Dragon Ball Super Episode 87 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 87 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 87. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 87 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 87. Episode 87 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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65 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 87 Subbed”

  1. When will Goku ever get back his Power Pull? It was his main weapon in Dragon Ball and after putting it in Karin tower, he has never even mentioned it once!

  2. Yeah the power poll would be a great weapon on the tournament but sadly they can’t use. Also I don’t understand y uub isn’t grown up really that would’ve been awesome to see him in the tournament instaid of master Roshi or tien but I would understand for them to be in the tournament because they have bean in multiple tournaments. Just a big bumber uub can’t be all grown up that would’ve been an awesome episode or episodes for a lot of people I reckon oh well all I hope is that these episodes get rollen cause I can’t wait

    • He is like 3 years old, how the hell should he fight? Also the tournament need teamwork hence why Roshi is in it. He is like 300+ years old and is the most experienced of them all. Hence why Goten and Trunks wasn’t chosed. It’s not about power, but strategy like in the good old OG Dragon ball days.

  3. So those two couldn’t catch up to a beam that was slowly carrying the animals? Plot holes, plot holes everywhere.

  4. I enjoyed seeing 17 and Goku talking at the end and my boy Jaco. The rest of the episode was boring though. lol Pointless filler.

  5. Right at 7:14 you can clearly see that the rain is lazily generated using CG (computer graphics). That’s it, I’m done.

    • If you are going to completely stop watching a show over something so petty then please, do us all a favor and find another show to whine about. One less child to deal with on this chat log. Good Riddance.

      • Just going to have a guess here and say he watched it on his computer, that lazily generated some Computer Graphics for him to watch it.
        Wonder if got as upset when he saw the opening sequence for the first time, in all it’s CG glory.
        People are idiots.

        • Well, the main problem is that we are watching an anime and as we all know, the main audience is going to be children. I do my best to ignore it though, as I was just as ignorant when I was a kid.

  6. Whis could have made an entire stadium by now, complete with concession stands and a T-Shirt launcher. Tell the Great Priest that I am not impressed.

    • His stage is probably be A LOT bigger than Whis’s. He made the preliminary stage just as fast if not faster than Whis.

    • They are making it with the strongest material in all universe’s which we saw in buu saga when supreme kai was traning Gohan the cube which broke z sword that material is used in building stage in a vacuum space and also whis father is not as fast as whis so the old and more experienced men take there time to make something special and perfect master piece

      • Bud, you are talking about a cartoon. This is not real life.. It does not take time to build a stage in a cartoon. They are getting in all the episodes needed before starting the tournament. Also, it is obvious that I was joking. Sigh

  7. some call this episode filler, i call it bonding and persuasion

    like anyone would ditch their responsibilities to fight strong guys, aside goku that is but what do you expect from someone who was dropped on their head as a kid

        • Just kids jumping on a bandwagon. They see other people bashing it and they jump on. Unfortunately many people cannot think for themselves. When DBZ ended and everyone enjoyed it so much, wishing it would continue, if they were given the option to either have DBGT or have nothing at all, they would gladly pick DBGT. Obviously GT is not the best but it is also not terrible. There was plenty of enjoyment in watching the series. Just ignore than bandwagon kids, they were still swimming in their daddy’s balls when GT came out.

          • GT was actually my first db series and there’s only one that I like more, the original, in fact the one I like the least, because it feels like a totally different show from Dragonball, is Z… I definitely prefer GT, DB, Super and of course ZA to Z… of course it’s all a matter of perspective really

    • To me, he still looks like a “productive-member-of-society-nerd” just without glasses. He is constantly thinking, planning and behaving responsible and shit. We will never have a badass Gohan again.

      • Do not worry he will be bad ass in the tournament. He is always like that since DBZ, responsible & trains only when it is needed, but when he does, He is amazing.

  8. That’s just considering all enemies being Goku-level and we know already that this will not be the case. Also, being not that strong means that they would be targeted last because they’d pose no treat power wise. Teamwork and tactics would be the key to win this tournament. A team’s real “power” is shown when all members are in synergy and work well together. “In union there is strenght”, that’s the real meaning of the Tournament of “power”.

  9. How it will end… Vegeta will win by using the spirit bomb. In the end, what Goku have done was win the hearts of his enemy. The biggest enemy is Vegeta (it’s in the Sayin blood). But! Vegeta is the prince, and knows what he is figthing for, rather than Goku who only wants to meet the strongest. Spoiler Alert! And I love it 🙂

    • Sadly, I suspect the usual Toriyama scenario where Vegeta comes in cool and stuff, probably eliminates 1 weakling, but then, gets eliminated very quickly before having a chance to be decisive at the end of the fight.
      Since the tournament is a team job, he will be tricked and kicked out by a group of fighters in a “surprising” and disgraceful way.
      This comes from a disappointed Vegeta fan 🙁

      • Probably not. He’ll be more likely to kick ass this time around, actually. Goku will have the strongest guy as per usual, but Vegeta’s likely to take out a bunch of opponents like he did in the Universe 7-8 tournament (The man took out 3/5 opponents singlehandedly, which as a Vegeta fan I respect that he got his spotlight there).

  10. Judging by how slow time goes to Tournament of Power, it’s quite possible to see 23 episodes till it start…

    • Wait… There was a big controversy from like 2 or so months ago about what the female Broly, and you’re just noticing her now?

      I’m guessing you haven’t really been watching all the episodes for a while, or just skip the intro music and teasers at the end of each episode?

  11. since when does piccolo have an aura when he finds unless he knows the full potential ability to or its just an aura

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