Dragon Ball Super Episode 96 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 96 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 96. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 96 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 96. Episode 96 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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90 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 96 Subbed”

  1. Anyone else just sitting on this web page praying for an early sub? I’m super excited to get more Jiren backstory and to get to the tournament arena! If we lucky episode after this will be the actual start 😀

  2. So the person streaming the episode made the video freeze, go mute, not load and finally ended it just as the show actually started. Why?

  3. this shit called dragon ball super is a cheap story compared to DB GT.. they are distorting the real dragon ball story gez

  4. Jiren look like he nobody to mess with, I have a feeling we are in for another transformation in the universe 7 team, come on super sayin white

  5. It’s interesting how the gods who aren’t involved in the tournament are the ones that weren’t designed by Toriyama. This could mean that a future arc with them will be written by Toyotaro.

  6. 16ish, they finally remembered their ki sense. It was absent for too long. So many pointless attacks and losses… That would never happen in DBZ due to it.

  7. All this build up and I bet ya this arc will only last 2 episodes at best. Honestly, did GT give us this much filler?

  8. Champa is a idiot he Brought the same losers from the last tournament to the battle royal that will decide their fates Welp you know their losing lol

      • Well I mean, they do have a few more warriors this time. Hit will definitely be the most formidable. And then likely Kale the Legendary Female Broly. But the rest will probably be push overs including Caulifia unless they asspull and give her more power for plot purposes like how she went from Super Saiyan 1 to 2 in one episode. But I did notice two fighters behind the team that weren’t displayed, but instead shown as shadows. Perhaps secret additional fighters who may even be near as strong as Hit. Or perhaps the animators just couldn’t think of two more warriors to add to their team so they did that instead. Regardless, if Universe 6 perishes, I at least hope that then Hit Cabba Caulifia and even Kale join Universe 7 so they don’t have to perish. I especially like Hit and Cabba and want to see more from them in the future. But, for plot, they may very well be (along with Universe 7 obviously) one of the universes that survive. Regardless of what happens, I cannot wait to see what happens next! I am finally getting hyped for new episodes again! It has been so long! Feels good man!

  9. The “New” intro has grown on me but I still think it is sad that there aren’t any Japanese subs during the intro – Both in Japanese and how us english speaking should pronounce it.

    I want that back.

  10. “Strongest Warrior”? Goku, who else. It’s not even worth mentioning. Boring.
    I hope that it won’t be so, though.


  12. Anyone else think this episode was comedic gold?

    The friendship circle 🤣 17’s deadpan, “Hey, those guys are flying”, everyone ignoring Beerus, even Champa’s entry

  13. Who do you think is going to lose? I feel like universe 10 will be one to go down, but universe 11 seems to be pretty tough along with universe 7…

    • Gohan said he’s aiming to have a transformation never seen or achieved by sayains before. I think Kale will inspire him and he’ll get a new beyound mystic form. Also Goku has been hinted at a new form this ark.

  14. This tournament is going to be incredible. They’ve hyped it up so much, but it looks like its going to be amazing. I was SHAKING from anticipation as the teams gathered.

  15. If Universe seven does win, i bet Goku will pull some almighty nice guy stuff and wish the erased universes back, so he can still have people to fight against.

  16. Who to watch for in the power tournament? Lol it’s so many my top 5 is.
    1. Goku
    2. Jiren
    3. Gohan
    4. Kale
    5. Hit

    • I have a feeling Vegeta is going to hold a grudge against Hit. I’m hoping for a rematch except I expect it to get interrupted.

  17. i honestly think that the “universe gets erased” thing, is a lie. and zen-oh sama would lie, because they want to see the warriors’ real power, but the dragonball prize is real

  18. I don’t think all the other Universes are dying. Too much development for them at this point. Especially Hit. I think Goku will convince the Zenos to not erase the other universes, he has a pretty big impression on them and galactic erasure will not bode well for his character. Jiren WILL be heard from after this tournament.

  19. Anyone but me pissed that boo isn’t in the tournament? I mean above krillen or master roshe, or even both androids. Boo is fun ! And powerfull. They even said, in a past episode, don’t fight boo or the destroyer? Yes a fan favorite and he would fit into the strangeness of the newer episodes, love power? I just don’t get where there going…….

  20. yo what if they revived guldo and used his telekinesis and power to freeze time to knock everybody off in like 1 second they could win so eZpZ

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