Dragon Ball Super Episode 97 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 97 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 97. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 97 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 97. Episode 97 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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92 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 97 Subbed”

    • Super really needs to leave those damn time rings alone. Now we got episodes ending before they even begin!

  1. Glad this episode is comming out, one of my other anime postponed their next episode and was afraid this one would too.

  2. The animation and art were mediocre in this episode, and it looks like next week will be the same. I guess they’re saving the good animators for the more important fights.

  3. 6:50 Frieza’s eyes glowing for no reason. Are they just assuming we still don’t know he’s evil? Isn’t that like flanderization?

    • Nah, if the villain doesn’t laugh maniacally or doesn’t make it absolutely obvious they are evil, the audience will be too stupid to get it.

  4. next episode preview “universe despairs”

    The end with Omni putting finger on the “godpad” seemed like something is about to happen, I bet the universe will be erased on spot (while the fight still going)

  5. Well that was a bit disappointing. Was hoping for more action less talking but should have seen it coming. The preview for next week looks good at least. But then again so did the one for this week’s episode. I sure hope there is more action by next time around!

  6. If they give a damn about Toriyama-supervised points introduced in the manga, the second time Goku goes Blue, he should be at 10% power.

    • They have trained with blue enough now so that it no longer has that much of a drain. SSB kaioken is still something that will drain Goku a lot though.

      • But the manga based “containing” the power of blue around not having the aura. Interestingly, since that last chapter’s introduction of this, there has been no instance of Blue without the aura.

  7. I am not able to download any version of the episode. The direct download links haven’t been working for a number of episodes, but now the mega version is no longer working either. It takes me to the address to download it, but after it says it’s complete on mega’s end it won’t prompt to save it to my computer.

  8. Anyone else think that there’s a possibility that Super (or even SSJB) Gogeta could finally be coming back?!! 😀 I feel like Goku and Vegeta will need to use fusion to defeat some of these opponents! Technically the fusion dance is a technique? Unlike using the Patora’s! (btw purely speculation based on the fact that Gotenks can exist in super)

    • I feel like yeah it would be good to see Gogeta but i think using blue consumes energy i mean look at vegito and how quick he burned out i think using Gogeta in SSB wouldnt even last 3 mins but hey its just my thoughts i would like to see it 😀

      • I still think it would be the perfect time to bring back Gogeta into Dragonball, seeing as he is pretty much one of everyone’s all time favourites.

        • i felt like the perfect time to bring back Gogeta was in the Black Arc so all he would have to do is Stardust Breaker and Gogeta is more serious than Vegito since he wastes no time

          • Yes, but they also needed the more powerful choice of fusion to defeat God Zamasu (Earrings), also they are rubbing it in our faces every episode that strictly no “items”, only “techniques” are allowed to be used in the tournament, e.g. (Patora Earrings)
            It may seem a little unlikely, but we are yet to see Gogeta in DBSuper, and as they haven’t ruled him out as a none-canon character (like poor Broly), it seems like the perfect timing. I can almost imagine/predict the defining moment where; “Goku and Vegeta feel overpowered and realise their only chance is to resort to fusion to win, but remember they cant use the earrings, then all of a sudden, (lightbulb *ding*) Goku remembers that the fusion dance is a “technique”, AND BAM! Out pops Gogeta!!” #TournamentOver #Universe7IsSavedOnceAgain
            (Now don’t tell me that it wouldn’t be a perfect way to end the tournament and be f&cking AWESOME!!)

          • It’s not gonna a happen you wanna know why cause I’ll tell you why there’s only one explanation…..
            Because the creators are ass holes if they are nice enough to bring back gogeta(fav non single char.)we would’ve seen a rematch between ssb goku VA beerus that almost every dbz fan wanted to see since ssb is stronger than the ssg form plus he has kaioken

  9. THANK GOODNESS they finally got rid of that weird boogy back ending. Not a big fan of the new one’s theme song (too sappy for this kind of anime), but it’s waaaay better than the previous one!

  10. Its not faur we have to wait a long week to watch a just 25 min. Episode atleast 2 episodes should be aired in a week plzz do 2 episodes in a week that will be more fun

  11. It’s been awhile since they’ve wasted so much backtrack on the entrance.

    Hopefully it doesnt happen every episode of this battle.

    Also, if the tourny only lasts for 48min, im sure they will somehow make it last over multiple episodes. Possibly 5?

  12. There is going to be a lot of cutaway scenes of the gods to lengthen the tournament into many many episodes. This episode only covered a single minute of the tournament. Also, as for next week’s title, I think it means that most of universe 9 will be eliminated, causing despair but I think they will have a single powerful fighter who endures and we will not see a universe be erased just yet.

  13. You guys are forgetting about cutbacks on earth about what is going on with Trunks, Goten, and even Bulma, so this arc will most likely be stretched 30+ episodes.

  14. only thing i want is vegeta and goku side by side fighting till the end, watch goku become the hero in the end is boring now

  15. That was frustrating not even a single fight done
    And this royal rumble makes it mess to see the fight .. Only just scenes of best fighter… That was really frustrating

    • I knew the start would be utter chaos the moment i saw that stage. Way to small for 80 people. I was hoping for a multi tiered stage, the sort where someone could get knocked to a level below right thru the floor.

  16. This is one of my favorite episodes, I cant wait to see the one female supersayin go bat shit crazy.

  17. I just love how the remaining Universe 9 guys simply decided the Universe 7 group that was still together wasn’t worth their time with no actual explanation.

  18. Am I the only one not impressed by the design of Jiren?
    In my opinion he’s one of the least well designed and drawn characters…
    I hope another warrior from somewhere else ends up being the final strongest adversary…

    Or maybe a fusion of Frieza and his Universe 6 counterpart?

  19. Lets not forget the fact that this happened in “5 minutes” Frieza and Goku is the longest and most drawn out battle between two characters. In episode 87 to 105, the “5 minutes” battle starts at episode 97. So from 97-105 thats 8 episodes in 5 minutes time….47 minutes is roughly 30 episodes if you want to base it off that.

  20. great googly moogly. if that whole episode was one minute, are we possibly going to have wait through 47 more episodes before the end of the tournament?

  21. Got a few things to say 😉

    once again i will say this, goku will leave by the end of DBS, the last ending hinted at that through symbolism and this new one makes it even clearer, goku will leave

    goku will get friendly with that caulifla girl, causing broly girl to bloody hate him, like in the movies

    this 48 minutes thing makes me think that they will tell fights that happen at the same time in different episodes (thus the tournament will last more than 3 eps)

    BIG question, what happens at time out? since the whole “goku will wish every universe back” bullshit is crazy stupid, i think that every universe with at least one warrior by time ou will survive, this will save a lot of universes, wouldn’t be stupid, and even lore wise it would make sense “the tournament was a test, the surviving universes proved themselves worthy”

    one more time i will say this, goku is about to leave, maybe to become the next god of destruction, for more details on why i think this read my older comments, or if something is not clear ask me and i will expand on whatever, also, i might be wrong about everything, i am only having fun with my own theories (was right about buu being completely useless btw)

  22. Zzz…. long stare downs. Short fight scenes. Bad dialogue. Typical Dragon Ball right here. Idk why I even watch this anymore. I think it’s just too nostalgic for me since I grew up watching Dragon Ball and DBZ.

  23. They should let goku die again. Im tired with this shitty show. They keep on showing the damn stadium for so many episodes. Just when i thought a good episode was coming this shit is released. I’m watching damn explosions all over the stadium. This show just went to shit. I was trying to keep my composure, but this is far enough for me watching this shit. Im out

  24. I am completely sick of them fighting in non-transformed mode. They should be crushed in 5 seconds fighting like that.

  25. I think Jiren is going to beat Hit and will do so in a fairly quick way as a means to show how powerful he really is and it will require a new transformation for Goku to have a chance at beating Jiren.

    That is not to mention the other person we already know that Jiren is going to knockout soon.

  26. does the company that makes the godPads sell their shit for way more than what its worth and get away with it cuz their a bigass brand? seems familiar

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