Dragon Ball Super Episode 95 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 95 Subbed

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  1. Just remember everyone. You can only revive someone once with the Earth’s dragon balls. Sucks to be Freezer.

      • Ki or Energy is used to amplify their base strength basically.
        Yes Goku can lift a car but he’s using Ki to allow him to do it, otherwise he’d crush a doorknob when he twists it to open a door if his base strength was that powerful.

        We can look at Ki usage like a battery and capacitor…
        Controlling one’s strength to unleash it is like building up power through a capacitor till you hit a limit, and drawing that energy from a battery source, like Ki source.

        This is how Goku uses a Kamehameha, in essence he focus the energy into one spot to charge it, using the methods that a capacitor functions like so. The reason I use a capacitor as a analogy is because going past your limit (or the capacitor’s limit) means you have less control over the move or attack, the energy could even ‘discharge’ basically, in a explosion.

      • There was a real old quote by Toriyama saying essentially “Human strength has a limit, and the only way to surpass that limit is through Ki” Look it up. So basically in dragonball Ki is the only way to get above a Mr. Satan or Videl type level.

    • Not really. Freeza’s species was always known to be born strong similar to namekians who don’t spend their time training but can reach high levels of strength. Freeza was also a guy who’s thoughts were always about how much better he was then everyone else, so for him to go through mental training just like Krillin and Goku did with Roshi’s training, it’s not hard to expect him to be in better control of his new abilities. It’s not as if he got absolutely stronger but instead doesn’t burn out too quickly or over exert himself.

      • Exactly, one of Friezas strengths in my opinion is his huge stamina, he is basically learning to limit his past weaknesses. For example he couldn’t even sense ki before, this mental training makes perfect sense.

      • it’s a temporary move though, if Freiza held up for long enough, not only would Goku lose a shit load of stamina, but would largely be broken

    • Nope, Frieza is still weaker than both. He may have overcome his stamina issues in golden form, but he was barely able to fight off that God energy in his ultimate form, while Goku held it while in his base form.

      • Lmao nah, Frieza was only joking about having been struggling as he said, reducing it to ball form did get him a bit fatigued but that’s it. You’re delusional if you think Goku could do it without being a bit fatigued as well.

        • I think the key factor is energy control, Frieza had better energy control, but in his final form he still doesn’t have better ‘power’ than Goku.

          This just means that in a drawn out fight, Frieza can last longer than Goku whereas Goku might run out of energy eventually and sooner.

          Plus I think Goku doesn’t want to use SSB to get rid of the God Energy because he wants to keep his stamina for the tournament. And also, Frieza was in his Golden form when he got hit by the ball, Goku tried to transform after being caught in it and can’t, because it’s mentally draining and he couldn’t concentrate.

          • True, but Goku should have probably known that if he didn’t dispel that energy, he would have been erased from existence. There wasn’t much reason to hold back. And even if he did get a tad drained, he could have just eaten a senzu bean.

          • +CiscotheSoto Oh yeah he could just eat a nonexistant senzu bean while still stuck inside the god energy…..lmao….some people. As dra6o0n said, it’s insanely obvious they were implying Goku couldn’t move, and seemingly couldn’t transform due to the energy keeping him from doing anything other than holding it back so it didn’t kill him. If Goku went SSB or even SS3 he could’ve just as easily gotten rid of the energy.

          • When I meant eat a senzu bean, I meant AFTER he escaped the energy. I think it was pretty fucking obvious he couldn’t EAT anything while stuck in the destruction energy.

    • You clearly missed how long Goku held on from being destroyed in his basic form. That in itself is a task Frieza could not have done..

      To dumb it down… being strong don’t mean shit if you have a glass jaw.

  2. lol there not evenly matched,goku didnt even use the kao ken. also if they would be evenly matched then how come frieza got out od that destruction orb and goku couldnt,as usual it doesnt realy add up unless goku is playing dumb.

    • Freeza got out of the orb because he was in final form. Goku was in base. A little common sense goes quite a bit of ways out if you use it.

        • Goku never reverted to base, he was in base the whole entire time till the very end where they both actually had their quick little fight.

          • He meant at the exchange of punches when they were talking to each other telepathically. Frieza stayed in his golden form while Goku reverted back to base from SSB.

          • 2 reasons:
            – Easier to draw.
            – Frieza transformation is different than Sayans’.
            Remember that in the Namek saga Frieza was cut in half and was still in his 100% form, white skin and pumped muscles.

            While Goku and Vegeta transformation has more to do on the type of ki that only slightly changes their appearence (eyes and hairs), Frieza transformation (and Cell one) has a bigger impact on the body. It’s like he changes his DNA when transforming.

          • Note that Frieza’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd forms are just down-transformations to conserve power. Frieza’s 4th form is actually his base form.

      • And still, this scene is worrying. Frieza will likely pull something horrible in the tournament.

    • goku was at base form. yet he supressed it for a bit. base goku is evenly matched with golden frieza judging from that last moment.

    • Frieza had already transformed before being contained in the destruction energy, Goku was still in his base form and could not transform while he was contained.

    • Frieza was stronger than Goku last time. While frieza having not trained and goku having been both training and fighting, it is stated in this episode that they are evenly matched. How does that not make any sense to you?

  3. The fuck! For the brief moment Frieza and Goku were locked in their punches, the writers remembered the ability to read minds. It hasn’t been back since Goku arrived at namek, right? When are they going to explain why they just don’t use it? Was it just an excuse to get a break after slightly animating things a little better?

    • It was the highly-taxing colour pallet of Frieza’s golden aura that wore them out enough to be unable to animate their mouths further. They needed 45 bags of Doritos to get enough energy to even finish this.

  4. I’m glad to see it seems some of the spoilers were wrong or they decided to change things a little bit. I was thinking universe 7 was only going to have 9 fighters and Frieza was really going to go universe 9. I feel like Frieza is at his best fighting Goku if that’s all he thought about.

    Frieza has more ambition and drive right now because his purpose is to kill Goku. Goku will receive a power up of similar scale and bullshitery. All Goku wants to do is fight lots of strong fighters and that is exactly what he’s going to do in the tournament. Saiyan blood also helps the power up since Jiren and plenty of others are probably going to kick the tar out of him.

    He’ll get some sort of battle enlightenment that totally revels in the thrill of the fight. I duno if that kind of power will make Goku’s hair a different color or length but that’s the kind of power up i’m expecting now that Frieza is back and is even with Goku instantly.

    I wonder if the other episode points in the leak were wrong? I was thinking that it kinda made no sense for the fighters to cease existing if tossed off the arena since killing was banned.

    • Zenkais were officially no longer happening, confirmed in manga. Though Black remained as a forced exception because yes. They’ve been gone since like SSJ1. Otherwise, Majin Vegeta would have decimated Buu. If he had gotten a zenkai like it was implied after taking Goku’s zensu, he would have not been surprised at all by SSJ3 Goku. Black was able to overpower SSJ Blue Vegeta as a SSJ2 after only one, moments after being absolutely decimated by him in the same SSJ2 form, for crying out loud. They decided to imply it anyways.

      • +Right No, just no. That’s been disproven for a long time. The quote people keep using for that is where Goku and Vegeta after getting SSB and training it for a while were saying “we might be close to hitting our limits, we probably won’t get much stronger” which has absolutely nothing to do with Zenkai. If Zenkai didn’t exist you wouldn’t have SSB Goku able to hold off Fused Zamasu as well as Vegito in the Manga.

        • readms (dot) net/r/dragon_ball_super/019/3892/14, SSJ2 black being beaten by SSJ2 Vegeta

          readms (dot) net/r/dragon_ball_super/019/3892/18 SSJ Blue Vegeta decimating SSJ2 Black

          readms(dot) net/r/dragon_ball_super/019/3892/40 Zamasu heals black

          readms (dot) net/r/dragon_ball_super/020/3970/10 SSJ2 Black beating up Vegeta SSJ Blue after his Zenkai

          readms (dot) net/r/dragon_ball_super/020/3970/14 Vegeta takes Zensu

          readms (dot) net/r/dragon_ball_super/020/3970/15 Beaten just the same, no Zenkai

          readms (dot) net/r/dragon_ball_super/020/3970/16 Trunks outright acknowledges it. No more Zenkais.

          • Oops! Accidentally left an (undotted) link in previous attempt. It remains hidden under moderation, but as far as I know the mods don’t make any exceptions of any kind or just never check.

            I had forgotten about the Goku keeping up with Zamasu part. The whole mastering SSJ Blue message appeared pretty clear if not overstated to me.

            mangafreak (dot) net/Read1_Dragon_Ball_Super_24_12 Vegeta stating that Goku was already able to beat Zamasu, which was what prompted Trunks to heal Goku instead.

            mangafreak(dot) net/Read1_Dragon_Ball_Super_24_30

            mangafreak (dot) net/Read1_Dragon_Ball_Super_24_31

            “The blue aura has dissapeared form Goku’s body”

            “Look closely, Trunks. This is the answer he’s reached”

            mangafreak (dot) net/Read1_Dragon_Ball_Super_24_36

            “Goku has sealed the overflowing power from blue within his body”

            “He’s fighting at a constant 100% of his power”

            “Super Saiyan Blue… He’s finally perfected it… He’s completed…”

            mangafreak (dot) net/Read1_Dragon_Ball_Super_24_43

            “Holding all the power of blue within his body could tear him apart at any moment”

    • It’s possible that Zenkai scaling still exist, but it’s so tiny now that it’s negligible to see any improvement over a short period of time.

      Zenkai basically boosts the base form incrementally, and transformations multiplies the base forms, taking Zenkai in with it.

      If Zenkai is basically +1 to stats, then when multiplied by a transformation it only goes up a little bit.

    • Honestly i don’t think the episode title spoiler was wrong. I think people just MISUNDERSTOOD them. The title was “emergency, again! The 10th figher is HIM?” So it could just be saying that some of the team was kinda freaking out about frieza being on the team, saying “it’s really HIM?” and throwing fits about it. Obviously they changed the title, but that kinda thing happens all the time, they make temporary titles that sometimes change later in development of the episode.

  5. I’m calling it now, the series will be delayed and then cancelled or just cancelled outright for safety to prevent having to make the subject of teamwork/friendship not look shitty.

  6. Seems people are forgetting that Goku still had kaioken to be used… So I think frieza’s slightly weaker than goku…

      • Lmao nah, Frieza was only joking about having been struggling as he said, reducing it to ball form did get him a bit fatigued but that’s it. You’re delusional if you think Goku could do it without being a bit fatigued as well.

        • Reyes, for god sake, use your damn eyes! It’s not like DBS is so difficult to interpret!
          Golden Frieza is DAMN far stronger than Goku base form. This is so silly to point out…
          But Frieza, even toh he got no damage by the godly ki, struggled a lot in order to reduce it!

          Goku in his base form managed to resist it for minutes while sustaining almost no damage and being able to fight Frieza after that.
          And remember that even if Whis healed him, his ki could have been slightly depleted.

          I am no Goku fanboy, but Goku is still stronger than Frieza. Why so many people have all these problems understanding basic observable things?

        • It was made BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that regular SSB Goku is around equal in raw power to this new trained Golden Frieza form; so add Kaio-Ken on top of that and Goku wins, period. This Reyes guy who keeps spamming the same stupid comment isn’t able to comprehend this basic 1st grade logic apparently though lol.

          And the only reason Goku had any trouble with the energy at all was, as mentioned, he was in his fucking BASE FORM! The animators seem intent on making Goku the stupidest being alive for some reason, and refused to let him turn super saiyan. You know damn well if he had gone SSB or even SS3 he could’ve gotten rid of that energy as easily as frieza pretty much.

  7. That bit when Frieza hit Goku is basically based on modern relationships with any woman. Switch things around for something more relevant, be it money or just plain trust. Keep the blow and everything after that. “Security is the greatest enemy”. It’s uncanny how accurate it turns out.

    • Yes, and take note of hitting precisely when Goku was at base, his weakest. He may have been able to tank it if he were Blue, his prime, but he wasn’t able to get to Blue once hit. And it lasted a long time while Frieza felt nothing.

      • Frieza was at his “prime” though. Goku was fairly well “fine” apart from a few torn cloths (which Frieza doesn’t wear) when Beerus relieved him of the energy. At this point, I have no doubt that Goku is still stronger in all regards to Frieza, it is a necessity of the story, for the main point.

      • To me it looked like he powered up to blue at the last moment. But as soon as Freeza punched him, he went back to base form. So I guess you can say Freeza punched the blue out of him.

    • It’s most likely the same animator (Naotoshi Shida) He’s known for his incredibly smooth, high-frame rate animation in the anime industry.

  8. told you guys they weren’t gonna begin the tournament in this episode XD they dragging this shit out so long

  9. Berrus stared down frieza and he didn’t even flinch like he wasn’t scared at all of being destroyed wow destroying planet namek seems so small up to this point he really is the greatest antagonist in dbz

    • The Golden Form made him arrogant, in reality Beerus and Whis will put him down like a rabid dog.

      • Whis, yes, but Beerus, not so much anymore. He not only survived an attack that is, until now GUARANTEED TO UTTERLY DESTROY EVERY PART OF MATTER, but also managed to free himself from it. He’s definitely stronger than any god of destruction, or at least would make any god of destruction tired out just to defeat him another way. Not only that, but he’s so ruthless and dirty, he even freaks out other gods of destruction, and his ruthlessness would only help him in combatting a god of destruction at the expense of everyone else, 0 compassion 0 restraint

        Whis doesn’t need ultimate attacks to put anyone down though, he could still easily put down Golden Frieza

        • lololol your misguided friend….Frieza was in Golden form when he was put into that God Energy ball…In fact true, Golden Frieza is surprisingly strong now that may be but do any of you think that Goku, while in that God matter destroying ball could have powered up into Super Saiyan Blue…..No he could not and to tell you the truth I dont blame him…in friezas Golden state did you see how hard it was for him to compress that energy….He was breathing like a dying dog after he did that….MY POINT IS GOKU IN BLUE FORM WOULD HAVE DONE THAT ON PAR WITH FRIEZA OR EVEN BETTER….BEERUS WOULD MOP THE FLOOR WITH FRIEZA……THERES ONE THING YOU ALL FORGET SUPER SAIYAN BLUE ISNT STRONGER THAN SUPER SAIYAN GOD WHEN 5 SAIYANS CHANNELED THEIR POWER INTO GOKU…..SUPER SAIYAN BLUE CANT TOUCH A GOD NOT EVEN UNIVERSE 9 WEAK ASS GOD OF DESTRUCTION….I PREDICT JIREN WILL BE THE ONE TO RING OUT FRIEZA IN THE TOURNAMENT…..

        • That’s a good point, but we have also never seen Beerus at his full potential. Just because he survived a seemingly weak attack doesn’t mean he could survive an actual fight with Beerus. We know this, even training with Whis, we know Goku isn’t as strong as Beerus, If Golden Frieza is matched with Goku that still puts him some level below Beerus

          • fair enough, but the point is that it’s not ‘a weak attack’ the god’s of destruction’s ultimate move is to willingly destroy anything whenever

    • He probably knew they needed him too much to actually destroy him. Had they went to check on them because Buu woke up, Beerus may have deleted him on the spot.

      • Beerus just survived an attack that’s meant to be guaranteed to utterly destroy you, and deflected it. I don’t think it’d be that simple for Beerus anymore


    • not only that, but he managed to accomplish all that with arguably 0 training, just essentially pure meditation. For a bastard he’s sure ridiculously skilled.

      Now first few MINUTES revived from hell again, and he’s already powerful enough to conspire with the gods and their political intrigue across the multiverse

    • That was probably because he isn’t a deity (Golden Frieza is just a normal transformation after all) and can’t detect goldly ki as a result. Thus he probably didn’t care how strong Beerus was due to how strong he thinks he’s become through his mental training.

      Although there was what I see as a twist at the end. Goku may have pretended he couldn’t escape the energy of destruction sphere to play down how powerful he actually is to Frieza. When Frieza powers up with red/blue energy on each arm, Goku acts scared as well. However at the end it seems Goku had no problem being on par with Frieza when they punched each other. This makes me think maybe Frieza isn’t as powerful as he thinks he is. Who knows maybe we’ll see either of them use some sort of technique in the tournament to gain a massive power up or something else.

      • I know I totally agree and I also hated when who’s quoted “so he’s on par with goku” even though goku wasnt at full strength…
        I say not at full strength because i see Full strength as someone’s peak of power even if it means they use something as in “Kaioken” goku wasn’t using SSBK So in my eyes goku wasn’t at Full power sorry I talk alot

        • Kiaoken isnt technically full power, it is a technique that multiplies power for a short duration. Last time it DEMOLISHED Goku’s body, when he fought Hit. It is dangerous to use because the fighters body isn’t used to that much power. Think about what that does to Goku when he is Multiplying SSB. I am excited to see how Gohan fairs. If Gohan would have continued training, rather then become some silly little college boy. I bet he would have surprised Goku multiple times over. He was already stronger then him when they fought Cell. It is just a mental cockiness that stops Gohan from being the best fighter he can be. Which we have seen every single time Gohan’s power flaired out of emotion. I imagine if Gohan could get his mind straight, he could get damn close, if not go SSB right now. Piccolo brought this up a few episodes ago, that SS wasn’t his true power. Then that knowing Piccolo smirk.

          • IMO I do see kaioken as gokus FULL power because no matter what it does to his body or anything else it multiplies his fighting capabilities which means his limit is breached and he goes beyond that …
            That’s like saying if I’m racing somebody in a car and I use nitrous to speed up and I hit 200 miles per hour then that’s not the cars top speed but it is with some help but technically it is.
            But I totally agree with the whole gohan thing but I’m not too sure gohan will ever get passed holy in germs of power especially now in this saga .. no way in hell is good gonna live a day without training after this so you better get ready for some fucking Super Satan God 4 VA Perfect Ultimate Gohan lol

          • I see what your saying. It makes sense.

            However, at the same time, much like with Nitrous is a power adder if the bottle runs out you no longer have that speed. In this case it is more akin to capability or potential rather then what it is current limits. In short bursts the cars engine (Goku’s body) can handle it. But not for extended periods of time. Therefore It’s current limits do not mirror those with the Nitrous (Kaioken technique). It would destroy the block, or Gokus body.

            See what I’m sayin?

            I like the car analogy. I happen be a mechanic so it fit perfectly. haha

          • Yeah your right I tried to find something to fit what I was talking about and I’m focusing on becoming an engineer in the automobile section in the future(in highschool) but thanks for explaining it to me now I understand what you mean thx

      • NOOO…goku wasnt in super saiyan blue when frieza trapped him inside that god energy…I suspect he wasnt able to become SS blue while trapped…Goku was too relaxed and forgot that he killed frieza 2 times and hes still pissed…WHAT IM SAYING IS IF FRIEZA HIT GOKU WITH THAT ENERGY WHILE HE WAS IN SS BLUE, THEN HE WOULD HAVE COMPRESSED AND MADE THAT GOD KI HIS OWN ON PAR WITH FRIEZA OR EVEN BETTER….BUT YESS GOKU DIDNT USE KAIOKEN WHEN THEY PUNCHED EACHOTHER BUT…DO YOU THINK FRIEZA WAS AT MAX POWER…IDK BUT ONE THING IS FOR SURE IN REGULAR FORM GOKU COULDNT HANDLE THAT GOD KI

  10. So Frieza was barely able to win over the Energy while in golden form, while Goku could fight it, while not win without any forms?
    Call me nuts, but i’d say Goku is still pretty far ahead of Frieza.
    Then there’s Kaio-ken…

    • Repost: Lmao nah, Frieza was only joking about having been struggling as he said, reducing it to ball form did get him a bit fatigued but that’s it. You’re delusional if you think Goku could do it without being a bit fatigued as well.

      • He was joking about getting hurt by it, but he struggled quite a bit fighting the godly energy.
        Goku was in his normal form and still withheld it for minutes.
        With all my hate for the Goku character (silly and OP for the sake of it) I am pretty sure Goku is still stronger than Frieza. Not much, but enough to beat him.

      • You’re the delusional one you idiot spammer. Quit copy/pasting the same lies everywhere for fucks sake lol…

  11. oh i see
    frieza mentally trained himself to have greater control over his golden saiyand ripoff irony form ohok lol

    i wish theyd use cell instead since goku technically never beat him but oh well

  12. if frieza can survive planetary explosions

    his golden form should allow him to survive complete deletion then lol

  13. frieza is either gonna turn good or try to kill all the gods with gof of destruction energy hes gonna steal
    or get erased by zenoh in the end of all of this

    i can see it

    maybe goku gonna get god of destruction energy too

    • Frieza is literally the most cruel villain I’ve ever known, and I’ve seen some hideous murderers, torturers, psychopaths etc. in many other types of movies. If he does become good, it’d be reality’s biggest miracle

  14. Can’t wait for next episode
    Wan a found out who this jiren guy is really bad if he stronger than beerus

    • If Jiren is the mortal stronger then Beerus, and Beerus has met Jiren before wouldnt it make sense that maybe Beerus knows of the pride troopers? But yet when Toppo steped in to fight Goku during the Zen exhibition match Beerus was all confused to who that was. I believe the mortal stronger than Beerus is from another universe. Maybe Universe 2 or 3.

      • +Sai Hernandez They never said that Beerus met the mortal, they simply said that Beerus lost to another GOD, and that Whis knows of a mortal who is even stronger than that God. On one hand i kinda want it to be Jiren, but I also kinda want it not to be since that would make the next arc have a lot of potential. Judging from the fact that Toppo was stated to be the next in line for God of Destruction but was dropped though, I’m putting my money on it being Jiren since he’/s the only one we have 100% confirmation of being stronger than someone who was chosen to be next God of Destruction.

  15. I’m calling it now, Zen-oh will be about to wipe out universe 7, and Team Four Star Mr Popo will teleport in and crush the two Zen-oh’s together. BYE!!

  16. I want to see Cell to have super power like freeza since Cell has both Super Syan and Freeza’s cell on him.

  17. If anyone notied, Goku wasn’t actually traped inside the Energy of Destruction. He was trying to absorb it.

    Also freeza sounds like vegita. I feel like they’re going to repeat the pattern.

    • The pattern started with Piccolo you mean? or was it Tien before him? lol yeah they’re degrading Frieza’s villian level slowly but surely, no dout about it…still cool to see the evil emperor back(in good animations this time)

  18. Goku never shows his full power inless he has to he will go to the point of almost death just to let the foe”person he’s fighting” feel on par to him that’s goku’s nice guy part of him we all like well i do. Goku could of easily escaped the energy ball but that would let frieza know how strong he was but that would of just made frieza mad and no one wants a pissed of syco frieza .

      • He didn’t in his first battle with Black, Toppo, and Frieza in his first Super appearance before his Golden form. Start out as Blue I mean. Argh. I’m so sick of all these casual “college-educated members of society”. I need to get away from the internet for a while.

  19. Is it just me, or does it seem like Frieza could probably beat Vegeta again? Frieza has shown much greater ki control, and was able to dispel energy of destruction.

    • I doubt it. In mostly every episode up to now they have shown what everyones power level is compared to that of Gokus except Vegita. The only glimpse we got of Vegitas power was when he broke out of the time chamber. I feel like they are saying Vegitas power and not showing it for a reason.

  20. The end of Dragon Ball Super.. Goku will defeat Beerus and become the new God of Destruction.. Thus the plot would make almost the same as Monkey King storyline which also become God of Destruction.

  21. Gohan will still shit on Golden freeza. Yeah dont get me wrong freeza is strong. But you fan boys be hyping him too much!! You got to remember this tournament is not about how powerful you are, but how you can strategize a ring out. So if everyone hates Freeza, who in universe 7 will help Freeza besides Goku if hes getting tripled team or something? It will be interesting!

  22. It has been months and the tournament still hasn’t begun. They are really milking the show, aren’t they?!!!

  23. So Frieza, the fucking emperor of the universe’s power up doesn’t makes sense to ppl, but Krillin, the bald turd matching Kamehamehas with Goku Blue after doing some training on a god damn pilatis ball(!) at his attic does….

    • IKR! It made absolutely no sense. That was by far the dumbest thing they ever did. They did it solely to make Krillin look good and to get some more money.

  24. Guys….you really should read the new manga chapter released today…It has great explanation where power comes from
    Kaioken x20 in goku is like keeping his power at peak of SSB 20 times longer rather than normal (otherwise, it drops to 10% power after short time)….not like many believe that his power actually increase 20 times fold and exceed even that of beerus or Whis….noway it can be
    Frieza’s concentration acts the same way as kaioken when maintaining his golden power for a long time

    • That may or may not be the explanation in the manga, but that in no way makes any sense and is just more plot holes in the story where the only way him winning makes sense if his power actually multiplies.

      • nope…the only reason he can win is that he can fight at full power for a long time….Blue form is very potential, its power exceeds even Hit but can’t be maintained at full for so long….golden freeza form is basically stronger than even Blue but also, the same problem is that it drains stamina faster than Blue
        If power can actually be multiplied, Blue Kaioken x10 should be 7 times stronger than Beerus and 4-5 times stronger than Whis….no way in the universe that can happen

  25. I normally skip right through the terrible Boogie Back song, but I did notice that they replaced Buu with Frieza. Maybe an updated intro next week?

  26. While Freeza’s power up is the literal definition of BS (He was stuck in a cocoon unable to move), which is effectively saying that you can spend your days say on a sofa thinking about working out and in a few years you will have the body of a god, this episode however was genius. How this episode went down was amazing. Goku being unable to escape from the GOD energy that Freeza brushed off and how Freeza was trying to deal with universe 9 and how he spoke about Beerus really made him feel like a very real and legitimate threat to the universe, despite the fact that in 24 hours he will be teleported back to hell it still felt all real and I had a proper sense of dread here. Like the safety net that is Lord Beerus may actually be in danger. I wonder how close the gap is now between the top universe 7 fighters and Beerus? Unless Beerus has still been improving over the series but we have seen no evidence of him training.

  27. what I got from this episode
    1) honestly, why does Goku keep falling for Frieza’s tricks? He played dirty plenty of times on Namek, in hell, tortured him in revival of F using Sorbet, cold blooded punched him last episode and turned his back on him when he had ENERGY TO DESTROY ANYTHING. Not to mention Whis has told him countless times to put his guard up at all times. Geez, he can fight hand in hand with gods, but forgets to not turn his back…

    2) I call bs that Freiza and Goku are evenly matched, Frieza has essentially surpassed every god of destruction after freeing himself from that ball, the ultimate attack of the gods of destruction to destroy ANYTHING INSTANTLY, except obviously Frieza now. Sure Goku also survived (which is still an achievement) but couldn’t free himself, so not completely equal

    3) Therefore, when Beerus mentioned there was one warrior who overcame their god of destruction, you may as well count Frieza, Goku and most likely Vegeta as well, particularly Frieza who’s not guaranteed to be able to be destroyed by the gods of destruction ultimate attack.

    4) still pissed from episode 93, the best way they introduced Frieza was because, FAT BUU WAS TOO BLOODY LAZY TO GET UP? Wtf… No one tried feeding him candy and chocolate (didn’t see it on the platters Mr Satan gave him) that’s his favourite freaking food!!! They should’ve just used that to wake him up, or shoot him with a massive ki blast, I dunno. Then we wouldn’t be relying on blockhead Goku to revive someone who doesn’t keep promises EVER and is probably the literal worst category of ‘complete monster’ in terms of villainy

  28. Not to mention, I actually dislike Zenoh, he’s a terrible ‘no.1’ god

    1) neither omnipotent, omniscient, or omnipresent like even our most powerful conjured up gods (think any creation god in any religion) He didn’t know about the ‘illegal’ offshoot of Trunk’s universe (not omnipotent) , except for his FUTURE SELF (who did absolutely nothing about Zamasu’s destruction of that universe) which also proves, with a future self, you’re not omnipresent, as there is more than one of you and both were unaware of the ‘illegal’ future trunks timeline/ Finally he’s not omniscient for the same reason as not knowing about that timeline. Therefore he’s not the most powerful, as even we can imagine someone more powerful (God)

    2) does shit to try and manage the universes, each supreme kai/god of destruction does basically 100% of that for him (where was he when buu threatened the existence of universe 7 for example? Far too little too late to stop Zamasu from tearing up the entire part of the alternate universe 7) what does he do instead? Make tournaments and plays fucking chess…

    3) acts like a child, he could make buu look less naive and far more mature… Would you really want an easter egg head of a god, with a toddlers voice and naivety to control ALL OF CREATION? Jesus, it’s scary enough just babysitting a toddler in one house…

    4) likes the idea of an all world tournament, and brought it up first. Goku simply reminds him about it, and then decides to go through with it, whilst not only adding a ‘your universe will be destroyed’ if you lose objective, but blaming that idea on Goku in front of every universe. So now his good ‘friend’ who helped him get the perfect playmate (uhh himself) and the only other one who understands him is hated by almost literally everything in creation for something he didn’t do, and zenoh does shit all about it

    5) he plays with himself………. Like actually…….. Another version of himself…….

    anything LIKEABLE and/or RESPONSIBLE about him at all?

    • Great summary. Zeno isn’t worthy to be King of All. No sane man or woman would want to be ruled by child who first will play with you, then obliterate you and your whole universe, because you sneezed.

  29. I have a small theory and hang in there for a second and listen and please comment your thoughts on this:
    OK so remember how super saiyan god(red form) is obtained from six pure saiyan fusing into 1 saiyan meaning you cannot obtain it by yourself right..wouldn’t it make sense that rather than super saiyan blue being a SSG gone SS wouldn’t it be make way more sense that SSB is the SSG form that saiyan can obtain by themselves and that leaves SSR(SSG red) form where you can only get by the “ritual” but… What if this new transformation goku is gonna get is the SSR form because he already had that form and he has the experience and knowledge of holding that power that he can tap into the SSR and it might be stronger than SSB because..open your eyes people if goku fought beerus in SSR and SSB is “stronger” we would’ve seen a rematch alrwady..but aside from that goku can tap back into the RED power and be amazing in the tournament …
    Sorry I know it is long but I had Alot on my mind and didn’t know how to clearly text it I hope you guys understand what I’m trying to say and don’t hate on me it’s nothing but a theory 😊

    • Note: this theory also puts aside the RED AURA teaser in the intro Alot of people think its just looked but maybe it’s not

      *cue Illuminati

  30. The tournament better be some 2 hour long special episode man this is bullshit we have been waiting for months for Someone to find 10 people never mind every contestants power up in the tournament we will have to wait 2 more months to see the first person to fall smh

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