Dragon Ball Super Episode 94 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 94 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 94. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 94 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 94. Episode 94 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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82 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 94 Subbed”

    • Yeah, I’m still PISSED that we’re getting yet ANOTHER encounter with Freeza this is his third go around I was really hoping Cell would’ve bee brought back instead. I just picture Cell absorbing all the souls sent to hell and being resurrected all kinds of crazy powerful

    • Dude, Cell is VERY weak at the point they’re in. Even Krillin would be able to whoop him no problem, Frieza displayed potential that far surpassed Goku’s and Vegeta’s, he’s considerably stronger than them individually, it’s either Frieza or no villain redemption, please suck it up.

    • That’s why they have teammates to protect someone when that someone is charging the attack ( like piccolo or master roshi )

    • if the episodes where quicker like 2 per week this would be healthy in my opinion. the transformation for frieza got what blue did in a movie. its own sweet moment.

          • Wait what ? Then how are some youtubers talking about future stuff and showing thumbnails of stuff from the tournament if the manga is still at the Zamasu ark ? Will the anime and manga go on different story paths from now on ?

          • I think the youtubers are getting it from leaks, spoilers, and promotional content. Also from fan-based drawings/colourings.
            The anime and manga follow the same general outline, but the details are very different.

          • That’s sad :/ I heard that Goku used a new move/power in the latest chapter of the manga which I haven’t seen being used in DBS. Can’t new powers change the outcome of a battle? Not having that will majorly make either manga/anime use a lame plot to have the general outcome of it’s counterpart.

  1. if they can see scoundrel frieza on godtube then why can’t they see goku legendary saves from there and stop misjudging him. they don’t act like god. STUPIDS!!!!

  2. H O L D U P

    I started rewatching Dragon Ball before watching this episode

    During the tournament match between Jackie Chun and Goku, I saw Roshi use that one electric stunning move.

    I thought, “Hey, wouldn’t this one move that he only used this one time be useful for that tournament of the universes they’re having in Super? Too bad that this attack is forgotten by now and won’t be used.”


    Y’all have no idea how much I freaked out once I heard him say the name of the attack. I quoted Frieza from Team Four Star’s abridged series, by saying “Someone pick up the phone, because I called it!”

    • … first, it’s COOLER, I remember because it’s cooler than something freeza would say, second it’s “someone better pick up that phone,” “wha-?” “Because I F***ING CALLED IT!”

  3. Audio quality is not good as compared to others…. From episode 90 onwards audio is not the same plz fixed it

  4. I’m hyped. The filler episodes are killing me but, it’s essential to the tournament. I really hope Buu wakes up because I’m not a big Yamcha fan but, I wouldn’t complain one bit about Yamcha coming back since im an old school fan. Im sure he will be the 10th person. He’s honestly not strong but he’s always been by the team’s side. Even against Cell he was there to fight. Yamcha is old school and you have to know they are appealing to old school die hard fans. This battle will be epic. And I can already tell you Universe 7 will win and goku will bring back all universes. He just wants the thrill of going further in strength. I’m excited to watch everyone go all out. 17 also looks to be very powerful. I believe Jiren The Gray will be the ultimate test. And if Universe 7 starts losing people are guys will start exploding with power. I really hope Gohan loses the glasses and gets a makeover where he looks like he did against Majin Buu.

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