Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 Subbed

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You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 89. Episode 89 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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98 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 Subbed”

  1. Those boobs at 5:30 were a little too huge, but I just fapped to it. Not like a single slightly-busty female would trig the entire wordly population. They may be scarce, but they’re not or shouldn’t be criminally taboo.

    • Was not a rape joke fucking idiot. Also rape is defined as act not say fucking cucks like you and the left who are retarded.

    • If you think rape is something to joke about, get yourself thrown into prison, drop the bar of soap when you’re showering and after you’ve had a bunch of scary men go through you, ask yourself if you still think it’s something to joke about.

  2. so we know female broly is the other girl, definitely not cauliflower lol. Hope the tournament begins at 91

  3. This would have been the perfect episode to bring back Launch but noooo they had to make up a random filler character. 🙁

    • yeah, i’m really excited about this! it might be something different from SSJ3 and SSJ Blue, cause Gohan is special

  4. So there are two females and they were wise about it one is a evil biker like girl and the other a kind pure hearted girl and there fighting most likely on opposite sides the good saiyan universe 11 most likely the other saiyan. And I couldn’t be more excited

      • Yea your right. I’m just keeping my m8nd open just in case she isn’t going to stay idk if frieza is back again then it’s not to crazy.

          • What are you talking about the saiyans in that universes gang seem like the ones from universe 7 but more self loathing than prideful. If caulifla or any of them say or do something to rick her off or if she see there a losing bet she would of course want to not be whipped out of existence and well it seems very very hard for universe 11 to find 10. Also when universe 11 supreme kai said that the winning universe would be universe 11 kale had her picture pop up or at least her shadow

          • I’m sure if she know how to transform or just by seeing it like she did she could go to the pride troopers and just ask for them to help it seems like they are somewhat connected

          • The only way to go to different universes for regular mortals is through an angel and Vados isn’t going to take Kale back and forth. They aren’t connected, Toppo and Kai didn’t even know about Saiyans till this tournament.

          • Yes but the other universes will take whatever they can get to win as long as there powerful

          • The other universes are checking their own universes for fighters. They aren’t jumping universe to universe. The Grand Priest would have known. Hell even U11 Kai is confident in the Pride Troopers alone to win. They aren’t switching teams.

          • Why would the grand priest care he never said that isn’t allowed. The kai’s only found out about champa and vados by destroyed planets also with them so busy looking for fighters and training they would have plenty of chances

          • And besides it was easy for champa to cross beerus’s universe so another God wanting to take another universes fighter isn’t that shocking and telling from some of the Angel’s they care as well

          • Yes because he’s a God of Destruction. Kale is a mere mortal. Vados isn’t going to allow it and U11 is all about justice, they don’t need to steal other people, that’s not in his character.

          • The pride troopers are for justice but not the Angel or God of destruction. Also it is a competition that will kill them all and they will be turned to nothingness no matter what these gods are going to do anything to win and if you think champa is the only God low enough to steal from the other universes your wrong so far they all seem to be sneaky and only cares for themselves

          • If you actually read the bios, you would see that entire group with the Clown and Harley Quinn looking character is about justice. Plus it wouldn’t make sense for the Pride Troopers to work for someone who isn’t about justice. U11 is already satisfied with what they got, if you watched the segment with the Kais, you would know this. They don’t need to steal from anyone because their faith is all in the Pride Troopers. Clown God said that himself.

            If The Grand Priest can see all what they are doing, he would have stated that when showing the Zenos. That was one of the key factors of the episode, people looking for the teams. It wouldn’t even make sense to go to other universes. It’s your universe fighters that they want to see, it can be considered cheating if they are from a different universe.

          • That kai made a shadow picture of her and the pride troopers when he said that the best way to win is to know your enemy and maybe one of them saw her potential . They gave us more proof she may work for universe 11 than 6 she is just from that universe and as for them only being for people that only fight for justice, we don’t know anything about her to say she’s with or against justice and she seems wise enough to get the attention on one of the universes clearly and the intro and that shadow picture makes it point to universe 11. Clearly the trailer for the new episode shows that cabba and or caulifla do not think much of kale and will kick her aside if they won’t even have her train with cabba to become a ssj

          • No you think that shadow is her because in your mind, you’re convinced the intro means something when it comes to the teams when they clearly showed it doesn’t. Is Basil going to jump to U6 now because he’s shown to be next to Hit and Magetta? Buu is in the intro yet Frieza is his replacement. Again how would she work for U11 when she’s from U6? Wise enough? She’s quiet as hell and in the current story, no one pays attention to her. In fact, I think she would be picked for U6 in the next episode. Here is how it goes. In one scene, you see Caulifla blow up the area they are all in, blowing Kale back. Kale gets pissed off and without even realizing it, she goes SSJ but they don’t show it but just Cabba and Caulifla’s reactions.

          • Yes it is a good way for it to happen but I really don’t see why you are taking this so personal I was only saying that she might be on universe 11 is likely she will train to gain ssj but gets a form with a endless amount of ki flowing the legendary ssj form and cabba and caulifla sense it if they can they never really explained that but sense the ssj form did get caulifla’s attention they might and they bring her on the team to fight. They still need more fighters still with a very small amount of time but most likely vados and champa have that covered already or just had more saiyans like what champa said or to be funny a few siblings of hit

          • There’s no likely way she will ever be on U11. The only evidence you have is the intro and that has been debunked. Toppo already saw the SSJ form with Gohan and Goku, and wasn’t looking to get them. SSB is even stronger than that form she has. U11 has the fighters they need, Toppo said they should look on every planet that has the Pride Troopers. They are covered, we just haven’t seen them.

          • Your aware your main point is that she’s from that universe right. I didn’t even said they chances of he being on universe 11 was high I only said it was by a little I’m just saying it’s possible and you’re acting like not even the universe being destroyed wouldn’t even get them to go looking out of there universe for a fighter. It seems obvious they only welcome the strongest beings and beings that will fight for justice so I’m sure they have the strongest on the pride troopers unless jiren is not on but I’m pretty sure he is. Also your away they think killing is the best way to deal with villains. It’s for justice but still common he was willing to Dr the destroyer to fight for justice the way it seems anyone that is ok with killing bad guys can be taken in as long as there powerful. Well idk that bunny version of beerus didn’t seem powerful do to what we seen from his fight and that cyborg not so much as well idk they might just be the krillen and roshi of there universe

          • My main point was that she has no affiliation with U11 nor is going to switch teams with them. They are already confident in themselves as a team so they have no need to go out of their universe to look for a meek shy girl that doesn’t even know how to turn into a Super Saiyan yet. U11 already got big guns in Jiren, Toppo, Dyspo and that General. And that’s just 4 people. They don’t need anyone else from a different universe on their team.

          • Phobia God I’m just saying there’s a chance I’m done with this you can’t even get that in saying there is at least a 1% chance it could happen and somehow that is to much for your mind to handle I’m sick of this one sided debate if you can even call it that it’s clear they don’t think much of kale and there pushing her away and I’m not dealing with this

          • Not even a .0001 chance. When you provide evidence, then I may change my stance. Otherwise it’s just moot because your evidence has been proven wrong.

          • I’m not dealing with this shit anymore I’m just going to see what they do for the series and whatever happens happen I’m not going to go on and on about have it is at least slightly likely she could switch universes. You have your opinion and I have mine. If you think it’s impossible for a massmurduring team that will be ok with anyone that is willing to kill for justice and mot try to lock anyone up, to welcome someone that may or may not be somewhat the same than fine but don’t keep talking to me about it when that seems more possible than frieza working with the z warriors. Even if it’s to save his existence he still would be suffering everyday so being nothing would be better.

          • They had to offer something big for him to agree to fight alongside the Z Warriors. I do expect him to turn on them though. Even Frieza joining up with them is more plausible than that theory you cooked up. At least Frieza is by far one of the strongest in the universes and they could make up for RoF. Even Goku said if he wasn’t so evil, he would have been a great fighting choice and with the actual people that are cannon, Frieza is literally at the top of the list. Though I must say, I would wanted to see Buu fight.

          • It’s funny how you believe that’s more like when frieza had possibly 10 or more times to do the right thing or to at least leave to live and he just kept on doing the same thing. As I said I’m done have fun with your opinion, I’m going to have fun with mine

          • You forgot to read what I said before. Just because he agrees to fight with them doesn’t mean he won’t turn on them later.

          • Your aware that I meant his base is on the level of his base and same with ssj. I don’t recall saying he is as powerful as vegeta going all out but ok ether way I’m sure he must have blue by now. He wouldn’t just not even try to gain the form with the help of vados and she seems to be ok with him and seems like she would love to train him obviously champa isn’t going to train him until probably now sense he will die if he doesn’t

          • But I did read what you said yes he would turn on them most likely but for what to beat goku and to get taken out there’s no way he’s beating universe 11 so he can’t just wish to be resurrected or immortal is he can wish for that and still be alive with one wish the super dragon balls are very different so who knows

          • Super Dragon Balls can grant any wish to anyone so if he does get his hands on it, no doubt he can wish himself back to life. For what? Well Frieza is the type of guy who would do anything for revenge. Him getting revenge on Goku is in his character.

          • What are you talking about vegeta only told him of the blue and helped him become a ssj. Vegeta reached the blue in a year with goku anyway and cabba have far for potential and the episode of hit is proof more than a year went by yes it’s possible cabba could have the ssj2 form but with vados training why wouldn’t she train him to gain the blue she would need him to be on there level if they even fault again and well they are for the most important battle in db history.

          • Vegeta told him of Blue but it doesn’t mean he will get it in a year. You forget Vegeta has way more experience and serious battles which made it easier for him to get the God ki. Cabba literally got SSJ over a year and a half ago in DB time. It makes more sense to master that form first and gain SS2 while climbing the ranks of SSB as time goes on.

          • Your aware cabba go on missions everyday right his race of saiyans are good and are police officers who catch villains he is like what vegeta would be like if he kept going on his planet fights but going across the universe. Cabba even learned the galic gun kust by seeing it once and well he have a master vegeta was just sent on missions and took over planets with nappa he made all of his moves vegeta is skilled but cabba might be even more skilled telling far far above dbz he is before gaining ssj. He may even be able to take down gt and yea I know non Canon but cabba now I would say yea he’s far above gt. Vegeta learned how to fight on the battle field like a true saiyan cabba he have that but far more years going to different planets for it and had a master to teach him his moves and he could add it to his own. And besides vegeta only had the z warriors to train with to give him a challenge when a villain didn’t show up so vegeta didn’t really learn that many new techniques over the years unless he made new ones but he just train himself to gain more power and how to control it

          • Vegeta is more skilled just because he has more experience. And with that experience, makes him much stronger than Cabba even now. The other thing Vegeta has the edge over is what you said, control. Vegeta has mastered SS1 and SS2 before even getting Blue. And Cabba doesn’t have more years than Vegeta fighting. Vegeta’s been fighting since he was a kid and he’s way older than Cabba. It makes no sense to get SS1, not master it and just skip to Blue. That’s similar to what Frieza did in RoF. If Cabba gets Blue, it won’t be now.

          • Yes I can see him attacking him but beerus would without hesitation destroy frieza if he caused them the match and trust me he would tell frieza before the tournament not to mess anything up or else. Frieza if he new that beerus would kill him he would listen. But yes he could still attack but he might just wait at the final round when he is supposed to fight to be the only one left or close to that because beerus wouldn’t kill him if he is supposed to do that.

          • It doesn’t even have to be physically attacking Goku. He could throw himself out on purpose while looking like someone just overcame him to get to the Super Dragon Balls. Frost, also after being eliminated earlier as well, could be doing the same thing and they decide to team up.

          • Frieza and frost are meant to be the same person but with different out comes and yea that’s a good point but frost seems to be more about fame than anything he could of easily just took over like frieza. Yes hit would be in the way and could easily take him out but if frost paid him he could not even worry about it. If they team up it seem to cause frost some trouble with having somewhere to live because hit and champa and all of the other universes. But who knows frieza may like frost for being a frost demon no pun intended. Or just hate him for being soft, or because he let the saiyans live

          • I can see the differences between them appear in the actual tournament then when they are both eliminated, they find common ground.

          • But we really don’t know that much about cabba he might just be as old as vegeta maybe older look at vegeta’s brother they look just a like but yet vegeta’s brother is near vegeta’s age also the planets that vegeta took over were filled with very week beings all radis level or even lower universe 6 seems to have fighters on cells level for normal fighters. Cabba goes out fighting new foes daily and telling on his team each race is far different and can have many amazing and rare powers universe 7 the rarest ability it telepathic powers and zenkai boost but that is nothing in universe 6 all of the fighters there had rare and amazing abilities that all stood out. Vegeta could be the smarter fighter but he have many flaws he gets blinded by his pride and makes many mistakes whis even stated this is why he can’t beat goku and why he lose so many times.

          • No way Cabba is as old as Vegeta. His former master looks around Vegeta’s age than he does. Vegeta’s brother isn’t cannon so he can’t be brought in this case. Even if Pre-Meeting Goku Vegeta was facing Raditz level people, the Vegeta that did meet Goku improved immensely. Even if he can’t beat Goku technically, he is still the second strongest in U7(if you don’t count Beerus or Whis). Cabba is pretty good but there is a reason Champa keeps talking about 10 Hits than bringing his name first.

          • Yes but there master is possibly passed his prime which maybe even later in age thanks too there evolution

          • Also vegeta’s brother is Canon I recall bulma asking him if he had a brother that can help with the God ritual and vegeta replied by saying yes but he’s somewhere deep in space

          • Never refered to in Super. Probably in Battle of Gods but that’s now considered a different continuity.

          • Well hits progression and hax abilities are what makes champa want more but vados thought it would be a good idea to get more saiyans also vegeta went nearly 20 years without taking over planets and well he only fought 8 to 10 people in thoughts 20 years and goku was two of them. He spent the rest of his time training to fight him in the other world. Also he said he wouldn’t fight anyone because goku sacrificed himself and he did that for 7 years so that makes him lose most of him experience. And cabba have been doing the space police job for most of his life.

          • Vegeta said that yet he still trained. Why do you think he got SS2 and got even stronger than Gohan in the Buu Arc? He had to have train. If he lost his experience, he wouldn’t have been even with Goku during the second fight.

          • Vegeta trained everyday but it’s mainly making his body stronger he gained see by that and the hatred of being bested by goku

          • No that isn’t true he spent 7 years training to gain it he is just someone who push himself over his limits. Cabba is unless he is a basic warrior but gohan is because he gained the form on his first try without even getting the middle ssj2 forms. But caulifla proves she is

          • Vegeta is a genius, dude. You said it yourself, he just saw the form and trained hard enough to get it. Cabba is great at fighting too, but he is still trying to master that SS1 form.

          • Your getting me the wrong idea him and possibly every saiyan are geniuses in battle goku a little more for how he oddly manage to make it so he do the impossible. But I’m talking about him being a prodigy. That’s when you’re a living gift able to work miracles or can do something perfectly on accident that others try so hard to do like gohan and goku at times

          • See I saw the new episode you were right she’s just a stereotype of the weak, scared and defenseless girl with huge power or potential. I’m a fare person you were right, still don’t think it’s impossible but still now it is seems that kale is very important to caulifla so yea your right about that now its impossible now

          • I forgot whis counts for a master so yes he has one but cabba does have vados who maybe stronger than whis she said she is but than whis said it was a thousand years ago so who knows

          • Also you are aware universe 6 saiyans are far more evolved and a regular one is on the level of vegeta and goku who needed to train with gods and even if they did held back which I’m sure vegeta didn’t, telling by his expression on his face, vegeta just new he couldn’t have the power for long so he waited. So yea if a normal saiyan like cabba could be on par with vegeta with God energy than there’s no telling what kale could do.

          • No way Cabba is equal to Vegeta SSB or close to him at the moment. Cabba was just barely below Vegeta’s base. He got no chance with Vegeta when he turns SSB. Even SS2 could be tough for him. What Kale is lacking is experience. U7 still beats them just for that. Her power alone isn’t enough.

          • But I do agree taking out buu for the same dawn reason is lazy writing and is the worst thing to do

          • The best way to win is to know your enemy part I meant to say that form someone else saying that that was a typo

  5. Jesus Christ this priest is so fucking slow completing that stage. Please just someone gather the dragonballs and make shenron complete it in seconds. Really getting tired of these side stories.

  6. Such a terrible episode on so many levels. Whether it be master roshi now also being as strong as goku which I joked about but apparently is now a thing. And then even tho it’s funny master roshi is a perv, it’s so dumb when he’s like rape level perv that steam comes out of his nose like 10x in this episode is retarded.

    • Strong as Goku? Goku kicked his ass without even changing form. I agree about the rape/perv stuff though.

  7. So before Vegeta gets screwed over again can he maybe feature in at
    least 1 episode for more than 5 seconds? We have had something like 10
    filler eps now and I wouldn’t mind seeing vegeta train just once before
    he gets kicked out of the tournament in some convoluted way.

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