Dragon Ball Super Episode 99 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 99 Subbed

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You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 99. Episode 99 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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78 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 99 Subbed”

  1. Why didn’t Bulma create saiyan armor for everyone? I mean srsly 18 is in fucking track suit, fucking track suit in battle royal, Plus that would have been perfect except for Frieza I doubt he will wear that

      • I didnt say she invented the armor just saiying make some more of that armor so they look like a team, not like someone picked them out from the street

    • I’d like to think armor becomes an issue on multiple levels. 1st we have the rules where no participant can benefit from tools or healing regnants that aren’t an actual part of your body and/or its functions. Where that line is drawn is hard to understand. Would the sunglasses used during a solar flair be considered a tool? Its a grey area though because the smart universe (3?) literally built some of their participants and universe 11 has that general guy that Toppo recruited. He has a cyborg eye and I’ve been under the imprecation that his robotic eye was a product of body augmentation. It showed all sorts of second hand data and information that influenced his perception. Isn’t information a tool in a way? I’d like to think armor would be allowed but defining what the line would be is hard.

      The second issue is more of a fighting philosophy issue. Armor usually makes you more durable at the cost of agility and an increased amount of expended energy used on physical tasks. Just like how future Trunks bulky super saiyan was actually a downgrade in a way due to speed loss. A defensive boost at the cost of offensive abilities is a strategy I don’t see many saiyans or Frieza would be willing to make. You could argue Bulma is plot and she could create some sort of near weightless super tough uniform that doesn’t restrict movements in any way but I’d think that would be pushing it a little. Not to mention knowing the joke/gag level of super we’d get something super dorky.

      • I think you are greatly over thinking this. Also, it is fairly obvious what is allowed and what is not. If Vegeta’s armor or the General’s eye were questionable then they would have been identified immediately and banned. That being said, they are obviously allowed.

        Oh and information? Come on lol. In no way can information be considered a tool in this case. Knowledge is always power but is not considered a tool, seeing as how in this tournament, the definition of a tool is quite clearly something that can be physically utilized.

        • I’m just playing around with concepts. I was thinking the eye could see in additional spectrum of light not usually possible by the general so I honestly consider that an upgrade Like if someone had the natural ability to go invisible he could counter it with his eye.

    • we been over this in dbz. not everyone WANTS saiyan armor. besides 17 and 18 never really had fighting clothes. they always wore stuff that they thought looked good on them. especially 18, who we saw both in history of trunks and the normal timeline, trying on various different outfits trying to look nice.

      a tracksuit is honestly better for a serious fight than what she’d normally wear.

  2. OK? Could someone tell Toriyama that breasts have no muscle? Not that fapping to Caulifla’s new USSJ form isn’t hot.

    • Do you mean expect the expected? I would hardly say that having Krillin go out like a bitch is unexpected.

      • It’s just stupid because they named the episode after him only for him to get eliminated in such an anti-climatic way.

      • i mean they hyped him up so i was expecting him to put in the work which he did i enjoyed the episode til the end since i thought he was going to go out saving 18 but thats not what i expected lmao

      • I’m not a big fan of vegeta but I feel for the dude…he barely has his moment to shine! But I’d like to see him stay in it til the end.
        Oh by the way did anyone else see Gohan deflect that blast like it was a saibaman attack!
        Now that we finally got our wish and have Ultimate Gohan back I want him to wreck havoc on these fools! I bet that will happen if piccolo gets knocked out or Goku

  3. SUBBED Episode will be Online when this countdown reaches 0:
    0 :00:00:00
    Days Hrs Mins Secs

    And still no subbed dbs staying up for it, so when will it be here? According to your own timer it should be here already 😛

  4. I’d too still be smiling if I was finally relieved of watching over a bunch of permanent-fursona furries. I mean, they’re literally anthropomorphic animals.

  5. Videokoo HD mirror pretty much decimated my browser through my adblock. Had to spam alt+f4 to get out of that nonsense. For a while, it was the ONLY MIRROR that wanted to play.

    • Arousal over male anime characters is nothing to be ashamed of. We are living in the 20th Century bud, you can identify as a pony and call yourself a clopsexual if you would like to.

  6. You call an episode “KRILLIN’S TRUE POWER”, a much under rated character who I personally have been wanting to do something useful for the first time since the Frieza saga!
    Then you make a stinky feet joke and kick him out.
    I seriously fucking hate you, Toriyama.

    • What are you talking about? Krillin put on a great display in this episode.
      1) He disabled a flying opponent with an ringout assist from Roshi.
      2) He helped Rebound #18 back into the arena. Which was a BIG save considering #18’s unlimited energy potential when she teams up with her twin #17.
      3) He tag teamed with #18 and Blasted out the fake dead wolf guy.
      4) He took out the blind fighter by using his wit and disabling his sense of smell.
      Those were all of Krillin’s True Powers. Krillin has never excelled in strength alone. He uses tactics and technicalities to win as swiftly as possibly because he KNOWS he’s going to be overwhelmed. Krillin developed the Kienzan/Destructo Disc to kill and end the fight quickly. Not to mention getting into stinky situations is nothing new for Krillin, if you remember Krillin’s match with Bacterian in Dragon Ball. Go back and watch Dragon Ball if you don’t remember how Krillin always tried to get the upper hand with his wit. It goes all the way back to his 1st training session with Goku and Roshi’s rock scavenger hunt.

  7. I can’t believe I am saying this.. But I have so much dislike for Zeno-sama and the Great Priest that I actually do want Frieza to find a way to reign over them. Omni-Emperor Frieza.

  8. Toriyama really knows how to troll the fans, as soon as i thought it was going to be hit vs vegeta the fat ass comes in.

  9. krillin is the first one out… who didn’t see that coming? even roshi outlasted him, and even knocked out as many people! All that training and he gets tailed off.

    He was supposed to be the sneaky dirty fighter of the group, and he got out sneaked by not freeza!

  10. As unrealistic as it is, how awesome was Frieza’s comment toward Zen-Oh:) really sad that Chris Ayers probably won’t get to play him by the time we’l reach this saga with the english dub:(

  11. Vegeta Fucking Funny And Gangsta %100 Hoping Vegeta get the super dragon ballz and wish to be strong as goku or more he’s the type to wish for that simple stuff lol

  12. Great. Waited a week for 1 min of the actual tournament time and now we have to wait another week for the next min. So what is going to be like? 43 episodes now? Waited half a year for this tournament to start and if it’s going almost a year for this tournament to finish I am gonna cry….

    • You could just stop watching the show for right now. Go do something else on Sunday mornings. Then when December comes around, spend Christmas morning watching the past 16 episodes all at once. Then you don’t have to wait during each episode.

      • How many episodes do we have to wait before Goku fights Jiren? I am betting it will take more than 16 episodes. Sigh.

  13. The fact that krillin took out 2 is what makes me happy. I don’t mind him getting out because he already did enough at least he defeated an enemy master roshi didn’t defeat 1 yet

  14. Piccolo takes his weighted training cape into the universe battle royale only to remove it in his first fight. *face palm*

  15. crazy thought, maybe, since it’s so predictable that our universe will win… maybe they wont? and instead of being erased, everyone who’s erased gets trown into some sort of different plane of existence? where they have to fight for their right to exist? literally fight to exist again? sounds crazy, and extremely unlikely, but some crazy stuff happened b4… anyone 18 looks gorgeous on a track suit

  16. Fill me in on a rule that I don’t believe has been mentioned. What happens if everyone just stops fighting and lets the timer go to zero? Does every universe get erased? Does more time get added?

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