Dragon Ball Super Episode 91 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 91 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 91. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 91 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 91. Episode 91 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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54 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 91 Subbed”

    • It won’t start till episode 94, in like June 10 ish. Whatever you do, don’t find out that they will recruit Frieza in episode 93. You will not get the intended surprise effect that was meant to make you forgive the filler.

    • Toei Animation produced the anime for Sailor Moon. Who are they going to sue, themselves?

      Besides parodies of other works don’t break any laws unless they directly use the brand name in question. Abridging shows on YouTube is allowed so long as the creator of the Abridged show doesn’t directly profit from the content, though that hasn’t stopped the studios in question from trying. TFS have had major problems with Toei taking down all their stuff despite the studio actually saying they’re okay with it. Hence the need for Patreon.

  1. They’re obviously setting Yamcha up to be in the tournament. I’m guessing he will replace Roshi.

    • but they would have to change the opening song because it already shows the warriors that will enter

      • Says who? According to the preview Krillin and 18 may be leaving the team…Buu as well. That’s 3 people…

        • Lots of links, look for them yourself I dont want to spoil it but only buu has been changed apparently.

          • That’s only for upcoming episodes. We don’t know what’s going to happen after.

          • didn’t they say the tournament starts June 10th? I could be mistaken. honestly I think some of the z fighters should get the Yamacha treatment and not go.

        • That’s what they call a red herring. Krillin and 18 are only saying that because they know Goku is hiding the truth from them. Not everyone is getting replaced, it wouldn’t even make sense to replace half of the original team.

    • dont need to know the shape. middle is best spot to not fall off the map. assuming there isn’t a hole in the middle obviously but in most games the center hold the most power as it’s the closest to every other spot on the board for quick movement and will be the safest from out of bounds.

  2. The zoom in on Popo’s eyes when he said banned……Dragon Ball Abridged reference?

  3. both Buu and the 25 hr power up are NON-FACTORS. Easy solution just let buu sleep in the room of spirit and time and let Goku get his potential unlocked while you are at it (could do the whole team easy), my goodness for how “smart” some characters are supposed to be.

  4. Oh, darnit, my first thought was “They could just throw Buu into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber” and assuming Buu only slept for 2 months, he’d wake up probably 10-minutes before the tournament started, but Bulma said “2 months or so” so I’m assuming they wouldn’t make it so easy.

  5. Absolutely atrocious audio. Sounds like a bunch of small pebbles inside of a tin can being shook, and then broadcast over an AM radio. It is free though. So there’s that.

  6. I hope since buu will be replaced by Frieza, that Krilin and 18 will be hopefully replaced by Cell and Pikkon! Cell is a good choice and Pikkon too. I want to see how strong Pikkon became.

  7. A good filler overall. Though Roshi got really creepy here. Anyway, I wish ToP has already started.

  8. WTF was this episode, complete waste of time, although had a nice reference to tfs dbz abridged, such a tease with goku getting his potential unlocked. Other than that, entire episode was mostly a complete waste of time. Not mad though cause the next couple of episodes are gonna be amazing!!

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