    There’s one human(or eartling, whatever) that’s not a complete embaressment and bore to watch fight, and that’s Tien – the guy never stopped training, and have always been ahead of Krillin and Yamacha.

    Wish him and Piccolo were taken a bit more seriously by the writers, insead of Krillin and stay at home mom 18.

    • Possibly she redirected Krillin’s Kamehameha which in turn knocked Goku’s towards the heavens. It’s just a possibility though.

  11. So the entire universe is in peril of being destroyed in this tournament should their team lose. So, who does Goku recruit to help save the Universe? Vegeta and Gohan are the only two LOGICAL choices being brought along here. Heck, Buu makes some sense too.

    Tien, Roshi, Krillin, 17, 18, and Piccolo!? seriously Goku, are you looking to LOSE here!?

    Not gonna lie, if Master Roshi somehow actually turns out to be USEFUL in this fight…..I’m giving up on the series lol

    • That’s Goku for you…being told to recruit a team made out of the entire univese’s strongest fighters…guy basically calls the only people he knows

    • they are 10 strong people, most of whom have been useful in previous fights, regardless of their lack of power. Piccolo is a master strategist, and just having him along makes gohan infinitely more useful.

      Tien can split and do illusion stuff, special beam cannon from piccolo is powerful given enough time, androids don’t give off ki and are thus stealthier than everyone else (great in a tournament about getting people out of bounds!). Krillin can do what he always does, get beaten around to buy time for goku to save the day, and make goku really determined when krillin gets his butt kicked. Krillin is the whole reason goku first went super saiyan!

      • Pikkon’s also dead. I’m pretty sure this tournament is only for the living. Though, I suppose that since Supreme Kai outranks Grand Kai…enormously (and having Beerus show up on their doorstep would probably make them shit their pants and quickly agree to let him have whatever he want)…..though the other argument is entirely possible……he’s just filler.

  12. I know 18 can stay in her prime for as long as she remains an android. I suppose you do have some base but isn’t it a thing where if the higher powered character doesn’t see something coming, or lowers their guard, they cant really do anything against it, especially with goku, (ie. bullets/lazers, frieza and with how he died the first time) I mean, it was an unexpected interference. He was ready and focused on Krillin, not really anyone else.

    • Lets just say, that if that attack distracted Goku’s Kamehameha, then Piccolo, Tien, Yamacha and Krillin’s attacks should have distracted Perfect Cell’s Kamehameha vs Gohan, thing is they didn’t – only Vegeta was powerful enough to even make Cell bend his back a little bit(without breaking his attack), again – power difference much smaller then 18 vs Goku Blue…

      • True but isn’t Perfect Cell… perfect? lol

        Couldn’t resist. But yeah, he could just tank their attacks like he did. I’m just going to go on a hunch and say either; Goku failed a perception check,18 passed a dexterity check,Toriyama, or all the above

      • 1st off, 18 doesn’t hit goku, she hits the energy attack. Not sure how that figures into everything, but she doesn’t touch goku.

        2nd, I think from goku’s expression at 18:09, he was more surprised than anything else. I don’t think 18 caught him by surprise, but he was surprised and curious about her action.

        3rd, in the case of cell, he was aware of the threat of the other Z fighters. He kept his awareness of them up. Goku probably wasn’t expecting 18 to get involved… and he can’t sense the android’s ki, so she is capable of catching Goku off guard. I think that super armoring attacks is like focusing ki, like tightening your abs when someone is about to punch you in the gut, except with magic energy barriers or something.

    • Got resurrected with Earth’s Dragon balls after they’ve wished for all of Cell’s victims to be brought back to life, this is actually one point in the plot that isn’t complete bs lore wise.

    • Did you watch the whole DBZ? Android 17 is at the end when Goku is gathering energy for the spirit bomb against kid buu.

      • Maaaaaan, I guess it has been FOREVER since I watched those old episodes. The teenage version of me would have caught this immediately. Thanks ya’ll lol.

  13. IF you consider DBZ when Trunks takes out Frieza there scanners showed him at a power level of 1 the whole time he switched his power level so fast that the scanners couldn’t see the change. Thing is even with Goku in blue level could pu how much energy he like into the Kamehameha so he probably started it at near Krillans full potential then amped it up trying to push krillan to another level. The screaming well goku does that all the time with his attacks wether there full powered or not, but basically what I am saying is Goku even in SSBlue mode just chose to step back on the power of the attack.

  14. i would replace roshi with satan. That dude is indestructible unlike krilin dbz abridged have kriling pwn count if u lost count while satan turned out victorious many times over. he has luck and clumsines on his side XD
    So basically if u have satan your universe wins 😀

  15. I swear most of the DB fans are retarded watching goku in blue form against krillin then bitching about how ssb has become a joke and complaining about the power scaling!
    just one question really. haven’t you ever heard about power suppression? obviously goku can one shot krillin if he is serious but he he was testing him.you know like how beerus was testing goku back then although he could easily hakai him! besides fighting isn’t all about power levels .skills and experience are large factors
    seriously guys stop being retarded and use yours heads abit.

  16. I swear most of the DB fans are retarded watching goku in blue form against krillin then complaining about how ssb has become a joke and complaining about the power scaling!
    just one question really. haven’t you ever heard about power suppression? obviously goku can one shot krillin if he is serious but he he was testing him. you know like how beerus was testing goku back then although he could easily hakai him! besides fighting isn’t all about power levels .skills and experience are large factors
    seriously guys stop being retarded and use yours heads abit.

  17. I see a lot of people griping about how this power level and that decision don’t make any sense, like any of that matters. What does matter is that this is obviously the return of garbage filler episodes. Are they seriously going to give each recruit their own recruit/training/testing episode? SERIOUSLY?! I guess I’ll be back in a few months then.

  18. If Goku wanted, he could have pinned Krillin to the ground and took a steamy super-saiya-shit in his mouth – right there for his wife and child to watch.

    But he didn’t

  19. first off all, goku might be blue, but his power is nowhere near blue if he doesn’t focus his ki. second, 18 kicked his arms.

  20. dunno how they would possibly step up from this arc, which unfortunately means this is the last one, maybe one more to wrap things up, i mean, goku is growing a lot here, and every character will have a chance to shine, and everybody learns that fights are not only about sheer strenght… in the end there may be 2 guys from universe 7 left and goku will challenge whoever is left with him… anyway… still think goku might become the god of destruction and i know nobody agrees, but that new ending cinematic… might be just me… but i think it (trough some symbolism) confirms that goku will leave everybody behind soon.

    EDIT: i am talking about the last 2 scenes, he behind the clouds, “disappearing”, bulma looking up, and the portraits of bulma’s past and current families. BTW who is boo absorbing? will that make him smart enough to stand a chance?

  21. Hmm, i don’t think they realize Krillins greatest strength is his weakness. In Super Saiyan Blue form, could Goku do ANYTHING that wouldn’t kill Krillin? Thus disqualifying himself? The death would probably be rewound too but if not they always have the Dragonballs.

  22. What a load of shit, Goku has done nothing but train and baldy has been a cop… yet he beats Gohan ( okay he’s only just come back ) and with the help of 18 who hasn’t trained at all the stood up to A GOD! Wow imagine if they’d trained eh? They’d fuckin win the tournament hands down with anyone to help them lmfao!

  23. Everyone just needs to calm down and consider the full situation:

    1st: Krillin beat Gohan because Gohan was pulling his punches. Krillin even points this out: “You can’t use your full power against me, can you?” This is what’s letting weaker fighters keep up in the tournament: Brute forcing a victory is likely to kill your opponent, which could get you disqualified. In a fight to the death, Krillin would have been annihilated in a punch or two by Gohan…but he’s taking advantage of the rules to give himself a fighting chance.

    2nd: The beam clash is the same thing. Goku could have killed Krillin and wiped out half the city if he’d poured all of his power into that. He didn’t. This is clear when Krillin starts pushing himself to his limit to keep up…and Goku increases the power of his own blast without any significant difficulty. Goku’s trying to use as little power as possible to win that…that way, Krillin just gets blasted off the rooftop, rather than obliterated.

    3rd: 18 kicking that blast aside isn’t really that surprising. Androids don’t weaken over time…she’s at her peak, as she was during the Cell Saga. This means she is substantially stronger than Final Form Frieza (as he was at the end of the Frieza Saga, I mean), and is able to defeat low-end Super Saiyans with only modest difficulty. Being able to deflect an Kamehameha that is only modestly higher than Krillin’s is entirely reasonable.

    So, yeah. Krillin’s the strongest human by far, unless Roshi’s learned new tricks, but he’s still not going to be keeping up with Saiyans…in terms of raw power. His advantage here is that he’s excelling tactically…admittedly, he’s not shown this kind of skill in the past, but it IS what I’d expect him to be training (seeing as he (as a human) has hit his “soft cap,” so to speak, in terms of power level).

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