Dragon Ball Super Episode 88 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 88 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 88. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 88 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 88. Episode 88 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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60 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 88 Subbed”

  1. Gohan with that Bang is Back Baby now if only he can combine Mystic with God Ki would be super good and not overlapped by Goku and Vegeta, Vegeta should train Gohan sometime
    But overall #MakeGohanGreatAgainiscomingbaby

  2. lol @ Yamcha. I hope he actually does end up fighting. He deserves to be in the tournament more than Roshi.

      • That doesn’t mean anything. Buu was in all the promo for the universe 6 arc yet he ended up not being in it. Maybe someone will drop out this time and Yamcha will have to replace them. Anything could potentially happen. I don’t think Toei would include Yamcha in this arc if he wasn’t going to play a role.

    • Yamcha would be useful in the tournament of power, if he foolishly attacks Jiren and accidently get killed, Jiren will be disqualified for killing and universe 7’s biggest threat is gone.

    • Dude thats not mystic gohan, mystic gohan was only called mystic for the debut of ultimate gohan, because nobody knew what or how much power this form had or how much different it possibly would look like because the word “mystic” is stemmed from the word Mysterious which in turn basically means Unknown so there’s no such thing as mystic gohan there is only Ultimate Gohan

      • Actually, Mystic Gohan was officially used in the Budokai 2 and 3 games. It was only until the Tenkaichi series did they change it to Ultimate Gohan I believe.

        • “Mystic Gohan” was never used in any Budokai game, that’s a lie. It’s called “Elder Kai Unlock Ability”.

          • That is correct. lol Twas such a long time ago, I could’ve sworn that the old games used Mystic Gohan at one point, or that I had seen it officially somewhere (perhaps on a dub Funimation DVD cover as well). After further reading though, if anything it’s also officially Chou Gohan, despite the games using Ultimate mostly. I guess it doesn’t matter too much at this point.

    • My prediction, he manages to combine the god ki with ultimate/mystic power, it will show a white inner glow with blue outer glow, will look brilliant.

  3. wtf master roshi took some zombie steroid at the preview :v lol and the first female saiyan in this episode looks different than the one in the previous opening and this opening. So there might be 2 female saiyans

  4. You know I kind of remember that as well, that in-order to go Mystic, he had to transform into his Super Saiyan form and that WAS the form he took when already transformed into a Super Saiyan from his basic form. I guess they retconned that fact. Similar to how I thought I heard that Super Saiyan Blue was supposed to be the only Super Saiyan form after Goku acquired his God Ki but it turned out to just be another transformation level they could reach. This makes me question…so can Goku also go Super Saiyan God? Just the basic form with red hair? I know they said that it was infused into his body with his default power, but I wouldn’t be surprised if later he actually re-acquired the ability to go Super Saiyan God or acquired some other form that turned out to be the “true” Super Saiyan God form, like Super Saiyan Super Red or something. Whatever, it is what it is.

    • Pictures of Super Saiyan White have been circulating for a while now… i’d love to see them do something with that

  5. Just use uBlock Origin, or adblock plus, I use both of them for max seccurity. :p
    And who else noticed the quick corruption in the intro? :/

  6. Vegeta better get his full episode of getting stronger before the tournament if they’re spending all this time on making the scrubs saiyan blue level overnight.

    • He is getting stronger. Remember during wiz’s training he told him he needs to learn to relax more. I love the little details.

  7. as much as i love this episode, the amount atatatas is cringe worthy. can someone tell this old woman to calm down a little?

  8. Guys, I don’t know about you… but I am pretty sensitive to poor quality in details… I clearly remember Goku’s face fail in 16 episode at 07:39 and further, now again at 03:56… and starting at 04:31 there is even whole faceless conversation… 🙁

    • That whole faceless conversation was because they were drawn from a distance. Toriyama even drew that way back in DBZ, go ahead and look for those moments. You’re picking things apart needlessly.

  9. now this was a damn good episode worth waiting a week for. <3
    also i liked the reference with Gohan Piccolo and the Dino 😀

  10. i dunno its like all these retarded characters forgot that zeno was going to erase all the weak universes anyway. The only thing goku did was give them all a fighting chance lmao. Fucking classic shitty dragon ball plotholes as always

  11. dammit i hate all this shit power scaling gohan hasnt been training since buu so he should be weak as fukk rn even base goku should be able to one shot him but fuck me right

  12. and why isnt this nigga goku training with vegeta he got his ass whooped last time he should be training somewhere like the hyperbolic time chamber

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