Dragon Ball Super Episode 93 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 93 Subbed

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140 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 93 Subbed”

  1. First… To be typing and posting these exact words at this exact moment on this exact website and then unnecessarily adding more stuff to the sentence and not putting comas just to annoy people and then make this run on even more just to increase the levels of cringe gotten from this usless post ……

    Read more.

      • but never forget the broken rule of a saiyan, the more they get beaten up or almost die, their strength continues to grow. so the more powerful opponent goku or any saiyan faces. They are going to double sooner or later. Or you know its funny because that how it was in the old dbz.

    • Don’t think it’s Jiren, Whis knew that Goku knew about Jiren so if it were Jiren then Whis would’ve just said so.

  2. So that happened. Alright guess it is official then. Huh. Don’t know how I feel about adding Frieza into the team to replace Buu but I guess we’ll see what happens. I wonder what the evil mouse god is planning. I wonder if there is going to once again be like some sort of mini-arc with Frieza involved in some way. I can’t wait until the tournament begins! I especially want to see Cabba, Kale, and Caulifla at full power!

      • That’s what i’m saying. That has to be subtly saying that Kale has a thing for Cabba. But it seems he kind of knew as well when he said she must have gotten angry for Caulifia and him being so friendly with each other. Apparently. So perhaps Kale likes Cabba confirmed but at the same time Cabba friendzoning Kale confirmed? Regardless, if she rages THAT MUCH and becomes a Broly from someone touching Cabba, then dear god, I can see why he would rather friendzone her for fear of his own life! I don’t blame him i’d try to stay as far away from her as possible myself! Jesus that is a terrifying concept. But it makes me wonder how they’re going to trigger that again come time for the tournament. Now THAT i’d love to see! *Please let it be Caulifia hugging Cabba that triggers it when it is tournament time!* But likely it’ll just be him getting hurt at all. Like is the case with Majin Buu and Satan, Cabba is her Satan. Now i’m kind of pumped up for seeing her in action. I can’t wait for the tournament!

  3. 8:20 “Blush” Falling for your own sister
    15:48 “Energy Increasing. Overflowing.” So Kale is just a copy-pasted Broly, but female. I thought that was a dub-only line
    16:14 SSJ2 Caulifa WITHOUT mastering SSJ wtf next thing that will happen is one of them will grow a tail and become SSJ4. I bet Goku will wish he never met Beerus in grief over the loss of all other Universes, making GT slightly possible. They already established that you can’t die twice, against the official canon or what was even said in the anime Buu Saga, in the Android 17 recruitment episode. Is that a retcon? A shitty one if you take this anime as canon.

  4. Caulifa turned SSJ2 and Kale is Alt Broly Female.. Sou Ka! The saiyans in the other universe can SSJ Plot no Jutsu with the best of them!

  5. is becoming super saiyan a game?…in starting they stated that one in billions of saiyans become super saiyan…now i think its all just a joke….goku become super saiyan with his absolute resolve…stop kidding around..worst plot

    • The thing is that the Universe 7 saiyan’s are different than the universe 6 saiyans. The Kai’s have said it multiple time in Dragon ball super. Whether you like it or not it is cannon.

    • In the beginning, it was like that, one in a billion. But it’s not like that anymore. When Goku came back and saw Trunks and Goten transform, even he was like “what’s up with this generation?” It’s evolution and training. Olympic athletes are reaching heights these days that former athletes never thought possible. Nadia was the first woman to score a perfect 10 in gymnastics, after her lots of gymnasts did it, even though the regulations got harder and the difficulty ramped WAY up from what she had to do to get a 10.

    • Not just super saiyan, super saiyan 2! I mean it took gohan at least 6 months to get that transformation and he had to stay super saiyan for kami knows how long. Caulifla does it on the first day…

      • to be fair, only 4 people know how to go SSJ2, vegeta, goku, gohan, and now caulifla. above that only goku knows SSJ3. i dont count gotenks because thats a 30 min fusion. so in reality, only SSJ 1 is common, above SSJ 1 its very hard for anyone to acheive that. caulifla did it because she is a genious among the saiyans, even more so than goku is. cabba is not able to go SSJ 2.

        important to keep this in mind people.

      • Caulifla is supposed to be a true prodigy. I have a hunch she will get extremely powerful during the match.

      • and after just achieving super saiyan! That’s about 5 mins! Even Gotenks arguably needed a few months to experiment and become a ss3 (as well as see it)

    • It is as you say, bullshit writing. But that’s not the first time super does it, you also got the bullshit power-leveling but oh well.

      • Yeap. Roshi would’ve been splattered across the ground in meaty trunks if he traded punches with goku a single time.

    • While you can say it’s poor plot writing you have to consider that the super saiyan transformation is easier once you have someone explain to you how to do it and you have the necessary power to do so. Trunks and Goten were half breeds and show incredible potential. Caulifla and Kale both are extremely powerful because their race had time to develop unlike those from universe 7 who had their race destroyed because it WAS becoming a threat and were growing in power way too fast for Freeza’s liking.

      The high level of power makes sense in this case as Kabba, Caulifla and Kale are all described as being protegees and are highly skilled. The training was awful for both Caulifla and Kale really and the writing is what made it happen in all honesty. For Kabba the training worked really well and you saw how he clearly was on a similar level as Vegeta in his base. These guys getting a transformation so easily could be lazy writing but it does make sense with how powerful they are all shown to be. It’s not too hard to believe that other people are powerful.

    • The one in a billion thing was for the LEGENDARY Super Saiyan. This is different from normal super saiyan as it’s power increases infinitely until the host cannot control it anymore and is destroyed. IE Brolly and Female Brolly. So there’s only 1 each in these 2 universes. Seems pretty accurate.

      • Who is making bets that Goku and the team make a Broly reference when they see her. Even if its unexplained…just something quick like “Hey she looks like Broly!”

    • I think tbf, there have been many super saiyans now, and many transformations on top of that (False SS, SS phases 1 and 2, ASSJ, USS, SS2, SS3, G(reat)SS, SSG, SSB, SSRG (rage god, by Future Trunks) so that’s at least 9 other transformations at least, not including SS4) so becoming just a super saiyan isn’t really a milestone or special anymore anyway.

      Plus that and the plot needs ridiculously strong fighters, and fast. Super Saiyan Cabba, only got a few good hits on SS Vegeta, after that he got owned, most fighters even in universe 7 could easily defeat a super saiyan as well (It took Goku 2 hours to defeat full powered Frieza from 4 when he first became a super saiyan, even a shitty fighter like android 19 could take down a super saiyan if they were somewhat weakened, and 17 and 18 in both timelines did it without a sweat)

  6. aww fuck, super saiyan i kinda get, but mere hours after going super saiyan she just powers up a bit into ss2? even kale i get cause fukin broly was born with a power level of 10,000 as a baby so she was prolly so shy nobody knew she was insane AND insanely powerful. but this shit is getting too damn easy, its like theyre thinking it up on the spot. i mean akira did back in z but it was actually good shit.

  7. Cabba is the alternate version of Vegeta and Caulifa is the alternate version of Goku. She acts just like Goku but more aggressive. She could be more of a problem then kale in the tournament or she may fall for Goku and kale gets mad and starts saying “kakorot” like she was saying cabba as homage to the “non Cannon” broly. They have different ways of transforming in that universe and I don’t see the problem. It’s going to be a tournament regardless.

  8. I honestly laughed at the LGBT warning I got before the episode. I laughed because the reactions of the fans are gonna be priceless. Lmao Toei/Toriyama are really trolling us.

    • I never noticed that. In a way I’d say yes. But she seems to be even more intelligent then Goku. She seems like she is Goku and Vegeeta combined.

  9. Vegeta said it best himself: “When was it that the transformation to the legendary warrior of the Saiyan race was reduced to a child’s play thing?”

    • Akira Toriyama himself said that LSSJ is a different form of SSJ. Vegeta was talking about SSJ when Trunks transformed.

        • even so you’re meant to be born with the LSS ability if you have it, and thus become one with ease (broly first became LSS, or at least SS when he was a baby approx just a few days old)

    • It’s a fictional animation series. We have a monkey aliens, Pickle colored people that only need water to survive and Andriods that can reproduce. You draw the line at a potential lesbian relationship? You need to actually get out and meet people.

      • Neither is correct. Vegeta would make a great God of Destruction. A God of Destruction is NOT supposed to destroy randomly and they are not supposed to sleep all the time. The reason the weak universes are fighting for survival has nothing to do with power levels but with how their ‘management’ is running things.

        A Surpreme Kai is supposed to bring new life into worlds and the Gods of Destruction are supposed to destroy the races who threaten the ‘good worlds’.

        Beerus is the one who should have confronted Majin Buu but Beerus was sleeping. The Surpreme Kai is supposed to be seeding worlds with life.

  10. I knew when Kale looked shy and depressed (just like broly had looked in the movies) that she was the legendary super saiyan. I wonder if they will stretch her into 3 movies

  11. In a million years I never thought goku would ask FRIEZA but in a way I’m kind of glad he’s back he was the man to give goku his super sayin powers in the first place and he can be quite understanding in situations that benefit him

  12. Instead of frieza goku could have brought back cell we haven’t seen him since gohan destroyed him he would be a perfect choice actually when he was alive he didn’t even want to kill goku all he wanted was to become the most powerful in the universe it was in his programming and know the tournament of POWER is his chance I don’t see anything wrong with bringing cell back even though Frieza is better then him

    • Frieza has his new golden form that is almost as powerful as Ssj Blue while Cell is even way weaker than Buu.

      • They would give Cell a power level boost from losing to SS2 Gohan since he has saiyan blood.

    • She’s a prodigy in technique. Did you see how she learned SS1? She already surpassed Cabba by learning the mechanics of the transformation and teaching him how to teach her. Which is really ingenious.

      I’m betting she goes SS3 or rage blue in the tournament.

  13. did whis just say beerus lost to frieza in an arm wrestling contest

    • nope. He said there’s someone in another universe who isn’t even a god yet is more powerful than Beerus.

      Then Beerus gets pissed off and says he only lost a contest of arm wrestling not a fight.

  14. kales broly

    oh god i feel sorry for whoever gotta deal with that

    i bet any poor bastard she crushes on gonna get it hard

  15. everyones talking about the U6 saiyans, im here like wtf freiza has another new/stronger form just from sitting in hell thinking about it lol.

  16. The hell with DB from now on..Broly a Girl, and a pathetic character.. I’m not against it, but, fuck, why not to bring back the old Broly, and that he actually came from that universe.. this is a horrible joke..!

  17. OK, here’s how i see the whole SSJ problem, yes, it used to be much harder to become a SSJ, but there are a few things we have to remember:

    1. Saiyans from universe 6 are much stronger than those from universe 7, since freeza didn’t destroy them when they were getting too powerfull
    2. Having someone teatching you how to become SSJ helps, a lot!
    3. Both Cabba and Caulifla are extremely talented
    4. Cabba got a great lesson straight from Vegeta, the Saiyan prince, second SSJ from U7
    5. Caulifla is a Prodigy! Extremely talented! Even more so than Goku, maybe like Gohan, but unlike Gohan
    she is much more experienced, loves fighting and remember, she only went SS2 for a moment, when
    absolutely necessary, Gohan used to have bursts of power too, i believe she might be the most talented
    saiyan yet, but only time will tell, i mean, unlike any other saiyan, she actually MASTERED SSJ, she didn’t
    anger as a catalyst, she understood how it worked, and then did it.
    6.KALE DID NOT BECOME SSJ!! Not exactly at least, it’s a completely different transformation.

    Anyway, taking all that into account i think it makes sense, the only absurd thing is that the most talented saiyan ever, the saiyan with the ability to become LSSJ and the saiyan who got training from the price of saiyans just happened to live together in the same planet and kinda knew each other, maybe too much of a coincidence, but not impossible.

  18. Don’t be surprised if Saiyans from Universe 6 go SSBlue during the tournament.Or even beyond LOL.It could’ve been much more real and exciting if Kale was only a martial artist with some tricks(like Roshi) that would get her on the team but then only her anger during the tournament would make her transform like this.

  19. Mark my words.. After the Tournament of Power is over, the Great Priest will reveal that they are not going to erase the universes, nor will the fighters be erased. They will reveal that the reason all of the universes were led to believe they would have been erased is so that everyone would fight as hard as they could, which would make for a much better tournament. The Great Priest was trying to put on the best tournament possible for Zeno but when there is nothing on the line other than a prize, a fighter does not have the incentive required to fight as hard as they possibly can.

    Anyway, I am fairly sure that this will be the case. You heard it here first ladies.

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