Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 Subbed

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106 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 Subbed”

  1. Next weeks episode looks like filler. Aliens coming down to 17’s island randomly when Goku comes to visit? lol This was a pretty good episode though. I can’t wait to see Goku reunite with Tien next.

    • I dont want Tien on the team, He is a weakling. Why dont they get Pikkon and Future Trunks, maybe even Cell back! I think that would be a better team than Tien.

      • Cell is dead, Pikkon is non canon, and Future Trunks is in another timeline. Tien isn’t weak. We haven’t seen him fight seriously in a long time. I’m assuming he’s at least stronger than Super Saiyan.

        • pikon IS cannon.
          Hes part of the DBZ Story after Goku dies in his fight with cell. (The other world tournament). He didnt just appear in the movie with Janemba,

          • he has only ever appeared in the anime so his canonicity is suspect, he has only ever appeared in the movie (definitely non-canon) and appearing in an anime-only/filler episode of DBZ, however he may be in the canon… just hasn’t shown up… like gogeta… who lit up an entire universe with his very presence in the same movie that pikkon was in…

        • @Justmadeanaccount2 If the power scaling meant anything I’d disagree with you. There’s no evidence I’m aware of Tien even reached first form Frieza level let alone 2.5% final form. However if Tien is at least as strong as he was in the Saiyan saga…he’s probably stronger than SSB Goku…at least Tien can dodge bullets…

          • There is evidence, you’re just a casual fan who hasn’t watched the full series and likes to bitch and be annoying on the internet. Tien never stops training throughout the whole show, and was able to hold second form Cell back. Obviously second form Cell was stronger than Super Saiyan. If he’s still been training for the 10+ years since the Cell saga, he’s probably even more powerful.

          • Ha! just like i had imagined, bringing a villain like Frieza back in is just what I thought Toriyama should have done, and he is doing it! They should also bring back Cell to.

      • @iceverything2000 Looking at the power scaling Goku in SSB was barely above Krillin…Tien should be far above Goku’s level. If Goku wants to win the tournament of power he should bring a few humans with machine guns…by the looks of it Goku isn’t even fast enough to dodge bullets anymore in base form and was nearly killed by one.

  2. They played themselves. Android 17. Is the most hyped character now; But I have feeling their going to yamcha him during the tournament. And get a shit load of complaints when they do.

    • Based on the episode where Android 18 and Krillin both nearly fought Goku, 18 mentioned Android 17 that she remained in contact with him though didn’t know where he was, and Goku mentioned something about not knowing Android 17 even cared for Nature, when 18 told him what he was up to now, and 18 said that she didn’t know either. Likely, he doesn’t really, based on 18’s comment, but he is actually doing it in honor of his brother, 16, who did care for nature. As a way of always remembering him for what he did, his legacy and sacrifices. I mean when they were together 17 and 16 did get along very well, and at some points 17 did have his back above all else, so this is likely the ultimate homage to his brother. Honestly, it is very touching when you think about it, IF that is the case. Or maybe he always did just like Nature but never made it public to keep a macho appearance, who knows. I think I like the first way better as it being shown as a sign of respect for his fallen brother lol.

    • In DBZ Android 17 made an off comment about becoming a park ranger. It was probably a joke, but the statement was made.

  3. uub better be coming back.
    it would be awesome if in the tournament he fused with buu and turned in majuub as well.
    but damn, android 17 is very strong to keep up with ssb goku and still not full power.

    • What I am hoping by them mentioning him based on how they mentioned him, is that the next arc will move on towards DBZ’s ending. The one after this tournament, or at the very least, it might be one in the near future since they’re bringing it up now. That’d be awesome if DBS finally caught up to the DBZ ending and surpassed it! Where we could finally see Goku training Uub in his village, meeting his family, and finally eliminating the DBGT continuum as a whole! I hope if they do that they don’t make Goten a wimp and mostly useless like he was in DBGT. AND I WANT ADULT GOTENKS. I NEED IT. OR, INVERSELY, this could be a sign that DBS is nearly over and it will only go on until that point where it catches up to the DBZ ending, or it might not even try, just mentioning it, and then ceases production. Leaving us with GT after all and Toriyama accepting it. (GOD NO.) OR ON ANOTHER POSITIVE NOTE, IT COULD MEAN IT DOES CATCH UP BUT a new series is coming out in the future that will replace GT! There are so many possibilities! Personally I hope it is the first or third one, though the first one would be better! Here’s hoping to we getting Uub soon! I wanna see what happens! I can’t wait!

      • I mean, Toriyama already stated that he sees GT as an alternate reality. I’m fairly certain he’ll keep it that way. Besides, GT doesn’t and can’t work anymore given the SSJB transformation (otherwise the GT Goku and Vegeta are stupid for never utilizing it).

        • I don’t know about that. DBGT wasn’t my more preferred DB series and it seems it wasn’t Toriyama’s either. What I am hoping they do, as I stated above, is that they continue DBS and completely recreate the ending of DBZ and continue on to replace DBGT, if not make a new separate series after DBS to fully replace DBGT, though it could retain some of its elements, namely Super Saiyan 4. (I wonder what a Super Saiyan Blue form of Super Saiyan God would look like? Perhaps blue fur, hair, and aura all around the beast! That’d be kind of badass!) Or something like that.

  4. I realise goku was probably holding back. But super saiyan blue. The power that almost reaches that of the gods. And 17 block a kamehameha. BULLSHIT! Filler is filler, sure, doesn’t REALLY matter too much. But when they downplay or upgrade the power of shit shit so much it makes me want to fucking explode.

    • Remember in ROF arc when base form Goku easily took on final form Frieza? The same Frieza who an SSj Gohan was convinced he couldn’t handle first form of? Then in the Black arc all of the power Goku had obtained was trivialized….in the latest arc Goku was injured by a bullet he wasn’t even fast enough to avoid (Bullet > Final form ROF saga Frieza > Gohan) Krillin was nearly killed by a bullet…he easily beat Gohan and he was difficult for SSb Goku (who fired ki blasts at him.) Super’s power scaling is garbage, absolute trash.

  5. So it seems like Goku is the main character in an RPG that has level scaling. It doesn’t matter how strong you get, all the mobs level with you.

  6. guys isn’t it obviously gokus getting a new form think bout it the always expose his last form before getting a new 1 wen u eva see him go ssgss without going ss2 or ss3

  7. yeah, as i said week ago, this is bullshit. 17 might be strong, but this fight would look much more real if goku went ssj2 and showed 17 power that killed of perfect cell back in the day (or even ssj3 if 2 wasnt strong enough) but no, they made 17 so powerful that gods power of ssj blue are on pair with his blocking abilities. great. (you could see that he wasnt punching goku when they were flying down to the water, he was blocking all the attacks)

    btw i wonder why 17 is so careless about the universe destruction. all dies at once cant be helped. of course it can you dingus, join the team ffs. bunch of animals from a random island are more important to take care than universe level threat

    • Lol..exactly..He needs to be told that the destuction CAN BE STOPPED if he just thinks outside his narrow minded Island crap..!!

    • You have remember he is an android so he may not have consciousness or a deeper level of thought but he cares for nature ad has a family, so that dosent make sense, but DBZ hasn’t revealed anything of it, so its weird tbh

      • @Dunno Me Except he’s not an android it was stated several episodes ago they have only been enhanced on a cellular level. Purely organic.

    • @Aurora That logic doesn’t make any sense. Base form Goku easily overpowered final form Frieza in the ROF arc…the power that defeated Cell was supposedly long surpassed by Base form Goku prior to the ROF arc…but then with the Black arc the inconsistencies begin. Base form, SSj and then even SSb’s power is trivalized…and then base form Goku is injured by a bullet he was too slow to dodge (after krillin is nearly killed by one.) krillin easily takes out Gohan and is a match for SSB Goku. The God’s power means nothing, I think SSB Goku might be weaker than Zarbon and Dodorian at this point.

  8. That is so stupid that he was able to be as strong as a Super Saiyan God. He wasn’t suppose to be that strong. Android 17 did look pretty dope though. Getting him on the squad would be crazy. They are taking way too long to get this tournament started. Very exciting to know Uub is coming to the series!!! Wish he was ready for the tourney.

  9. please don’t ruin it by scaling everyone powers with goku ssb , i mean please here we all are adults and we all wants logic .
    happy anime!

    • Other way around, Everyone’s power is being scaled down. Goku was nearly killed by a bullet in this arc, last arc Trunks handed his ass to him.

  10. Next week they discover master roshi hit the hyperbolic time chamber for a day and is now on par with SSB Goku and joins the team.

      • Will you shut the f up about bullets

        If you get slapped an know it’s coming it don’t hurt that much. If you get slapped without knowing you get shocked hard.

        Goku has been known to bee weak af when he has his guard down.

        His skin is not made of steel like superman he is more human. But having aura around you or at least being tensed up makes it hurt way less. Or not at all.

        Thus common anime logic

        Sho please

        Go go away

  11. Well its pretty obvious who’s actually going to be recruited for the tourny since during half time and the beginning,you can see the 10 people who are going with Goku.

  12. WTH..Initially Hit, then Toppo n now Android 17.. Everyone just walks off the SSJ BLUE Kamehameha like it was nothing..!!! Not done Yo..!! 😑😑😑

  13. “Don’t kill this guys either” and pushes the tank so hard it explodes. And probably kills every single one.

  14. I’m gettin’ so triggered when i see that ssb is bullshit now… there’s no way that a piece of metal can reach goku’s level.. hope for vegeta to shine in this arc.

    • Yeah Goku was nearly killed by a bullet…so was Krillin…who surpassed Gohan and was a match for SSB. Fuck Super’s power scaling.

  15. Uuuugggghhh, I hate these filler episodes. They always use the C-team animators, they drag the plot on way too long, and they contribute nothing to the story. This episode and the next one could easily have been condensed into one episode. Or even less. I know they do it so they can give the manga a chance to catch up, or come back from hiatus, but I wish they’d just go on hiatus too. They desperately need to trim the fat before it gets too bloated, I don’t want to see a Z-style Goku Powers up for Five Episodes arc again.

  16. These fillers are the lamest fillers ever man wtf. I rather see 17 get his drivers license than all the shit we get now. They are trying to make us wonder about things already confirmed.. Will 17 join the squad? We already know he will, that much for a filler :/

  17. To my understanding Android 17 knew f the existence of Majin Buu and his Power.

    He would have at least tried to amass that much strength over the last several years since then.

    17 has a family and things to protect and knowing of that much power would have driven him to never sit on his ass and get weaker… only stronger…. Unlike android 18 she knew she could rely on goku and everyone else…

    17 on the other hand has been his own clutch.

    and obviously goku can suppress all his power as Blue just like beerus can slap bulma without obliterating her.

  18. I dont get this, Goku and Vegeta are far stronger in base form, so that means even when going super saiyan they should be above them all, even 17, hell Goku in his base form was pair with freiza in his final form ( before the golden one ).

    • …It’s worse than you think. Gohan and Piccolo were both sure they were no match for Base form Frieza in ROF…and base form Goku easily overpowered final form Frieza in that same arc. Yet in all subsequent arcs Goku’s Base, SSJ, SSj2, SSJ3 and even SSb form seems to at best only be at a level just above that of Krillin…who was near on killed by a bullet. Goku was also nearly killed with a bullet (he didn’t even see it and it cut his arm…he’s lucky it didn’t hit him in the head.) I think SSB Goku is about as strong as weaker fighters Kid Goku fought at the 21st Tenkaichi Budokai. Too slow to perceive bullets, with a body that can easily be broken and penetrated by them. This explains why SSB Goku only barely overcame Krillin…and why Gohan was utterly destroyed by him.

  19. Wait a second … Just wait a god damn second… At the end of dbz every body is alive and well (which is years after the dbs timeline) doesn’t that tell us that universe 7 wins the tournament of power?!! Am I the only one who thinks so … Now the whole intense feeling of the tournament is gone for me. Sorry if I ruined your view for the future episodes

    • The winner of the tourney gets a wish with the Super Dragon Balls. We all know what that wish will be used on. <.<

      • Goku is gonna win the battle with a one on one with jiren the gray and holy will somehow pull off the win and then use the super dragon balls to revive all the destroyed universes and all the gods and Kai’s will feel stupid for thinking goku was a bad person and they all live happily ever after ..lol storyline on point af

  20. Ya’ll know this isn’t filler right the manga isn’t gonna be caught up by may so why even try? This is just Goku forming a team, if you want just random 10 people without any thought on why their there? Also i’m still butthurt on the whole master roshi thing you got Goten, Trunks, Yamcha. You could find a way to make pikkon canon. Hell you could bring cell to life and if he steps out of line goku or vegeta or gohan or gotenks or buu could easily kill him. Also Also Goku was holding back ALOT 17 is not SSBlu Level so just stop bitching about it.

    • @adamcheshire14 Goten and Trunks were never anywhere near as strong as cell and looking at how Goku and Vegeta’s power has been handled…I’d say they’d be no match even if fused for Cell. 17 is still much stronger than SSj3 Goku which is broken…that’s if you ignore that base form Goku was nearly killed by a bullet. Beerus > Zamasu/Black/fused Zamasu > God form Trunks > Regular SSj2 trunks > Base form Trunks > Magetta > Kid Goku > human with rifle > Bulma/Mr Satan > SSB Goku/Golden Frieza/hit >17(17 is also above human with rifle as we saw in episode, more inconsistencies) > 18 > Krillin > Cabba > Frost > Gohan > Piccolo > Tien > Roshi > Generic low grade Frieza force

      ^^ Relatively accurate power scaling (you might find inconsistencies there but there’s are merely FURTHER INCONSISTENCIES with the program itself.)

  21. I kind of don’t understand all haters – that SSJ God looks like a joke.
    You guys obviously don’t get a point… looking back into past when Goku and Vegeta trained with Whis, angel told them that divine energy is all about control.
    Don’t you understand that even Kamehameha in blue form – can be weak or incredibly strong – depends on density of energy that is controlled by fighter. Goku of course is stronger than android 17 or Kirillin)), but don’t forget that he is genius fighter – and he levels his energy to pull maximum from rival.
    Or you would like watch movies where Goku spits towards Kirillin and guy wents to coma? Common….

      • For me it’s clear, look – no point to use SS1 cause SS2 is better by any means.
        SS3 – looks cool, however Goku struggle to maintain energy on that level, this transformation uses too much energy, therefore, it’s useless in long fight.
        Sure we can say why he uses SS2 than, why not just SSB, but it’s tricky – cause SSB with his divine energy doesn’t let to read energy level, and Goku always want’s to pull maximum from his opponent, that’s why he shows his power level being SS2.

        However I agree with you, it would be more fun if he transforms occasionally to SS3, but I guess it will make Vegeta fans even more SAD :(… pointing another thing their man can’t do)))))

        • I appreciate the explanation. It makes sense. 2 things I want to point out though. One, if he really wanted to “show off” his power, and ssuming his divine energy cant be sensed, then wouldnt SS3 be the best option, I mean its the most power and speed he can generate, and it’d be perfect to just test someone out and puff up his chest. Second, this is more of a question than, are you saying that in SSB cant read others peoples energy, or that SSB energy cant be read? PS I a giant Vegeta fan, my buddy bought me a vegeta actionfigure/model/whatever for my wedding present =D )

          • regarding your 1st question – I am not sure…only explanation I find here, that Goku realized that maybe SS3 would too strong for Android 17, and Goku was aware that 17 might stop fight while realize how strong Goku is. That’s why Goku transformed to SSB, so 17 knows that Goku is stronger than SS2 but doesn’t know how much exactly – and Goku by leveraging his speed and strength was checking how strong 17 is – as you remember at the end of sparing 17 mentioned that he would loose if they continue.
            And don’t forget that Goku is figuring out team work for Royal Battle preparation so he must know everyone capabilities to create best strategy.

            Regarding 2nd – SSB can read both KI and divine energy, KI energy fighters can’t read divine energy.

            PS: I am big Goku fan, also have action figure of Goku from Ban Preston Master Piece series -it’s so cool)))))

    • @Witalij Cyzsatiakow …If Goku wasn’t injured by a bullet, your words might mean anything. Clearly SSB just isn’t that strong nor is Goku. His kid version would mop the floor with him, at least he could take a bullet without injury and was fast enough to dodge them.

      Remember that base form Goku easily overpowered final form Frieza in the ROF arc (first form Frieza made Piccolo and SSJ1 Gohan submit.)…look at him now, probably weaker than Krillin in base form. It’s not a matter of suppression, it’s a matter of TERRIBLE power scaling and no internal consistency.

      • Look, there is solid explanation why… whether you agree with that or not it’s up to you. ..
        If you have watched all DB series, you must remember that Goku even being as SS1, got hurt by the random piece of rock that had thrown by Kirillin. Laser injured while fighting with Gold Frieeza – same.
        It’s happening like this, because Goku unlike other fighters, is capable of relaxing completely, dropping down his KI to a human level. And that’s what makes him genius fighter (different from others), because in real world to became stronger/better – proper rest is same important as proper training.
        I can still insist that while he was a kid, his was bullet-proof, that’s right… it’s only because he didn’t know how to control his KI yet and was always keeping it higher.
        SSB is not that strong what do you mean?… it’s comparable to Beerus, Beerus defeated SS3 with one finger, raged SS2 Vegeta using only 10% of his power…clearly SSB is stronger 10 or at least 8 times.

  22. hey before u all end the series can u all include something like the reveal of the saiyan race please it will be nice to end it off with that with all the action and stuff
    thats is jus my idea but thanks for reading it

  23. The Power scaling is of course fucking terrible. As Dan below said this does indeed feel like an RPG with level scaling…worse though it feels like a modern video game in which your final game character isn’t much stronger than a level 1 character. The same base form Goku who easily overpowered final form Frieza in the ROF arc…who then trained for years later was easily hit and injured by a bullet (Bullet > Final form Frieza.). Goku’s SSB doesn’t seem much more powerful than his SSJ or even base form…this power scaling issue started with the Black arc. It feels as if the characters are becoming increasingly weaker with each new episode.

    All NPC’s scale with Goku, including the regular humans…what a broken show.

  24. For Uub fans: Uub won’t be ready until the end of Super, at the tournament which is shown at the end of DBZ after the timeskip. Sorry to disappoint ya.

  25. When DBS is worse than DBGT, and you’re still watching it, you know you’ve been cursed. Damn canon DB, why can’t I just stay away?

  26. Would it be too absurd to think that #17 lives in the same place Oob does? or even a closer relationship between them than just neighbors? just trowing this idea out there

    Ediit: why not show us the picture of 17’s family?

  27. When Android 17 says “So you can transform like that too”, I’m pretty sure it stems from him never seeing Goku. He was already absorbed by the time Goku recovered from the heart virus and showed himself. He himself states that he doesn’t recognize him, did he not?

  28. Im scared if the Tournament becomes an anti-climate quick fight, if they worked as a team and all fusion together that would be lit looool

  29. OK so lemme get this straight …- goku fought lord beerus in ssj god he was nearly on par with beerus then…now he was the form of a ssj god gone super saiyan… So clearly that means that he would have an even greater chance of somewhat equalling beerus ..what I’m trying to say is you mean to tell me Android 17 is on par with a stronger form that which could exchange shots with a god of destruction so that means that Android 17 could fight beerus at 100% (which he said he was going. During the fight) and get away with his life dragon ball you got me fucked up cuz… and to add on to that how the fuck does someone who babysits animals,fights mere humans with water guns ever dream to equal GOKU!!!!WHO HAS MOTHERFUCKING POWER OF THE GODS it makes no sense I almost want to forget about this show . That’s ridiculous Someone in the office must be on tip that this idea actually got through I think whoever came up with Android 17 being equal to ssb goku must’ve slammed his face into a pile of cocaine before he walked in smh

  30. It’s so stupid how they build up all that intensity by saying “will Android 17 end up on the team “then they go head and put the teamroster in the intro and halftime LMAO

  31. Everyone is funny!! Just enjoy the anime and be happy Dragonball is back lol
    Lowkey Goku hasn’t evening slept yet since the pre- Tour and he fought ” Buddy {with the poses Duppu} and he
    s been recruiting and if he was serious he would destroy 17, Goku’s just testing him… Clowns!!

  32. super sayian gods are so stupid. i had to stop watching. the animation could be much better too. its such a disappointment really.

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