Dragon Ball Super Episode 98 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 98 Subbed

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156 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 98 Subbed”

    • That won’t happen. It’s been officially declared that they’re quickly building up to End of Z and keeping so many universes dead will save so much trouble for the lazy writers. If he didn’t think the Balls could undo the potara fusion, he definitely wouldn’t think of that possibility at all in this dumber incarnation. I bet they’ll just decide to account for nothing else and forgo doing anything with the other universes or even finally surpassing both Beerus and Whis, not caring for Bulma’s comment on how they’re the best, meaning the strongest thereby contradicting End of Z.

      • Bud, we are talking about the Super Dragon Balls.. Ya know, those ones the size of planets that can supposedly grant ANY wish.. Not the Earth’s Dragon Balls.

  1. This Episode had me shook bruh moment of silence for U9 even tho that kai was a bitch lmao but them suspicious faces from Grand Priest and that U9 Angel but a moment of Silence

  2. I just can’t get enough Frieza….so epic. He is just such a badass. So glad he’s in this tournament. I love how the guy from Universe 9 just ran out, had me smiling lol. I am really interested in a Frieza vs Hit showdown at some point during the tournament….that would be quite the fight.

  3. Zeno’s not only the biggest mass murderer in this show but he also does it with a smile on his face. He can’t keep getting away with this.

    • Well, Zeno is literally a child for a reason. Notice how Grand Priest said Universe 9 would be erased, THEN Zeno said, “Yes!” Zeno may have the power, but he certainly doesn’t understand its weight.

        • He is definitely manipulating Zeno. I honestly think that he is playing Zeno into erasing as many universes as he can so that the collective might of the gods in each universe can’t stop him and his Demon Angel kids from over throwing Zeno

  4. I’d rather be limited to 848×480 480p if it meant not getting sound so compressed that that weird static artifact is introduced, replacing removed background sounds.

  5. 3:54 So they DID end up introducing the manga SSJ Blue limits, to an extent. It was foreshadowed in that the moment the no-aura = full power SSJ Blue was done in the manga, they stopped drawing them without them. That and we suddenly only get Blue in bursts.

    • He seems like an asshole. Maybe hes happy that hes retiring from angel job in the worst universe in existence. Who knows how many angels are there in the background just chilling somewhere

      • No, did u all forget. They tried to cheat by sending in assassins to universe 7 to stop Frieza. The angel was disappointed with them then. But of course they were being fooled by the rat god.

  6. wow that really made things feel so much more REAL for our warriors of earth. I actually feel bad for the universe 9.

  7. I wonder if whis considers berrus a friend cause I better not see him grin like that universe 9 angel did. what a but hole smiling while his universe just got erased that’s no angel that’s a demon 😡

        • I agree I feel like this universe erasure was the high priest’s idea and is using this tournament to wipe out the gods so that he and his angels can over throw The god of everything.

    • He smiled because the Supreme Kai and the God of Destruction were cocky af and a pain in the ass. Even I would’ve been relieved if I were to be in the Angel’s position.

    • Lol seriously? He smiled because he knows it’s all a ruse. So does Whis. Universe 9 wasn’t really erased. That’s why they show him smiling, not once but TWICE. It’s called foreshadowing.

      • No it’s not what made you even come up with that idea he smiled because he’s the only one that survived sen oh can’t bring universes back

      • Conundrum Sorry bud but you are way off. There is a huge twist coming, involving the Grand Priest and several of the angels. Many people think the end of this arc is going to be predictable but are unaware that there is something incredibly interesting going to happen. You will see soon.

    • It says all you need to know in the opening song “Devils with Angels faces…” how much more of a clue do you need?

    • The back story on that angel is that he hates the Universe he serves and sees them as spineless and weak. He continued to do his job, but he’s happy he no longer has to serve the weakest universe. I doubt Whis or Vados would smile at their Universe being destroyed.

      • I feel like this universe erasure was the high priest’s idea and is using this tournament to wipe out the gods so that he and his angels can over throw The god of everything.

  8. Well that was something. To be honest I don’t think whis will grin like that universe 9 angle because he grown to fond of that universe. He loves the food and Bulma and I think Goku and Vegetta had grown on him so I don’t think he’s that evil. Someone needs to slap Zeno sama he just wiped out a whole universe with a smile on his face and felt no remorse for what he just did and shouldn’t the other zeno be back in his own time. like they literally just fucked with time and I know for a fact that Zeno can’t control time. maybe manipulate it but never control it. no one can so sooner or later time will catch up with him and when it does I will be right there as time snatches him back to his time. and has anyone ever thought about if that Zeno is in the past what will happen to his grand priest. how does that work. does he just run the future or does the future get erased because Zeno 2 is fucking up the past.

    • Actually, that particular future is no more…all Supreme Kais and God of Destruction are dead because of Black. Universe 7 and probably all others too (if Future Zeno erased everything). There is nothing to rule on anymore, only the angels and the Grand Priest are indeed alive.

        • but wouldn’t the angles be alive. because i remember the grand priest saying if the the gods of destruction dies or it’s universe the angles remain because they are meant for something else.

          • Future Zeno erased the entire timeline itself, that’s why he’s not worried about going back and even accepted Goku’s invitation to take him to our timeline.

          • But there aren’t any GoDs for them to serve so they would all be dormant if they couldn’t be erased by Zeno as well.

          • ok thst makes more sense. i just thought they lost their power when that happenen. but anyway that doesnt explain why the universe 9 angle is still functioning if that was the case.

          • we that makes more sense but that doesn’t explain why the angle of universe 9 is still functioning.

          • Maybe they just got teleported back to their universe and no one is actually getting deleted. I’m pretty sure if the angels are in on it and everyone else is super freaked out, no one would notice. Just an assumption lol

  9. Damn..

    They really went through with it. Even though I couldn’t stand the Kaio-Shin from 9, it’s still tough to see them be erased just like that.

    • Notice how they showed the Universe 9 angel smirking not once but twice. Obviously it wasn’t really erased and all the angels are in on it.

      • Or maybe he smirked because he couldn’t stand that Kaio-Shin.

        But the other thing is kinda a cool idea.

        Although, I don’t think it will sit good with many fans it is just a ruse.
        Things need to have repercussions and this is one of the things that I really want to stick.

        Well, I could kinda see Universe 7 winning and then use the Super Dragon Balls to bring everyone back to life, all the planets but place them all in Universe 7, since their universes are gone.

        Only time will tell.
        And judging by how little time actually takes place in each episode, there is quite some time before we find out.

        • It’d be foolish if the writers just wrote off all other universes that lost in the tournament, the character building and even to go as far as introduce other saiyans?? and even a legendary saiyan???? Yeah its 99% most likely a ruse

      • My theory is
        I feel like this universe erasure was the high priest’s idea and is using this tournament to wipe out the gods so that he and his angels can over throw The god of everything.

  10. Universe 9 please die already and togethers With goku he has become a pain WHO dont take anything seriously, shitty time drawer

    • goku was always carefree, the only time he takes things more seriuosly is when he’s matched up with someone at least equally as strong and it threatens his family or friends. like with frieza on Namek or when cell was about to explode on earth.
      when goku fought frieza he got so psyched that he let frieza reach his perfect form before continuing the fight.
      with cell he just stopped all of a sudden and sent gohan in.
      i bet when they face jiren he will be more serious.

      • Yeah like WTF is wrong with you why dont he just give The weaklings hell from the start Then the tough guys Will be the fun and serious part

  11. 90% of the episode was just goku and vegeta getting their asses kicked.

    I think that the universes won’t get erased. I’m basing this only on Whis’s response. OR if they do, they just push them into another one. Since each universe is just mostly empty.

  12. Ah now this is what I was looking forward to! Last episode wasn’t as entertaining mostly talking, but this time, finally! Yes, the action I was hoping to see is finally shown! I hope this continues! I am finally getting hyped again for the tournament! That was perfect!

  13. With Angels’s of U9 dosen’t happen anything, so i think Sidra has alive. All the “erased story” only a bluff… Or we will be smarter after a few episode.

  14. Pretty sure if Goku and Universe 7 win the tournament, he’s gonna use their wish to wish back all the erased Universes.

  15. Somebody needs to do something about Zeno-sama and The Great Priest. I feel I have no choice but to enter the Hyperbolic-Local Gym and prepare to do it myself.

  16. I think the next Universe to be erased is Universe 4, since Goku said at the end that him and the rest of them will go head on with Universe 4. So yeah.

  17. Just imagine after universe 7 wins. Goku collects the super dragon balls and summons the dragons and wishes “Revive all universes Zeno destroyed” which could result in not only the universes which zeno destroyed in the tournament of power, but also the 6 universes zeno destroyed in the past which could result in having 18 universes in total which could lead to future arcs

  18. They showed that “angel” smiling twice. Come on now, can’t you keep ANYTHING a surprise. Clearly the universe wasn’t erased.

  19. We all know how this is going to end. Goku is going to wish everyone back with the super dragonballs after he win. but first he’s going to fight the high priest maybe even Zeno after he transform into a even higher form past SS blue.

    • If Goku even thought about doing that, he would be erased before he even got 30 feet of distance in between them..

      • You couldn’t have seen the picture of Goku the studio released with him transformed with the words under the picture saying……Enough of the Gods.

        • No I didn’t see it, but without context a picture is just a picture and that’s still grasping at straws. Why would Goku gave any intent to kill the gods?? Goku only wants to FIGHT strong people, period. Not kill them.

          • I don’t think he will kill anyone.But I do believe it’s going to be some type of confrontation with the Gods or the high priest.

  20. Hopefully they don’t give each of the z fighters an entire episode to themselves(like Krillin in preview) that’d take freaking forever and be super boring. Supporting role while watching others fight is fine tho.

  21. 18 wearing Krillin’s shades, that’s so cute! Haha! I assume they’re his anyway. Solar Flare is coming, but I feel Krillin will get eliminated

  22. Angel from univers 9 smiling because ZEN didn’t erase them but HIDE them all 🙂 im pretty sure of that, anime or movie this scenario never dies 🙂

  23. Universe 9: I’m going to tear apart that handsome face
    Vegeta: *kicks her out of the stage*

    Bulma: you’re kinda cute
    Vegeta: wha..what did you say? I’m not cute! Ba..baka!

  24. Series made for the next stupid generation idiots.
    Have fun watching this garbage show.
    It suits you all perfectly.

    • I bet you also believe in space, aliens and planets indoctrinated children.
      See up there the blue ‘sky’? Its water above the firmament.
      Good day

  25. It’s just the flaw of the maker of this series that he cannot justify each and every character which makes you all think about smiles and all small picky things that much.He did his best.There were many past events like this which turned out to be completely different or just pointless.Giving goku an exposure to omniverse opened several gates but this is what could be done best in such short time so we rather enjoy our childhood hero fighting for his people.

  26. I dunno, I dunno. I don’t expect a linear story, something will happen, maybe the angels are planning something against zero-sama, a sort of assassination. Maybe they manipulate him in to erase universe to make him weaker… dunno, something is not clear

  27. I want to punch Mojito (Universe 9’s Angel) right in his smug face. How dare he smile after seeing .. Oh wait, that was the universe with the (semi-evil) Supreme Kai “Roh”. I would have likely smiled also.. but Mojito has no right to smile himself so yea, I would like to give him a Stockton Slap right up side his head.

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