Dragon Ball Super Episode 92 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 92 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 92. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 92 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 92. Episode 92 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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131 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 92 Subbed”

    • Yea they just completely shat on the legend of the super saiyans. What shitty writers, I would like to take a bat to the idiots who are defiling the legacy of dbz. Focus your energy in your back then get angry and go SSJ? Ffs why didn’t they just already make these two girls super saiyans.

      • It was stupid, but so was goten and trunks going ssj as like 7 year olds not even trying. Point is writing has always been lazy, but there’s enough good stuff that kinda forced to put up with the horrible-ness.

      • I don’t think so. They explained a little about the biology that goes into its activation and turning it off. I actually found it rather interesting.

        • That just reeks of retcon to me. Was Goku just an asshole when Vegeta just couldn’t transform? I do not consider Goku to be smart, but this stuff he knows. What was the whole point of getting angry if it’s completely unnecessary?

          • Well then how else would you explain Goten and Trunks’ achievement of the form? They seem pretty coddled so I wouldn’t imagine they’d have had any kind of mental trauma to push them over the edge.

          • They are part of the problem, it’s so inconsistent. In one timeline it was the death of Gohan that made Trunks transform and in other he could do it when he was 8 years old…
            According to wiki some game manual says Goten could do it at age 3.

            So age is not a factor. Goten and Trunks are also stronger than Gohan or even Goku at the same age. Does that then mean that Caulifa can wipe the floor with SSJB in base form, or just attain that when she wants it?

      • This is in another universe you clown. Saiyans aren’t the same and there’s no “legend”. For all we know these saiyans could be stronger than the ones in universe 7.

  1. There is a new legendary on the block and its not going to be caliiflower, ( sorry, i cant spell her name) its going to be kale. Trust me when a girl that calm and reserved gets angry… Its going to be explosive.

    • There is nothing keeping them from doing that, if you min max that would be a logical choice. But at the same time it would create huge risk even if you win the tournament and they didn’t stab you in the back.

      • How could Cell or Frieza possibly stab anyone in the back? The second they try they will get obliterated. I’d love to see Cell return tho

  2. This is so dumb show just went full retard. Why would freza fight for them??? He wiped out their race fking insulting

    • Cuz he will do what Beerus says unless he wants to be destroyed again by Beerus’s destroy technique.

    • If Universe 7 dies then heaven and hell does too. Frieza has just as much to lose as everyone else in the universe.

    • I think Beerus can literally remove your from existence.
      Soul, body and everything. That’ll make anyone comply

  3. And frieza is a rellitive good idea, with his golden form hes stronger than buu and can rival even goku. Its a decent trade and frieza vs frost… THAT WOULD BE INTERSTING.

    • > Rival

      That was like a couple hundred arcs ago. Frieza had no training in the Universe 7 saga, Copy Vegeta Saga, Black saga… What else am I missing?

  4. They can just use the Dragonballs to wake up BUU, this would be the most logical decision to make, but this is more interesting i guess.

      • And yet that attack animation with the change of colour filters was Broly’s move.
        Well aware Caulifla isn’t the Legendary Super Saiyan but that was definitely a throwback.

  5. for anyone wondering 3 hours in anime time translates to 2-3 weeks in real world time.
    also i hope Frieza really is the 10th fighter forget Buu.

    • But the Timeskip in the original Dragon Ball to the Piccolo Jr. arc, from there to Z, from the Cell Games to the Buu saga, and from there to End of Z took like 1 week each in 3DPD time, but was like decades in anime time.

  6. So did anyone else see broly in the preview for the next episode? I know it’s not caulifa cause i paused it.

    • I saw wrappers around him. He probably got sleepy, tried to replenish his energy with food and overdid it, then passed out.

  7. Frieza! Somebody called it! Compelling, although I really wanted to see Buu in a coordinated attack.

    • As evil as Frieza is I don’t see him wanting to get erased along with the rest of the universe. The preview suggests he has some monumental conditions so I think he will play ball so long as they’re satisfied. He’s scared of Beerus after all.

  8. Broly = broccoli Caulifa = Cauliflower Kale = Kale Piccolo = Pickle Vegeta = Vegetable…anything im missing here?

  9. My only gripe is Caulifla. I don’t care if the character is female or not but to just make her so “talented” / powerful to just turn into a super sayan like that without backstory is lazy in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong I’m ok with Kale, but Caulifla needs backstory.

    • I don’t get why you’re cool with Kale but not Caulifla because of backstory. That makes absolutely no sense to me. Kale is basically a wuss, and that’s quite literally all we know apart from what we just learned, that Caulifla is training her. If it’s because of the potential argument that she’s similar to Broly’s personality when not a saiyan, then that’s not even true. Broly was just quiet and his personality and rage was suppressed by his trinkets.

      Caulifla has more background than Kale off the bat, being shown to be a gang leader and either a tyrant or some anti-hero type character of her planet (probably the former). Based on how she acts and looking at how everyone around her in the gang looks up to her (they’re all big, jacked dudes who look like they’d beat the shit out of her) and also based on how she carries herself so highly, you already get a sense that she’s powerful and talented, similar to how Vegeta was when we first met him. On top of it all, her brother noted that she’s stronger than him, and he used to train all the saiyan elites in Universe 6. We know she’s going to be strong, that was a given that made sense.

      If anything given your reasoning, you should be pretty damn pissed off with Kale. There’s literally nothing to go off of with her, at least as of yet. The only thing that exists about Kale is the theory that she’s got a lot of reserved rage that she’s let build up which will come out all at once in the tournament. But that’s only a theory, nothing proven, and no backstory at all.

      • You are right, maybe I should be. Kale is on the intro though and they are trying to portray her as something special but it’s only theories and hype at this point.

        She was only just introduced by the way and was on the screen just for few seconds. They can always add stuff later but Caulifla has had plenty episodes already to flesh her out. The way they are doing it is what I don’t like.

        Caulifla is a gang leader and Rensos sister, but we don’t know how they train if at all. Furthermore Cabba was trained by Renso yet he was the only one out of universe 6 saiyans that Champa picked for his team. Maybe she was not interested but it’s wierd to me none the less.

  10. The kai could awaken goku’s potential in 25 hours but isn’t smart enough to go into the time chamber and do it, which would only take like 3 minutes real time. Or just wish from the dragon to be all powerful or some super ability or whatever. Or go back in time before the idea even came to zeno and then no tournament would even happen and 1000 other ways I’m sure but whatev. I want to see this tournament hopefully sometime this year tho, may not happen at rate we’re going.

      • Their going to hell to get Freeza I’m simply saying Cell would’ve been a better choice this will be Freeza’s third go around I’m bored of him. It’s been SO long since we’ve seen Cell and given the opportunity to acquire more power I think he’d play nice till the tournament is over.

        • I do miss Cell, that would’ve been dope. Only problem with that is he leagues weaker than Frieza at this point.

  11. Freeza!!!

    I rather replace Freeza with krillin… not buu….

    Freeza said his dad told him to never fight beerus or buu.. him fearing them would have been good for the TOP. no backstabbibg…

    Can we at least see golden Freeza

  12. I think it would have been funny to hear Yamcha volunteering from a distance when Goku said, “I have an idea!” And then somebody poking/flicking him off of the screen. lol

  13. 1st of all … THis is NO FRIEZA ! FRIEZA is IN HELL !! THis little guy is the one who use a poison sting in a martial art champion and get Discalified For doin this Cheat trick …. THERE IS NO FRIEZA ANYMORE

  14. Kale wants the “D”. The whole reason she has a berserker transformation is because she gets way more tingly than any other SSJ.

  15. DBZ logic
    -Buu decides to sleep permanently at the worst time, just to fuck with the plot
    -Krillin blames Goku for lying to him, despite it being Gohan’s idea and bribing him, even though he only went because of the money in the first place…
    -Android 18 is seriously only considering money over the SURVIVAL OR HERSELF AND THE UNIVERSE?
    -Bulma is too stingy to give out what is supposed to be not that big of a payment anyway (18 says 10 mil in the DBZ universe is apparently ‘modest’) but then gives it out because 18 won’t join otherwise

    the fuck is wrong with this group sometimes?

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